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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  May 30, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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it's in every school in the district is player many teachers to pass attention to young boys with darker skin. white teachers didn't say anything until now. is store robbery was the owner fought back but it's possible he went too far what happened after the suspects left the store. the quake is the gamble and people lost their lives house and as a is about to handle a group of squatters. and not doing anything special their desire that way what appears to keep people in this family living to a hundred and beyond. it bay area's school district cause of a way to ensure that no child left behind some parents call it racism. they're talking about this and display the teacher's room with pictures of students and the slogan reads and keeping our
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black and brown boys in mind. uruguay's rubber plows explain some teachers one that theyre removed. almost every school has ribbons are trophies on display of the baldwin school here and says they have something much more on display the pictures as he mentions a i-hop only a black and latino boy is well below " elk grove school district tells me is a plan to close the achievement gap but others tell cbs five when you're about to see is a racist. american and latino boys surrounded by this slogan. keeping our black and brown boys in mind. they could use more appropriate wording. or i've
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seen some kind of racism. using this is racist? yes. of impulsive nature is in the room at the start of the school year been told the principal who is african- american and seven years after the pictures of go up but she drove off tonight with him yet cbs denied asylum i half, prof. development. compared to white and asian boyz it teaches that all 19 campuses in the district were asked to aideed black and latino boys to boost them from basic to events. i would think- to leave it with an explanation. csi has learned teachers held three separate meetings fighting to remove the pictures and slogans and yet we've uncovered nothing to suggest anyone ever
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inform parents that their kids a snapshot, and the school walls of all 19 schools. been president declined an on-camera interview but tells me by: teachers would never photographed and closed the photos of special needs kids so i asked them why the black and brown boys and she says asked the district but superintendent tony garcia declined on-camera interview but did send this e- mail. we are proud lightly openly discuss race and its impact on students success he goes on sale growth as specific focal students felt staffs tried to know by name and face to close the achievement gap. but tonight to out of the mouths of babes the past because of poor racism of the mind of the king jr. he helped us out to put down i'm wondering in my mind's eye restarting to it started up again. those pictures from posted and teacher only areas.
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but the teachers' union boss telling me that they ask for the names and the pictures to be held today by very excited by their inside every school the they said 3 executives told them know. but the is a stay at the end? so they're looking to close the achievement gap had a run in members scissors and a picture i.d.? if they have the have not provided this number is with us for the percentage of african- american students and the percentage of latinas students the superintendent says he couldn't provide the immediately buddies says the big been working on the achievement gap for 12 years. the four armed men stormed the stage will restore but it happens next december and may probably didn't expect to the owners of the golden treasure shop on sentiment valley boulevard in san ramon thought back. chile
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agaric this story. detectives are son says joyce r. right now getting fingerprints after this afternoon's shooting according to witnesses for armed men stormed inside the store in the store owner reportedly pulled out a gun and shot one of the suspects. the suspect ran into business and among boulevard and turn a commute paramedics then to come to the hospital where he they died all this happened around 430 this afternoon here is dan pratt the san ramon valley police department. the release third one shot was fired and said the business. third in the harem died at the hospital. there's still suspects that are outstanding in its work currently investigating the situation. the three suspects drove
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off and possibly a wide four- door 1990's car business owners in the area so who know this particular choice store owners say they really aren't surprised than he possibly pulled out a gun and shot four of his would-be robbers he says they say it's unlikely that he would at this point the reviews surveillance detectives a suiciding more information we have to get confirmation on exactly who pulled the trigger. please don't think that they deal and now this is a jewelry and add watch and windstorm they went in and didn't expect the outcome. did waves thank you. it was their worst case scenario and taking churro for the second time in less than a month fire has erupted in paddy creek squatters and their encampments are to blame the kids tell on how the city is about to tackle that problem. the everglades is that what
