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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  March 6, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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fatally mauled at a "big ca refuge female volunteer intern entered the lion's enclosure where she was attacked and fatally injured. >> a young volunteer fatally malled at a big cat refuge. >> a burial and facing unbearable grief. how the santa cruz community is planning to say farewell to a pair of officers. >> we're learning more about a fatal mauling at a fresno area
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animal sanctuary. it happened when a female volunteer got into a cage with an adult lion. >> reporter: the attack came after noon today in the cat haven in the foothills east of fresno. the volunteer had gone into the compound where a 4-year-old african lion was housed. deputies entered the call that there had been an attack. when they arrived, they found the woman near death then shot and killed the fully grown lion. it was up to the founder to deliver the terrible news. >> a female volunteer intern entered the lion's enclosure where she was attacked and fatally injured. the lion was shot and killed per our safety protocols. our thoughts and prayers go out to our friends and -- friends and female in this trying time. [ crying ] >> reporter: she was from the seattle area, and her parents said the big african cats had been her life's interest and life's work. >> that place said you could go
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into the cage. she was disappointed they wouldn't let her go in the cages with the lions and tigers. and i just saw on the news where she had gotten into the cage during the feeding. so i don't know what she was doing. but she looked like she decided to go into the cage. >> reporter: this lion spent its entire life at the park and was even sent to hollywood some years ago on shows. handlers warn even if a big cat has been raised from birth, they remain dangerous and unpredictable. >> these are very, very powerful creature, and an animal like this could have a really good disposition, a great animal as an advocate for its species, but the truth is it is powerful and wild, and they warrant a tremendous amount of respect. >> reporter: cat haven is one of few facilities to house many different species of big cats. there are about 25 each in the
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holding compounds where they existed in natural habitats. it is open to the public and used as a research facility. it is not known why the woman was inside the closed space with the cat. handlers say that should never happen. >> the creature although may be raised in a human care environment will always be wild. it is the core of what they are. >> cat haven is operated by project survival and has an excellent safety record over its 20 year exists. but statistics on big cat attacks are not very pretty. since 1990, worldwide 21 people have been killed and 246 mauled by exotic cats. 254 cats have escaped enclosures, and 143 big cats shot and killed. now it's 144. >> jer bring s an excel -- jeff brings an excellent point of the these are wild animals. do we know anything about her experience? >> nothing other than it's been
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her life's interest. but s's 24 years old, a volunteer, not paid. we don't know how extensive her experience was. >> you only get one mistake. a break from the wet weather right now. the skies are mostly clear but it's a very cold night. paul says keep that umbrella handy. >> the rain is going to be coming back but it's going to hold off longer than we first thought. every six hour, we get computer model information. the rain will likely hold off unt tomorrow afternoon or evening. it's holding off tonight under partly cloudy skies. mainly clear conditions. it was windy, wet, and we got some breaks today. now i'm watching an area of low pressure move slowly off our area. it will likely stay a little bit further offshore than we first thought. rain is still
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on the way, but the timing and the amounts have changed. completely dry through midmorning tomorrow. the heaviest rainfall will fall in the north bay. so the rain holding off a little bit longer than first thought. details coming up. san jose police are investigating their seventh homicide of the year after a fatal stabbing near a park. the victim was a young man in his teens or early 20s. police found his body just before 4:00 this afternoon. so far no arrests and no word on a motive. an emotional day in an oakland courtroom for a woman whose husband came to the bay area for a job area and was murdered. she was returning to his rental car in july of 2010 when two people approached and demanded money. he told them he
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had only $17 and he was shot to death. video caught the suspects leaving the scene. today his widow came face-to-face with the accused. >> even though i have to face all this againisti wanted to do this last thing for my husband. so i'm trying my best to do this. >> his widow is headed home to virginia tonight. doesn't know if she will return. the defendant, george huggins, is facing the death penalty. his girlfriend and alleged accomplice is expected to testify against him. a san francisco man will be facing felony dui and manslaughter charges in the death of a teenager on her 17th birthday. chang was a junior at lowel high school and a member of the track team.
