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tv   Eyewitness News Weekend Edition  CW  August 5, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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" we're just a half hour away from history nasa's attempt to make the dangerous landing of robot on another planet gunfire at a sikh temple six people killed several her in putting up police officer house say it is it to cross bay area bridges is getting accusations that put structural integrity into question. the mars landing of the rover curiosity and a half-hour away excitement at nasa ames research center is building don knapp is a non deal hundreds of people and nasa scientists biting their fingernails. actually thousands of people
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who run the grassy area of the facility they have been gathering since 5:00 p.m. today, gathering and watching the big screen televisions bringing live feeds from pasadena mission control at the jet propulsion laboratory everybody excited that compared to a moon landing they hope the rover called " a curiosity " will touch down safely on mars. no one on earth will be able to see the curiosity rover on the descent thousands expected to get the first signals weather is survives or fails among them mission participant chris mckay all watch the clock at 1031 if the mission land successfully a big sigh of relief and years of exploration on mars the rover have to survive the heat and a complicated loring on cables from the
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spaceship the possibility will find a different type of life than on earth would i call second genesis it will scoop up march rock and soil and analyze it with a spectrometer we know mars had water we should be on the track of what stuff it of what live is made from and that is organics he'll push it will better understand life on earth we can then compare life forms and see what earthlings and martians and soda speak are different by making that comparison will learn more about life than just getting out is on earth the two and a half billion dollar mission is risky we had to try six times before we got to the moon and three years later we had footprints of neil armstrong on the moon, we did not shy away
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because red setbacks now the look for tire tracks on mars from curiosity balloon actually see what happens but will get that whether not the rover landed successfully for more information go to cbs s f dot com and click on links and numbers a kansas schoolgirl run a contest to name the rover clara ma one out of 9000 entries she traveled to the jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena to see it dissembled and she signed her name on the rover. of the nervous and excited at the same time i hope everything goes well clara is 15 and about to begin her sophomore year in high
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school her ambition is to work at the jet propulsion laboratories sunday. new details on a mass shooting at a sikh temple or seven people including the gunman killed. police and the bomb squad searched the gunmen's house several blocks around the home evacuate at derek blakely on the attack that police called domestic terrorism. swat teams swarmed a sikh temple near milwaukee wisconsin a gunman killed six people and wounded three others they stop this from being worse than it could have been police say the gunmen ambushed a 20 year veteran of the ohrid police department before other officers stepped in our officer in gauge the individual and that individual and deceased. individuals at the sikh temple say shooting started at
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ten 30 a.m. as they gathered for sunday services one guy went inside and i was hiding people inside the temple look for places to stay safe my mom called my cousin she said her and 15 others locked themselves in the pantry police have not identify the suspect but they tell cbs news he was 40 years old and used a semiautomatic pistol the temple's president will dead as a try to confront the suspect. he tried to hold the attacker but the dutch shot on his back so he is in hospital for surgery members tried together and find out what was happening the fbi believes the investigation working to determine if it was an act of domestic terrorism. derek blakely cbs news president obama quit to
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extend his condolences saying he was deeply saddened and will provide whatever support necessary. his statement continued " as we mourn the loss at a house of worship we are reminded how much our country has been enriched by seeks " the tragedies there's emotion among sikhs here in the bay area the temple in san jose was saddened and concerned when they heard then news. the wounds felt close to home to members of the san jose temple. one of our relatives is the president here he was actually shot and wounded we have been in contact with the family what concerns me this happen in a place of worship, that worries me it might be at a hate crime targeted at our community. san jose police sent units to the temple as a precaution
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new details about the integrity of bay area bridges caltrans engineers have uncovered problems with safety testing according to the sacramento bee anne mackovic shows us tests done on the new span of the bay bridge among those questioned. the new span of the bay bridge take shape the new doubt override as reports of falsified and unreliable testing procedures during the construction sacramento be following this, says a special team within caltrans uncovered problems with safety testing far broader than previously known including dr. data. the paper points out red flags but also on the dumbarton bridge and the richmond san rafael bridge as well identified 23 cases of a questionable radiation test data is betty
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used to approve the car concrete foundations. the governor expressed confidence and says he will take another look. hour in engineers all the people i've best to look into what they feel the bee story baseless and borders on malpractice the state set senator and chairs the transportation committee and wants the have hearings in two weeks. we want to make sure this is an investment worth making most importantly it's always been about seismic safety the cut the federal fallout the bee says transportation funding at risk because the state failed to notify the highway administration of testing discrepancies. anne mackovic cbs 5. in response to the bee article caltrans release the statement: the results cited by the
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sacramento bee taken by a preliminary draft product it is irresponsible and premature to drawing information at this time the tests have shown the bay bridge is safe. caltrans will receive a $3 million grant from the u.s. department of transportation used to install an advanced signal system to support modernize service it includes technology to prevent collisions by automatically stopping trains when and of the train detected ahead. the grand met also be used for additional safety improvements. new hope for oakland a's fans hoping to keep the team in east bay phil matier breck's in the chronicle the baseball commissioner maybe looking at possibly of a waterfront ball park for the athletics in oakland the committee held a secret meeting at a downtown oakland office mayor jeanne
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quan's and other officials were there phil says the like the locations at the port port of oakland. they also met with san jose and officials. john chiang assigned a team of auditors among them san jose is efforts to assemble a ball park site the quick key question if the san jose redevelopment agency property spent $25 million even after the governor ordered such agencies disbanded. fire stair crossbones dry oklahoma destroying homes there's still a danger even though the weather is in firefighters and favored. in china takes the lead in the olympic medal count an inside look how the country turns out young olympians. we look for increasing sunshine around the area that
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fires that have consumed 91 square miles in northeast oklahoma continue tonight. people were evacuated and creek county allowed to return some areas remain in flames. at least one fire may have been started deliberately. the largest of nearly 20 fires burned in central oklahoma creek county. it has burned 50,000 a. destroyed 40 structures and forced evacuation of hundreds of
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residents. a tough week for the safety of oklahomans numerous fires major fires and small fires at as tax the resources of the state. no reported deaths officials are concerned the maybe victims given the broad path. severe heat has baked the state parts of foam has suffered through temperatures exceeding 100 degrees and has created an ideal wild fire conditions. today in oklahoma saw lower temperatures officials warned fires can flare again. 25 mi. northeast of all of the city people and lose their comeback to the burned out rubble used to be their home during firefighters gained control that erupted and outside of town, lines decimated nearly 60 homes and buildings residents
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lost everything. you come back to this and see it all destroyed everything you touch is ash. investigators suspect the luther fire may have been intentionally set. the oklahoma county sheriff's department looks for a person in a black pickup truck seen throwing newspapers out of the window after setting them on fire. southwest airlines gives out refunds after a computer glitch overcharged hundreds of customers on half-price ticket promotion and up with customers build multiple times for their flights some people charge as many as 20 times for one booking the promotion designed to celebrate southwest getting 3 million " likes " on facebook the airline may scud on all charges including bank charges.
