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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  June 5, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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how one city is keeping tabs on every car that comes and goes, and while they'll be watching so closely. >> an already disgraced county supervisor now accused of impersonation! and the dna evidence that links the nasty campaign evidence to him. >> and new hope for this 2-year-old. keeping a close eye on drivers, every single one of them coming and going. the city council in piedmont has approved installing 39 cameras that will record the license plates of all cars coming into and out of
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town. the cameras could mean all the difference in cutting back on crime. >> reporter: that's what they're hoping for. the cameras will be posted at just about every entry and exit point throughout this town of about ten thousand. they'll be snapping pictures and collecting data for every car and license plate that comes through here. >> reporter: rick schiller believes it started in january. >> dick: people were very upset. >> reporter: two violent robberies that month left this small community on edge. >> houses were actually broken into. and in one situation, a resident was fired on by one of these perpetrators. >> reporter: piedmont is surrounded by all sides on oakland. of last year, break-ins skyrocketed by as much as 50%. >> if the technology is out there, why not use it to help you solve crime? >> reporter: the police chief
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started talking about spending $700,000 to install about 3 dozen license plate-reading cameras. at just about every street entry point in town, tracking who is coming and going in piedmont. the new readers are not so different from what's already installed on one of the police department cruisers. it takes a picture of the car and its license plate and send any information about warrants back to dispatch. >> i'm not so sure that this is the correct use of taxpayer funds. >> reporter: the city council approved the cameras this week despite what rick schiller considers one glaring problem. >> cities like long beach have implemented this, and it hasn't been effective. >> just from the readers alone, i don't expect to see a drop in burglaries. >> reporter: it's going to take good policing and community involvement too. schiller believes hiring a couple more officers for a fraction of the price of the cameras would have done more. >> i hope that i'm wrong.
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i hope this is an effective tool for the police. >> reporter: along with the 7 hundred $700,000 that the city dropped to buy this entire system, they'll be paying over $10,000 every year in maintenance fees. >> we've heard of cities like tiberron using these kinds of cameras. has it worked? >> reporter: that actually makes it a lot cheaper. but they are saying since they installed cameras, crime has gone down by about 50%. >> all right! seems like a good investment. a report from britain's guardian newspaper. verizon is turning over the phone records of millions of its u.s. customers to the national security agency under a secret court order. according to the newspaper, the order was issued in april and it good until july 19th.
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the white house, nsa, and verizon have all declined to comment. joe vasquez is looking into this. we'll have more tonight at 11:00. a new twist in the political scandal involving santa clara county's disgraced board president. he now has a 13th charge on his already long list of trouble with the law. kpix 5's kit doe tells us one has to do with impersonating a female opponent. >> reporter: just when you thought the case of the epic downfall could not get any worse, the da announced a smoking gun. and the woman who was the target of this all this says she believes in karma. >> reporter: george wasn't home when whey stopped by this evening. but this morning, he quietly turned himself in and took this booking photo with bloodshot eyes. >> i think this was a good
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thing. today was a great day. >> reporter: in 2010, carrasco was in a heated race with campos for the council seat. this mailer was sent to voters that showed carrasco saying she was of a communist, alongside a photo of the flag of communist vietnam. it is highly offensive to vietnamese revugees who fled -- refugees who pled the country after the war. sure >> javier campos was the council policy director of mr. shirakawa. we think that's the motivation for him to want to help campos. >> the arrogance of folks who have been doing this for so long, makes them believe they're so above the law they'll never
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get caught. >> reporter: carrasco tried to do damage control in a county that is mostly vietnamese. >> i'm not bitter. i'm not bitter because this is a wonderful community, there's so much work to be done. >> reporter: and javier campos declined an interview but released a statement saying that if those charges are true, it will be disappointing and hurtful. reonsible deserves to be brought to justice. >> reporter: campos' campaign bank secretary also being audited by the state because the same person who -- his bank account was managed by the same person. >> he'll be back in court on friday. what's supposed to happen then? >> reporter: he has pleaded guilty to 12 counts of fraud and gambling with public funds. he's expected to get one year. he'll also be arraigned for this new charge, and that is highly
