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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  April 12, 2013 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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. this is kpix 5 news on the cw. despicable act on a teenage girl shared on social media for all to see. the advice for parents to make sure it never happens again. it's one of a few companies open continuously for more than 140 years. what's behind the demise of the historic sherman clay piano company in the bay area. beyonce and her husband jay-z take a vacation to cuba. why that has caused such a big stir with lawmakers on capitol hill. good evening, i'm ken. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. he was passed out at a party when three claz mates allegedly took advantage of her, but her family said it's what happened next that led the south bay teen to take her own life.
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kpix 5 tells us the tragedy may be a kons kwen of a cruel new social media trend. kit. >> well, liz, this investigation took a total of seven months. detectives confiscated cell phones and computers and conducted several dozen interviews. more information is coming to light. the details are said to be sickening. >> audrie pott got drunk on hard liquor mixed with gay toreade at a house party last september, went upstairs and passed out. three boys went into bedroom armed with cell phone cameras. >> there were photographs taken op the sexual assault and those photographs were distributed in some manner. we were able to recover photographs from during our forensic search of computers and cell phone sgls the digital photos went viral and spread like wild fire. eight days later audrie hanged hearst. >> we obviously can't bring audrie back but the family's goal that what happened to audrie never hatches again and the boys are held accountable. >> a facebook page in her memory
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posted this message, "we suspect the boys we believe who are responsible for audrie's death took deliberate steps to destroy evidence. if students have information about this crime, please come forward. ". >> they have blood on their hands for not coming forward. >> ann brown became an outspoken activist after her dhaur amanda was cyber bullied four years ago and try today commit suicide. amanda survived with severe brain damage. recently she's begun refusing and is now in hospice care. ann says parents have to be vigilant with electronic sgls take their phone away at night. 10:00 say i'm charging your phone, no texting, no phone calls, no nothing, and you go and look and see who they're texting. >> sex assaults sfol lowed by cyber bullying had been making headlines including a 17-year-old canadian girm photographed while he was gang raped back in 2011, cyber bullied and then hanged hearst a
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week ago. >> i really applaud the pott family about coming forward and letting her name be known because she's not the first and unfortunately she's not going to be the last. >> and those three boys are being held here at the juvenile detention center. their lawyers say they are innocent. they're now facing charges of sexual assault and distributing child pornography. now, both audrie's family and the sheriff want these boys charged as adults. that decision is now up to the d a. liz. >> all right. thank you. show nearly 30% of students are either bullies or victims of bullying. 160 thousand kids stay home from school every year because of fear of bullying. police are warning participant parents of a kidnapping attempt today in oakland.just before 3:00 this afternoon a stranger attempt today pick up a five-year-old boy. police say the suspect took off when a school staff member intervened. if anyone saw anything, there's a $5,000 reward for information
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leading to an arrest. new revelations about an em battled former santa clara lawmaker just after george shirakawa, jr., apologized for gambling away taxpayer money, it looks like he went straight back to the casino. kpix 5's joe vasquez shows us evidence that suggests he isn't so sorry. >> disgraced former santa clara supervisor resigned last month, he admitted he used public money to fuel his gambling habit and to say for many personal expenses. in a new 20-page report filed to the judge, the district attorney reports shirakawa took more than a hundred thousand dollars in public money he apologized when he resigned last month and admitted he needed to take responsibilities for his action, but how serious was he? take a look at this picture. it's a text message he sent the very day he resigned to second in command of the da's office
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joking that, quote, you can't be associated with felons. three days later, he was gambling at thunder valley casino and was comped a meal at the restaurant. in fact, the mercury news had more details that he lost $200 gambling that day but that the restaurant gave him a free meal worth 110 bucks and that the gift shop gave him more than $170,000 in merchandise. >> to hide behind a conviction when you broke the law is a weak excuse. he lied and he got away with it until somebody finally caught him. >> i feel compassion for anyone struggling with addiction. it's wicked hard to deal with so absolutely i have compassion for that, but you've got to step up and deal with your problems, and if that's not happening then -- then you got to take the consequences of your choices. >> and just what will those consequences be? the district attorney says he wants shirakawa to spend one
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month for every charge, that would be 12 months, one year behind bars. he's due back in court april 30th. >> in addition to his sentence, shirakawa also cannot serve as an elected official in california ever geven. family members of a woman mauled to death by a dog are having a tough time making sense of the loss. witnesses say a pit bull named russia jumped over a fence chasing after claudia. it happened -- sorry, attacked the mother of three thursday night in the yard of a home in east stockton. claudia was visiting the dog's owner about a job when the dog came after her. >> i just can't imagine the way she died, you know, the dog. it really upsets me. i'm just hurt right now really. i miss her a lot. >> neighbors say russia has attacked before. animal control officers are holding the pet pending an investigation. san jose police have arrested two suspects in connection with the death of a
