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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 15, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. from the streets of oakland to the interstate protesters are showing up in droves to show their support for trayvon martin. >> we thought about it for hours. and cried over it afterwards. >> tearful testimony from one of the jurors in that courtroom. her first words to the public since the not guilty verdict. >> and one of the newly discovered beavers here in san jose. the ones everyone was excited about. one of them is in trouble. a live report coming up. and good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> it is the third night of the zimmerman verdict protest in oakland. just a couple hours ago, protesters spiled on to the freeway in downtown oakland. they blocked traffic for a bit before moving back on to oakland city streets. kpix5, kristen ayers is keeping
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an eye on things tonight. kristen. >> that's right. this time things are different than they were. this time police are making arrests as you said, protesters are climbing on to freeways at this point. the crowds are large and the protesters seem bolder. within hours, thousands of marchers had taken to downtown oakland. they stormed interstate 880 marching against traffic. bringing cars to a standstill. police moved in, making several arrests. they forced protesters off the freeway. but they were forced to call in highway patrol, a sheriff deputies. they're reaction today, a far cry from the first night of protests. we learned there were only eight officers on streets in
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downtown oakland. a small group of vandals broke off from a larger protest. smashed windows and set trash on fire in the street. >> we are tired of people. mostly people from outside the city just trashing the downtown every time they feel like they want to say something. >> tonight, we saw oakland police chief patrolling. he admitted police were blind sided by the verdict. they didn't make one arrest that night. >> we weren't expecting a verdict until this week. so, we weren't able to bring in additional staffing for saturday night. >> he upped the number of officers last night and cut the amount of vandalism drastically. tonight, he hopes to do the same. >> hopefully, we are able to be successful tonight as we were last night. >> city hall is quiet now as you can see, this is where the protest started. we are hearing reports the protesters have splintered into groups and some vandalism happening tonight. one of our own trucks was
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broken into. anyone in the public that has video to turn it over. live in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> all right. it's a quick look at the chopper there looking down at the scene. we'll keep you updated on that. also tonight, we are hearing from one of the jurors who found george zimmerman not guilty. zimmerman may still face a federal civil rights case and he has been in seclusion since his acquittal on saturday. his attorney says zimmerman will also request to have his gun returned. the one he used to shoot trayvon martin. tonight, the juror told cnn it was a gut wrenching decision. >> i want people to know that we put everything into everything to get this verdict. we didn't just go in there and say, we're going to come in here and do guilty, not guilty. we thought about it for hours
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and cried over it afterwards. >> the juror said the decision came down to the final seconds right before zimmerman fired his gun at trayvon and she firmly believed he feared for his life. after the six women on the jury voted not guilty, they broke down in tears. also tonight, the teenager who was on the phone with trayvon minutes before he died gave her first interview this evening. >> he was a calm, chill, loving person. loving family. definitely his mother. and a good friend. rachel was supposed to be the star witness for the prosecution, but many people questioned whether her testimony helped or hurt the prosecution's case. and tonight, we are getting a look at what happened to a well-known bay area musician who wanted to honor trayvon. what one woman in the audience
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did. saturday night at the heyward blues festival, as lester chambers sings a song he dedicated to trayvon martin, a woman leaps on to the stage. she smacks down the 73-year-old rock and soul singer. several band members and fans tackle and make a citizen's arrest. >> you're okay, right? >> we're going to pray. >> tonight at the petaluma home, chambers shutter at the video. chambers has bruises on his ribs and all over his body. he must now walk with a cane. >> she came with a force that was like, boom. and just blew me backwards. anger and for the short time i did fear, she just screamed. you started this. boom, you know. i was down.
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>> chambers, cofoirnd of the chambers brothers was singing about love and peace as a tribute to trayvon. he told the audience why he chose the hit, people get ready. >> he sang, people get ready, there was a train coming and if he was here today singing it, he would prefer probably that we would say, people get ready, there's a change coming. >> officers say 43-year-old suspect, andrews potter of barstow refused to talk to police. she was sited and released. chambers has a new album coming out, but he is too afraid to do live performances to promote it. but not afraid to offer the suspect forgiveness. >> i would say to her, get a little god in your heart. and let a little love come out of your soul. >> in petaluma, kpix5. aside a suspicion of battery, she wants the suspect charged with a hate crime.
