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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 5, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a brutal attack caught on camera. now, new video we just obtained and what led up to a vicious bay area beating. >> commuters getting on board. we aren't talking trains. how bart management succeeded in winning hearts during the four-day strike. >> it makes you sick that the job of the century would take eight years of hard work and crush something you built. >> a prize catering contract. how the customers are trying to save it from the brink of bankruptly. >> i'm allen martin. elizabeth cook has the night off. we have new video tonight of a gang roaming attackers on rampage. joe vasquez shows us what led up to a brazen robbery and beating on a busy san francisco street. we have to warn you, it's hard to watch. >> it happened just after
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closing time outside the mint karaoke lounge on market. >> see that? >> the pro priorpriete didn't want to go on camera. in fact, it's the woman that strikes first. ripping a purse right off the victim's shoulder. >> she hit her. she grabbed the purse and just throw her on the ground and that time, she was okay until he came and kicked her. >> certainly disturbing. the suspect kicking her in the face. he is walking away, turns around, comes back, and kicks her so violently in the face. snaps her head back, hits the pavement and then takes off on foot. >> in the moments before the attack, you can see passers by frantically signaling to the employees inside the bar to call for help. >> so that must mean something happened over there already. >> one employee who didn't want to be identified told me they quickly called 911, but they didn't unlock the door
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because they were worried the violence was inside. the woman attacked right out here was a customer of the karaoke lounge, as another man who was violently attacked down the street. after the attack, people rushed to the victim's side. she was knocked unconscious for a short while, but was back awake by the time the ambulance came. police arrested three of the group, but they are asking the public's help to find this man, the man in the black hoody. the guy who kicked the victim in the face. at this point, the cops believe the rampage was unrelated to the pride events. a group of criminals who saw opportunities to steal and committed a shockingly violent act in the process. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> well in fact, police think the group attacked several people on market that night between civic center and castro and not all of those victims have come forward yet. >> we learned more about a couple that died on a hiking trip. the husband and wife were found near a rock formation called the wave north of the grand
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canyon on the arizona, utah border. the body of 69-year-old patricia was found under a tree. authorities think she got sick in the 100 degree heat and the body of her husband was found 250 yards away. it is believed he was overcome by heat while going to get help. >> we learn tonight, chp officers are getting a big bump in pay. the nearly 6% raise takes effect this week. it is based on a compensation survey of other large law enforcement agencies, such as san francisco and oakland police. the state is required to do that each year to keep the chp salaries on par. meanwhile, bart employees are back at work without the raises they wanted. trains started rolling again this afternoon after bart and its unions agreed to a temporary contract extension. while they continue to negotiate. in the meantime, kristen shows us bart is busy doing some bargaining with riders. kristen. >> yeah, allen, it's not
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unusual to see bart's general manager talking to riders at stations. but today, in a story you'll only see on kpix5, we found her handing out apologies and free clipper cards in what looks like a public relations campaign. >> very grateful that the trains are running again. >> talks won't resume until monday. but the battle to win over commuters is already in full swing. >> it gives us a chance to win some trust back. >> we found bart general manager, grace, at the station shaking hands with commuters. apologizing for the bart strike and passing out free clipper cards. >> we got a little $5 clipper card. >> it seems like her strategy is working. >> she seemed interested in what i had to say. >> very good customer service. it's great. >> polling found people were almost twice as likely to size with bart, the management over
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bart workers. round one of the pr match, union zero. bart management one. the appearances at bart stations only seem to further that feeling. >> you think the unions are doing a better job getting their message across or bart management? >> i would say management. >> no matter who we asked, we got the same answer. >> that's a smart move and it's good for public relations. now what is the union going to do? >> that's coming from a woman who is a city worker and belongs to a union. riders told us campaigns aside, they want one thing to keep the rail running. >> i think 30 days aught to be long enough. >> union spokesperson told me by phone today that the unions are planning their own outreach campaign. that will start monday. >> thank you. the two sides have until august 4 to figure it all out, or those workers may go on strike
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yet again. >> checking other bay area headlines, another blow to the america's cup. tonight, italy's team says it may sit out sunday's race in a protest over rule changes. with a swedish boat out, that leaves the team from new zealand to compete. italy's appeal may be heard tomorrow. >> downtown danville is open for business once again after a water main break flooded the area. a 48-inch pipe ruptured near the street and hearts avenue last night. streets were flooded and homes lost water. but crews may prepare and have that mess cleaned up today. after officiating over 10,000 marriages, jim elig got to say his own vows. he married his partner today on the 26th anniversary of the day they met. today's ceremony was made possible by last week's supreme court decision. the bottle rock concert weekend in napa was considered
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a smash hit. but, it was not music to the ears for many vendors who catered the event in may. they have yet to get paid. instead, they have been handed iou's. sharon chin is at one restaurant where they are coming to the rescue. >> yeah, even stranger coming in to donate money. here at the restaurant, people are coming to show their support and save this business. >> it was a cool when they catered for bands at the music festival. now the couples on the brink of bankruptcy. because festival organizers still owe him $185,000. >> it makes me sick that the job of the century could just take eight years of hardwork and crash something that you
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built. >> so customers and friends are packing into the up and under pub and grill to keep the couple's business from going under. they took out personal loans last week to make payroll for their staff of 33. >> a lot of people depend on other people and they are letting him down. >> that's wrong. >> many customers credit up and under for revitalizing their neighborhood when it opened three years ago. >> it is very friendly. this is like a village. >> the attorney for the festival organizers would only tell me we are working hard to get additional funds. there are prospective investors. the goal is get everyone paid. he wants his money and the truth. >> show the folks. show the public. it's okay that you screwed up. you're supposed to screw up. >> in all, organizers reportedly owe about $200, covering everything from security and staffing.
