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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 7, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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this is kpix 5 news on the cw. what i would give for one more talk, you know. >> a volleyball star found dead under mysterious circumstances. a new warning from south korea about the north. the clues it would be close to launching a missile. champagne wishes and caviar dreams for many tonight. californians are hoping to strike it rich. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. sharon chin is in san francisco, where lotto players are getting excited for the new game. >> reporter: ann, tomorrow morning at 6:00, you're going to get to turn in one of these tickets, one of these tickets that nobody has yet. and that's all because of powerball. it's starting tomorrow.
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it's snowing powerballs. california lottery ads urge people to believe in this, as the state becomes the 43rd to play powerball starting monday. powerball has given away six of the ten largest jackpots in the u.s. some lottery players are excited. >> it's going to bring people into the state to buy the tickets, because it's such a big jackpot. >> reporter: at the california tobacco center, the machine is in place. it will be activated to take your picks monday at 6 a.m. richard mahan of the california lottery says powerball is a win- win for the state. >> it's going to generate tens of millions of new money for education in california. not only that, it's going to help the economics of california. we have over 21,000 retailers
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that are selling lottery products. it's going to mean great sales for california. >> reporter: with powerball, the jackpot gets larger faster, but you also pay more. california's current mega millions games cost $1 a ticket. it's $2 a ticket for powerball. the jackpot starts at $40 million and grows $10 million a week if there's no winner. state officials say more than half of californians play the lottery. eddie ramos has been waiting powerball's debut. >> it gives the opportunity for more people to get into the so- called pool, even though it's a little tougher to win, the powerball. but hey, it's like a needle in the haystack, and you gotta go for it. >> reporter: and he's going to. your odds of winning, 175 million to one. tomorrow at noon, there's going to be a statewide launching ceremony. locally, that ceremony will be
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at 2:00. >> so your odds aren't very good. can you get a powerball ticket the same place you buy any other lottery ticket, or is there a special place? >> reporter: no special place, anywhere you're able to get a lottery ticket, you're also able to get a powerball ticket. >> all right. if you're thinking of buying a powerball ticket, according to the official website, the largest powerball prize for cash value on one ticket was $223 million. that was in august of last year. indiana and pennsylvania have produced the most powerball jackpot winners. 70% to 80% of winning numbers are computer picks. it wasn't a lucky night for cal fans as the cal women's basketball team came up short against the louisville cardinals in the last minutes of the game. fans from all over met in
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berkeley to watch the bears in their first appearance ever in the final four. they left for most of the nail- biter game but they eventually lost 64-57. >> we were vacationing in lake tahoe. we made a pit stop to ramona, outside of san diego, just for the game. >> how big is this game for you? >> this game is very big. we're huge cal fans and just so happy for the team and for lindsay. >> although fans were clearly disappointed with the outcome, they said it did not tarnish the team's magical student. a volleyball player from san jose has been found dead in her southern california arpght. the 21-year-old was found last night. she transferred from cupertino two years ago. her death is hitting those closest to her heart.
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>> reporter: those who new elissa in life find it difficult to accept her sudden and as yet unexplained death. >> i think that everyone is just so shocked. how could someone so healthy, so young, so healthy, so beautiful, how could this happen? >> reporter: the 21-year-old was widely recognized for her outstanding athleticism and outstanding abilities. she was coached last year at whittier college. >> elissa is not one in a million. she's one in a billion. you're never going to meet anybody like her. she owned the room when she walked into it. she was passionate about everything she did. >> reporter: a track star who played volleyball since she was six, she planned to play in summer. solaris was found dead in her apartment. >> she had missed class.
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>> somebody sent me a picture of the two of us sitting on the volleyball bench together. what i would give for one more talk on the bench, you know. >> reporter: on the whittier website, she writes her favorite quote. not living up to your potential weighs on your coach for a lifetime. >> she's a comedian. she's a prankster. our trainer told a great story about her, where last year for track, she was speaking with this funny eastern european accent, just to fake out all the throwers and make them believe she was from another country. >> the cause of her death is still unnorthwestern. the coroner's office says it needs to do additional testing. one of two teenager hikers rescued is out of the hospital.
