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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 3, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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does the public think offics go four people dead in four separate police shootings all in just over 24 hours in the bay area. does the public think officers are going too far? a bizarre home break-in during the day by a woman armed with a hatchet. anticipation is growing for this week's unveiling of the bay bridge lights project. how getting a good look at it is going to be difficult. it has been a dangerous weekend for police across the bay area. four shootings by officers have left four people dead. the first three shootings happened within hours of each other saturday. then early this morning, another in hayward. >> reporter: a 3:30 a.m., a police officer with a civilian ride along stopped to check out
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a car parked. >> the officer fired in defense of the civilian's life, and his own. >> reporter: the car came to a crashing halt half a mile away. the driver was companytured, but his passenger was already dead. >> it's unfortunate. if people would comply, it's been my experience that when they comply, you don't end up in this situation. >> so he's dead now. so a man is dead because of that. doesn't make any sense. >> you don't think it was justified. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: within a 24 hour span, bay area police have shot and killed four suspects. early saturday morning, officers in san francisco shot a man who raised a gun at them. later that day, officers chased a man in the streets of san jose before shooting and killing him. several hours later, officers in union city killed a gunman. in each case, police say they felt that they were under
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attack. >> several officers killed this year. at the end of last year. it's disturbing. >> reporter: some in the community think officers fear of the public is leading them to shoot too quickly. >> the police are supposed to protect and serve, and watch over us. now it seems like they're watching us, rather than watching over us. >> they're all justifying it. it's okay, they can do it then we can do it. my own daughter is afraid of the police officers. >> i don't want them killing people. >> is that what you think they do? >> yes. >> why do you think they do that? >> because they're bad people. >> late this afternoon, police identified the suspect driver in the hayward case as 23-year- old arthur packman of oakley. hayward authorities also confirm his passenger was killed by police gunfire. not the crash. the accused gunman in a
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violent las vegas strip shooting and crash is expected in a courtroom tomorrow. it's an extradition hearing for ammar harris. he's accused of shooting and killing kenny cherry. the shooting ended in a chain reaction car crash that claimed two more lives. the mystery surrounding a teddy bear with a purple heart medal left at a memorial for a santa cruz police officer killed last week has been solved our sister station from salinas captured the image. the purple heart was the sacrifice above and beyond all duty. the police department says it was deeply moved. a man has been arrested for stealing flowers from that memorial at the santa cruz police station.
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police say ken swiped a large floral display on friday, and took off in a cab, after officers caught up with the cab. they claim he purchased the flowers, but he couldn't produce a receipt. he was booked for vandalism, and public intoxication. the memorial service will be held in san jose. kpix five will carry the service live. police say it started around 3:00 this afternoon, when residents came back to find their home being burglarized. they took off and called 911. that's when the standoff began. >> police responded after they saw a woman in the window with a shotgun. at which time, they called in additional units. >> reporter: when the woman came outside, she was holding the shotgun in one hand, and the hatchet in the other.
