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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CW  August 19, 2012 8:30am-9:30am PDT

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the next big deal on the campaign trail. and the gold to move out. supporting those who have freedom overseas. a bay area marine remembered for sacrifice. its 830 on sunday august 19th. think you for telling us. to select 1 on our to recover. in is going to be and its and politics. will talk with the chairman of the california republican party. will looked at various proposals calling on in california press
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news paul lion the republican can differ vice president is campaigning with his mom. and in mitt romney administration will not lose their medicare coverage. with more on what ryan and present all, are sen. and paul line when to return community in florida and got little help from a 78 year-old mother. i wanted to introduce you to my mom. the republican vice- presidential candidate promised seniors it would not lose their medicare under the mitt romney ministration. he accused president of cutting hundreds of millions of dollars from medicare to pay for healthcare. restore the promise of this program and will make sure that this board of bureaucrats lot mess with my mom's help care or your mom's healthcare. he came up with the gop budget plan which would shift
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medicare to a doctor like system. and that would bankrupt the program. in his words resonate with many senior voters. there's no way we can use it as is now of some four disagree. i'm getting fired up. president obama defended his plan. my plan saves money by cracking down fraud and waste and company subsidies. and there planet seniors pay more. pacific and other tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires. the president told voters that the election date is about two different approaches to the country's future. mitt romney is attending a series of fund-raisers in massachusetts. he brought in as much as $75,000 a plate. the events in martha's vineyard, kate caught and nantucket. on a local front, the demise
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of a tax measure on the ballot. the senate clerk valley water district want voters to approve a $540 million parcel tax. but the original some of the measure was 77 words. which is more than the election law. state product and a sinified ford's early this month. but not posted in time to deadline 5 people are recovering today after their rowboat was blown away in san francisco bay and two kids were on the boat. they cannot turn the boat back from candlestick point district. that's when three adults jumped in to try to save them. a lot of them could get back. the u.s. coast guard was called in. only one person suffered a mild hypothermia. this month on use of veterans returning from war. it
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was the resource fair in a word. and more than a dozen agencies were in attendance and the with here to address physical and psychological issues. the veterans and active the soldiers need a listening ear. the guys were out there on loan from the battle against those demons themselves are used to the guys that and that committing suicide. the number of active duty suicides doubled from june to july. resource fair yesterday appeared to be a success and more advanced are being planned. memorial to have fallen million in the south bay as well. it is at as on water. he was killed on august 10th along with two other marines. this was for four of to be in iraq and afghanistan.
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defense of september 11th into doesn't want change for him. he recognized that he wanted to be in the marine corps. he wanted to help protect america. he plans to avenge the loss to want to become public defender and they've established a scholarship is aimed at st. francis. and defense secretary is working with afghanistan's president on stopping these insider attacks. the attacks by the afghan allies on american soldiers and international troops of the tory the share. there is raising questions about the strategy to train afghans to take over security of the country in 2014. he called the president this weekend and encourage him to work and work with u.s. commanders with the intent of
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afghan troops. he appeared in public for more than a month. he performed paris and moscow and damascus. if less than a child of publicly was in july we spoke to parliament as the war in syria continues. the last tonight nations observers are leaving the country in their mission expires tonight. the wacky mix founder made an appearance outside the ecuador and a seat in the london carey he spoke from a small balcony. he's tourniquet the asylum so that he does not of sweden for such churches. the chairman of the california republican party johnson's life and studio. in this week, a first taste of america's cup. we ask, will a
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bay area really benefit from this. and today a reality check. of the mars rover is ready for test run. we have the venture on the red planet. were starting out with some clearing skies in the bay area. then we get changes mid-week. and what to expect when we do weather after the break.
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de mars rover curiosity survive the seventh thrilling minutes on sent to the red planet and now it's a for another milestone. didn't ticket offer to strife with remote- controlled an engineer said it on a two-year mission to explore the crater. the hope to find signs of life on mars. the real races are still your way carried but this year since the with its first taste of the america's cup. and our reporter tells us that taste
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media but bittersweet. it seems weight when the mayor and oracle ceo announced a. with the goal of $1.4 billion in economic activity and 9000 jobs. to win prefabs. he's talk about is right to promote next week's races which are like preseason games. and since to does 11. the wind has been taken out of the world economy. and teams have now identified. and the crowd estimates of unskilled back. and $1.4 billion projection the still anticipating a billion dollars of revenue. it's posset to our economy. the job estimates had been down to 1000. and he got one. is on the blue phoenix which is bleachers. of the to be a lot more people working around here.
