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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  September 7, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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back in monterey this is the ship used in the rescue of the two children reported missing along with the sailboat stolen from alameda. crews found the yacht several miles southwest of monterey elizabeth cook has the latest on the recovery and reaction of the children's grandmother. the call a family had been waiting for brooklyn and devon found safe after spending four nights on the stolen sailboat in the ocean with their father we spoke to the grandmother moments after she heard the news. i'm speechless and so happy that's what i've been dreaming of the whole wheat that i would see my grandchildren and their safe back in grandmas' arms.
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i will spoil the now. you can see still covered in bruises she tried to stop him from taking the children from her home tuesday, he came in through the back door and grabbed them when she was at the courthouse trying to get a restraining order. police say he stole a 40 ft. sailboat from alameda rina he was spotted by commercial fishermen this morning we have cbs 5 video of fbi agents boarding the boat tonight authorities for able to get on the stolen boat by coaxing him with fresh water and a radio there were able to bring the children to safety and apprehend the suspect. in front of the house an exciting evening for the south san francisco family, to children safe and the father christopher mistake in police custody.
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investigators working to identify a body found south of the bay area remains were found in wooded area near highway 1 01 near air mass in san benito county. santa clara shares was called down to the town to help the investigation len ramirez is there. were on cannon road near highway 1 01 at this eucalyptus grove near san juan bautista this morning at passer-by called 9 1 1 a body had been found on the hillside this is san benito county and santa clara county investigators were called to the scene. sources tell cbs 5 the body that of the female it appears the victim of homicide. investigators at downplay any connection to the sierra lamar
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case but they say further investigation is needed. len ramirez cbs 5 to san jose man missing four weeks have been found dead thousands of miles away one valencia and role of the lobos went missing a month apart there remains were discovered in shallow graves near indianapolis, indiana. and what else detectives found near the bodies the coroner used dental records to identify one valencia and one villalobos of san jose a man chasing his dog discovered the remains across the country buried in an area near indianapolis. he read out the door and chased our dog my cousin took one step and i looked down and
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there were pants half for out of a hole with bone sticking out we ran back to the house and called police justin blakely showed officers more there is money scattered around the whole they did say it was not a robbery there is about five and dollars in cash detectives say one of the murdered man had head injuries relatives reported phalange gm missing two weeks ago and the lobos missing two months ago i talked with a man who says he's one of the brothers did not know what job he had he was shocked to learn about the killing on the news. it started as a missing person case in san jose indiana police are leading the homicide investigation the buyer is located in their jurisdiction indianapolis will conduct the investigation police say they don't know
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how the son is in men knew each other or why in indiana or who killed them sharon chin cbs 5 president obama sees a surge in popularity after the democratic convention gallup poll says the approval rating now let 52% the highest since june 2011, right after the killing of osama bin laden's. mr. obama length in his lead over mitt romney by three points. a couple of days ago that lead was one point. bad news for president obama, in the form of the disappointing jobs report 96,000 jobs added last month dropping the unemployment rate to 8%, it showed 400,000 people have stopped looking for work. that report became the focal point of the presidential race, nancy cordes with the obama
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campaign in to iowa and jan crawford with romney campaign in new hampshire. today we learned after losing $800,000 and after losing 800,000 jobs a month we add to job security but that is not good enough speaking in new hampshire the president argued congress can great 1 million jobs right away if it would pass his jobs bill. jobs for teachers and construction workers jobs for folks looking for a long time we can do that. the white house says the jobs would prevent 200,000 teacher layoffs and give money to states to hire back police officers and firemen and provide a tax credit to employers who increase wages or hire new
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employees. the president introduced the plan a year ago tomorrow but it got little traction with republicans who are wary of more spending and did not like how it was paid for by limiting tax deductions. last night in his address president obama argued governor romney's plan as one single focus and he said not job creation. have a surplus to our at tax cut deficit too high, try another. fill a cold coming, take to tax cuts and policy in the morning one thing president obama did not explain is how he would work more effectively with republicans in congress in a second term the white house noted he was able to reach compromises on important job initiatives like extending unemployment insurance and
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cutting payroll taxes and tax credits to companies that hire veterans and. nancy cordes cbs news i expect them to talk about the families have been a hard time making ends meet it was a whole series of new promises which you won't be able to keep, the policies he believes and will not make america stronger romney says his plan will create 12 million new jobs over four years about 250,000 a month a healthy number but some economists say fall short. to create the new jobs romney focuses on five proposals including increasing oil and gas production, raising demand for american goods overseas and forcing trade agreements, and helping small businesses by cutting taxes and regulations. an appealing the health reform
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law. he would cut the deficit by cutting spending including an across-the-board 5 percent cut of non-defense spending. with an interview with scott pelley the name the programs he would cut. the subsidy for amtrak and the national endowment for the arts and for the humanities were talking hundreds of billions of dollars you need all keep going then, another hundred billion dollars comes from taking medicaid which is the health-care program as well as food stamps and housing vouchers and sending us back to the states and run them at the rate of inflation romney is asking a question your going to hear a lot more, you can see it right there on the sign " are you better off " he says the matter what the president says people know
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they're not better off. jan crawford cbs news new hampshire. paying the bills is so stressful the jobs report is more than numbers a closer look at 8% and what i can tell us about our economy the bay area boxer hours away from the biggest fight of his career what is on the menu tonight? the fuel for a champion. we often see a fight between the off shore flow and onshore flow find out who win okay, here's the plan.