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19-year-old nicholas sandoya was severely injured during the three days he spent in the wildness. today he explained how they got lost. >> we knew we were in trouble when we realized we had half a water bottle left, because we honestly didn't think it through. it went from going up the normal trail and we never made it to the waterfall. everyone was looking for us there. we ended up just going straight off course. >> kendall jack was found the next day. she's still in the hospital recovering. it's all quiet right now along the border between north and south korea. this is a look at the heavily armed crossing in south korea. this is the route south koreans use to go to work at a factory
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in the north. the country's national security advisory expects north korea to launch a missile this week. cbs reporter margaret brennan has more from the south korean capitol. >> reporter: he said north korea has told embassies to pull out. and for businesses to withdraw. the industrial mplex is the only place where the two koreas work together. u.s. intelligence confirmed that north korea moved hardware for long-range missiles to two locations for a possible launch within days. efforts to dial back the hostilities appear to be failing. north korea's biggest ally is china, which has significant military and economic ties to the regime. today, china's president warned of regional chaos if countries
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pursue selfish gains. they say the chinese-north korean relationship is at a near historic low. the u.s. embassy here has not changed its security posture. john kerry will arrive in seoul on friday and push for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis. >> if north korean dictator kim jong un thinks his regime might not survive a war with the u.s., he's not acting like it. he's threats have convinced the top commander in korea to cancel a trip to washington. they say kim jong un is dangerously close to the brink. >> i could see a major war happening, because the public and south korea, the united states, i think the whole region is fed up with this guy. >> the u.s. has cancelled a
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routine test of an intercontinental ballistic missile from a base in california. but u.s. officials insist military maneuvers planned as an annual exercise in south korea will go ahead as planned. i was shocked by the whole thing. >> not one person but two people fighting for their lives after police open fire. the chaos that preceded the gunfire. a crime wave in a place many least expect it. the rains are moving in. the winds are really ramping up. and now the advisory you need to know about as the news continues right here on the cw. ,,,,
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being shot by police in san two people are being treated for life-threatening injuries after being shot by police in san francisco's mission district. it happened around 2 this morning at 17th and valencia when two groups started fighting outside a bar, and then someone pulled a gun. both the suspect and a bystander were shot. anne makovec tells us this is just the latest in a recent spike in police shootings across the bay area. >> reporter: the blood was
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being cleaned off of the sidewalk late this morning after a police officer shot and critically injured two men at around 2 a.m. it started as an argument between two groups of people outside of a bar. >> in this instance, it really wasn't going up against police. this is a person who pulled a gun on someone else. >> reporter: the gun that was pulled was a simple air-powered firearm, but bystanders who thought it was a lethal weapon rushed to the police station across the street, and two officers came out. >> fearing that the folks were going to be shot or killed, they fired upon the suspect, striking the suspect, and we don't know the circumstances, but another person was also hit by gunfire. >> reporter: and with that, two men were critically injured on the sidewalk. >> i was shocked by the whole thing. >> reporter: scott holtz saw the aftermath, and while he sees things from the police perspective, he thinks the shoot first culture needs to change. >> in america, we're drawn up
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with guns as being the way to solve violence and i don't think that's the answer. >> reporter: this is one of eight officer-involved shootings in the bay area in just the past few weeks. there were others in oakland, napa, lafayette, alameda county and san jose, all by officers who said they felt threatened by a suspect. >> sometimes i feel if you're in a position where the cop has a gun on you, you're probably doing something wrong. >> the motivation in pulling a replica firearm, anybody firearm, is in thmind of the person who pulls it. >> reporter: but in this case, the second man in critical condition was only standing next to the man with that air- powered gun. >> why didn't he just shoot both of them? >> reporter: the officer who fired those shots is now on paid administrative leave and the whole thing is under investigation by the san francisco district attorney's office. in the mission district, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the chief says he will hold a town hall meeting this week to talk about the shooting. police in belmont say three
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home burglaries on friday could be tied to other break-ins in neighboring cities. they all happened within a few blocks of each other. patrick reports that neighbors are already working to prevent more thefts. >> there's nothing in there anymore, nothing of value. >> reporter: that's what is left of rachel's jewelry collection. thieves hit her home and at least two others friday morning in belmont. she came home to find she was the victim of theft. >> and then i saw my box of really special jewelry, what i thought was really well hidden, and it was completely empty. so then i realized i'd be robbed. >> reporter: she called 911 and waited at the top of the driveway for the police to come. and she called her husband in san jose. >> my husband actually got here from san jose before the police arrived. >> reporter: that's because they were investigating one of the houses that was robbed earlier. next-door neighborhood jeff decided to get proactive and
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printed and delivered these flyers to organize a neighborhood watch. >> we just want to make sure that folks are aware of it. >> reporter: they want to make their neighbors aware of how the crooks are operating. >> they knocked on the front door. no one was there. so they went around the back. >> reporter: that's a big concern for many around here, because most parents tell their kid, if someone knocks, don't open the door. if the robbers think no one is home and the kids are inside alone, that could lead to serious trouble. >> if the child is really concerned, get on the phone and call 911. don't call your parents first. call us first. >> i've got one gold earring. >> and police believe the burglaries on friday are related to similar crimes in san mateo and hillsborough. roberta is joining us now. and i said, is it raining outside? she looked at me and said yes.
