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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 10, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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are focused on --besides the child. survivors of asiana flight 4 -- on a pilgrimage to the c site. wh their respects to a bay area toddler missing. >> why the chance to pay their respects to the victims is running out. >> 911 emergency. >> there's been a crash. >> waiting fr or rescue on the runway. the 911 calls from crash survivors that reveal how long it took for emergency crews to arrive. tonight the fbi, oakland police, and search dogs all looking for a missing 21 month old girl. the disappearance of daphne viola webb sparked an amber alert. her dad says someone took her from his car while he was in a convenience
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store in oakland. questions surround the father's version of what happened. >> reporter: almost 12 hours after daphne was reported missing, it seems the search has spread out from international boulevard where her father said she vanished all the way to the oakland hills where she and her father lived. tonight police are questioning the father. >> reporter: police and fbi agents swarm oakland with search dogs and helicopters, combing the estuary, then the home where 21-month-old daphne lived with her father, asking neighbors if they had seen the man and his little girl recently. >> if they can provide that information, that will happen investigators move the investigation forward. >> reporter: tonight police are questioning the father about how his daughter vanished from his suv around 11:00 am. he told authorities he left daphne in the car with her mother who
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suffers from dementia. when he came back -- >> my baby just got taken, and my mother's purse. >> reporter: this man says he seemed shaken. >> it appeared to be somebody who was going through something pretty tragic and not really knowing what to do. >> reporter: police said witnesses saw an african american woman carrying a child in the area. but later, police questioned his version of events asking neighbors when they had last seen daphne. >> when was the last time you saw her? >> two weeks ago. >> reporter: at the time , nothing seemed amiss. >> she was beautiful. full of life. >> just like any other father's daughter? >> yep. >> reporter: and police are talking to neighbors, and authorities are checking trash cans for evidence in the
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neighborhood. webb is not a suspect at this point. police are still treating this as an abduct. >> oakland police would like to hear from anyone who knows anything about this case. >> cleanup crews at sfo have begun picking up the pieces after the crash of asiana flight 214. they are removing small feeses of debris that -- pieces of debris that are not needed for the investigation. reboarded their buses.. and returned to their burlingame hotel. >> after about 20 minutes, this group reboarded the buses and returned to their hotel. we've already heard about the delay in evacuating the plane. but tonight, we're learning more about how long passengers had to wait for help. joe vasquez has some of their
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911 calls. >> reporter: as you might imagine, operators were inundated with calls out here saturday morning. perhaps the most striking, from passengers themselves. >> hello? >> hello. >> we are at the sfo international airport, and we just got in a plane crash. there are a lot of people that need help. is there anyway that -- an ambulance can be sent? >> you with a lot of the ambulances there? >> they are not. we have people over here who weren't found, and they're burned really badly! >> reporter: the passengers grow more emotional. while firefighters are focusing on dousing the flames, what the callers don't know is that the ambulances have been ordered to stay a distance away at a safe triage zone in case the plane explodes. >> we're at the airport, do you need help? >> yes, we just got in a plane crash, and there are a bunch of people who still need help, and there's not enough medics out here. there is a woman out here on the street, on the runway,
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who is pretty much burned very severely on the head, and we don't know what to do. she will probably die soon if we don't get any help. >> they're getting additional ambulances to you. >> there's been a crash at san francisco airport! there are people injured on the tarmac. seriously injured. >> we have reports of it. we're aware of the situation. >> there are no ambulances here! we've been on the ground 20 minutes already. >> there are critical injuries. hello? >> yes . i'm still here. >> you were on the plane, ma'am? >> yes, i was on the plane. we've been on the ground 20 minutes to a half hour. there are people laying on the tarmac with critical injuries, head injuries. we're trying to keep her alive. >> reporter: the fire department has not given us an official timeline. but eventually they did wave the
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ambulances onto the tarmac. was temporarily blinded by a bright flash of light on fil approach.. they won't confi that. the ntsb says the pilot says he was temporarily blinded by a bright flash of light on final approach. they won't confirm that. they also detailed the cockpit crew's schedule and says they were well rested. but they initially held off on evacuating the plane. >> the crew told the flight attendants not to initiate an evacuation. they were communicating with the tower about the emergency. the cabin manager made an announcement over the p.a. for people to stay in their seats. >> that order delayed the evacuation for 90 seconds until another flight attendant saw flames outside the plane. only then were passengers ordered out. when the shoots did deploy, two actually opened inside the
