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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  August 7, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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the enterprise of the region and refinery fire of its promise gasoline went up just my reporter was on is their right to act. did with the very best to can say is that it just doesn't smell right. and lawmakers gave her staff for a big raise but it is the checks that he started writing to read that makes you wonder. this is really exciting. california's new gold rush lure's strangers to towns and i would discover who they are and what is its stake. tonight hundreds of angry
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people lashed out at chevron for last night's huge fire at the richmond refinery in. and that fires a day huge plume of thick black smoke into the air hundreds of people flooded the hospitals complaining of respiratory problems and other health issues. chevron extinguish the fire early this morning but people in the committee are still demanding answers. cbs five reporter kristin harris was at tonight's meeting. it was a raucous meeting any residents of richmond drowning alice chevron officials demanding to know exactly what toxins were released into the air last night and what affect will have on this community. then shot and started before chevron's community meeting ever did. protesters wore gas masks as they chanted the the apologize for the due to a chemical vapor leaps the
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senate, the jet black smoke 1,000 ft. high. an apology for the disruption in concern we cause the user community. last night. an apology does seem to be an insult. where is your boss? how these suburbanites? get out of here. some even storm the stage is the public, the session began. you should be angry. chevron now says 949 people had to be treated for health issues asthma and other respiratory problems health officials are still testing for toxins. asked him directly to tell us that we could figure out what's on our food. members of a rich and activist group claim whatever what whatever was in the air kill their garden. this committee is a better
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community having chevron here and i think that is the end of the story. but some residents fear this is just the beginning of this worst nightmare. chevron is offering compensation for property costs and medical cost to residents. are victims of this fire however residents tell me their concern that that will simply mean signing over any rights they had to find the class-action lawsuits. the waves take a look at this. attorney nicholas penny post is signed in his window click claiming chevron claims filed here. tonight dozens of people lined up around the block complaining of various health problems linked to the fire. chevron says the law already pay for medical expenses. a looking for something more than that? snow and actually entitled to something and they could say
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a million things about us we don't know that. what about their children? what about other elements? there's a lot of people that have rest of our problems. not chevron. if on the plans do not pose a significant health concern. last big fire at the richmond refinery was back in 2007 investigators said a defective steel and eight accomplices to blame in the 1999 explosion there sent flames more than 100 ft. into the air treat chevron firefighters were heard. and the fire is filmed in concern about gasoline shortages. they jumped 38¢ overnight. cbs five reporter shows us if your needle is anywhere near the you'd better florist your next fill-out. because of the fire and gas prices are going to go up. by
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the end of the week you're ready to say a few more four-letter words. gas prices will be going up as consumers who will fill in at the pump chevron's refinery makes money to the state supply of the cleaner-burning but more expensive california plans but that plan shutdowns supplies will tighten and prices will go up. it's a reaction. we're already seeing a lot of a activity on the trader's market so gas will definitely be more expensive the coming friday and saturday of the average retail price went up 6¢ overnights is now $3.86 a gallon. they should easily top $4 soon. kathy time has run conspiracy theory. the whole industry just wants to own these new fire is an excuse to raise prices. the use all kinds of excuses. hear the shell and wolfe road and read avenue
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in sunnyvale said coke's that side go up 4¢ from this morning. or even to do about it? nothing. and went by the u.s. don't have a choice. so after we put together the reports and left for a couple of hours for dinner break the price jumped up 6¢ to glaze says it will go up before was down. live in sunnyvale kid does cbs five. and to find it to the cheapest gas and our area good to cbs s.f.-stock, you can search the interactive map by sears of code. and one other note the fire put a damper on a new exhibit intended to commemorate the chevron refinery is 110th anniversaries. the rich and museum of history and abruptly canceled the opening reception. is now postponed indefinitely. a bay area lawmaker once busted for shoplifting is in the news again tonight and has to do with a big