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the business is again urging the news at a high dive bar. this is apparently is in better because of sailors drinks like sailors. fierce shelling every day. and we anticipate that this is being very good starting next tuesday during racing. we're quite surprised to seems to be less going out and watching the races than anticipated. they hope the spirit of sacramento which hold hundreds we're in deep place to watch the races and so far, the business is flat. as the last few days to attend the sessions. and we're hoping. the city will put up $32 million in private fundraisers and hope not to be sent back. the be the big question whether or not the city itself winds up losing money or is
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always on the hook for it with the private donations will come through. will see how that is. the bottom line is to not get the bus coming off the starting block as people fought people can't keep on selling the sports for the rich. the people they're the ones response to shore up. this will be flying in. we had these huge yacht parks in the bay report for pleasure boats and stuff like that. and the will happen. but these are the warmups. i saw yesterday up there in the bay weather warming up to warm-up is worth a trip to see. and maybe a out there. we look at the area forecast nevada fog or on the coastline. we looked outside in inland as real see the sunshine today carried the temperatures in the upper 50s. tickets to the current cart conditions. and since a 59 in santa rosa is 52
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degrees. with the rest of our pinpoint forecasts. hope your sunday morning is off to a could an early start. we have some moisture that triggered flash flooding down in southern california friday afternoon. and then, word and move this to the north. and as we move to the north, this moisture follows. be at it's and thunderstorms early saturday morning and today, all the moisture moves of the state carried we look for some low clouds along the shore line. the numbers in channel will be but cygnus it reasserted. we start off with some low clouds along the shore line. tamiflu clausen will affect certain parts of day. and we go in and we mustn't skies. we start of the mid-60s between nine and 10:00. tamiflu pressure that is off the pacific northwest and of ensuring that low will dig out a trough over
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the state and as a result, will have this trough which will get down and reach into the bay area. but on tuesday that will come in and in the meantime will want in the east bay. and also along the beach to be mild. with the forecast in general for the bay area. the most recent skies and in the date 78 or something like that. with low 60s for the beach and feature cast as all this out. we've will clock back to show you what's the one along the coast overnight. we go back to shore line to see that we've mostly clear skies. and in terms of numbers, to seek an airport is pretty good. it is partly cloudy. in york city it's a thunderstorm and chicago is partly cloudy and 73 from monday. the overnight low for tonight will be in the '50s for
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the most part carried and highs for today insensate. we've 77 right here @ a word. amid 82 for now. with the '90s again to spurt in antioch would hit 90. look for the low 80's for the most part. the numbers will be in the '70s. and we look ahead and more expected cooling trend on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. and numbers will come back to mid '80s and so when that starts on tuesday, will keep it there to the end of the week. at 35th vice president joe biden is stirring up for the reelection campaign. a timer to our last week. he told supporters in virginia that mitt romney wants to make maastricht regulations and has since the state include hundreds of african-american people. unchanged wall street. his
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approach to all back in chains. you've heard it. any called the comment outrageous and for more return to our chairman of the california republican party. this is one of those sound bites if you hear repeated and repeated and repeated. is one that your party is glad to hear. when a points out is that if we are even some my objective about this. republicans picked nominee as hard hitting a tough issue. mitt romney most of about a tough issue. and democrats have to buy and who cannot talk about tough issues because he's not a credible and cecily things. soy think republicans on message here the democrats are not carey i think both sides are still looking for whatever message they're going to have. joe biden and not give them
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a message this will be talk about and talked about before. the script it can't vs one nickel of script. the iron is when you elect someone you cannot operate by a script. every district of is the off camera person that you really elect. it's good to get a glimpse of that. he will not do well. and frankly is not a good partner for him either. the republicans aren't being a lot more hard- hitting. to since this not a good match for prison about we sick about the selection of paul ryan. what does he bring that paul ryan does not have. paul 9-11 attacks up with the voters and he's a regular guy. his look of regular guys life. he likes being in a crowd shaking hands and talking to people to read and he is a whiz not just in math whiz. pete knows for government is and he's