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just yesterday, supervisors approved improvements look the boulevard. the santa cruz police officers killed in the line of duty will be laid to rest tomorrow. thousands are expected to pay their respects. the solemn goodbyes have already begun. >> reporter: at the santa cruz memorial funeral home, one last chance for a quiet goodbye. >> they're given so much to the community and to be taken like that just -- it's a real tragedy. >> reporter: at a public viewing today through hugs and handshakes, recovers held back tears while watching over the caskets. >> i just respect them, care for them. and i know this is a loss of a brother and a sister. >> reporter: the two officers were gunned down last week while questioning jeremy golet in a
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sexual assault. they killed him in a gun battle a short time later. there was no venue large enough in santa cruz. >> everybody will celebrate together and grieve together their lives. it's tough to do this on your own. >> reporter: and the funeral procession leaves the santa cruz boardwalk tomorrow at 8:45 in the morning. they'll take highway 17, 85, 87, and exit julian. showed up at his door. investigators tell the santa cruz sentinel: he had a plane ticket for new mexico, where he had famil >> goulet was selling off his possessions and moving out when investigators showed up. he had a plane ticket for new mexico where he had family. >> the officers will be laid to rest after a memorial service
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tomorrow at noon at hp pavilion in san jose. you can watch live coverage here. an explosion and a fire that damaged a condo may have been sparked by a prius that was charging in the garage. that's where the fire appears to have started. then and it spread to the upper area of the home. the owners were not home. one cat died, a second is missing. a robbery at a medical marijuana facility turned into a hostage standoff in san francisco's bayview district this morning. three suspects in ski masks were caught a few blocks from the facility at jennings and wallace. a fourth held workers hostage for four hours. it finally ended with a police dog got involved. he went in. the suspect came out. what could be severity than super bowl 50 in our own
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backyard? that's the dream of bay area leaders who huddled today to review their game plan. what we've got the other big cities don't. >> reporter: during this flurry of new construction at the santa clara stadium comes a new sense of urgency. >> we want the super bowl 50 very badly. we can smell it. >> reporter: the mayors of san francisco, san jose, santa clara and others came together on the plaza to symbolize a unified bay area bid to bring the super bowl here in 2016. >> there is no greater place to have a super bowl than here in silicon valley. it's an incredible opportunity. >> reporter: the heart of the bid is the stadium itself, the newest in the nfl, and most high-tech. and after the new orleans super bowl blackout this year, officials will highlight the stadium's energy efficiency. >> we have enough solar panels
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for our ten home games to be powered by the sun. we'll be completely neutral on the grid for our home game. that's somebody nobody else can say. >> reporter: despite the stadium being in santa clara and closer to san jose -- >> we're only a long punt from the border of san jose. >> reporter: they know san francisco will be the marquee name. >> san francisco is an iconic, world-class city. >> reporter: but the city of santa clara would make a little less than it was planning. the nfl wants to exempt its employees from paying the city's hotel tax, and they would not be allowed to collect a seams tax on the tickets -- sales tax on the tickets. >> we don't usually have a lot of tourism here in santa clara. so it's all net for us. >> reporter: the bay area is facing tough on competition, miami. the nfl owners will get-together in may and decide which city gets the game.
