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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  June 21, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> breaking news tonight. efforts to get a mini van and its driver out of san francisco bay. hours after it plunged into the water. >> an airport mess. the problem that has passengers across the country stuck waiting tonight. >> and a food network star fired. what the culinary industry is saying about paula deen being booted. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. crews are working to recover a mini van that plunged into the bay late this afternoon. it happen around 5:00 p.m. off marina green. more on the search and rescue efforts and how a couple of guys tried to save the driver. >> they are calling this a recovery mission. meaning they believe that the person inside the van has died. in fact, that van is still
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under water. you can see a collection of boats. these are fire department boats, a short while ago, divers went under water, found the van, and saw a victim inside the car. but because of poor visibility and some rough water conditions, they decided not to bring the body up. they will wait for the car to be recovered. so, let me show you what they are doing. they are hitching a towline. the giant tow truck right over there. they are getting ready to reel it in out of the water. this is happening five hours after that van drove into the water. witnesses say it was going about 20 miles per hour. >> i saw the air bag was deployed. there was one person in the driver's seat. >> it happened just after 5:00. ted madison saw the gold mini van drive from the marina green parking lot, off the sea wall and into the bay without stopping. he says some sailors tried to help. >> two kids with their shirts
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off dove in the water. they are like total heros and climbed on the back of the car. they were banging on the glass, trying to break the glass. because it started to sink quickly. the water was filling up. they heard somebody yelling, help me, and they were trying to figure out if it was a male or female voice. >> i only saw the outline of one person. >> watched the rescue attempt from the shore. >> the car -- the hood was under and it was nose down and at that point, the people jumped in the water and banging on the back and it started to go straight up and down and then it started going down and down. >> so, here's what is confusing, confounding a lot of people here. how did that car have enough power? enough speed to get into the water? this is the parking lot. there's the marina where the kids are playing soccer. there's one regular curb here
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and a second cobblestone curb. the car had to go over this and into the bay. and right now, they are trying to figure out who this is. police say they do not have an identity. >> or why it went over those several barriers. it's not that easy for a car to go into the bay. can you give us an idea of how deep that water is? it wasn't that far offshore that she went into the water. the car went into the water. >> right. we are hearing 20 to 25 feet deep here and you're right. it didn't go very far, but the currents were strong and as the van was sinking, it started to float further and further away. it took them a couple hours to locate the van. >> all right, joe, thank you. so, what would you do or what should you do if your car winds up in the water? first, unbuckle your seat belt. then, as soon as you can, open the window. if it won't open, try to break it. do not open the door. that will let the water inside
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and you'll sink even faster. now if there are kids in the car, help them through the window. then get yourself out. >> we have more breaking news tonight, a travel mess going on all because southwest airlines is dealing with some computer problems. people at oakland airport, a big southwest hub say the airline can't print boarding passes, so that is delays check in, in a big way. southwest says it is holding departing flights, but flights already in the air should not be impacted. kit will have a live report coming up at 11:00 on kpix5. >> a fuel spill caused a big meze for drivers in san francisco late this afternoon. check out all that white gung on the roadway. that is sand on top of fuel. the spill happened at 5:00 p.m. it was so bad, howard street between 4th and 7th had to be closed to all traffic, including cyclists. no word on where the leak
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originated. >> tonight, another major san francisco street is shut down for roadwork. public works crews are on market between 4th and fremont streets to do repaving. the work started at 7:00 and hoping to get it done in 48 hours. it is part of the city's efforts, drivers east. crews recently resurfaced market to 6th street. they are expected to lay down 820-tons of new asphalt this weekend. the public relations war between bart and its union workers is taking a nasty turn tonight. yesterday, union members handed out fliers to passengers highlighting safety issues they face on the job. now, bart is saying some of those claims are entirely made up. only on 5, lynn found out one worker is even facing some legal trouble. >> federal mediators are working with bart and its unions to hammer out the
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contract. the union site, safety as the main sticking point. saying bart station agents often get attacked and harassed. but bart says the unions are working safety to get public sympathy. >> but want our unions to stop using safety as a smoke screen, get to the table and negotiate a fair contract. >> bart says a station agent, went as far as filing a fake police report to pressure bart in its latest contract negotiations. bart said the fake report landed an innocent man in jail for a few days. we tracked down george at his union office friday afternoon. >> so, any response to what bart is alleging at this point? >> no. no response. >> i see, but they said you made a false report, what do you say about that? >> the district attorney will file charges against him. we also ran into him yesterday at a station where he passed out fliers to riders about a possible strike.