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far more experience at that then all four of the others were all free the others. so it's a very good complement. he is a sunny disposition. joe biden does not happen. people like to vote for people like. we've been talking about joe biden a little bit. with the script for the campaign trail. these is intense workouts. and he's listening to rage against a machine when he does his work out. and when the band members from the bridge against machines cannot said he is the machine he tried to rage against. i cannot say that ever was to reach against machine. but now what, the fact that there's a generational thing another good thing that ryan brings is a new generation. are we gonna start to see that on this race? with the medicare. is to modify the medicare. a side effect people over 50. but the people under 55
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are the ones to be picking up the tab. pursing more of that and once the fight the worst and once they're looking for jobs now. if they're the ones to doing it without benefits and it's a different world for them. we want to start seeing this generational span? if you look at the polling shows that the intensity of the republicans and all with the intensity. especially but 40 and under. some single demographic that all, is doing better now in west and four years ago. and up ticks that carry the don't really need to put zero, down damage. this had more enthusiasm with it. as a strategist, how do you try to balance that. if the over 55 vote additional are going to turn out and database. here in california is speaker nationally. because
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that the bomb has not a case for them. he's put them in jeopardy. the truth to the matter is that they're hitting on medicare is because they the democrats were hit on us. which is good for medicare. and with the one on the offensive and now zero, with a. so he is on defense. next thing that we're on the dan ryan need to do is that this economic plan is not work. and a surprise. the government does not work. and here's our plan which is what it's come to happen starting towards the end of next week. the buzz word is privatization which as been going on a lot. they like to avoid that term. private care as been a doctor system. and when you go to the doctor the government pays for. and now with their saying is not only we become to the doctor but you if you want
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you to have insurance company inserted the government. decius a choice. some medicare as we know is a form comment. it's never been lax security. and that was with the expos and the democrats apart it to choose to keep medicare demand to pay more. tears that bush program was axed and expenses of 43% less than projected. and you put competition in this as bush did is what it costs were lower. an interesting that and once it gets enacted and deceit after the election. think you for joining us. we'll be right back.
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it is game day for the pediment nationals a little league world series. to take on the south east champions from tennessee. do you watch party in parliament. and a portion of the ticket sales will help the team's family's troubled back to pennsylvania to support the players. these kids are 12 years old. and they're dealing with is the pressure that they're breaking up this morning. the chance to
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couple the team members on the phone last weekend. it is a real. they're going creasing the debt incurred sang and name and stuff. we wish them the best. the transfer coming from behind to beat the padres. and the eighties data wind over the cleveland indians. the help of a foreigner running backs. the teams with this preseason game. with more in sports. good morning. three starters and not even make the trip to houston for the forty-niners. and after last night, he may want to consider the whole team porat until regular-season. and the first quarter he takes the handoff and nearly picks up a first down but he gets hit in the knee and remain down for several minutes. he did not tear is a seal. but you still undergo an mri it later today. and the rookie running back suffered an ankle in a tree. and that big
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concern is the help of the running backs. the giants and patri's and give a four runs and lasted just four innings and is 31 shot kapok trees a 4-1 lead. and in the seventh, he puts the giants on top with the symbol. and services to winds 8-7 and stays one game ahead of the doctors in the national league west. in a celebrated 10th anniversary of the 2002 team that won 20 straight games. and the third inning, is to run shot in the a's beat indians. an oakland still have came back of the final wild-card spot in the american league. that's a look at sports. have a great day. a teenager running for mayor, the biggest cities in the bay area. his political pitch for office. and medicare reform campaign trail. if couples parties are trust in the issue ahead. chevron is making good on a
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plan to help local pools and make sure the kids are safe before they head back to the classroom. it will be right back.
