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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  June 23, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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i like a drink but i don't like a drunk new rules for pride this weekend mooses is off-limits. what happens when pride goes dry jail officials are keeping a close eye on jerry sandusky after his verdict. private weekend celebrations in full swing in san francisco's castro district spirits are high organizers hope partygoers are not.
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a million visitors expected in san francisco for the pride parade it looks like most on their way to the party. this is a time to celebrate what is the significance of pink saturday? yet to be in the pink to be in a good mood another popular party is missing or more difficult to find a ban on drinking in the streets. with many problems in the past i am ok with that two years ago three people shot at castro and market one man died and the others hospitalized a shooting at jones and mcallister at market near the civic center. police captain joe garrity says at the time the shooting was
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not be related to the events. police say they're looking for drinkers and advise folks to keep their eyes on valuables and one another ever body is enjoying themselves no one will get hurt because of alcohol thinks that it celebrates the neighborhood and nonviolence and the collar that was once derisively attached to lesbians and gays. or all genders all ages all races that is what is cool about san francisco. gilbert baker design the rainbow flag he agrees about parting in the streets but without alcohol. many we talked to said they can party without getting drunk don knapp cbs 5
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the festivities continued tomorrow morning the pride parade gets under way at 10:30 a.m. it starts at market and b l streets it runs through downtown to eighth street the theme is " global inequality volunteers spent the morning working on a bright display lisa washington with more. the largest stationary symbol of the sf pride weekend the huge pink triangle on twin peaks saturday morning 100 volunteers worked side-by-side to hammer 175 a bright pink tarps this is the 17th year the triangle has been displayed. it is just phenomenal to see other people out and volunteers helping to do this and to see it
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go so fast pink triangles once or what used to identify homosexuals in german concentration camps. this volunteer brought her son for the teachable moment. i explained it is a symbol of that san francisco is a safe place and the bay area is a safe place. the ceremony commemorating the victims of the holocaust volunteers join political and religious leaders to celebrate the is lgbt community to understand where we are is to understand where we have banned. an ever widening circle of friends to take pride and a beautiful diversity of our city lisa washington cbs 5 former oakland police chief
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says mayor jeanne quan's 100 blocks crime-fighting plan is a political ploy. the plan was formulated by kwan staff as a reaction to increased crime and public demand for action the study found the assumption that most of the plan was in a 100 block area mequon was unavailable for comment, the chief resigned last fall sing bureaucracy made it difficult for him to do his job. jerry sandusky under suicide watch in a pennsylvania jail the former football coach was locked up after the jury returned its verdict last night. on cattan says sandusky faces the possibility of life in prison jerry sandusky's first full day behind bars as a convicted pedophile came after a dramatic night at the courthouse.
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sandusky heard a drumbeat of guilty time and again. 45 times in all before his bail was revoked and escorted to jail. outside a large crowd erupted when the verdict was announced. the attorney general mclear for 10 young boys justice has been served and a serial child predator who committed horrific acts on his victims causing lifelong consequences and, as been held accountable for his crime the guilty verdict included 17 counts of the most serious charges involuntary deviant sexual intercourse and unlawful contact with minors each and caring and maximum of 20 years in prison. as kelly made clear in an interview penn state university
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was not to blame the physical area and campus of penn state was the area where many of these took place she conceded it was the emotional testimony of aid to victims less the testimony of football coach michael mcquery that sealed his fate. it was just too much of a mountain of evidence his attorney told cbs news that sandusky was going to testify until the 11th hour when news broke that met sandusky the youngest adopted son in from the prosecution he too had been abused by sandusky as a young boy. he was available as a final rebuttal witness. even the jerry and his
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family he was line it of the guts from our defense part defense was premised on jerry testifying. sandusky will be sentence within 90 days. police have identified a man killed in a shooting near candlestick park 26 year-old tony harper died at san francisco general hospital. harper and another man were shot near bay shore boulevard near highway 1 . no arrests have been made. investigators in menlo park look into a deadly shooting, they found a 19 year-old man unresponsive on madera avenue and. he was pronounced dead at hospital his id has not been released. for a ninth night in a row parents are protesting the closure of five oakland schools
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with a sit-in. the group marched into lake view elementary school it is one of the schools scheduled to close organizers say closing the school is a false economy. and oakland unified claims they will save $3 million their spending almost $3 million to transition the kids. it is horrible official say the $2.5 million figure was an early estimate the actual savings will be more than 5 million. supposed to be a done deal but santa clara county wants to take back $30 million it promised to fund a new forty-niner stadium. voters approved $48 million in funds, and in the state scrapper redevelopment agencies spirit the property tax board now
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decides our redevelopment funds are spent. they say the a rather spend money on schools. the 49ers and city officials explore their options. panic as a shopping mall roof collapse them we miss him and love him in a fitting tribute to a fallen marine a bay area town remembers his death in the bay area and unusually cold temperatures and sunny conditions would talk about why the s ,,chisholm stunnr
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shoppers the portion of the bill inch rough caved in. witnesses say vehicles may have crashed through from the rooftop parking lot the whole and the to store mall left shops exposed. the mayor in ontario said four people were injured. the collapse happened during peak shopping hours. turkey and threatens to retaliate after syria she's down a turkish plan both of those navies are searching for the two missing pilots in the mediterranean. syria clams in shut down the fighter because it violated its airspace. turkey and syria once allies but turkey has been a strong critic of syria's blow response against the uprising against the assad