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raise and she gave to a staffer. but that is not what's raising eyebrows. reporter linda yee explains is what does stopper spend the money on and who was getting the checks. assemblywoman marry high ashbey pay just under $700,000.80 years ago for this 1887 square-foot town house in castro valley. but in a down market the mortgage is under water and no one is buying. after the couple bought a new home in 2010 the assemblywoman read this out to her legislative aide chris parma and just weeks after giving him a $7,500 raise. that raises a serious ethical question last year she was arrested for shoplifting thousands of dollars worth of clothing from neiman-marcus to later pled no contest csi political analyst joe two men says voters will remember this latest revelation. and the most people look at this and say it
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is inappropriate to give someone raised and then later turn around and leverage our property to them because it creates the appearance that taxpayer is are subsidizing a race which is going to pay rent which keeps that house in this and the person's name. the former neighbors tons. it's not dead. i guess there it they could be separate events but said it does seem a little fishy. the assemblywoman did nonce respond to requests for comment but the district directors says carmen no longer works for hajji saying only that he was transferred all hope his lincoln page still lists them as our legislative aide. neighbors say the assemblywoman cents live here for about two years in about a month to go moves out. they say this is an attempt to distance herself from a it may not help her get votes in november. she's running for alicante's
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supervisor. the very best you can say is that it just doesn't smell right or look right. when the cbs five. the man who shot gabrielle giffords and 18 others at a political rally last year pleaded guilty say jared loughner avoids the death penalty and will spend the rest of his life in prison. a federal judge in tucson accepted the plea after concluding that off morris was confident. the victims also exacted the guilty plea. adding life in prison would be a lot worse. and also because i think he might have a chance if his mind is kept under sedation to the point that he is whole. killed six people in the shooting is being treated for schizophrenia in jail through has been giffords said she was satisfied with the guilty plea. strangers come to town promising one thing we discover there after something else. the
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fortunate buried below this northern california town. making sure you get your pay for amazons new strategy to keep thieves from swiping your packages. how this bay area kid roundup putting a little piece of himself on mars. and mine near the bright lights of the chive salad of ibm's 60 corridor and that 21 of the locations tomorrow with air quality will take big hits. as i win this continues on the c. w..
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new gold rush in northern
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california but this time as liquid gold the central coast suddenly the next mother lode for will. as cbs five reporter alan martin choses that has a lot of mysterious folks riding into town. people the tracks and in part on the driveway up there. when the big trucks rolled up to jim reeves rains last month he was told it was for seismic testing. tonight me i think while this is really exciting. because his ranch sits right on the san andreas fault but it didn't take long for lead and paul e. goldman to get suspicious. as soon as i saw how many people were involved as this fall's like i don't see how this could be about earthquakes because who has that much money. turns up their rights. he said that it could be used for will. much more surprised the couple could discover their lands for in their town a room is on the central coast is sitting on one of the richest deposits of oil in the united states. called a
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moderate shale. starting just south of the day it runs to the middle of the state to cover eight counties and underneath according to recent federal reports 15 and half a billion barrels a while nearly two- thirds of the nation's oil reserves. while the causes are so deep and hard to get to the drilling of an economically unfeasible if years ago but now it is possible. third chances and hydraulic-road they create fractures and rocks below the surface. by injecting them with water laced with santa allow any oil or gas to flow out. environmentalist have been the industry has been leased to cases of ground water pollution and even earthquakes. the news spread fast. did waves and became a group from 5 to 50
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people. they started community group. california has no regulations and none unfrocking that's not have this issue is being portrayed. industry spokesperson says people are overreacting and in california so far tracking has been perfectly safe. there's never been a suggestion that hydraulic fracturing is posed or resulted in any seismic activity and to those behind? the company that paid for as seismic testing keep a low profile registered at los angeles. with no phone number. but a p.o. box and watsonville let us this man. kevin geoffrey also happens to be chief legal counsel for granite rock. the biggest landowner in the area. the goal is to look thoroughly understand our grant deposit. and what about his company.