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unusual. if convicted, he's looking at possibly another three years. president obama back in the bay area tomorrow for more fundraising. he will be attending a reception at the palo alto home of mike mchugh, followed by dinner at the home of portola valley venture capitalist vino. he'll give an address on friday morning before he leaves for l.a. in a surprising twist, we are learning that the lead attorneys looking into pg&e's role in the san bruno pipeline explosion have suddenly quit! >> the california puc is supposed to submit final arguments on friday on whether pg&e should pay its $2 billion
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penalty for violating safety rules. eight people were killed, and dozens of homes were destroyed in the 2010 pipeline blast. the mother of a 2-year-old boy killed in a crash in fremont yesterday has also now died from her injuries. witnesses say the man behind the wheel was speeding when the car hit a tree and completely split in two. he is in stable condition. a flooding problem shult down oakland -- shut down oakland police headquarters for a second day. a bathroom pipe burst yesterday. there was flooding on three floors. kristin aires was there this week and said it reeked! no word on how the plan is going to take. now they are offering mostly out of the eastmont substation. a long night ahead for search and rescue crews in philadelphia. of the collapse of a four-story building on a
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neighboring thrift store left people trapped under bricks and rubble. so far, crews have pulled out six bodies and 14 survivors. one woman was buried for 12 hours before she was found. investigators will search through the night until everyone is accounted for. the building was in the process of being demolished when it collapsed on the other building. no knives allowed. the tsa is abandon ing a plan to allow passengers carry small knives onto planes. it didn't sit well with flight attendants and lawmakers who said the change would put passengers and crews at risk. a bay area toddler who has been sick his whole life is on the road to recovery. >> matt is in intensive care after a marathon transplant surgery. it looks good so far.
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joe vasquez tells us matthew's family is happy just to sit with him and wait. >> reporter: after a double transplant surgery that took 12 hours, are the parents of 2-year-old matthew are finally able to visit him at his hospital bedside. >> he's a little fighter. we have all the faith in the world. >> reporter: doctor s trans transplanted a liver and a kid new last night. it's been something he was waiting for all his life. his kidneys had failed, and that was leading to other major problems. >> he's struggled pretty much since he was five months old. >> reporter: doctor john roberts released a statement saying "matthew is improving. his new organs need a chance to
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wake up." and they'll still be watching closely over the next two days to see whether the new liver and kidney will be functioning. >> our son is going to live a full life, and it is going to have purpose filled with love. and i promise that it will not be in vain. i promise that there'll be meaning to it, and he'll have the life that the donor was not allowed. >> reporter: all the family knows about the donor is that he's a young man in his 20s who died in a car crash. and before he died, he made the decision to donate his organs. for most of his life, matthew has had to wear an implanted catheter. his mom calls it the hardware. what he's most looking forward to is taking off the hardware and simply going for a swim with his mother and brother. a federal judge is allowing a dying 10-year-old girl to move up the adult waiting list for a lung transplant.
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>> sarah and her family came down in the order today. a transplant is her only chance of survival. but a longstanding policy requires children under 12 toai f lgs. those are rarely donated, leaving younger kids at the end of the adult list. the judge's ruling exempts sarah from the rule for ten days because of the severity of her condition. thieves targeting smart phones so much that some are calling it a crime epidemic. the nationwide effort to keep it from happening to you. >> and standing up to bullies without having to face them. the new service that encourages kids to speak up. >> and you order it, but are you okay with walking around with it? the shame that some say comes with buying fast food. >> whether-wise, low cloud cover moving back into the bay area tonight. temperatures kept down again today by that pesky
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we see a lot of car chases in southern california. but it's not often you see a motorcycle chase. police followed this guy on the freeway in rancho cucamonga. he ended up in a construction zone, finally stopped, stumbled off the motorcycle and gave himself up to the chp. a surge in smart phone thefts at san francisco's da making a nationwide call for help. >> reporter: on muni, three guys gang up on a female passenger to steal her phone. last year, half the robberies in san francisco were for a smart phone. and many times, are the victims were hurt. >> we had one tourist who got stabbed. >> reporter: da george gaston has had enough. he and the attorney general will hold a