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allen. >> all right, sharon chin in point richmond. i know it's hard for you to hear me, but thanks very much. exploding fireworks not in the sky, but on the ground. hear from the people who survived a very frightening fourth of july. >> a sound only a mother would know. duly testimony in the george zimmerman trial. how cries for help caught on tape took center stage. >> i think it just means that business is booming and you know, people need jobs. >> and a rosy jobs report, or is it? tell a different story. >> after seven straight days of temperatures over 100 degrees in our inland areas, the heat wave actually had something good about it. we'll talk about that in the pinpoint forecast as the news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of july celebration in venta county... people run for a terrifying scene at a fourth of july celebration in venture ray county. people running for cover when fireworks still on the ground begin exploding. 10,000 people were gathered for that fireworks display. cbs reporter on how the celebration turned to chaos.
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>> the show had just begun at 9:00 local time. when without warning, the fireworks ignited and started blasting into the crowd. 21-year-old, paulina felt the fireworks shooting into her back. >> all of a sudden, we see fireworks coming at us. my whole body completely collapsed. i couldn't move. i couldn't do anything. my body was shaking. >> three dozen people were hurt. many with burns or shrapnel wounds. one shells malfunctioned, leading to hundreds of other shells misfiring into the crowd. 16-year-old captured the chaos on his camera. >> i think i felt one of them going nearby me. everyone started running. so they wouldn't get hurt from the fireworks. >> today, fire investigators took to the air and the ground to try to figure out why the
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shells misfired. in the living room just across the street from where the fireworks launched. >> the whole house shook. i thought, we are under attack or something, but it was a loud boom. >> it shook. i mean, it could have probably threw me off the ground. i thought the windows were going to explode. but the house rattled it was so loud. >> kpix5. >> of the more than 2,000 fireworks shows that were set to go off last night, only 40% were lit. a bomb squad was called in to deactivate the rest. fireworks being blamed for killing a richmond couple severely burning their son as well. cell phone video shows a burning garage on 21st street where the couple slept. police say their 28-year-old son is developmentally disabled and may have accidentally set himself on fire playing with fireworks. the flames spread to the converted garage with the parents were sleeping. they died of smoke inhalation.
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their son is in the hospital with burn us over 100% of the body. you are probably certain you could identify the cries of your own child. two mothers in the george zimmerman trial made that exact claim. >> you know whose voice that was screaming in the background? >> yes, sir. >> whose voice was that? >> my son, george. >> zimmerman and sybrina fulton listened to the 911 call. a scream for help can be heard. both mothers took the stand saying it was their son crying in desperation. >> ma'am, that screaming or yelling, do you recognize that? >> yes. >> and who do you recognize that to be, ma'am? >> trayvon benjamin martin. >> zimmerman claims he shot martin in february in 2012 in self-defense. the prosecution rested its case today in the defense started presenting. court is going to resume on
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monday. the latest jobs report shows more people working, but what they are doing that is raising questions. employers added 195,000 jobs in june. far more than analysts expected. but the unemployment rate remains unchanged. kpix5's mark sayer on the numbers don't tell the whole story. >> your total comes to $39.68. >> a student at san jose state and a part-time employee at a downtown restaurant. >> i am a bartender and i also work the counter. >> she works between 20 and 30 hours per week and is happy to hear that hiring in her industry is picking up. >> i think it means that business is booming and you know, people need jobs these days. i mean, it's great for young adults like me, you know, more job opportunities. >> yeah, those are my favorite. >> she would definitely take more hours if they were
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available. after a crushing recession, the hotel, restaurant, and entertainment industry led the june jobs report with 75,000 new positions added, but the report shows 322,000 more americans who are working part- time would prefer to work full- time. bringing the total number of those desiring full-time work to 8.2 million. >> creating a mix of jobs. i think the important thing is, we are creating a good number of jobs below $50,000. >> michael is the former director of california's employment development department. he noted the growth of lower wage jobs in an earlier interview. >> since the great recession has continued to excel and certainly the numbers we've seen of the jobs created since february 2010 lead to a concern that a greater number are in lower wage sectors. >> there is a positive side to today's job numbers.