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police say the fake report was filed two weeks ago. a man punched him in the chest. police arrested the man. but bart says surveillance footage shows there was a verbal argument. no punches. >> the station agent appears to not been touched whatsoever. >> the union declined to comment directly on the accusation. police find it reprehensible they would put something in the public. hasn't the union done the same thing with bart? >> the d.a. will charge george with one count of filing a false police report. that is a misdemeanor. and the friday, he is still employed by bart. in oakland, kpix5. >> the union and bart will continue to negotiates next week. the current contracts are set to expire at the end of the month. >> it can be a struggle to find work, even though california's jobless rate is falling.
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the rate was 8.6%. that's the first time in five years it has been lower than 9%. job seekers turned out by the hundreds in santa clara today hoping to get one of the 300 seasonal jobs at great america. the park is hiring extra hands for the upcoming summer season. >> they want people with experience, but you can't get experience unless you get a job. >> the amusement park is looking for ride operators and food service workers. most of the jobs will be 30 to 40 hour a week positions over the course of the next several months. the queen of southern comfort food loaded with butter is being booted from the air waves. >> i've made plenty of mistakes along the way, but i beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners.
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i beg for your forgiveness. >> the food network announced today it is not renewing paula deen's contract because of a lawsuit against her alleging racial dediscrimination. kpix5 tells us some in the culinary industry aren't taking the news lightly. >> at southern flavor soul food in heyward, news of paula deen's apology left a bad aftertaste. we showed the video to chef, justin brown. >> it doesn't matter how many times we apologize. we can forgive, but we won't forget. >> food network star is facing racial dediscrimination and sexual harassment lawsuit. the plaintiff's lawyer asked her, have you ever used the n word yourself? deen answered yes. in what context? well, it was probably when a black man burst into the bank and put a gun to my head. well, then, when did you use it? probably telling my husband. that's just not a word we use
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as time has gone on. things have changed since the 60s in the south. >> she was representing everything we do. so, for her to do that and make money off of what she does, it's like a slap in the face. that's why people are taking it hard, because a lot of people look up to paula deen. >> half a stick of butter. >> deen pushed her high calorie dishes for three years after learning she was diabetic. >> you think these mishaps are starting to chip away and now beginning to question everything that paula deen says. >> to offer an apology to those that i have hurt. >> deen released three videos, but never specific in them. that, made the apology hard to swallow. kit doe, kpix5. >> paula deen released the apology videos today after she backed out of a scheduled appearance on the today show to discuss the controversy. a fail for facebook.
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social media site is telling 6 million users it accidentally shared their e-mails and phone numbers with other members. facebook is blaming a glitch and down load your information tool. it says the bug is not malicious. apparently it was fixed within 24 hours. >> those bad bolts on the new span of the bay bridge may not have undergone adequate testing. so, we went to ask the experts what went wrong. >> the materials that were used in these bolts were not the appropriate materials to use. >> uc berkeley says bridge designers made several mistakes. first, they ordered bolts that were too hard on the outside, making them susceptible to hydrogen cracking. then they galvanized the bolts, making them vulnerable to hydrogen. then, they installed the bolts without enough testing.
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the testing was not adequate. >> it was consistent with industry standards. >> would you say it was not adequate? >> yes. >> and that is a preview from a special that we will be airing on the safety of the new bay bridge. it is called, is it safe? you can watch our special tomorrow night at 7:30 right here on kpix5. well, what a catch. why this group of guys just happened to be there to save a little girl falling out of a window. >> scrape up the change in your car. how much starbucks is hiking prices and when you'll start paying more. >> plus, it probably doesn't look like a gas saver. the top speed on this new electric race car. it was a gorgeous first full day of summer, but we do see big changes around the corner. how much rain are we going to
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an alley when they notice a toddler on a window ledge five floors up. she loses her footing, but they rush to catch her. the girl survives with only minor scratches. wow. the man accused of spilling the beans about the nsa's surveillance program was officially charged today with espionage. not clear if federal prosecutors will be able to get to him. he is believed to be hiding out in hong kong somewhere. violating the espionage act carries ten years prison sentence. it was a close call. the faa is investigating why two airplanes came too close. terrell brown describes the near miss. >> delta flight 172, a boeing 747 from tokyo was on final approach to new york's john f.
