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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News on the CW 44  CW  September 27, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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gets her 10 year-old daughter to run out of the store with a carful of grocery as kiet do tells us leaves her holding the goods. the plan was simple the 10 year-old daughter whetted by the exit at safeway with a shopping cart full of groceries and year she pulled up in the getaway car and would take off to the girl know what she was doing was wrong? absolutely but she did not want to disappoint her mom a shopping cart locked up when the story triggered an alarm she knew what she was doing at left there on purpose she sacrificed her daughter for a gain she left her daughter i don't get it he saw please take the girl into custody and thought her reaction was unusual there was no demotion from the little girl she was
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stonefaced very strange she called her daughter cellphone a morgan hill police officer answered and he said come get your daughter and she said no and at we have no comment the girl lives with her grandmother and is not face charges the girl did not talk on grandmother but says her daughter is now depressive with kind of mother would do this? not a very good one and those kind of the individuals to not deserve to have children that little girl does not deserve that parent the getaway car my green ford explorer with wyoming tax tequila and his 38 years old and 5 ft. 11 and 200 lbs. police say she tried to do this two weeks ago and got away with that this time she faces charges of
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burglary and contributing to the legacy of a minor very sad news to report out of nevada all a 12 year-old girl hit by a car this afternoon has died she was riding her bike on no vital boulevard elizabeth cook explains this is a stretch of road that is terrified parents a long time it happened at 3:00 p.m. school had gotten out i thought it was my stepdaughter she goes to cheer practice at the high school his three kids go to the same school sinaloa a middle schooler the girl collided with an s u v while riding her bike on a bottle boulevard one of the busiest in town without a stop light i saw the bike and a blood it was sad she saw the wreckage her husband was also hit by a car in the exact same area 20 years
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ago may flood down here and down the road police said a head-on collision the bike was traveling west and the s u v east, all the children ride their bikes to school and are often times to not write on the correct side of the road i explained to them they cannot drive unpredictable folks have placed candles and flowers across the street from where the accident took place at the driver of the s u v is cooperating according to police they do not suspect drugs or alcohol played a part at. at that sinaloa a middle schooler issued a statement that will provide counseling services tomorrow parents demand answers tonight after the arrest of and how many middle school teacher, he was picked up wednesday on suspicion of lewd acts with a child under 14, police say the investigation focuses on an
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inappropriate relationship with a former student another example these people need to be thoroughly examined before there are around our children the district contacted police after receiving a complaint, he is free on $100,000 bail during a man suspected of raping a north by woman at gunpoint in delta now in jail tonight she was walking in vallejo when the suspect approached from behind they appointed a semiautomatic handgun at her and threatened to shoot her john e. bertin was arrested at his home he faces several charges including rape and kidnapping not uncommon for us to do stories on pot plants found in backyards but we have a pop art and that cover an entire neighborhood which talked-about south side of santa rosa,
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reporter christin ayers shows as police are measuring this bust by the ton. measures say this thing started yesterday with a bang a flash grenades i could not figure out what it was 15 people arrested and swat trucks were piled high with 1,000 lbs. of pot plants and $2 million worth. it seems to me it's been now and not dangerous and then this happens 4 blocks in this south- central rosa neighborhood have become a pot growing paradise every house a haven for marijuana one of the holmes officers targeted they tore down a fence and entered on the side of the house, if they found a trove of marijuana plants 24 in his backyard some of them rolling higher than the fence you can really similar
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she has lived here 15 years and says the signs were there along with the smells high fences wrapped in plastic so no one could see in it was clear that what was growing not the average garden and marijuana was the tip of the iceberg. there's met here, a lot of gang fighting it is sad authorities found evidence of meth half a pound of cocaine guns and $25,000 cash that authorities believe you would gang activity and i'd like to move you never know what will happen next christin ayers cbs 5 and another pot operation in the south bay disguised as an online furniture store san jose police raided the online furniture dot com this week after the building landlord made a discovery investigators say the business was the front for a
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grow operation on charter park drive they seized more than 200 plants, no arrests made police are searching for suspects another occupy confrontation in san francisco, the protesters the veted from the sidewalk in front of the federal reserve building are back, police respond again to move them out occupiers have been warned to leave and that can't there since last fall. a suspect wanted by oakland police for outstanding warrants try to speed away after being spotted but crashed into a tree, he then he in the neighborhood at 14th and avalon causing low a middle schooler on lockdown at. he was found and taken into custody. surviving a tough economy santana role in san jose celebrates a decade in business
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in august 2002 a fire in a shopping district destroy 30 apartments and town homes the worst fire in san jose history causing $100 million in damage, the urban village has become a successful project that developers say exactly what silicon valley is about. for 65 years putting goodness and they can't but campbell soup says is all this plant in sacramento will shut down next summer if declining profits will mean the loss of nearly 700 jobs. it always is a difficult decision when the impact the lives of employees there's always speculation but today it put a dagger and a lot of people's hearts campbell soup plans in stockton and bakersfield will
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stay open a northern california supermarket chain may face several charges for overcharging customers, of your alerted us to say voice pricing errors and we confirmed her findings with our investigations julie watts with a woman who check to recede and blew the whistle. after the first four times i thought it was a mistake julie miller wanted to give this berlin gained safeway the benefit of the doubt she was returning the overcharge but then she learned she was not alone my sister has the same problem she shops here we join julie on a recent trip to safeway we were overcharged for this and items that she complained to management about three times fred crowder of the department of whites and management says the safeway is not the only one charging more than the advertised price they