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a brazen burglary aimed at a police officer and his dogs. what they did to make sure the animals couldn't stop them. >> they said the main street waterpipe burst. and she should have been able to know that it was not a toilet. >> and too little too late. why a homeowner in a bay area neighborhood says utility workers could have prevented all the damage. ,, [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. gruesome attack against onef their officers was a calcula . and now k-p-i-x 5 a burglar went into a home and poisoned two dogs. a gruesome attack against one of the own officers was a calculated move. police are taking it personally. >> reporter: ricond police think it was a setup. >> this was a very intentional, very calculated attack on this officer's home. >> reporter: one of these officers, a member of the closely knit canine unit. >> we're used to responding to burglary, but never one where the dogs were poisoned to carry out the burglary. >> reporter: it happened
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friday. burglars laced a morsel of food with a deadly dose of poison that killed the officer's family dog. when the officer took the dog to the vet, the burglars broke in, and they targeted the canine unit that has worked on the police force for more than a decade. >> as he returned home, he found that the canine had been poisoned and his house had been burglarized. >> reporter: the thieves snapped up five of the officer's firearms, but his thoughts were with his partner. he rushed the dog to richmond veterinary hospital. the treatment the dog was given worked. this is him chasing a toy not long after he was poisoned. >> we consider them part of our richmond pd family. >> reporter: that means had this happened on the job, the suspect would have been trying to kill not just a dog but an
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officer. >> reporter: richmond police say they're still looking for the suspects. if caught, they are looking at charges for felony animal cruelty and burglary. there is a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest and conviction. it's a disaster that could have been avoided, at least some evacuated homeowners think so. they live in san francisco's west portal district where 23 homes were damaged when a 60-year-old water pipe started gushing. mike suring sugarman -- sugarman with the calls for help. >> reporter: the talk these days is of a sink hole. three houses here in west portal are completely off limits. three others have limited use. and 20 others are still cleaning up
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after a water main break turned this neighborhood back into the lake it once was. >> i think they could have -- you think they could have helped save things? >> definitely. with the volume of water that was coming out, they could have made a -- a life-changing difference. >> reporter: she says she made a 911 call after the family dog woke her to the sound of water gushing down the street. but no one came. so she made another one. >> i know i was frantic trying to evacuate my kids, but i definitely said the main street water pipe burst. and she should have been able to know from the sound of my voice that it was not a toilet. >> i've got to review that. >> reporter: the mayor met with homeowners after he took a tour of the now dry neighborhood and said he took the complaint seriously. >> i'm going to get everybody to document for me what occurred and who said what to whom, and how long did it take for emergency crews to respond. >> reporter: as we reported yesterday, we're hearing a different story from most insurance companies who say
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water from the outside of the house is not their concern. >> yeah, in good hands. we got the finger , basically. >> reporter: the city will pay, but insurance takes away a lot of the red tape. it could be 3-6 months before some of these people are back in their homes. this time last night, we were hearing the pitter-patter of raindrops. now not so much, bub it's coming. >> we've got a break. other rainfall moving in . some of the rainfall not out of here until friday morning. the next round is not here yet. looking back toward the city and the bay bridge. and a closer inspection of that bay bridge, bay lights are on! day no. 2! beautiful outside. chilly outside with clear skies in santa rose, 40 degrees. livermore, concord, 45, and san francisco 49. we
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will check the radar a lot over the next 24 hours. san jose, morgan hill, gill roadway, you're going to -- gilroy, you're going to get the heaviest of this. i've circled it for you. the front moved through. but it's the upper low that i'll be watching for the rain chance tomorrow. it's slower than the first indications, looks like it's going to stay farther offshore. dry for many of you until the lunch hour tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon, evening, tomorrow night, we will have rain around with the slight chance of a thunderstorm close to the coastline especially. once this is gone, back to regular programming for this year, mainly sunny skies back by friday. and the 70s for some of you back as soon as sunday. showers back late tomorrow morning in the north bay, working its way south. a slight chance for a thunderstorm. if you get caught in one, lightning
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and thunder, and the chance for some small hail. sunny weather, milder weather on friday but really takes shape for the weekend. it'll be a chilly day tomorrow, much like today. 54 for san francisco, livermore 55. san jose 57. you average 67 this time of year! los altos 54. after tomorrow, the sunshine returns. by friday afternoon, low 60s. saturday and sunday, mid to upper 60s. and there we go. the low 70s monday through wednesday of next week. that is your kpix forecast. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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directing 'star wars is a g of his past, george lucas is trying to make his art collection as accessible as movies. george lucas is trying to make his art collection as accessible as his movies of the he wants to build an art museum in san francisco to display his extensive collection. don't expect to see any star wars pieces at this museum. >> a lot of people have been coming to me saying this is so exciting, this is about star wars. no, this is about design. this is about the work that goes into telling stories. britain's abuzz over the slip of a tongue.
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with your lowe's consumer credit card. [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. straight in the on paper the kings looked like an easy win for the warriors. but sacramento was looking to win their third
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straight. warriors up 2, under 2 to go. patrick patterson hits a well-defended 3. time running out. same score, 11 sundays left. david lee whips it to clay thompson. this is a 3-ball, and the warriors take the lead. they shot just 36%. tyreke evans, overtime, no . warriors escape despite a lousy night. it looked like stanford was the champ tonight. wins by 13. sharks in calgary. early in the 3rd, they scored three unanswered, and win 4-1. >> two years ago, david aikers made the pro bowl. today he was


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