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such as granite rock trying to get the oil business? if the seismic surveying does show and we will work through the permitting process. but it promises a granite rock has no intention to engage in any cracking activity. but wouldn't say how well would be extracted is found. we need to get ahead of this and we obviously need to get had a very fast. i don't have to rely on somebody's word. the waves passing an ordinance similar to monterey counties that would cut more restrictions on any kind of oil drilling. cbs five. tonight we're getting our first color image of flow from
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curiosity shows the north wall of the credits exploring. a young boy from the day is right there with them mars rover cbs reporter juliet's goodrich and he how he became part of nasa history. you might call tenure rolled in decembrists the curiosity kid. not only to andrew and dad follow curiosity on mars and jews name is on the rover. curious how? it's on a microchip in this says that it's on the back of the rover. flies to mars and neither name is on the road to mars. in 2009 injury and bad sign that had anjous name etched on a microchip curiosity is now carrying on its back and microchip to mars. once the eighth month journey through space. even
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watching curiosities close to perfect landing. andrews younger sister even has a marses cool and stuck her fingernails. his bedroom is filled with space paraphernalia and a space knowledge is quite impressive for his age. almost there to move their considered asteroids. part of curiosities real goal is to hunt for signs of life on mars. ensign's the earth's creatures may not be alone universe. andrew the curiosity kid is part of this history in the making. in pleasanton juliet average cbs five. @ mockup of a curiosity early today at the exploratory am. that was very cool. it's like a little mini cooper. is that a free exhibit? see going to the exploratory am. there's a nominal fee free after that it will be there until september 16th. will be there. my name is
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modesto. will work on that. but some this the heat is on. just keep that in mind right now clear skies over the city of san francisco where today's high 65 tomorrow is warmer and currently 59 degrees those '60s and santa rosa is currently 68 mi. in redwood city as he keeps goes on tomorrow we will have the deterioration of air quality in the eastern portion of our districts all the way through the diablo mountain range to to stagnant air mass and ozone being caught very close to the surface where the bad luck and tropical moisture. that's going to be diverted out of the bay area of and as that happens will warm the most. tomorrow our highs the big eight degrees above normal and 9594 in concord
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a and just about four degrees above average and sandras at 87 degrees set your weather had ones to suggest tonight some patchy coastal clouds at best mining the media seashore otherwise marlowe kickstart the morning at 611 with officials sunrise antifog hot temperatures later on that date time away from the bay and again he is on all the way to the weekends tonight to overnights about 51 to about 59 degrees for overnight lows at the winds have pretty much died off and it's a beautiful line around a day. tonight '60s through the '70s all the way up to 80 degrees in redwood city back through palo alto brought around to millbrae and belmont's '60s and '70s and then we jump ball at to the mid to hayes in morgan hill and gilroy. 85 in san jose and not too far off 97 degrees and brown with tracy and oakley as well as pleasanton danville and black
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hawk and their aides in petaluma and in the upper 50s and sense and beach be will see sunshine they have the extended forecast in the triple digits on thursday we stay there. and our inland areas through saturday with barely any chemical in on sunday as the and when forecast we still have the a lot more news coming out. , at the 711 in
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san francisco's in will side neighborhood. delivering packages to people at home as is going away. professor john sullivan says the world's largest online retailer has quietly begun making daily deliveries. to lock boxes at six
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locations. he says it is intended to ease the frustrations of online shoppers horn's home during the day. and to combat this type of theft known as ports pirating. in your way because they don't owe exactly when it says to a robber had is a work? amazon customers now that a choice at check out that says they got from an amazon locker. it echoed opens just one of the individual chores with your item. dip is cheaper for amazon to deliver multiple packages to a larger than a single box to a home. users have several days to retrieve their merchandise. and maybe pick up a slurp the weather at its. is a way of saying if i really wanted to i will get it.
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they will be seeing more easily as just-in-time for the holidays. elizabeth cook cbs five. good news out of order camphor regarding an injured player in the a's offense on fire verses the angels look at their. but more and and a moment. for some reason we're
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the only local station covering the story the petaluma nationally little leaguer is defeated north las vegas was regional semifinals that two images away from the little league world series e and assess this spring in the lumber to face and i'm a big game tonight.
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top of the first atomic bombs of the place to live bye-bye baby given the days they want nothing lead but we're just getting going. how joshua attica's 45 home runs to make it 10 to one. top of the ninth they're thinking of want to get in on this but koko crisp goes back to the walls is a 400 side the lead may sit giants and st. louis buster posey continues the last six games and to run shot to the giants in three to nothing lead they cling to a 32 lead in the sixth when the man stumbles into the left-center field gap the giants win 42. running back mike this and this videotape was shot just before the incidence is in good condition tonight after being taken to hospital after a hamas to how much collision at practice in goods and has been having a great camp he will
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probably be the backup today and mcfadden but apparently he is okay tonight. ,,,,
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