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today's jobs report more than about politics a snapshot of our economy. anthony mason shows us there are lives behind the numbers. two years after he was laid off 30 year-old michael ball pelt got a job working as a security job at a florida racetrack. i cannot describe the feeling the weight of your shoulders he is one of the lucky ones the economy refuses to pick up speed the 96,000 jobs in august the average for the past six months and barely enough to accommodate new people entering the workforce this economist " businesses are reluctant to
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hire and consumers reluctant to spend you create an anemic cycle. unemployment rate to decline in august but only because more people leaving the work force among working age americans the participation rate has dropped to 63 percent the last time that low was 31 years ago this month. while he was unemployed he took odd jobs and work for as wife's cleaning service. but he was still forced to move in with his parents. not being able to pay the bills stressful on me and my wife the new job as a security guard get some health benefits and pay is just under $10 an hour. i hope to just get by the latest job numbers will not be good news for the federal reserve which meets next week
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ben bernanke calls the unemployment rate a grave concern this may force the fed to take more action. anthony mason cbs news in new york california judge says arnold schwarzenegger did not break laws when he issued a pardon hours before he left office he reduced to manslaughter sentence of the son of a political ally of the san diego da's suit, the judge said while with the governor did was distasteful it did not violate any laws. where's the justice for our son he was murdered. to conniving politicians got away with that the family says it will continue to fight the commutation. nasa's retired space shuttle endeavor flies over the san francisco's skyline on its way to its final resting place later this month it will catch a ride
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on the back of a boeing 747 from florida it will soar over san francisco on september 20th before touching down in los angeles. cbs 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno had visions about being a shuttle pilot. but the program is done that's a heck of the turn to go over san francisco on his way to los angeles. order and good weather for the 20th, for today picture- perfect, anything and outside excellent today if you cannot get an outside i have good news the weekend looks excellent. the bay bridge clear skies. 61 degrees in oakland 67 san francisco mid-50s santa rosa.
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the days are getting shorter 66 in concord. radar shows crystal clear the driest time of year it has never rained ever in six of the first 10 days of san francisco. the driest time of the year. we have and onshore flow kicking in overnight mid 50s for the coast some morning fog for the bay especially north bay. partly cloudy skies inland tonight. we have cloud cover off shore. we have a big counterclockwise world off shore upper level low pressure is over the eastern pacific, with the light onshore flow there will be some clouds and fog in the morning a lot of afternoon sunshine. we will stay below normal below
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normal temperatures. fog moves back in after midnight, sunshine both weekend afternoons temperatures cooler than normal. san francisco's 65 tomorrow. san jose 5 degrees cooler than average at 78. concord 86 degrees. fremont 77, beautiful weekend in napa 85 a hive. you're extended forecast of give you consistency sunshine inland all the way through next week's to the mid-70s. lord mid-seventies for the bag and the coast get sunshine. great weather not going anywhere. suppose you are about to
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the super middleweight champ gets ready for his next fight east bay native andrea warren made weight this afternoon he's fine-tuning his body before the bout juliette goodrich shows us what is on the menu. olympic gold medalist boxer on toward facing the fight of his career against champ jack dawson the crowd gathered at oakland city center for the way in. 28 year-old ward has not lost a fight since he started at age 12 tomorrows under sold lafayette at oracle arena will push into the next level when fans take notice worldwide.
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what does a world champion boxer eat the night before a fight welcome to his personal chef's kitchen his meal right here this is is meal tonight grass fed me broccoli and spinach salad and fruit particularity pineapple pineapple is a natural digestive enzyme this helps work through your body the chef is ward's next door neighbor and the match was made this is the posture he must have she has been cooking for him for years and will be ringside tomorrow night i'm very nervous for him a 5 likely to go the distance, 12 rounds when the gloves are off ward is a devoted family man and father of four children the nicest and most un mayor emmanuel fine just ask the chef such a gentle soul outside
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the ring and has a sweet tooth and plans to indulge after the fight my coconut cream cake is his favorite back with protein and vitamins a clean and mean died what happens if dawson's camp calls on the chef 14 dawson the kitchen is closed juliette goodrich cbs 5 the a's try to snap a three game losing streak, against the mariners, the giants' lead to expand their lead over
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basketball hall of and more on his induction at 11 on channel 5. giants and dodgers playoff atmosphere at at&t, tim lincecum and up and down night struck out seven walked seven and gave up this pig fly. the dodgers led 2-1, bases loaded in misplays in the ball gets by him pagan ties the game at 2, still loaded he drops one into right to run score, giants take the lead. it is 5-2 top of the night, oakland all over the mariners. a three run jack puts the a's at 4-1 they won it 6-1 to take over
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sole possession of first in the wild card. serena williams to gain the final in the u.s. open you can see the tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. on cbs 5. you've got to destroy the dodgers and that big payroll now. take them out now. what 25 games left get them now. the dodgers got them at the end of the year. let's get them now. you don't want that look that is it for eyewitness news at ten see you at 11 on cbs 5.
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