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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> breaking news. hundreds of people hit the streets in san francisco's mission district to protect the verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. a jury acquitted him in the killing of trayvon martin just a few hours ago. >> the verdict, we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> jurors found the florida neighborhood watchman, george zimmerman, not guilty of second- degree murder in the killing of teenager, trayvon martin. and the news prompted hugs and celebration among zimmerman's legal team and family, but a different reaction outside the courtroom. >> shock. complete shock. disappointment. >> heartbroken for trayvon's parents. me, as a parent, as a grandmother, got young
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grandsons coming up in society. this shouldn't have happened. >> good evening, the zimmerman verdict is sparking strong reaction all across the country, including here in the bay area. let's start with susan. >> reporter: ended last night at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. when a judge told george zimmerman he is free to go. >> the jury have you reached a verdict? >> after deliberating for about 16 hours, the jury in the george zimmerman trial came back with its verdict. >> we the jury find george zimmerman not guilty. >> while george zimmerman showed little reaction after the verdict was read, his wife started to cry. the defense says zimmerman is relieved. >> we are ecstatic with results.. george zimmerman was never guilty of anything. >> prosecutors thought they made their case. >> i'm disappointed, as we are with the verdict. we accept it. >> outside demonstrators were
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frustrated. >> justice was not served. that's why i'm upset. >> we are very disappointed, disheartened. i feel like george zimmerman got away with murder. >> zimmerman says he shot trayvon martin in self-defense during a confrontation last year. zimmerman targeted the 17-year- old. the case began as a local crime, but quickly made national headlines. raising questions about race, guns, and equal justice. zimmerman was initially let go under florida's stand your ground law. protests were held nationwide until he was taken back into custody. trayvon martin's parents who sat through the trial were not in the courtroom. a family attorney spoke on their behalf. >> for trayvon to rest in peace, we must all be peaceful. >> george zimmerman is now a free man. >> all six members of the jury said they were not interested in talking to the media. at least at this point.
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their identities remain protected by the court. in sanford, florida, back to you. >> susan, let me ask you. are the jurors saying anything yet? have they talked to reporters? >> all of the jurors have declined. they had us all fill out forms to send to every news organization. had to fill out six different forms asking them about interviews and every single one of them declined and their identities remain protected by the court as of now. so, certainly they will be talking at some point, but definitely they got out of there tonight. >> susan, thank you. all right, let's take you live outside. chopper 5 over san francisco. a little bit hazy because of the fog. this is the mission district where for a short time, they did have to close down the bart station as a precaution. this is a group called answer. the san francisco act now to stop war and end racism. they called for this rally tonight starting at 8:00 and as you see, here we are on the 10:00 hour and they are still continuing their protest.
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it appears to be peaceful. we have reporter, joe vasquez on the scene and we'll hear from him shortly. let's get local reaction to the verdict from the east bay. kpix5's kristen ayers with reaction which has been a subdued response so far. >> reporter: a couple people out here with their hoodies in support of trayvon martin. police had been gearing up tonight in some apartment buildings downtown were adding extra security, but ultimately, the protests here in oakland, small and peaceful. a small cluster of people gathered for an impromptu protest near city hall. they were holding banners, waving signs at passing cars and gathering around a small shrine for trayvon martin. the protest was solemn, but the people gathered told us they were frustrated, hurt, and angry. >> disgusted. absolutely disgusted. i mean, it's clear cut murder.