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cabin, trapping two of the attendants. why that happened is part of the investigation. kpix 5's sharon chin tells us how american flight crews are trained to jump into action. >> this flight attendant says he would have started evacuating the plane without the pilot's permission. >> reporter: it is standard procedure for flight attendants to ask the flight deck if it's okay to evacuate. >> some number of seconds would have been necessary for them to assess the situation and make sure that it wasn't more dangerous for them to immediately evacuate into an unknown situation than to remain on board. >> reporter: attendants can act on their own in an emergency though. >> for us, we can initiate an evacuation if we feel that the conditions warrant it. >> reporter: larry salas is head of the association of professional flight attendants at sfo. he says he would not have consulted the flight deck. >> a situation like that where
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you just crash landed, for us, that would be -- we're going to get out as quickly as possible and get our passengers out there as quickly as possible. the time to call, it just delays the whole process. >> reporter: based on interviews with six of the 12 flight attendants, are the ntsb says they asked pilots for permission to evacuate twice. once after landing when they were denied, then again when they saw fire outside the window. they got the okay 90 seconds after the crash. salas says the pilots may not have seen the damage in the cabin. >> i'm sure what they experienced in the front of the plane versus what was in the back of the plane was a big difference. >> he says flight attendants practice evacuation drills on a simulator every year, but they only go down the slide once during the first training unless they're in a real emergency. he is thankful in his 25 year
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career, he has never had to evacuate. at the opening of talks with china and washington today, vice president biden opened with remarks about the two chinese teenagers killed in the crash. i want to start by expressing my sadness, the sadness of the american people in the loss of two beautiful young lives, young chinese students in the asiana plane crash on saturday. our sympathize to their families, and to your country. >> biden called the loss of the young lives devastating. questions remain whether one of the girls was run over by an emergency vehicle. that very thing happened after another bay area plane crash in 1973. two planes collided in mid-air on approach to moffitt field.
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16 people aboard died. the only survivor was suckeded out of the navy plane -- sucked out of the navy plane and landed on the sunnyvale municipal golf course. a young student found him, assumed he was dead, and covered the body with the parachute. >> one one of the crash trucks from the base run over the parachute shroud. it didn't hit my body, but it straddled it over the parachute. they didn't see me! then i guess someone told him, hey, there's a body under the chute! >> he says he feels for everyone involved, including emergency responders. there are a dozen survivors still in the hospital tonight. three of the patients remain in critical condition. and there are two patients at stanford hospital, one in critical condition.
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first responders, flight crew members, passengers will revisit the heroes of the flight in a special program tomorrow night, 7:00 on kpix 5. overruled! >> the defense rests but not after a testy exchange. what the judge was forced to repeat three times. >> salvaging the celebration. how one engineer says the new bay bridge span can be opened this labor day weekend. >> and feds swarm three east bay campuses. why they descended on some neighborhood charter schools. >> on this cloudy night, we'll talk about a california and world temperature record that is 100 years old today! and we'll find out why our temperatures will continue to fall.
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first court appearance. in a room packed with survi, dzhokhar tsarnaev's (joh-ha the suspect in the boston marathon bomb beings made his first -- bomb being made his first court appearance. he faces 37 charges. he appeared with his arm in a cast and his
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face swollen. he smiled and blew a kiss to his family as he left. closing arguments begin tomorrow in the murder trial of george zimmerman. the defense rested today, but reporter susan mcginnis says not before a terse exchange with the judge. >> reporter: george zimmerman spoke up court wne only to tell a judge he would not be saying anything from the witness stand. >> what is your decision, sir? >> i'm confer ring with council not to testify. >> reporter: the decision ended a verbal battle between the judge and zimmerman's attorney. >> have you made a decision as to whether or not -- >> i object to that question. >> okay. overruled. have you made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in the case? >> i object to that question. i think that's -- >> overruled! the court is entitled to inquire if mr. zimmerman's wants to testify.