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s.w.a.t. officers talked to the unidentified 22-year-old suspect into dropping the weapons and surrendering. she's now facing burglary charges. tonight, all that remains of the florida home swallowed by the sinkhole are a few walls. crews spend the day demolishing the house. cbs reporter, ashley porter was there as family members watched the home come tumbling down. a large excavator bucket began digging into the home that belonged to one family since 1974. for some, the demolition was too painful to watch. jordan wheeler had tried to save his cousin. >> i get a phone call. my mom sounded so terrified. i didn't know what was going on. all i heard was something about a hole. i got there in five minutes. >> in just a few minutes, jeff bush was swallowed into a giant sinkhole. a camera lowered into the hole has shown no signs of life. >> the objective is to try to
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clear as much of the house as possible to get a better view of what we have not been able to see, which is the actual opening itself. >> reporter: sinkholes often form without warning when water dissolves underground limestone. engineers say this is 60 feet deep, filled with clay and debris, and likely to expand. >> the geotechnical engineers will be able to look at it and how to back fill the depression. >> reporter: right now, the family is focusing on items pulled from their home. a treasured flag, and a bible. >> it's just four walls. we have a lot of the stuff that we cherished in this house almost 39 years, close to 40 years. >> reporter: tomorrow, crews will focus demolition on the bedroom right over the sinkhole. they're hoping for a better commence of whether it
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threatens the stability of other homes. >> after knocking down the rest of the house, crews will clear as much debris as possible, so engineers can see inside the sinkhole. they also need to determine whether they need to tear down the two houses on either side of the demolished house. the stage is set for a spectacular light show opening up in the bay area this week. it's the unveiling of bay lights on the suspension side of the bay area bridge. how businesses are expecting big crowds overnight. >> reporter: what you're looking at is a dress rehearsal this evening of a software choreography of 25,000 l.e.d. lights on the bay bridge. an $8 million project privately funded, of course. they're calling it the world's largest light sculpture. on tuesday night at 9:00, the curtain lifts on the featured attraction. between san francisco and yorba
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bana island. >> it's bodacious. >> 6:30 is good. we're grateful you called. >> reporter: folks are coming into tom's sinbad bar. the big night is the first night, of course, tuesday night when the lights go on officially. will they outdraw the fireworks crowds? maybe. >> we're in a difficult situation to our surprise, we're overbooked. >> reporter: he says the lights have done the marketing for san francisco bars and restaurants. >> used to be on the boring side. the lights were nice, but deaf netly makes it more exciting to sit here and have a cocktail. >> reporter: the project raised $6 million in private money to make a go of it. now we can expect to see the lights nightly for two years.
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>> the lights are just so pretty. they were absolutely excellent. i can imagine the people that will enjoy this over the years. >> reporter: sinbad's regular cathy sousa has seen enough to make a prediction. >> there's going to be so many people coming out here. once they see it once, they'll come back again. >> let check in for a look ahead on what the weather is going to be like. it's going to be raining. what i've had to do is get the next 72 hour computer models. we walk you through your monday which is dry. here comes tuesday, 11:00 a.m., we see the leading edge of low pressure. this is a forecast. it it could speed up, or slow down. but at this particular time, the rain begins to spread over the central bay, and gradually slides to the south by 9:00 and 10:00 when we will see the bay bridge lights unveil. so that's what we have in the forecast at this particular
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time for your tuesday for that particular unveiling. then the rain becomes scattered on again, off begun throughout tuesday night into our wednesday. nevertheless, we will be able to see the lights lit up for the next two years here in the bay area. albeit, a very rainy start. california republicans have chosen a new leader. former state senator jim brulety was elected today. delegates chose brulte after sweeping losses in the november election. republican registrations fell below 30% last year. former republican presidential candidate mitt romney admits that it kills him that he's not in the white house. in an interview with fox news reporter chris wallace romney and his wife ann said they were confident of a victory going into election light. romney said he was sure he was
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going to win both florida and ohio. >> i think we were convinced we would win. we saw the polls were close. we knew the energy and passion was with our voters. my heart said we were going to win. >> romney avoided questions about what went wrong with his campaign, but did admit he failed to connect with minority voters. he also expressed regrets about his 47% remarks captured on hidden camera. cardinals are arriving to pick the next pope. betting on the successor has become the largest nonsporting waiver in history. >> reporter: vatican city was unusualliy quiet for a sunday. there was no angeles, or pope's prayer after benedict's resignation on thursday. at a church a few miles away from vatican city, mass went on
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as usual. the archbishop of scottland admitted wrongdoing 30 years ago. keith o'brien said my sexual conduct has fallen below standards set by me as a priest. once they have all arrived, they can set a start date for the seet election process known as the concave. the cardinal from ghana, peter turkson has been the strong favorite for the past two weeks. he's a conservative who speaks seven languages. the father says his election would be unprecedented. >> an african pope. >> reporter: international book makers are also giving their odds. so far the pot is worth more than a half million dollars, with predictions it will top $1