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>> i said yes. we do have the rain out there. winds are really ramping up as well. good evening, everybody. take a look at the bay bridge. it looks a little bit on the cloudy side out there. it's hard to tell, because it is dark. temperature-wise, into the 50's. but when you factor in the gusty winds, it feels awfully raw outside. in fact, right now, this is looking out towards the 586-80 corridor, with increasing winds out of the southwest at 16. gusts have been up to 24. wet and breezy to downright windy. tomorrow, sunny and breezy. the extended forecast calls for the warmest day of the workweek on wednesday. but first, we've gotta get through the winds. we do have a wind advisory in effect until 8:00 tomorrow night for just about the entire bay area, minus the santa clara valley. this is why. watch pacifica. the winds ramping up to 52-mile-
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an-hour gusts right before the morning commute. 36-mile-an-hour gusts in gilroy. stronger than that towards the delta. it's going to be breezy to downright windy all day long. the evening commute, both hands on the steering wheel, going over our local bridges. hercules, back through concord, clayton, walnut creek as well. to the north, we have pockets of pretty moderate to heavy downpours in between petaluma and in novato. and upstream, plenty of rain showers as welch this is now converting over to snow in the high sierra and that is where we have a winter weather advisory in effect for one to three inches of snow, down to 4500 feet. up to eight inches above 7,000 feet. gusty winds, all associated with this right here. watch as it backs up against the northwestern quadrant of the state of california.
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so as high pressure builds in, we have what we refer to as a pressure gradient. here's your futurecast. the heaviest rain in the overnight hours. by tomorrow morning's commute, no need for that umbrella. we will have ample sunshine. tonight's lows into the 40's. tomorrow's daytime highs, just a couple of degrees warmer than today, from the 50's to the mid 60's. but, again, the northwesterly, 20 to 30 miles per hour. tuesday, less win. wednesday is your warmest day. then we'll hold steady in the 60's and 70's from thursday all the way to sunday. >> a little bit of rough going tonight. >> and that 80 right there in the middle of the week, schedule your tee time. >> thank you. a birthday celebration that could make even the youngest
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daredevil's heart break. marion decided to mark her 90th birthday by skydiving over alabama. dozens of her friends were there to cheer her on, and both her two sons, both in their 60's. they jumped too. >> we were talking about different people that did crazy things. >> yeah. >> and i said george bush jumped out of a plane for his 80th birthday. then she said that sounds like a good idea. >> and so that's exactly how she got that idea, from our former president. marion becomes the oldest person to jump at emerald coast skydiving. and i'm not sure anyone is going to break her record. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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dinosaurs -- are helping to some life back into the wee box office. tes put the demoni resurrected demons and resurrected dinosaurs are hoping to put life back into the weekend box office. they put the demonic horror remake "evil dead" at no. 1. steven spielberg's 3-d debut of his blockbuster jurassic park rounds out the top five. the country music awards are wrapping up on our sister station. here are just a few of
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tonight's earlier winners. little big town wins vocalist of the year. female vocalist of the year goes to miranda lambert. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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good evening, everybody, from oracle. here's how it came down. they made sure the warriors waited at least one more game to celebrate. utah hanging on to a three- point lead. late in the game, mo williams iced it with his third three of the game. the jazz, victorious, 97-90. the cal women could not hold a 10-point halftime lead. cal's fantastic season comes to
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an end. louisville moves on to play uconn. baseball, the giants got their world series rings. the game did not go quite as well. matt cain did not make it out of the inning. giants get pound, 14-3. better news for the a's, who completed a three-game sweep with the astros. coco crisp with a home run. oakland wins 9-3. rafael torres made his sharks debut. the stars would win it in the shoot-out. jamie ben accounts for the only goal. the sharks's winning streak ends at 7. the warriors will have a chance to once again clinch a play-off berth if they can beat minnesota here at oracle on tuesday. gameday, on location, from the warriors arena. >> thanks.
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that does it for us. of course, the news is always on good night! ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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