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regime. two people killed in a baghdad market more than 100 injured. the latest attack targeting shiite muslims at this month. various factions are vying for power tensions have been high since u.s. troops left iraq. the family of a contra costa family unveiled a memorial in his honor. anne mackovic was there for an emotional trip yet. ♪ the whole point of love and affection from danville touches my heart. : colonel or popov he nicknamed his his grand son ceci he was an amazing young man the life of the party
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the marine himself colonel was worried when his grand son signed up. it is not as glorious as we once thought or imagined as we were young kids he and rolled out of high school and volunteered for the front lines. carell was killed in afghanistan last november 2nd months into his store he was brought back to danville to a hero's welcome last december more than 3000 people and cannot to salute the young marine. today hundreds returned to memorial hall to see a statue in his honor unveiled including members of his battalion. they were there and were there when he took his last breath the memo and as a
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battlefield crossed and his dog tags from star but there are people do have the biggest worry in the world they have nonfat milk, it nature realize there are bigger problems and bigger challenges. challenges that the colonel once lived through and took his grand son away. we miss him and love them anne mackovic cbs 5 and the gulf coast hit with severe weather as a trouble storm approaches double trouble storm debby appeared in the and gulf coast and interfering with gas production. rains are battering the area from the gulf coast to the southern florida panhandle. it is a expected to bring 6 in. of rain. in the bay area which is
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compliant will want to know where summer went. and summer in full force it should be in '80s. not bad out there. it is a little on the cool side we are 5-15 degrees below average. tomorrow about 5-10 degrees below average. a slight warm up. what sunshine all over the bay area. visibility's were stunning today. you could lead all the way to the diablo range and mount hamilton. it is 42 degrees at the observatory. 57 at concord, 57 in san francisco, not much of the marine in version. temperatures are on the cool side and will stay that way, we
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will edge toward summer by the end of the week. low clouds high pressure off of our coastline is there, it is unusual that a low pressure trough off the coast but there it is. in mount shasta 48 degrees. it is cooler in the northern part of the state. more sunshine and the temperature should come up a little bit tomorrow, which could have low clouds along the coast rest of the bay area mostly sunny will start with temperatures in the upper 50s and. for future cast clear skies for most of the bay area, we should get another day of nice visibility and shared with winds up to 25 mi. per hour, pinpoint
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forecast temperatures 59 at eureka 58 at sacramento, for the bay area sunshine and low seventies for south bay 67 at fremont, rent when he its 74, 75 in antioch, and 56 at bodega bay. we have some hope for things warming up, for the latter half of the week. the next few days mile, it will be sunny, we get into the mid '80s by the end of the week. we do not have low clouds along the coast solana beach not so bad. a half million people came out to celebrate the golden gate bridge 75th birthday for the golden gate park conservancy made that estimate and the
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people in their homes and watching from their windows, as well as people who watched fireworks from the waterfront. the first-time filers were ever fired from the golden gate roadway and the towers and. it accommodated more than 4000 special a fax. you think it would be
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housing market slowed to recover during the recession there are some bright spots lee cowan shows us one area of california cannot pronounce cannot be built fast enough. something about that and on these acres in orange county that goes against everything the housing market is saying developers going to build 2000 new homes on the land. like the new homes on the market? there it is they need interest rates are historically
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low people are tired of waiting. orange county is one of the most desirable living locations. a far cry from inland california suburbs where many buyers overpaid and remain under water. in orange county and does not stay in orange county and the rest of california hopeful. orange county comes out of the recession's faster and sooner than any part of the nation this realtor gail martin as busy as she ever was, a took a buyer out to see a home a half-hour later it was sold. there is a downside the shortage of good homes is driving potential buyers out of the market. great neighborhoods in grade schools ... many are going far above the asking price which is squeezing
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other buyers. everyone i've been on the verge i love this one in sales quickly, it is competitive so far she's been out everytime by those with deeper pockets. somebody with 20 percent down one never get the house with somebody with cash. no shortage of serious buyers just a shortage of something to buy which is why the empty field may be full of promise. lee cowan cbs news los angeles people are exercising to show their support for the ones they love the 24-hour relay for life occupies the track at encinal high school in alameda it benefits cancer research. it finishes at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. people are always walking the track is led by luminarias
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which is beautiful to see. people are walking the tractor and evening hours and all time walker's after raise as much as 65,000 hours a dramatic ninth-inning in the bay bridge series no lead is safe. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done.
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10:00 sports, it is the sportsmen that. a bridge a series of blows sandoval's and moss miss sandoz
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said. he had three errors in the inning. the giants keep on going and tie the game ninth-inning bases loaded. a ground rule double a's are within two runs jemile weeks steps up, he hit the shot into shallow right ryan theriot well the get their status of the giants and on to win 9-8. san jose earthquakes. san jose beats salt lake and moves into first place. nationwide ceres danica patrick gets pushed in the bumper, she falls from fourth to 12th. nelson d k jr. holds on to win for the first time.
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that set for eyewitness news at ten, see you at ,,
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