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baby news for the monterey bay aquarium the baby sea dragons gave birth to a letter. the fish is native to eastern australia it is distinguished by the male that carries a through gestation. it began hatching eggs two weeks ago. last of the newborn's arrive today. cruz what for the rover curiosity to land on mars nine minutes from now curiosity enters mars' atmosphere and that begins the " seven minutes of terror " the land ago still extreme heat before parachuting to the surface. nasa says things are going into plan. they are waiting like the rest of us. they have their fingers crossed. we had a nice day today
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temperatures across the bay area in the upper 50s and low 60s 60 degrees in concord, 57 in santa rosa 58 at the airport. increasing sunshine means increasing temperatures near 100 degrees in and by thursday, it will get hot inland. all that said tropical moisture move north and west it blanketed the coast with low clouds and fog it will happen again tomorrow. we should warm up pretty good, between now and wednesday, today's numbers about 3-9 degrees warmer than saturday. out the door to more morning low clouds along shoreline, as the
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day goes on we get plenty of sunshine. the clouds pull back to the shore line on future cast and then low clouds begin to move back again. less extensive low clouds tomorrow. morning clouds and high of 70 degrees at thunder bumpers for new york city. denver has party cloudy skies. pinpoint forecast for tomorrow milpitas at 80 degrees, 65 at pacific up 64 at half moon bay, in east bay plenty warm. 88 degrees in brentwood. now but a degrees tomorrow. 79 santa rosa. in san francisco 66 degrees. temperatures warm in the '90s by
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wednesday. next week and it stays warm. it is tight competition in london in china now leads the u.s. in the medal count 61-60 in total medals. great britain makes a good showing in third in the overall standings. the chinese challenge to u.s. alembic supremacy makes headlines. barry peterson shows how china has emerged as an olympic super power. to the chinese were the of pride when 16 year-old swimmer broke records and won two gold medals in one of the advance her final lap was faster than a u.s.
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male swimmer and the u.s. suggested it was a result of doping. unbelievable and suspicious says john leonard executive director of u.s. swimming coaches association. chinese newspaper said " yes she won " aiming at what they consider america's disrespect for china. she went on tv after routine testing cleared her. they are envious she said and added we train more diligently. china's olympic system is about state run schools like this in beijing. the children as young as six hasn't yet to be the next generation of medal winners. the focus is on training and more training. this tennis player is 13 knows what it wants to become.
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in a world champion he says doing it for his father and to win honor for my country. china did not compete in the olympics until 1932 in las angeles, not until 1984 back in los angeles in china was first medal including more than a dozen gold swap. if these kids and coaches have their way the days of america's dominance will soon be over. china's economic development proms our sport development and says this gymnastics coach. hundreds of millions of dollars spent for a thousand schools like this and a less extreme factory.
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the finale of the batman trilogy has made $355 million domestically. the take this week more than $36
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million. the remake of " total recall " opened in second place diary of a wimpy kid in an ice age round out the top earners and during fans remembered marilyn monroe today marks 50 years since she died at age of 36 flowers placed under star at hollywood walk of fame her nude body found face down in her brentwood home august 5, 1962. her death ruled probable suicide but some believe it was accidental or she was murdered. today in the jerry garcia birthday celebration at mclaren park the guitarist grow op in the neighborhood the concert in and help raise money to repair the park the and the theater named after him. he would have been 70 this week.
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the a's played nine innings for a change the giants
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the giants scored 29 runs on their recent and game homestand and scored 35 this weekend in colorado. tim lincecum and the giants up 3-1 in the fourth. a fly ball to left field melky cabrera with a catch. a strike to the plate sanchez but some the tag for the double play. the giants sweep the three games
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at 8-3 the final. the a's star gave up six runs in six innings lost his third straight start blue jays beat oakland. waukegan bradley issued 64 to win at firestone's one shot better than jim furyk next up is the pga championship on cbs next weekend. jeff gordon takes over before the rain starts and whence the race to get back in the chase for the cup. would take you back to nasa's jet propulsion laboratory in pasadena we are told they're getting excited 352 million mi. a wipe the mars rover has entered the atmosphere curiosity moving towards the target and lots of applause but
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nasa still has a heartbeat from curiosity will have a latest at 11 at cbs 5.
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