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man whose body was found burning along highway 85 tuesday night. 25-year-old steven burns is suspected of murdering the victim, 25-year-old christopher james is charged as an accessory. both are believed to be transients. investigators say burns and the victim got into an altercation. they say burns stabbed the victim and set him on fire. police are still working to identify the body. shef roven chevron admitting tonight it could have done more to prevent that massive refinery fire in richmond. a new internal report details a number of inspection and maintenance shortcomings leading up to the fire last august. they include failure to inspect, document and replace corrosion-proned pipes. chevron's own inspectors pointed out a decade ago. >> i think at the end of the day, there are people out there who have been telling them for a long time they need to pay more attention to what's going on in their shop, and they need to
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listen to these people. >> and chevron is promising now to improve its inspection and communication procedures. it also plans to inspect every pipe in the richmond facility. you can find the full report on just click on news. the year was 1870. construction began on the brooklyn bridge, the chicago cubs played their first game. and in san francisco, leander sherman opened a piano store that would become famous across the bay area and beyond. more than 140 years later, sherman clay has outlasted two world wars and the great depression, but tonight kpix 5's sharon chen tells us it's preparing for its swan song. >> stephny chow and her sister
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lilian say they love their new grand piano. >> once it was assembled i was, like, real excited to play it, and i played it for, like, the rest of the day. >> it was their parents' last purchase at sherman clay, the 142-year-old piano retailer that's closing in late mae. eric schwartz's family bought the business from the founder's grandson. >> it's very sad in that i'm the second generation owner since 1960. >> sherman clay is selling off its inventory, including high -end hand maid stienways. the store is shutting down and selling the san francisco and walnut creek stores to stienway, that way schwartz and his family can focus on their other businesses from real estate to recycling. >> with all of those other activities, we only have so many children that we can pay attention to at once. >> business mesne leander sherman and retired civil war c
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olonel started the company in 1870. to put it in perspective, in 1870 in san francisco, there were no cars, no electricity, and no telephones. sherman clay sold more than a million different instruments and supplied the san francisco symphony and opera with pianos but 40-year-old employee audrey notes the greatest story is bringing the sound of music home. >> hearsay that stienway or a piano similar to that, they're just in awe, and i love to see that look. >> it's a look of joy that lasts long after sherman clay's song will end. sharon chen, kpix 5. >> sherman clay also has stores in seattle and houston. those will stay open. superstar beyonce and her
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husband jay-z celebrating their anniversary with a trip to cuba. why there is so much backlash over this visit. a man was shot outside a store. wait till you see how he was saved by the buckle sxfrments a freeway chase backed up freeway traffic during the morning commute, but police weren't chasing a crook. the desperate effort to save a chihauhau. it was a fantastic friday weather wise. we hit 80 in livermore, 79 in morgan hill, well into the 70s for san jose, oakland and walnut creek. will we continue the winning streak over the weekend? here's a live look over san jose. i'll have your forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,, the humble back seat.
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completely restyled subaru forester. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. in a new song, music mogul z takes lyrical aim at u-s politicians. they've come down on him fos no. oo new song, music mogul jay-z takes lyrical aim as u.s. politicians. they've come down on him on his recent anniversary so they started an inquiry. did they have permission to go. cbs reporter tara merge ner explains why the trip is causing such an up roar. >> rapper jay-z released a new
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song called open letter responding to criticism of his trip to cuba last week. >> i'm in cuba. the communist talk so confusing. >> blocks americans from traveling to the communist nation except for educational or cultural purposes. the song suggests that president obama, who is friends with the music superstars, gave them permission for the visit. >> boy from the hood got white house. >> but white house spokesman jay carney told reporters thursday that the president had nothing to do with the trip. >> i guess nothing rhymes with treasury. treasury offers and gives licenses for travel, as you know. >> one of the words that sort of rhymes with treasury is anniversary. jay-z and beyonce were celebrating their fifth anniversary in cuba. confirms the cbs news it cleared the celebrity couple's trips.
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>> some in the cuban american says the high-profile visit wrongfully sheds a light of castro regime. >> i think it says, wow, if that trip is considered an educational cultural exchange then basically anything fwoes if you have the right connections, i guess. >> the treasury department says the couple did not ask for and was not given special consideration. tara merge ner for c bs news washington. >> jay-z and his wife have been supporters of the president appearing on the campaign trail and at fundraisers and beyonce performed at the president's inauguration. a pennsylvania man is counting his blessings after he literally dodged a bullet. 38-year-old store clerk was inside a philadelphia supermarket when a shootout broke out in the street. police say a bullet went through the window and lodged into the man's belt buckle without actually penetrating his body. man was one of two people shot.
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the other victim is in serious condition. police have arrested suspect and charged him with attempted murder and aggravated assault. that was job fit for hawaii-50 when a shifty suspect led police on a wild freeway chase. take a look. a chihuahua. that little rascal. chihuahua got loose on an h-1 freeway on hawaii there during the thursday-morning honolulu rush. it took motorcycle cops 20 minutes to herd the little rascal to safety jamming up traffic for miles. they finally ran him down on foot and handed him over to the humane society. >> the sdog in good condition. he's extremely frightened. we're letting him rest and relax with us for a little while. >> the dog was reunited with his owner a few hours later. still unclear how it got on to the freeway in the first place. >> it was trying to get to the beach. >> that must be it.