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the debate over medicare reform heats up on the campaign trail with a closer look at the plans under been supported by
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the candidates. supporting those who support our freedom what one local lawmakers doing to give back to veterans. santa clara county takes about a $30 million settlement with the sentences the forty- niners welcome back it's 9:00. we have a lot to talk about in the next half-hour including the water tunnel they're talking about from northern to southern california with details on the plan. what will it cost and what are the benefits but first a first of all veterans returning from war or picking up in the week a record number of suicides among soldiers. one bay area lawmaker organized event to give vets with the need in a single stop on what's needed and what's being offered. ricardo knows firsthand the importance of resources for soldiers returning home from war. for 67 years to just kind
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of was lost in sacramento. he spent within 17 years in active duty and afterward to found himself called listened to the with the laundry list of physical and mental issues. i have peaked est and i have back injuries from my service and i have a screw my shoulder and i hit my head on something that what was out in desert storm. back on spt spent the last seven years fighting for disability benefits and the department of veterans affairs and he still waiting for approval. " i submitted a claim for service connected disabilities about seven years ago and i keep getting denial letters. one of many vets and attended the recent fare in hayward they've given all for us and we should be taking care of
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them. nearly a dozen agencies to present to help the veterans like ricardo including the disabled american veterans greta the defense is getting to talk to someone who understands the trick done and understands for your mind is today. but as an active duty soldiers need a listening ear and recently the u.s. army report the number of active duty suicides more than doubled from june to july 12th and june and 26 in july. the guys out there all alone tried about against the demons themselves are usually the guys the and the committing suicide and what to prevent that. we're this is the first of veterans researchers fair hosted by the state senator with the success of the turnout their future plans for additional edens to assist veterans. reporting in hayward cbs 5. the fire at the chevron refinery in richmond did with does pollute the air and also left its mark at local schools. this weekend cruise from chevron
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clean up the playgrounds at king elementary school washing up in a possible run into the smoke at 40 schools in the area expected to finish by the time the school year starts. greta there was concern from the community understandably that the smoke that resulted from the fire may have put set on some of the outdoor playground equipment and with school starting next week we want to make sure students came back to a clean environment and are able to enjoy an outdoor equipment without any sort or dust. as they also mention all the city parks cleaned. a big change in store for young the youngsters starting out of school this year. tomorrow is the first in the transitional kindergarten will be offered in california program targeting kids that did not turn five by september 1st and the new cut off age for enrollment. it allows the the extra year of school before starting the usual traditional kindergarten estimated that one of the 25,000
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kids will become eligible for the new classes'. a manmade pond is going to pop up in walnut creek this week getting to new islands and they're going to be man-made. the so-called five even floating islands are made entirely from recycled and non toxic bottles designed to provide habitat for wildlife and also to pull the ends from the water at the other farm park and the the the public to get its first look tuesday morning and the islands are set to arrive. a formal vote set for this weekend in the south bay for a $30 million dispute between the center does the forty-niners and santa clara county they sued in june after county oversight board sees the city's portion of the development funds the voters had approved to build a new foreign in a stadium and later that agreed to share the cash with the team the oversight board will vote to accept the settlement on wednesday. claims and counterclaims
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the two presidential candidates on who has the best policy on medicare which is a major issue for the last week and will continue to be. telling us what the candidates are for. both candidates say that it's the other guy who rides medicare the most. here is the basic claim from governor mitt romney he's putting medicare greta risk dampening health care greater risk here is the basic claim from the president. could their plan ends medicare as we note in here's what they are actually four. mitt romney promises to keep medicare as it is for americans above age 55 if that he will also offer seniors a choice between traditional medicare and joining a private insurance plan. in that system the government would pay a basic premium for seniors directly to their insurance company. some people have a choice in the big greta competition between the government in the private plans. but it could increase what seniors pay if they choose
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regular medicare and the president has made that issue greta their plan make seniors pay more to give another tax cut to millionaires and billionaires to the president's plans for medicare are folded into this health reform act virtually no change to traditional medicare but he would reduce future medicare spending by $716 billion and most of that by reducing payments to hospitals and ending extra subsidies to the medicare advantage program and the president claims the savings without medicare stay alive catamite plan to extend medicare by nearly a decade but they also help to pay for the president's overall health care reform and the army has turned that into an issue. keys to consummate its $16 billion out of the medicare trust fund to pay for obama care and i will put it back. both sides of the specifics of what has to be cut to keep medicare solvent long term and everyone admits cost controls
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are necessary for medicare to survive the telling seniors the actual details of what they might lose is still political suicide 8 teen years old and running for mayor the political promises from this college sophomore. another look at the governor's plans to boost water supplies in southern california with a conversation from our experts from uc-berkeley up next. good morning were expecting a pretty nice sunday for the bay area but in the headlines there are changes on the horizon with numbers near 90 degrees in the end of cloud cover along the shoreline but a cooling trend coming up.