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wages are actually going up, even some of the lower paying sectors. reporting in san jose, i'm mark sayer, kpix5. >> that report did send investors on a tear. the dow closed up nearly 150 points. >> well, nothing like being slimed. well you swim. this massive algae bloom is taking over a beach. it has been growing for a month. now it covers more than 11,000 square miles. looks like salad. crews have been trying to cart it away, but the algae just keeps blooming. >> swimmers don't look phased by this. >> no. cleanup crews. >> i was just telling ann here a story about a couple weeks ago. i was swimming and all of a sudden i hit something and it was a 6-foot long rattlesnake. so, i wouldn't do well in that algae either. that story was scary enough the first time, roberta. >> now i'm swimming faster as a result of it all.
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i was swimming because it was hot and we were figuring out ways it beat the heat. you knew something good had to come out of this heat wave. let me show you something very interesting. he said that he shot this video from liver more in his backyard. using special equipment. he is a solar astromb astronomer. despite the heat. these conditions are excellent viewing conditions for observing our daytime star, which is the sun. remarkable video and thank you jim from liver more for sharing it with us. this is live. it is a picture looking out towards the bay bridge. we currently have overcast skies. we have the sea breeze that kicked in out of the west. up to 25 miles per hour. livermore, down to 58 degrees as we see that westerly kick inland. a good 50 miles. santa rosa, 57 degrees.
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our numbers tumbled. they dropped, down 30 degrees in dublin compared to yesterday when it was 103. pleasantton dropped 23 and santa clara dropped 15. down from 90 yesterday to 75. 78 today. redwood city. everybody unseasonally cool after seven straight dais of hot weather. so now what we all need to know. we have the low clouds and fog. it will produce overnight hours. tomorrow starting off gray and blue and the extended forecast calls for a typical summer-time weather pattern. very deep marine layer. 2,000 feet deep. it starts to retreat, but hangs tight. all day long with only some partial afternoon clearing at best. it is a robust ocean breeze out of the west, 15 to 20. so it's knocking back our temperatures, but comfortable for the county fair. if you're heading to san rafael
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tomorrow. 76 degrees. but blue skies once the clouds clear out. tonight, into the 50s with the localized drizzle. 57 degrees in oakland, alameda, 66 tomorrow in san francisco. otherwise 77 in san jose. low 70s in heyward. top number, 85, brentwood. otherwise low 80s as well as to the north. 75 degrees in mill valley and up stream. the warmest location at 90 degrees. here you go. the extended forecast calls for the warmest days. no big warmups until about the 17th or 19th of july. and it will be one day. >> one day, that's it? >> that's it. >> thanks, roberta. >> the royal birth expected at any minute. what they are lining up to bet on. ,,,,,,
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british bookmakers are taki bets on everythi they are taking bets on a royal arrival this weekend. british bookmakers are taking books from the baby's birthday to the baby's name. >> the red hot favorite -- particularly busy in the last few days and elizabeth, which would be the great sendoff. >> some are even betting on the baby's hair color. there is good money on ginger, like uncle harry. >> and on the subject of british hair. mcjagers has been sold to the largest bidder. paid $6,000 for a lock of his hair. his girlfriend sold it to benefit a charity in the uk that helps victims of
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disfigurement. rolling stones are on tour. jagger turns 70 three weeks from today. a lock of his hair? well, we know for now, dwight howard would like to play his next nba game and an embarrassing showing at home by the giants against the biggest rival. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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until he signs his name on the dotted line, he has until july 10. anything can happen. who am i talking about? give me a minute. the subject, dwight howard. nba free agent heavy weight. after waiverring through five teams. dwight howard announced he will take his talents to the houston
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rockets. contracts cannot be signed until the 10th. but with howard going to texas, what does that leave the warriors with? they picked up andre, four years, $48 million. to clear a cap space. they did trade jefferson and brandon rush to utah along with two first round picks. baseball in kansas city. best start of the year. 8 1/3, four strikeouts pitched into the 9th. finished it off and made history. his 40th straight save. for most consecutive. 86, royals 3. a 1-0 lead and that was giants baseball for the night. dodgers roughed up matt cain. former giant cleared the bases with a triple. ballpark record, 7rbi's for the night. they lead the giants 10-2 in the 9th. so it looks like another day. another loss with the boys in black and orange. >> it will be a long weekend?
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>> the way the giants are playing. >> that was a long time. >> thanks for joining us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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,,,, nk we are set.
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,,,, we have puzzles, string for cat's cradles. burned this last night. a little road trip cd. oh... puppets. oh... look at all this stuff. it's only seven hours. (michael) when corporate found out that we were dating, they decided they were gonna transfer holly back to her old branch in nashua, new hampshire. michael's taking a personal day to move me up.


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