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it is first-degree murder. he stalked him down for however long it took before he decided to kill him. >> rage. not surprised. in pain. in pain for his family. for his community. pain, deep, deep pain and rage. got to end. >> one thing we know very well about oakland, it has a very rich history of protest and this will not be the only protest we see here. we are hearing there will be additional protest tomorrow at noon and at 4:00 p.m. in fact, we heard one of those protests will be at the bart station. this is, of course, the weekend that the movie came out. certainly some significance behind that protest tomorrow. we'll have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. >> kristen ayers in oakland, thank you. new tonight, san francisco police have identified the suspect in yesterday's shootings at the jury mart. 23-year-old, barry white has been charged with two counts of murder and seven counts of
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attempted murder. kpix5 talked with employees about the tragedy. >> i had gotten two phone calls almost simultaneously. >> one of scores of store owners who hunkered down in their shops after friday's shooting left two women dead and a man wounded. >> one was from my daughter telling me there was a shooting at my husband's building and the other was my husband just letting me know there was a shooting and he was okay. >> suspect then exited and went eastbound on the 800 block of brandon where he was engaged by three police officers responding to shots fired call. he produced a revolver, fired upon the officers. >> chief greg says the suspect ran into a restaurant, continued shooting. but before police returned fire, threw down his gun and surrendered. today the restaurant owner told
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us police asked them not to talk. a crew was cleaning up the crime scene, the jewelry store inside the building. but the talk says the jeweler was about the murder victims. women he refers to as the girls. >> everybody was praying for these girls. nobody was talking about anything else but about the girls. because we know girls. they are sweet people. >> merchants were locked out except for a few minutes to retrieve merchandise. he met charlotte murphy and peter mcguire with a sample wedding band. >> we had no idea what happened, but why here? what happened? why did someone come in? we are shocked as well. we have no idea what happened. >> but you're going to get the ring? >> oh yeah, of course. absolutely. >> he couldn't sleep last night. everyone is shocked. >> i saw my husband last night, i just hugged him and thank god he's alive. scary. >> in san francisco, don knapp, kpix5. >> police say the suspect had
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at least one business transaction with the owner of the jewelry store. robbery does not appear to be the motive. an illegal left turn is blamed for a muni crash that sent 20 people to the hospital. the crash happened around 1:00 this afternoon in evans avenue. the van and light rail train were traveling on third street when the van turned in front of the train. >> the driver of the muni bus has been interviewed. there's video on file with the muni. light rail vehicle as well as this particular intersection has a video monitor also. >> the crash caused major delays on muni's line. pg and e was called in to handle downed power lines. there's no life threatening injuries. remembering the victims of asiana flight 214. what we are learning about the third teen killed in the crash. and going head to head on
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the water. the america's cup first contest today. >> temperatures warmed up from 3 to 9 degrees around the bay area today. but now, low pressure means changes for tomorrow as we look live, we'll have the forecast for your sunday coming up after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the george zimmerman murder now let's take another look at the crowds as the protesters are angry about the not guilty verdict in the george zimmerman murder trial. right now, we are looking at protesters in oakland. kristen ayers has been reporting it has been very peaceful. a handful of people. but very quiet. they are planning other protests tomorrow. and this is a live look now at a memorial in sanford, florida. the 17-year-old was shot on february 26, 2012, and today the verdict came down at not guilty by six women jurors in sanford, florida, who say that george zimmerman acted in self- defense. so, he was found not guilty. this does bring into question the stand your ground indivisible are in a handful of
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states that allow people to use force legally if they feel they are using it in self-defense. a look at that memorial. but joe vasquez joins us from san francisco where there's an activist group that is organizing what it calls an emergency to protest. >> reporter: just across the street, the remnants of this protest. it has been going on for the last couple of hours. a group called the answer coalition, act now to stop war and racism has been marching through these streets. they called an emergency protest as they called it, immediately following the george zimmerman announcement of the verdict. now the police department is on hand. we have seen a lot of folks, cops on bikes, and other police officers in cars in the area. they said they had resources in place this weekend anticipating the verdict of the trial. and they said quote, they will facilitate citizen's first amendment rights as long as they are peaceful. now as we understand it, they
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just wrapped up for the evening, but they called for another demonstration tomorrow at 4th. make that powell and market street tomorrow. but my understanding is they have broken up. it is it for the night. there do not appear to be demonstrations that we have seen through the years that little groups break off and cause vandalism or violence. none of that. a peaceful demonstration here in the mission and it looks like it has concluded. >> joe vasquez, thank you. we have been hearing from people not happy with the verdict calling for peaceful demonstrations. whichever side you sided with, but here in oakland and san francisco, we have peaceful demonstrations and that is good. well we have learned the name of the third teenager killed in the asiana crash landing. chinese state media identifying her as lewy liu yipeng.
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>> as a solemn ceremony honoring the victims took place, off in the distance, today's asiana flight 214 from seoul to san francisco landed safely which reopened last night. standing on the shore facing the runway were the families of two of the high school girls killed in the crash. >> pray for the victims of asian airline tragedy. >> they were there to mark the moment one week ago when flight 214 came down. ye meng yuan and wang linjia were ejected from the plane. >> 14 passengers and crew members are still in the hospital. two are in critical condition.