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have you made a decision as to whether or not you want to testify in this case? >> reporter: the defense wrapped up its case by using a manikin to demonstrate its version of zimmerman's struggle with trayvon martin. >> if trayvon had been backing up, and the defendant raised his gun and shot it 90 degrees -- >> reporter: each side will have three hours to present closing arguments. zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder. but the jury may be instructed to consider lesser charges. zimmerman's attorney says he put up a good defense, but his client remains very concerned. >> the state of florida is trying to put him behind bars for the rest of his life. >> reporter: the jury should get the case on friday. decides. the opening of the new bay brge span may trayvon martin's family is urging people across florida to remain calm no matter what the jury decides. the opening of the new bridge span may not have to be
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delayed. >> we can achieve seismic safety within a month's time. okay? and we don't have to wait until december. >> he is the chairman of the bay bridge review community. he says a temporary fix would involve "shimmying" or inserting bridges into the wedges. if caltrans wants to make the labor day deadline tneeds to -- it needs to start now. the fbi and irs swarmed the oakland campuses of the american indian charter school. part of a criminal investigation into alleged financial improprities. the defendant in the richmond
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high gang rape case showed little emotion in closing arguments today. they claim he raped a 16-year-old student at a school dance in 2009, then took pictures and urged others to join in. peter claims he left before the attack. he faces a life sentence if convicted. a new facility in san jose will be over one million square feet. the building will be ready to hold more than 2,000 employees by 2015. s in the waldo canyon burn area on wednesday, closing westbound u.s. highway 24 at manitou springs. >> it look like the fog was right where it was last night! >> it's moving. kind of like you're pouring soup into a bowl, and the bowl is the bay. >> it's a stew now. it's kind of thick . [ laughter ] >> who wants dinner! [ laughter ] >> it's chilly outside,
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mid-50s. the low cloud cover is spilling into the bay right now. our weather has so calm and so serene, other parts of the country weather has been a lot more severe. there was a big fire in the waldo canyon section of colorado. you can tell by looking at how dark the debris is. that's a car! half an inch of rain in ten minutes. big problems on us-24. nobody injured with that mud slide in colorado. something we're reporting here back on july 10th, 1913, exactly 100 years ago today, are the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth happened in california! 134 degrees. you guessed it, death valley. microclimate forecast for you tomorrow, not that hot. menloe park,
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beautiful clouds in the morning, afternoon sunshine. temperatures are falling because high pressure which gave us the warm weather away from the water is beginning to move away. the process began yesterday really getting cranky now. high pressure will be over oklahoma, kansas, and texas by tomorrow. . this is going to hang out for about a week. for a light to moderate onshore flow. more widespread morning cloud cover, and temperatures that will not be as warm, especially away from the water. the cool-down continues tomorrow. you'll lose 5 more degrees. clouds are already here, and they'll stick around longer tomorrow. the fog will be tough to shake until lunchtime. santa clara, 80. fog around valet row
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vallejo. warmer when you get farther north. extended forecast, we'll stay below normal for a couple days, warm up over the weekend, highs around mid-70s near the bay. a warning for parents who let their kids play with their cellphone! you're not going to believe when this little girl did. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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versus a stroller... but wet to tell you up front -- evee
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is fine. security cameras in frightening video of a mini-man versus a stroller. everyone is fine. security cameras in michigan shows a woman backing up her van right into a woman pushing her stroller. the driver starts to pull away unaware of what's happened but then stops, then the mother retrieves the stroller. mom suffered a scraped knee, but her 1-year-old son was not hurt. incredible shooed. this little girl's name is sarella. and thanks to her, her parents now have a broken down austin healy sitting around. she got her hands on her dad's cellphone. >> she decided to open up the e-bay app and start clicking around. now we own a car. [ laughter ] >> dad had no idea until he got
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it couldn't get any worse? oh, man. matt cain didn't see this coming. shortest start of his career! mets got him early . location issues. 2/3 of an no. before getting replaced. gave up 3 runs! giants facing zack wheeler. wheeler 7 innings, 5 strikeouts! giants swept at home, 7-2 the final. a giants pitcher was charged with lewdness after he allegedly groped a woman at a hotel seven months ago. francisco larriano, 6 strikeouts in 7 innings. pirates beat the a's for the first time ever! warriors picked up the
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