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happened today she is rights. near her home of grass fire burned a section of open space and on for the cleanliness is squatters investigators say the causes on known as suspicious. it's exactly what we've been worried about we're so concerned about fire and it's just we haven't even hit the dry season really gets. they're buying, by some as the contents of this even vehicles this on the advancing indeed in the garden. neighbors say was a matter of time before something like this happened the city's taking some they said starting tomorrow perianth to adjust the issue of homelessness the city has 16 can't talk home to up to 900 people possess the $150,000 for storage confiscated items can be tossed out if only non claims eds after 90 days under state
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law they're not allowed to throw away anything that we've picked up at her is homeless encampment because clearly perceive where what is perceived to be traffic trash to be someone else's chester the squatters have been stealing their water and electricity and she's glad the city is finally doing something a muslim hamas are encouraged to move on or what ever employed solution of the city in the place apartment come up with their going to have more this. in san as a kid does cbs five. the equates this may be a force for presidential race a candid it suffers a gap,. economists said screen for ms. romney's- now the word american elm was misspelled. the campaign takes that type: it did not president's spokesperson said " mistakes happen. rummies in the bay area's ninth and held allow
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this fund-raiser of the peninsula and grace the reports is expected to earn him a some serious any money. the second finance world expect to hear tonight is is the home of charles johnson is the billionaire heir to the temples in franklin fortune and just get inside $2,500 $50,000. it's all the cigarettes this event takes place in hillsboro was the most exclusive neighborhoods the nation happening at the chateau careless as to defy the square for edmonton now this is insanity might remember president the bomb at a fund- raising event at george clooney tom just last week raised the record $15 million reportedly committee some cadets in the hmo the sheftel kalends. simmons money's been raised and the mother of sportsmanship president of, actually called to congratulate from me for
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becoming the official gop nominee and the above list he said his family's wealth piccata was once the site of a grisly murder and decided then to notify the 23 old security guard dimensions stabbed to teenage girls dozens of times before putting them in his truck and returning to his family one of those goals later died that security guard david allen really was sentenced to death and is currently on san clinton's death row. their final rest disturbs a cemetery desecrated and the mess left for caretakers. now the suspect may have to backtrack evidence and friends this case. on alert for the day on the local building that is most prepared what makes it extra special.
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, read the and the, from march's thousand one be deemed through their web sites his family's the short-term memory loss is his biggest challenge. dave lopez now on the phone call one of the suspects made to his mother the day he was arrested. for your about here is the voice of mark had known what his but arrested for that being president to cellphone makes a call to his mother. i got arrested. i was involved. i was.
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and a preacher of the down for its. i'm sorry. the accord to allow sanchez and a red to be shown but no phases of many witnesses. it is the audio. this remark who was at the game and testified that a young boy turned out to be the son of sanchez was throwing peanuts at him and his friends in the two men were basically causing trouble he better identify those men as sanchez and norway. a portion of this testimony. we got perturbs and wished the parents as the ban. and all 12 witnesses testified today we're told witnesses to actually sell still beaten. and we're told still to come more into custody statements incriminating statements from the two
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defendants. did police dave lopez csi. oakland's castro place police department came to santa summit today and immediately put is to use helicopters have been seen as a in limited services to thousand nine because the department couldn't afford to buy fuel for it was only used in the occupied protests will today the department got a $10,000 donation during the ninth half of what is the fleetest killing california. solemnity of to the public and businesses in oakland to step up. with 500 with a thousand of we all bands get we can keep that word in the sky and right away the top was back in the air providing support to a swat team involved in a standoff violent robbery suspect the donation will find additional 80 hours of flight time. mayor at least and
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now is a long-term public safety hiring plan that includes six plays academy class is over the next two years. that means 300 new officers was to be more than enough to cover upcoming retirement there will also be six fire academy koses of the next six years but many believe he did that. this is as good as it gets. it wasn't as nice and it's going to be all weekend long a season sunshine have pressure ever head and the of weather mostly clear right now like to see a few patches of fog creeping economic, right down satellite images show you the thought of them as among the coast as little hit to the fox lets take a closer look some of the fog turn them before right now route 9 towards from morning. picking moses in disguise about every though sunny and hot some 90