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found three and half% resulted in overcharges and not just talking about retail grocery stores most retailers it go unnoticed because people don't check receipts that perpetuates the problem she says people should always check the receipt and contact weights and measures if there is a discrepancy and said julie contacted us we found three different price errors said voice as those for human hairs the other priced incorrectly the employee who made the errors has been retrained. several calls it an isolated incident julie says she was given a full refund the thinks a voice should do more to prevent the overage is i don't think it is fair
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weights and measures has issued a notice of violation and safeway may face further civil penalties. as a result at your overcharged and safelight you're supposed to get the item for free, unless it is alcohol or tobacco and then you get the lowest advertised price plus a $5 gift card julie watts cbs 5 the election 40 days a when the votes are cast where they get an early start and were candidates concentrate efforts. her campaign no laughing matter roseanne barr in the bay area tonight promoting her run for president. these are desperate criminals they will shoot you and rob you the terrace of their time, attracting big money on the auction
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in campaign 2012 votes are in in the presidential race in early voting began in iowa, for the next 40 days people can cast ballots at local county offices iowa is one of 30 states that allow early voting early voting in california begins october 9th. mitt romney campaign in the st. state, today was virginia he promoted a new plan for jobs creation in virginia beach romney focused on the debt
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crisis. virginia and a key battleground state. roseanne barr is running for president tonight she appears in oakland juliette goodrich says she picked a platform some feel is a winner. comedian and former tv star roseanne barr running for president as the peace and freedom party candidate. bart telling voters she wants to legalize marijuana. than all get twice as many brownies she spoke at a panel at oak stirred and the marijuana industry trade school my message is democracy freedom and peace. roseanne barr is the peace and freedom party candidate in california her name will be on the ballot in this state and other states.
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she is not on enough ballots to win better supporters think otherwise when person that says were here to legalize cannabis that will decide the election her supporters hope their ticket will boost the peace and freedom party voter registration juliette goodrich cbs 5 california to make sure college athletes who suffer career ending injuries are protected financially ucla, usc cal and stanford will grant academic scholarships to those who lose their scholarships from being hurt, from the new law signed by gov. brown at the universities have to cover insurance deductibles health- care premiums and future medical costs. memories from the mob, they're worth a fortune jim axelrod shows as they can be
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yours if you spot a deal. bobby livingston's family auctioning rare artifacts for 30 years a letter from washington, a picture of einstein, there about all their biggest a van ever at this new hampshire auction house and not the heroes who are the headliners washington and lincoln and churchill, al capone? al capone one of those myths and iconic figures that represent american history. items collected from collectors the last eight years i would not be surprised if this is a seven figure auction including a musical love letter al capone wrote his wife in alcatraz
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you are the blume of the roses, the charm that proposes what a sweetheart. he loved his wife also featured items found on bonnie and clyde after the shoot out that ended their bank robin careers and lives in 1934. this was in collides waistband? in his waistband when he was killed. a couple capture the nation's imagination during the depression targeting banks that were foreclosing on homes and farms this is worth more than one hundred thousand dollars, we estimate twice that much in livingston says the real value is the gap exposes between fantasy and reality these are desperate criminals these are people who will shoot you and rob dew these were not glamorous allies living high on of hog we learned they
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lived a desperate life when history becomes commodity sometimes the bad guys worth more than the good and jim axelrod cbs news on that subject of infamous a new tip on the final resting taped resting place of jimmy hoffa investigators will dig in the detroit area home a man has come for and he thinks he saw off of buried there 35 years ago if there have been countless theories about what happened to the teamsters boss, his body has never been found. researchers in switzerland clamed they found a second inning for the mona lisa it reveals what they say an earlier painting of the younger mona lisa. they spanned three decades doing x-rays and examinations to back up the klanclaim they say that
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painting hung i noticed for a century but not everybody is convinced. some experts say it was probably an unknown pay painter who tried to copy density here's a peek out side, we have low clouds and fog not much changing weather wise where is dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
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erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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friday eve romney eve of a big warm up the lights will not seen this calendar year san francisco a 20-25 degrees warmer, which cannot see the top of the pair met low clouds and fog out there again. redwood city 54, san jose 57, as warm as we have been the entire year san francisco 87, this week
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and well into the '80s. marine layer hanging tough. once again tomorrow morning burning off quickly inland areas heat up today you will stay hot. high pressure will team up with low pressure will get stronger sunday, enhancing the off shore when everybody gets toasty could see temperatures in the '90s in the south bay. that is you san jose on sunday. inland areas will approach 100 degrees warmest weather we have seen so far this year coming up this weekend and monday. sunnyvale high 78, cupertino 78, walnut creek upper 80's, pittsburgh 86, we wrap up the work week high of alan neda 65.
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saturday 96, inland pushing 100 degrees. highs in the '70s that the coast. time for sports the a's try to make it interesting in the west. washington scored
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stanford and not lost a game all year, the winds came from its own stadium that changed in seattle.
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the cardinal rent 8 after the win over usc, the defense of and steps in front of a pass goes the distance for a touchdown 13-3 stanford cruising. washington answers to make it 13-10. jayson williams briggs said tackle into the touchdown washington shot stanford 17-13. not a good day for the a's, against the rangers gave up five runs and two home runs a's lose 9-7 a 2 game lead in the wild card. barry zito goes for his 14th win against arizona, the offense helped amount the new guys hunter pence is 22nd of the season. the giants win 7-4. regular officials back and a crowd in baltimore acted like
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