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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 5, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on the cw. >> a president issue pardon me. how a compliment turns into a condition controversy. >> a popular bay area event. how the culture and crime made it for a documentary. >> i'm getting kicked off for posting pictures of the most beautiful act a mother can do for their kid. >> another battle over breast- feeding and facebook. how the social media site is defending its decision to pull graphic pictures. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. he called harris the best looking attorney in the country. joe vazquez on the remark that prompted a presidential pardon me. >> the president did speak
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with attorney general harris last night after he came back from his trip and he called her to apologize for the distraction created by his comment. maybe he was just planning to pay a compliment, but now the white house spokesman is having to answer for it and the president didn't mean to insult anyone. >> he recognizes the challenge women continue to face in the workplace and should not be judged based on appearance. >> the fact the president talked about women's looks created backlash. >> her capabilities and i would note that he called her in those same comments, brilliant, dedicated, and tough. >> every word you utter is potentially atactable. that's just the way life is in the world of politics. >> former san francisco mayor knows both people well. his take? >> it wasn't anything about that, that was a lie.
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she clearly is the most attractive attorney general in the country. physically, brain wise, principle, and all the other things that go with that comment. >> what does harris think? she's not taking this all too seriously, according to her office. the attorney general and the president have been friends for many years. they had a great conversation yesterday and she strongly supports him. joe vazquez, kpix5. >> the president made plenty of comments like this. they include shawn donnelly, interior secretary, ken salazar, and secretary of the navy. now speeches over the past year or so, the president gave all of them shoutouts as good looking guys. a memorial to murdered vallejo police officer, jim capu has been vandalized for the second time. someone scrawled graffiti all over his picture on this billboard, which stands near the east vallejo little league
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field. a mural was defaced. now police don't know who is behind the vandalism or why. he was shot and killed in 2011 while chasing a suspected bank robber. a murdered santa clara county paramedic will go on saving lives even in death. his organs will be donated to patients in need. boyar was shot while driving on tuesday. he died yesterday afternoon. so far, police had no suspects and no motive. well, oakland police say the suspected burglar, they shot and wounded today was armed with a fake gun. it looked as real as any of theirs. show you a picture of it here. the suspect was carrying the replica glock when they caught him coming out of a house on chestnut street. it is still unclear what prompted the officer to shoot. the men was hit in the shoulder. he's expected to be okay. police also arrested a second man who they say was holding a knife. >> the teenager shot by
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oakland police wednesday night is doing okay, but his family plans to sue the department. 16-year-old was wounded in the face after a witness to a nearby armed robbery mistakenly identified him and his friends as the suspects. a short time after officers approached the group, a single shot was fired. >> he shot me, i thought i was going todie. >> i'm grateful my son is alive, but he's not doing well. i'm really, really upset. >> police later admitted that they had the wrong guy. the police chief says the officer who fired the shot perceived a threat. so far, he hasn't said what that threat was. art, music, food, all attractions for oakland's first friday. there's been a darker side and kpix5's kristen ayers say some film makers want to explore one of the city's greatest treasures and challenges.
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>> the music, the mayhem. >> it is organized chaos. >> for film maker, this monthly art celebration known as earth friday, or art murmur makes oakland, oakland. >> first friday is an event that is symbolic of oakland. it is a way to look at all the issues that oakland has. >> it is diversity, it's thriving art scene. >> oakland has more artists than any other city in the u.s. >> it islong standing struggle with gun violence. in february, a man was shot to death in a street after the first friday celebration ended. there are still signs everywhere that the shooting had an impact. the crowds have shrunken. producer, eaton, are creating a documentary called first friday. following ten people during last month's festival, hoping to present a portrait of the
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city that was named one of the top five destinations in the world. and one of the most dangerous. all in the same year. >> we want viewers to have a multidimensional view of the city that is not just about violence, but not just about art. it is about everything. it is about all of these things that make oakland. >> the trailer for the film went live just a few hours ago, eaten have a kick starter campaign to help fund the film. they believe these are growing pains that first friday is still evolving and so is oakland. >> people in oakland are not going to give up on trying to make the better place. >> in oakland, krten ayers, kpix5. >> the film makers hope to raise $15,000 in post production costs to make the movie, which they hope will come out in about a year. the morning after pill could soon be available over the counter to underage girls. a federal judge ruled today the list to list the current age restriction on the emergency
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contraceptive calling it arbitrary and unreasonable. right now, women need a prescription for plan b if they are under 17. conservative groups think it should stay that way. >> a teacher can't give a student an aspirin if they have a headache or a fever, because that would be illegal, but a 13- year-old can go out and get an abortion pill over the counter and i think that's ridiculous. >> people live in situations where they can't talk to their parents. >> a judge ordered the fda to drop the age restrictions within 30 days. the justice department is evaluating whether to appeal the ruling. >> checking with bay area headlines, chevron's richmond refinery has been given the all- clear to resume operations. it's been shut down since last august when an explosion and fire caused a toxic plume that sent thousands of people to hospitals with breathing problems. better training and stronger oversight of oil refineries as
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needed. no end in sight for a garbage strike. daily city teamsters walked off the job in solidarity strike. the fellow union workers in ohio who are fighting for their benefits. no one is sure when they will go back to work. >> and the search for a suspected car thief turned up nothing in marin, but the car. police chased the man through several cities, but he got away. the suspect was tracked into west marin where the stolen car was found, but didn't find the thief. >> in case you missed the flood of ads. power ball comes to california on monday. we'll join 44 others, offering the chance to win some of the country's biggest jackpots. including a $33 million one from a few weeks ago. players pick five numbers between 1 and 59, then a power ball number from 1 to 35.