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a fresh new addition to the political scene in the fremont area and eight team of college sophomore is running for mayor of the city. talking to the young canada it to find out what he has planned for the bay area's fourth largest city. he is a sophomore at usc
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law that eight t all this at home for summer he's making a bit of political history in fremont. you heard him correctly once to the top dog the mayor of fremont. what changes are you bringing greatcoat i went to improve fremont industrial park and a lot to get more business is coming to fremont hub want to bring more stores to fremont. if he wins the race to skip usc and hopefully attending school here all serving as the mayor of the bay area's fourth largest city. you're 18 years old and you really think of a chance i do think i have a chance to the merits of grass-roots campaign and going door-to-door in getting the word out and have a lot of strong ideas and i realize the potential the fremont has. i hope the look at the person and not just the age do think is a chance for the zero experience i don't i think it's great to have the values that in the
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end reduplicate this experience as a big factor. his family is originally from india representing the diversity of the city and according to the 2010 census some 50 percent of fremont's population is asian i don't really care where he's from but if he is a turnoff to think take the responsibility of fremont and the people here because this is a real city job it's not a joke. he faces an uphill battle as there are at least for the candidates running for mayor include the former and current city council members. greta they have done great things for fremont am very appreciative but i bring this to think it's time to bring about change. will have to wait to the election of members to see if he becomes mayor or not. turning to the weather we have patchy fog and parts of the bay area this morning about the fog was quitting around the
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coast for most of the day here's a live look at the golden gate bridge the towers covered in fog right now with the temperatures in the upper 50s the low 60s in some areas right now. good morning pay yet deluxe recap what's happened this weekend had moisture that triggered flash flooding done in seven california for an afternoon and then as we move to north moving to the north to the subtropical moisture follows with some thunderstorms early saturday morning and today all that moisture moves out of the stayed with some local cover along the shoreline and numbers in general would be about the same as they were yesterday stood and often cloud cover as usual along the shoreline a proscenium and the bay area in
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the and mostly sunshine and a number start out in the mid-60s between nine and 10:00 this morning with a low pressure off of the pacific northwest and eventually it will take out a trough of the western part of the state and as a result with this producing the numbers come down and look for a cooling trend in the bay area but were going have to read into around midweek in the meantime it will continue to warm in the east bay and still on the beach mild numbers in the '60s and that's the forecast in general for the day. today. the future passed there's all this out with low, cover long shoreline as the role of in the forecast fuller back to the shoreline but it leaves us with mostly clear skies over the bay area today.
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heading out tomorrow and the airport and looks pretty good with partly cloudy skies and western breeze at the most are in new york city gets thunderstorms in chicago partly cloudy and said the 373 from monday 50s for the most part overnight in the forecast as for today in san jose look 80s a look ahead to stay wednesday and thursday finally the numbers inland come back down to the mid '80s and with certain tuesday will keep it there to the end of the week have a great sunday. an ambitious plan aimed at boosting water supplies in
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southern california as a committees in the north with gov. brown planning to spend $18 million to send the water down the south. with this when asked professor david if the plan was actually cost effective. greta the final version of the plan hasn't come into focus at the base and we know it appears it's affordable is it going to be cost effective? in the long run this lot of questions about southern california whether they're willing to pay this much for the water and questions on who's going to wind up paying for the construction of it if we haven't. good of the water agencies that receive water from the delta of the commitment that the pay for the cost of the facilities with no subsidy involved in the program based on our research appears that this is a cost- effective investment investment but does not mean that urban agencies in southern california will not have to make other kinds of investments as well the was to be a need for recycling
9:17 am
and desalination some instances and always a need for conservation of those alternatives alone will not solve southern california's water problems. that is of the criticisms i get from the congressman from the delta area assess seven california's not and cannot job of recycling and using the water that they have so why should we send our water down their for their scruples and golf courses greta there's definitely a need for more recycling and seven california and that's occurring and that this conversation this conservation plan does not increase in the water taken from an income for more about showing up in stabilizing the supplies that exist now definitely a need for other alternatives to be developed in southern california but it's about protecting its already taken. we're talking about the delta is one of the prime ecosystems and this is the water already shipped south. how do we preserve the delta if
9:18 am
we take the water away its simple equation there are concerns that are legitimate concerns expressed by people in the delta region were about a change in the salinity of the water that the use of irrigation and concerned about farmland being converted into have attacked. i think all those concerns while they are legitimate can be addressed. back to the cost for a minute you're basing your analysis on the idea of this total cost $14,000,000,000.- 294971111 dollars for restoration and you know and i know the the state project is not calling to come in at cost. the that the bay bridge to come in at a higher cost it's a given. so how did you work that into your equation there is the cost figures earlier a 30% contingency that might even over one that.