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many of the other survivors are being isolated under tight security. at the airport crown plaza hotel where asiana airlines booked every room. the attorney is one of few outsiders who was allowed inside. >> they are scared. they are in this catch 22. i want to go home. i want to be with my family. i don't want to get on an airplane. >> some of the survivors say they are not getting clear answers from the airline. they have been given $400 in cash, but one week after the crash, their needs are far greater than that. what is back to normal is the runway where the jet crashed. it's back in business after crews repaired and repaved it. the wreckage of the plane sits on another part of airport property. having all four runways open means flights in and out of sfo are no longer being delayed. travelers we talked to couldn't be happier. >> there was obviously delays
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for the last few days, but everything seems to be clear now, our flight is on time. >> in the days after the crash, flights were diverted and that's no longer the case. hundreds of people survived the crash of asiana flight 214 thanks to the quick actions of flight attendants and emergency responders. hear their emotional stories in a presentation of our kpix5 special, the heros of flight 214. that's tomorrow after cbs sunday morning at 7:30. well, oakland has reached a deal that will give city workers their first raise in six years. the workers staged a one-day strike on july 1, but they agreed to negotiate. the new contract gives them a 2% raise this year and a 1% increase next july. the unions did not agree to new concessions the city asked for, including paying for health insurance and paying more toward their pensions. the first real race of the america's cup finally took
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place today. but kpix5's ann mackavic said there were doubts the contest would happen. >> it's a first today. >> first official two-boat race on the san francisco bay, head to head in ac72's. >> the first time ever, the two fastest around the course vessels that have ever existed on this planet. >> new zealand pulled out a decisive win. >> there are more boats in the race, but it looked amazing. >> today, we were lucky to have two boats. the whole event has been in question for weeks. first, the tragic death of andrew bart simpson in may. his team is still working on a new boat after the accident that killed him. the team forfeited this match. then there was a fight over boat design, which was finally resolved by an america's cup jury this week.
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una refused to sail because of it last weekend. so new zealand was the only competitor. this weekend, finally a real race. >> a speed that was unbelievable. >> and far from packing the marina green, those that came to see the race were impressed. >> arms length taking pictures, this is beautiful. >> boosting hope for the summer events. >> there's a lot of things that could go wrong. and it won't take much to go wrong for there to be a different winner. >> in san francisco, kpix5. >> and the winner of the cup will go on to challenge south floor mogul team u.s.a., which won the america's cup in 2010. mild conditions in much of the bay area today. here is brian in for roberta gonzalez with our pinpoint forecast. >> we had a nice day around the bay area today and more of the same for tomorrow with a
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few little changes. out the door tomorrow morning, more low cloudiness. earlier to clear today. tomorrow, not such luck. we'll have mostly cloudy skies. bay, partly cloudy skies. mostly sunny inland and a temperature around 9:00 about 60 degrees around livermore. if you are looking for something to do, california state fair is in full force in the central valley, sacramento expects it to be sunny and a hot and a forecast high of 94. on the other hand, talk about america's cup, 62 degrees off the marina green. it will be on the chilly side tomorrow, right close to the water. that's because that low pressure that is up there in the gulf of alaska is finally going to sink south a little bit. it was this high pressure that kept us warm, but that high will ease back toward the midwest. that will open up the door to migrate closer to the bay area. the numbers will come back tomorrow, so we gained 3 degrees. we'll get it back on sunday. it won't be quite as warm
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inland, but that's not saying much, we had temperatures in the 60s today. we have low clouds to start the day with. and pulling back to the shoreline about midday. so that by sunday evening, we'll be looking at mostly clear skies, but expect overcast to start the day. into the central valley, there's that 94 in sacramento. lake tahoe will be nice. mostly sun gnu skies and 83. and down at yosemite, 77 degrees. 67 and usual low clouds for monterey. forecast for tomorrow, oakland will hit 71 degrees. and san jose at 81. down in the south bay, we'll hit mid 80s for the most part. closer to the bay, cooler. 79 at san mateo. out in the east bay, napa hits 81 degrees for a high tomorrow and fair field 90 degrees. we'll have 85 at dublin. up in the north bay, nice. 70s will do it for the most part and up around the north it
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will be hot. 95 degrees if you go that far up 101. and santa rosa 78. a bit of a cooling trend between now and tuesday. temperatures will fall back into the 80s, but latter half of the week, warm it up again. so it looks like a good sunday. make it a great one. ,,,,,, ,,
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st. mary's hospital awaiting word of a royal newborn. when the time comes, the palace will announce the duchess of cambridge has been admitted to the hospital. when the baby is born, a note will be posted at buckingham palace. the giants were in san diego and they put on quite a show. not only did they win, but timmy did something no other pitcher has done in san diego. what was it? stick around to find out. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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diego.. tim lincecum just a something truely a .. start the minut what a giant night in san diego. tim lincecum just added something truly amazing to his resume. the sight of history, giants up 2-0 in the 4th inning when brandon just heaves off a two- run shot. giants are up 4-0 jets like that. tim lincecum, here he gets
10:27 pm
chase headley swinging. at one point, he struck out six hitters in a row and took a no- hitter. yeah, that's when hits one to left field. he wants to do this for his teammate, and he does. he makes the catch. >> high in the air and catchable. bran koa. >> and there it is. a no-hitter. the 7th in franchise history. tim lincecum joins the history books. jersey night, taking on the boston red sox. derek norris puts one over the wall. all the a's really needed. the count of 3-0. the big story of course, tim lincecum. >> and focused on the george zimmerman verdict and the trayvon martin case, that we weren't paying attention for a great night for tim lincecum. >> he was loving it.
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>> yeah, we need good news for the giants. >> that's it for us. good night. look at 'em.
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