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good luck. >> now, game changer for thousands of tech workers. >> suddenly, all these people that hired with this plan kind of pulled the rug out from under us. >> washington may have ruined the hiring plans for some in a bay area company. >> what is wrong with this picture. the parking violation by this meter reader caught on camera. why it's not where they park, but how that got them into trouble. >> and the beloved giants are back. the scene today from the team's home opener. that's coming up in the sports minute. and there will be baseball games played this weekend. we are just hours away from your weekend and you have outdoor activities planned. the day the rains will arrive. we'll pinpoint that day as the news continues on the cw. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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facebook and nursing mothers shows only a reversal of fortune on the jobless front. march unemployment shows 88,000 new jobs last month. the unemployment rate dropped
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7.6%. analysts say that is only because more people gave up looking for work. >> well, there are jobs to be had, especially here in the bay area. most are high-tech jobs and many go to workers with special h1b immigration visas. cbs reporter, bill whitticker on the sudden problem with their popularity. >> business is booming. >> as head of engineering, curtis directs a staff of 40. the three-year-old company developed a smart phone app that connects riders with limb limos. >> i plan on tripling my engineering team. i hire from abroad. >> but engineers like other highly skilled workers need special h1b visas. under u.s. law, only 65,000 of these so-called, skilled worker
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visas are handed out each year. this year demand is so high, the government announced today it will be issuing the visas by lottery. >> literally two weeks ago they said this might become a lottery system. we hired these people planning to get these because it hasn't been a problem before. now all the people i hired with this plan pulled the rug out from under us. >> if he doesn't win the lottery, engineer gabriel will be forced to return to france. >> i really want to try to stay here and use skills for the company i'm working for right now. >> for me, it's about hiring the best people. >> why are we hiring people from out of the country? >> there are way too many jobs and not enough people. >> i've been going to career fairs, talking to everybody i can. >> we have offers from facebook and google. everybody is sort of biting
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their fingernails. they won't know for months. >> he is waiting for skilled worker visas. that is like betting on the lottery, too. bill whitticker, cbs news, san francisco. to give you an idea of the demand, the government started accepting applications for the h1b on monday. the cap was reached today, five days. last year, it took two months to reach the cap. in 2010 dung the recession, nearly nine months. remember those problems with toy toy toyota's sudden acceleration. toyota concealed safety issues in violation of protection laws. it is part of a billion dollars set aside to settle civil suits. 14million cars were recalled worldwide over the problems that the company blames first on driver error, then on floor mats. >> the golden gate, some
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drivers are pulling a fast one. solo drivers are using the car pool lane so they can get the toll discount. it is hard to police all this, ever since the bridge got rid of toll takers last week. the bridge district is reminding you, it take three people. >> call it a case of do as we say, not as we do. a viewer sent us these pictures of a vehicle. not only to park in that red zone, it is in front of the fire hydrant. it is right in front of the transportation authority office where people go to pay their parking tickets. we did ask the city about it, but first we talked to a guy who paid his parking fine. >> police. city workers, everybody parks in the red zone. they don't get a ticket. as soon as citizens park there, get a ticket. $500 or better. >> how do you know? >> because i got one.