9:19 am
it is a possibility and fortunately there appears to be large enough cushion in the benefits that even a cost overrun of some assault in a situation of the benefits exceed the cost. i'm in northern california and i'm saying what do i get out of this deal of incentive to agree precious south. there are several barge urban water agencies in the bay area that will allow experts to the delta soap will be a very direct benefit but more generally the bay delta compensate conservation plan would still less regulatory and damage to the delta resulting in a situation where there's a better quality of the environment for the ecosystem is functioning better and that works to everyone's benefit will see networks but in the meantime the governor has said that on his mind the tax proposal for november. and talking more about its chances of passing scene all
9:20 am
other political and setters jerry brown is the tax man coming coming up.
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up the question before california voters that tax hike proposal. return to political insiders from the san francisco chronicle because we were wondering given the idea of raising taxes what is the mood of the voters these days when it comes to state government. a huge issue in the talk about high-speed rail and california's finances right now jerry brown's job to stop look easy republicans are in love in this and i don't see him out there he is to hit the stump in the out there but jerry's doesn't do that keep in mind arnold is a much better sales pitch man than
9:23 am
jerry brown has ever been and that was his strength whether he was pitching you to buy stuff to make your muscles bigger or any of those kind of things he was a big-time guy he sold the magazine's the jury is never sold anything he is so absolutely nothing is not that kind of a personality. but my coverage of him has been in this term as governor it seems to be a different politicians are wary he says we have twice the sum going to present to the actresses and options that ultimately make the decision and not sure he's out selling at such a sign this is my option ticket or fee don't keep in mind carry is really hesitant to take responsibility for the ultimate result of less the result is already happening. freeman the result is not his
9:24 am
baby. his job is even harder best of them than to seem likely to millions of dollars to found in the park scandal making the voters even more question his arguments here do think the voters will accept or will they say no i hope they accept it because i would hate to see the implementation of the cuts that are on the table but the clear that it would be a lot easier if the voters knew exactly where the money was going because of all the negatives that came from the parks and because of all the negatives that came from the city college of san francisco and the mismanagement of money and the cause of the outrageous pension benefits that and pave the couldn't be afforded all of the things causing people to say i don't want flexibility in the hands of politicians, and put the money but and i don't want ultimately is that a
9:25 am
referendum on jerry brown the referendum on state government and the trust of the system and i would necessarily want to run with that. bitter and very pleased that i'm already gone come up taking another look at today's top stories quinn the big topic of the campaign trail and how they're using medicare reform to gain new voters.
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look at this morning's top stories medicare is the hot topic on the campaign trail republican candidate for vp has been campaigning with his mom aiming to research is today a word more than a dozen agencies take part in the resource fair offering
9:28 am
assistance for both physical and psychological issues. one more look at the weather this morning similar to the conditions from yesterday. concord 60 degrees and santa rosa 52 a high-tech way to play with an adoptable caps without leaving your home. los angeles animal shelter launched a virtual play room allowing you to have an internet connection to go online to see the animals in action and virtually played with them by controlling the toys. and it will help boost adoptions. compact and that the balls around the goal the playroom is not only to increase adoptions but also gain web site traffic for the shelter. thank you for joining us also went to say collect today at the petaluma national.
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this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in your future, you have no limit in your future.


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