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million. >> if you look down the list, i would think the top six or the seven are the only people in contention. >> it's a good gamble. something to bet on. >> reporter: the man who is elected must get 77 of the 115 votes from cardinals. that says the odds are in no one's favor. >> after the cardinal from ghana, the international book makers say the top spots belong to italy, canada, and argentina. it could be another case of someone being cured of hiv. what doctors have discovered after giving a baby a stronger treatment. community leaders in san jose celebrate the recognition of little saigon. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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major development in the ef to eliminate h-i-v: a baby with the aids virus appearso be cured. it could be a major development in the effort to eliminate hiv. a baby born with the a.i.d.s. virus appears to be cured. scientists announce the development at a major a.i.d.s. conference in atlanta. the child now 2 and a half years old has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection
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that's thanks to faster and stronger treatment than usualliy available for newborns. protests, a hunger strike, and a near recall of a vietnamese member. 2,000 people came together to celebrate little saigon. >> a party celebrating vietnamese culture ended a five year debate. a struggle over what to name their growing business district. and with new signs luring visitors to little saigon. >> all represented after the war, during 1975. when we come here, we always
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remember saigon. >> the name reminds many of what they had to flee. it is a way to honor the city they once called home. >> very good, and very beautiful. >> reporter: now a business manager wants the community to come together. set aside past differences, and give little saigon a much needed boost. >> there are an estimated 1,000 small businesses. owners can only hope these new signs will lure in customers. having a business district named little saigon puts san jose in the company of houston, texas, southern california's orange county and sydney, australia. a space x capsule has
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finally arrived at the international spacious station. it blasted off friday. the space station's crew will send it back. it's going to rain on tuesday, parts of wednesday. >> was i just your kill joy there? unveiling a beautiful light show and it's going to rain. first up, let's get a view of just exactly what we're talking about with the bay bridge. look at that. what is so unique about this, it changes from locations. someone was asking, what about if you're driving on the bay bridge, can't see it right? there you go, bay bridge under mostly cloudy skies right now. in oakland, 52. to the west, san francisco 48. substantially cooler than it
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was 24 hours ago. meanwhile, today was cooler than it was yesterday. a pair of 5s in pacifica. 67degrees in san rafael. a few raindrops in santa rosa. did you see that very quickly. your overnight lows, 30s and 40s. areas of patchy fog. tomorrow will kick start with some clouds, end up with some sunshine and the rain begins by tuesday evening. commute this week, trough is out of here. moving to the east after a few raindrops. more importantly, it opened the door for this. a more potent, stronger, rainy system. associated with it. tation but we do have some cooler air mass, and it will begin to invade the bay area as early as this. watch your future cast. here's tonight with the cloud cover, and areas of patchy fog. here is your monday. we went through it dry. tuesday, 11:00 a.m., to the north, you see that frontal
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boundary as it begins to slide through the central bay. there you have the unveiling of the light show at the bay bridge. then we have a cluster of scattered showers throughout our wednesday. a snow level that drops down to 3500 feet by wednesday night. we'll tally it up like this. by the light show, we should see easily up to 1,500th of an inch of rain. over half an inch in ukiah to the north. meanwhile, to kick start a brand new workweek, a chance of a lingering rain shower around yosemite. your numbers unseasonably cool tomorrow. 59 in san jose. we should be about 66 degrees. here is your extended forecast. rain begins tuesday evening commute. if our timing serves us correctly. scattered showers wednesday, up to a full inch by the time it's
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all over with. thursday, a chance of a lingering shower. more notably, the cool conditions. then dry skies for this time next week. >> all right. thank you very much. we'll be right back. ,, ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card.
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than that to make back its $200 million production cost. nascar says it will look at the placements of its gates following the crash last weekend. nascar's senior vice president of racing operations says most of the safety measurements in the car kept things from being worse. she got a top ten finish at daytona. how did danica do to do? and soccer season kicks off. ,,,, well, well, well.
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that i you've waited long enough. the mls season is open. real salt lake ruined the party. earthquakes lose the opener 2- 0. barry zito, against former giant cody ross. caught him looking. 3 innings, 2 innings of shutout ball. bring it down. they win in a laughter over utah 84-66. what's it like riding in a car with a danica patrick. she didn't finish the nascar raise today. first win in 70 races for carl edwards. the chicago blackhawks,


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