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>> vehicle can park at a 90- degree angle that has to use a fire hydrant. we will talk with this individual and make sure it doesn't happen again. >> in other words, that parking enforcement officer was cleared to park in a red zone. he did not also angle his car at a 90-degree angle. his agency will do a better job of enforcing the law. >> we want to get the weather that is coming up this weekend. first, reports of a massive earthquake in indonesia. >> all the reports say a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in indonesia. but ellen and i were discussing this. it appears to be very deep, about 36 miles deep. so far, we don't have any tsunami watches or advisories issued. we'll keep you posted on kpix5, coming up at 11:00 tonight. good evening. this is our live radar in search of any kind of rain
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drops. but there you go, to the north of us, plenty of precipitation from crescent city. we also have sleet that has been noted as well. we still have a chance of a stray rain drop as a system to the knott of knott -- north of us. looking out towards the bay bridge, it is out there somewhere, lots of clouds. we will see mostly cloudy conditions in the overnight hours. sunrise at 6:49 and not going to see it. mostly cloudy. we will have some peeks of sunshine during the day, and even a scattered shower possible primarily to the north. this is today's area of low pressure that is behind the state. series of impulses that will continue to ride a jet stream into the northern half of the state. watch our future cast. this has been updated since
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7:00 tonight. you see hit and miss scattered showers around the north coast and the early morning hours and basically we remain mostly cloudy with the filtered sunshine. right there. giants baseball action at 1:05 in the afternoon. game time temperature near 60 degrees. tomorrow, your temperature is very similar to today and just slightly below average for this time of the year. only by a couple of degrees. mainly in the 60s up to 70 for the outside number. another chance of a rain drop or two on sunday. on monday, high pressure firmly in place. a few cloudings on thursday and friday. by the way, this sunday is the inaugural rock and roll san francisco half marathon. temperature of 55 degrees at 7:00. 5500 people take to the streets of san francisco. have a lot of fun. great running weather. we'll take a look at sports
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after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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time, a it's happened again. facebook and nursing mothers are at odds. this time a sacramento woman had her page pulled for posting pictures of breast-feeding moms. kpix5 on how the social media site is defending its position. >> it is defending photos, called breast-feeding mama talk, with nearly 5,000 likes. facebook deleted two of them, and locked out the page's founder twice. the first time for 24 hours, then a second time for three days. >> i was outraged. i was shocked. it's not right.
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i'm trying to do good for mothers and i'm getting kicked off for posting pictures of the most beautiful act a mother can do for their kid, and it's not right. >> cristie is puzzled because the policy says we aspire to share content of personal importance. whether those are photos of a sculpture or family photos. the irony is that the site has hundreds of pictures, but cristie has only one photo of her son breast-feeding because she used to feel ashamed of it. >> i don't expect people to eat their lunch in the bathroom. so i don't know why i'm being told to feed my baby in the bathroom. people are trying to sexualize breast-feeding and it's not sexual at all. >> mixed reactions. >> it is something really great to do, but still, i think it's personal. >> it doesn't bother me at all. i mean, i support breast- feeding. if it bothers you, don't look at the picture. >> and so the story sort of
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has a happy ending. facebook realized they made a mistake. they reinstated the photos and full access to the page and they apologized. live at facebook headquarters, kpix5. >> well, cristie kemp is not the first to run up against that policy. a chicago blogger known as a feminist breeder went up against facebook in november. a woman staged a breast-feed in at the menlo head quarters. a dog and a lamb, probably not the first thing you imagine as best friends, but it works. clover the lamb and holly the dog are both rescues. and now, they know how it feels to be abandoned. but they found comfort in one another on an old ray eldorado ranch. >> feels the warmth of holly against her. >> holly took the motherly role over clover after the lamb's mother died shortly
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after giving birth. they have been inseparable ever since. >> okay, say it with me. awww. we got warriors, oakland a's, and the cat reflexes by pablo. some home cooking by the giants. ,,,,,, well, well, well.
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...santa clara beat george n the bay area has a men's national basketball champion. santa clara beat george mason 80-77 tonight to clinch the college basketball invitational tournament. quickly, we have a minute. giants walked into the home opener with a 2012 world series trophy and the group of players
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helped raise the world series flag. giants only run came against the cardinals. bases loaded. plenty of offense for barry zito. seven innings, giants starters have yet to give up an earned run. they win the opener 1-0. a's in houston. cocoa crisp, his 9th career leadoff run. the a's go on to beat the astros 8-3. as part of a 32-4 run. clay thompson with the warriors. they win it 111-107 over the suns to clinch a playoff. and the sharks erase a 1-0 deficit here. the go ahead. 2-1 over the flames. seven straight wins for team tiel and the raiders released mcclane. he has had offfield legal issues, included conduct to the team. >> how do you get it all in a
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minute? >> volume, volume, volume. >> what was that again? >> everybody wins. see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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