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showing of a valley '70s and '80s around the eighth maybe a few clouds of monopoly on the most and generally in the '60s are the beaches but tonight in islip free up there tonight toward rational rose season is skies over seven is as good temperatures are mild of concord high-pressure strengthening for at least one more day will try to reform all night tonight this logo but never amanites will see more of that fog along the san mateo county coastline dispatches suffer leon small but it's gone by tomorrow evening. this measure is solid story into a round of a the '60s were the coastline in the next couple of days for the tough measures as are the " cool down on friday
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more so we can't and vice private letter skies much cooler is headed toward the beginning of next week by tube. part of it might be a good attitude but another part might be diet and was your favorite food? a hamburger. with cheese. there's something else that has this man in his family and living to be more than 100 years old. our it their all the union hall
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on it and it is the intent of this faq, and of life a lot will and will n.y. but there is a lot
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more to it than that. in iraq once i did the key is a healthy lifestyle either the director john spent time with them and the scientists are calling this super 8 year. did least hold area? did we 1297 on december 19th. he's a baptist pastor essential part of its fiscal buses along the way? house seat
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on the lawn. he's supposed to work every day keeping tabs on the financial firm he bill to this family. his sister nan tabby that to be 109. his big brother peter is 105. i once talked about as tight. this is tom erving's 69 year-old son. to its normal we've always lived in this doesn't appear to us to be so extraordinary. but today is the concert part of a group of the jews as those from eastern europe the unusually long healthy lives this is on the london 5 and poured 95 that caught the meth the doctor the albert einstein college of medicine study says. returned to find out to what are those biological components that make us age at different rates? did we tell the lifestyles of the keys the exceptional longevity seen 60
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percent of the men including irving, and smoked at some point. if you're than half exercise and a regular basis and they don't eat particularly healthy diets. affairs food? a hamburger. in a hamburger with cheese. he and his team discovered that people live to 100 or more than twice as likely to have a certain very into the gene called ct peak it helps control cholesterol and attacks against hard season dementia. ancon has the gene variant. i've never had a heart sac or stroke. the operations either. new speaker he says the future lies in developing drugs that could give everyone would see braziers have naturally. then we can really prevent old age of diseases that they're making life so miserable. not a
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bad fellow. my buddy payback. the ill wait six legacy will be even richer cbs news new york. pellets designed to be one of san francisco is the most seismically safe buildings now been put to the test had one hell. the waves once giant tall was as destructive as a sop by praise they chose that building because of the structure that includes a big concrete core that goes up all went to the building in still braces after a shock absorber is rare quake. the accolades will be able to see how this bill in response to earthquakes we use that data of two perfect designed for buildings so that they become more earthquake resilience. the data collected from the sensors
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in that building during a quake will be sent directly designed this and they say that they will help engineers develop safer buildings. the accolades will they pick we finally had the answer in tim mead does his part to the what about the offense?
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well the warriors had secured the seventh pick in the nba draft lottery tonight that means they'll get to keep this rather than have traded back to utah. the rains start the clock timman saddam pitched seven strong innings allowing only one earned run into overall but paul books
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wind wednesday and the giants lose four to one in his leg gold against the giants. they use in the seventh game losing streaks this had been candid and another victory three rbis for the former athletic setting up a is four to nothing. the celtics and he'd been to having 44 but in overtime he didn't get the call here that was a chance to take the lead instead miami is a dump on the errant my at miami rallies from 15 down. game was static at finals to the devil and kinks in overtime all along in the open the king is taken once a nothing series lead. . and the day after this is a loss in the first round of the french open this williams thousand in the second and was beaten in straight sets by a aggie and both williams sisters are added the french william french open today. , their kennels but does
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lot of young talent coming up in the tennis court. ,,
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