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smart phone summit. they're expecting phone companies and microsoft to develop a way to stop the thefts. of the da says he knows the technology is there. >> what samsung has done now is once a phone is hooked up to a wireless system, they can immediately render the phone inoperable. >> reporter: the phones would be useless and presumably hurt the market for selling the stolen goods. lookout, a company that makes security programs for mobile devices, says a kill switch could also help the bad guys. >> you have to move cautiously toward any solution. something like a kill switch could open up an entire new box of security concerns. so we need to be very careful. >> reporter: makers generally do not embrace the idea. and users are mixed. >> i favor that. i heard that the carriers are the ones that
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are more against it than the general public. they sell more phone, then they got stolen. >> i don't think it's going to solve the problem. >> reporter: there's no disputing the statistics. according to the district attorney, 1.6 mlaon year eitherd their smart phones stolen. kids could soon have a new way to fight back against bullies. >> and they won't even have to face them. a new service allows students to instantly and confidentially report bullying to school authorities. of the company behind it, blackboard, is well known in the education communication. >> technology is a tool, just like any other tools. we want students to feel comfortable using whatever is at their means in order to report. so if this app means that a student is going to feel safer reporting bullying in this way, great. >> the service will be offered
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for free to all k-12 schools and districts. 1/3 of students between the ages of 12-18 report being bullied right now. >> you don't even need an app. just watch us! we give you the weather fre change is free. just push that ro remote. we are a wauklking, talking app outside. and we have ourselves cloudy conditions once again tonight. changes coming tomorrow. 24 hours from now, peek outside. a lot of cloud cover a lot. it'll be a mild night. low 50s. vallejo, 53. fre mont, 51. san jose and san francisco in the mid-50s. out to the delta, antioch mostly sunny skies tomorrow. warmer temperatures, 86. sunshine and hot coming up on friday. you will be in the mid-90s as we wrap up the workweek and the
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school week. high pressure is moving to us rapidly. the winds go from west to north. less of an onshore flow, less cloud cover. you'll be in the 80s in the water. friday and saturday, not a prolonged hot spell, but it will be toasty outside for two days. it starts on friday as the winds go from north to northeast. of the offshore winds will be with us until temperatures drop on sunday. temperatures going up tomorrow. the peak of the hit will be friday and saturday. we won't hit 100, i don't think. and temperatures begin to drop again on sunday. back to the 80s for concord and san jose. palo alto, 77. sunnyvale, 77 degrees. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine for san ramon. 66 for downtown san francisco. mill valley, 79.
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cloverdale, a hot day for you, 95 degrees! extended forecast. we're hot away from the water on friday and saturday. sunday, s coer!
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no matter how healthy we try to eat, every once in a
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while we need our fast-food fix >> there's good fast-food out there. and then there's the bad stuff. >> as soon as she handed me the bag, i go, oh, no, i got to walk down the street with this. >> i got a late start to lunch. this ie bagof shame. not because of what's in it but because of the way people look at me when i have it. >> a balance insider finds some fast-food customers are embarrassed by their choices. out of 1,000 or so people, 42% reported bag-shame! with mcdonald's. subway wracked up 11%. and subway is the one that conducted the survey. >> ya think? [ laughter ] overtime in the stanley cup playoffs. and could the giants solve the mystery of the knuckleball?
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>> we are watching and keeping you updated on the progress with the new bay bridge. inside the giant columns holding up the bridge is something you might not expect. deep shafts accessed by workers from a tunnel below the road deck. >> we're able to climb down inside the columns and look for any cracks and fractures that may occur over time. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy. [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet.
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thanks, olivia. thank you. so you can make a payment from your cell to almost anyone's phone or email. (speaking french) so you can express your gratitude... in the moment. chase quickpay. so you can. it hasn't been an easy transition for cy young winner r.a. dickey. but today, the knuckleball had giants hitters baffled! struck out 5. buster posey one f of them who looked fool esh swinging over the --
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foolish swinging over the top of the baseball. barry zito was just as dominant through four innings. then in the 5th, dickie showed fun and slapped it down the line past pablo. blanco scores at 1st. dickie pitches 8 and 1/3 scoreless. toronto wins. a's trying to take 4-3 in milwaukee. 3-run job for moss. the 3 hits all home run, by the way. a's win 6-1. novak djokovic cruising in the french open quarter! he'll play medal in the semifinals. eastern conference finals. late in boston, 2nd overtime. best of your knowledge ron bergeron scores the game-winner! the bruins take the lead over the penguins.
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