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kennedy airport. high winds forced the pilot's request a go around, which is an aboarded landing. turn left to stay out of the potentially dangerous weight turbulence of another plane. at the same time, 170 operating as a delta connection flight bound for jacksonville, florida, just departed from laguardia airport. in air traffic recordings, a controller can be heard alerting the pilot. >> 172. yes, sir, we are almost there now. >> delta 172, we have a traffic, 12:00, 1400 feet. 1600 feet. >> both planes turned in front of each other and at their closest were separated by a half mile and 200 feet vertically. this vowlated the minimum required separation of three miles horizontally.
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mark is the former chairman of the ntsb and a cbs transportation analyst. that was extremely close. unacceptably close. however, with that said, what you saw was incredible professionalism by the pilots and both aircraft. you saw professionalism with the air traffic controller and you also saw the intervention. to warn both pilots that there was an impending collision. >> that was terrell brown reporting. according to the faa, there were 1900 near miss incidents in 2011. 55 of them were category a, which is the most serious type. a massachusetts couple got a very unexpected delivery from banana republic. instead of a tie and pocket square they ordered, they got confidential employee files. everything from social security numbers to birth dates to doctor's notes. the folders contained personal
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information for about 20 sales support associates. it is sorry for the mixup. it will cost you more to get your starbucks fix. starting tuesday, the coffee giant is hiking prices by 1% nationwide. prices will vary from city to city and not all drinks will be more expensive. starbucks says this is the first price hike most customers will have seen in two years. it comes despite falling coffee costs, which are boosting the company's profits. here's a live look at the moon. it may look big now, but you'll want to check it out this weekend. what's called a super moon happens sunday night. that's when the moon is at its closest point to the earth. so it appears larger. no howling. >> today was the first full day of summer. and it sure looked like it outside. >> here's kpix5's elizabeth wanger in for paul with a look
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at our weather. hey liz. >> hope you got to enjoy all the sunshine and blue skies we saw out there today. a warming trend is not going to last long. we have some changes coming for the last half of the weekend. we have an evening breeze, mostly clear skies and sunshine with the warmest day of our warming trend tomorrow. and wet weather in june. returns for sunday. likely the later half of the day. this is what is going on. the high pressure ridge through saturday. we are watching a couple low pressure systems, bringing more clouds and much cooler temperatures. that's going to be one of the biggest differences come sunday and then rain likely later in the day. so, future cast, saturday is pretty quiet. but then sunday, the more unsettled weather comes in, starting in the north bay, and slowly moving south so showers continue on and off rain. monday through tuesday before we finally dry out. checking some numbers and temperatures around the bay area. for tomorrow, cool off along the coast. 64 is your high in pacifica.
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we will see mild temperatures. and it will get hot in places like fair field, concord. checking numbers around northern california, doing any traveling, hot in the central valley. cooler and 96 if you are hitting redding. here's that check of your forecast. over the next seven days, our warming trend continues, plenty of sunshine. and then the changes begin sunday with rain returning to the bay area late in the day, starting in the north bay, moving south. continued scattered showers monday into tuesday before dryer, hotter weather returns wednesday through the end of the week. that is the check of your seven- day forecast. back to you guys. thank you. fuel efficient and fast. coming up, when this new electric race car will hit the track for the very first time. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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a prototype of nissan unveiled what it is calling the world's fastest electric car. >> prototype of the hybrid was shown to fans during preps for this weekend's 24 hour endurance race. its top speed is 186 miles per hour. 187 if i'm driving. nissan plans to race the car for the first time at next year's race. >> the giants lose another
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this afternoon and could ne surgery... giants on pagan. underwent an mri this afternoon and could need surgery. the flame thrower, colin kaepernick had a 94-mile per hour fastball. 6th inning, it goes off lincecum's foot. tied game. the injury bug continues to hit the giants. andres torres went off the right field wall.
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torres thinks he has a triple, but he hurt his right knee on the slide. he was taken in for x-rays. then in the 8th. this time, a clean base hit to right. the go ahead run scores. the marlins lead 6-3 in the 9th. of course, miami looking for their 9th straight win at at&t park. looking for his 7th straight start, win in that, and the offense gave plenty of support. his 9th homer of the year. all nine solo shots. 4-3 a's. on to the two-run shot to left. his second homer of the night. four homers and they beat the mariners 6-3. the a's clinging to that one-game lead in the west. >> cuban missile. >> he is phenomenal. two more homers tonight. so excited. >> should be in the all-star game. >> good to see you. >> all right, see you at 11:00.
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this is ridiculous. do you have any idea what time we'll get out of here? nobody likes to work late. least of all me. do you have plans tonight? no, i don't. remember when you told us not to make plans 'cause we were working? yes, i remember. mmm, this is b.s. this is b.s. why are we here?


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