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>> it was beach wert. >> surf's up. >> why not. >> he could do it here, too. >> is that the only thing that can cause traffic to back up in hawaii, a chihuahua. >> chihuahua on the loose. >> may be. tell you what, our temperatures today, kind of comparable to what they're having in hawaii. we are about ten degrees above average, especially away from the water. temperatures doing an excellent chihuahua impersonation right over there. here's what we have in the golden gate tonight, zero fog, nor do i expect any tomorrow morning. you will be fog free throughout much if not all of the bay area coming up tonight. great video to show you from josh with a tree national park with the 2.5 million joshua trees have cool flowers on them. the reason why they have the flowers is because it has not rained. that area receives about 2 to 5 inches of raven a year. they've had less than one inch of rain. that's whycientists say there are so many flowers. here's what we have coming up tonight. keep the windows open in napa. 45 dprees, redwood city 48, san
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jose tonight 49 dprees. kpix 5 high def doppler is bone dry. temperatures will be changing, but the rain fall or lack thereof will not be. heading up toward wine country, hilsburg sunshine, mild tomorrow, beautiful 76 degrees. it'll get brez si by sunday evening and cooler on sunday with a high of 70. talk about the setup. big ridge of high pressure off the west keeping us dry, kept the inland areas warm today but that northwest or on shore flow kept things chilly at the coast. half-moon bay your high today was only 59 degrees. high pressure not moving much over the next 24 hour sos we keep the light to moderate on shore flow. beautiful weather for you saturday. a little cooler on sunday as the on shore flow gets stronger. coldest day is on monday. on the other side of the front it'll be chilly and breezy. we all will drop down to the 60s but zero rain fall. this front will not pring us any rain. here's what to expect. that cooldown begins on sunday. it'll get breezy beginning
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sunday night. 70s though, tomorrow, beautiful day. concord 76, san jose 74, sunny vail sunshine, 73. walnut creek hitting 77, san ramon 76 and mid 70s for san rafael, sonoma, low 70s for oakland. little bit cooler on sunday but still nice. cool day will be monday, mid 60s then quickly back to the 70s and approaching 80 dprees by next thursday. beautiful weather, dry weather for the next several days. >> chihuahua's everywhere are smiling. >> yeah, they're happy. >> good day for a run. >> loving it. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls. and dryer's ice cream is just $2.99. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. died of natural caus rnia home. . he inspeiered the likes of
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robin williams and jim carey. winters died of natural causes in his hoim. >> he is behind some of the most memorable characters on late night tv. cbs reporter theresa garcia on how his punch lines will go down in history. >> jonathan wints said he always wanted to be a lot of things, and all of them were funny. winters stole the show in the 196 klassic movie it's a mad mad mad mad world. the comic jien yus had a variety of voices, kashg terse and sound effects in his repertoire. growing up aun only child of divorced parents, winters found the best way to be entertained was to entertain himself. he even based some of his favorite characters on people he knew from his childhood in ohio. >> these are people that i really grew up with. these are my tools. >> and everyone was fair game, including cbs's edward murro.
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>> all i can say is good night and good luck to you and your moishg. >> as news of winter's death spread, fans started visiting and delivers these flowers here to his star on hollywood's walk of fame paying tribute to the comedy king. winter's legacy is his influence on future generations of comics, including robin williams. >> and i see you. >> winters starred as williams' son on his hit show mork and mindy. >> jonathan taught he the world is open for play. >> in 1999 winters was honored with mark twain prize for american humor. >> i think comedy can be, believe me, it can be an awful lot of fun. >> fun for winters and for his audiences. theresa garcia, cbs news los angeles. >> saves in the windy city this afternoon and could the warriors put a dagger in the lakers
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another picture perfect dayn . after getting light showers early this morning, the skies cleared up in augusta providing another picture-perfect day on golf's most high school lowed ground. mark, start the clock. tiger woods would grab share of the lead for much of the afternoon, but, oh, get into troibl on 15 bogeying 15 to 18 to finish 71 leaving him three strokes back and tied for seven. jason day took sole possession on first after sinking the birdie on 18 he gets six under
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for the tournament. giants sergio romo blows his nairs save of the year and gives up the game-winning run as angel can't catch. the giants lose 4 to 3. a's going for their ninth-straight win down 3-2 in the seventh wen coco crisp went spoo the left. josh donaldson comes around the score. tirs tie at 3. steph curry at 47 points against the lakers, 9 three pointers. the warriors led more most of the game until kobe ties it in the fourth. he left the game with a knee injury. final seconds warriors with a chance to win it. carl landry wide open. nope. warriors lose 1418 to 116. i will sha if you did watch that game, the players can't say it, but the officiating was horrific. >> especially the last quarter. >> absolutely. . the home court advantage. >> a little bit. >> yeah. . >> it's okay. >> get them in the playoff sdmrs
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exactly. >> we're in the playoffs. >> are they going to make the playoff sgls hope not. we'll see. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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