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they hope to turn the case over tomorrow to the d.a. who will decide to add other charges. asiana airlines will sue ktvu channel 2. this is because of the bogus list of pilot names that ktvu reported on friday. it quickly went viral. ktvu apologized, but the bogus named which were racially insensitive damaged the airline's reputation. tonight, no comment from ktvu. and 83 passengers on the asiana flight that crashed are suing boeing, the manufacturer of the 777. a chicago law firm is representing them and says it will soon file more lawsuits against asiana and other companies involved with the 777. san francisco jewelry's mart reopened its doors after a weekend investigation. suspects, barry white, jr., was in the store when he killed two women and stabbed a man. police also say it was a random
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act. not a robbery. tenants of the building wore pink ribbons in memory of the women who were killed. three masked robbers rammed their car into a jewelry store and took off with more than $100,000 in merchandise. it took them less than four minutes to clear out the cay jewelers. they used sledge hammers. they drove away in two vehicles. new at 10:00, there's a lot of worry about a beaver in san jose's guadalupe river. why this little guy needs some help and needs it fast. kit. >> reporter: we are talking about the beaver that is nicknamed mama beaver. she has a piece of garbage that is tightening around her waist. they have been looking for her for a week. within the last 30 minutes, they have spotted her. she is alive and they have asked us not to shine our lights on to the water, because that might spook her away. they want to get ahold of her. there is good news in what has
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been a worrysome week. >> they knew something was wrong when a wildlife camera captured the beaver waddling around. look closely and you'll see something attached to her body. >> she had a large protrusion, it almost looked like a stick. and she was limping when she was walking. >> the branch had fallen off, but now you can see it clearly. >> she had a plastic packing strap around her waist. and yeah, we haven't seen her since. >> gray, with the urban wildlife research project has been using hidden cameras ever since they were discovered in march. until these guys, beavers hasn't been seen since the gold rush era. a team of wildlife experts have been searching the river. setting traps and using cameras, but she hasn't been seen for more than a week. if that stays on, one of the rivers first beavers in 150 years will likely survive just
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a little while longer. >> what does your gut tell you about whether or not she is dead or alive? >> i don't want to be hopeless, so i'm hoping she's alive. >> is that a propane tank? >> that is a propane tank and that's not an uncommon sight. >> it snakes more than ten miles. past high-tech companies, neighbors, and homeless encampment. the troubled beaver is a reminder to keep it clean. >> it's depressing to see an animal in distress and being prohibited from living its life. >> an update to the story, mama beaver has been spotted alive. they say she is moving a lot slower and she does appear to be getting weaker. live in downtown san jose. >> after more than a decade of complaints, paint makers could soon be forced to pay up big time for something found in millions of california homes. >> hello mr. yacamodo.
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>> high-tech shopping not just for the retailers. using your smart phone to trap you. a six-year-old boy stuck under 11 feet of sand makes it out of live. what was key to his survival. >> sunny skies this afternoon, but temperatures inland. didn't make it to 80 degrees. 78 for fair field. napa only 74. and we're not done with the cooldown yet. find out how low the temperatures will go coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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against paint manufactur ten california cities and counties filed a billion dollar lawsuit against paint manufactures. they want the manufactures to remove lead paint from millions of california homes built before 1978. an oakland man says his son lost his hearing after eating a paint chip full of lead. the paint industry argues that it never deliberately sold harmful products to consumers and old paint is no longer significant public health risk. the nsa might be tracking our phone calls and e-mails. now retailers are also getting into the surveillance cam. kpix5 shows us how stores are keeping a close eye on our
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shopping habits. >> in the movie, minority report, tom cruise has a chip embedded in his head that among other things, ties into sensors at futuristic stores. >> welcome back to the gap. >> that is just science fiction, right? >> we are a lot closer than this than anybody realizes. >> here's what you may see when you walk around a department store. here's what others see. >> the comprehensive solution for gathering in store performance data. >> you walk in and they can tell you your sex, how long you spend where, what you're looking at, what you buy. >> if you're not looking happy and they contract that you buy chocolate, when you are maybe coming into the store at a certain time of day, they can send you a coupon to your phone that says hey, feeling down? how about some chocolate. >> retail analyst says technology is there, maybe a while before it is ramped up into use. >> creepy. stalking actually. >> i don't think it's creepy because i think that shopping
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in general is changing. >> they track you online, of course, when you shop. they know what you bought, when you bought it, how much you spent. should it be that much different for brick and morter shopping? these must be popular products. a retile psychologist that says such technology not only helps businesses, but customers, too. >> how do we arrange them in the store so their movement through the store gives them exposure to additional products in which they might be interested. >> and where is some of the stuff coming from? one successful startup is russian. >> now the use in technology for surveillance, it was developed by soviet, kgb, and by different government agencies to now filter that into the commercial land to use that surveillance to make money. >> cold war has turned in to help making cold, hard cash. mike sugarman, kpix5. >> paul is here. we've been tracking the weather. actually, paul has been
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tracking the weather >> one day. >> wouldn't be the weather tracker then. >> well yes. bad idea. bad idea. we don't want that. no. we need to be surprised. or not surprised because i'm here. here's a peak outside. don't be surprised when you wake up to fog, low cloud cover tomorrow. there will be plenty of it to go around. take a look at what's going on around the country. monsoon season in arizona. many of you vacation down there, maybe go down to the arizona area because of spring training. this is summertime, that's a big dust storm rumbling through. the thunderstorm actually causing this could be 50 miles away from the city, but here comes the dust storm causing big-time problems in the phoenix area earlier today. let's talk about what we have going on around here. we have active weather going on and temperatures have been dropping. temperatures that were in the 90s a couple days ago. are now down to the upper 70s away from the water.
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let's take a look at our inland temperatures. look at livermore. as high as 92. droned a whole lot more today because we have a stronger on shore flow and we will bottom out temperature wise tomorrow. only 68 for hillsborrow. temperatures begin to rebound back to 72 degrees. all of this change, this cool change, the cloudy change because of a stronger on shore flow. the area of low pressure causing this will make its closest pass tomorrow. that on shore flow begins to weaken as high pressure builds in. that will get us warmer and sunnier. you'll see a big change between the beginning of the week to the end of the week. a cloudy start, warming up on wednesday. most of that warming will be inland and temperatures will get back above average by thursday. looking at low to mid 90s thursday through saturday. back to the mid 70s near the bay and that's where we'll stay. one more chilly day tomorrow before we warm back up toward the end of this week. >> we'll take it. all right, thank, paul. a six-year-old boy who was
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buried in sand for hours is in critical condition at a chicago hospital tonight. >> his grsaanat it's a miracle the boy is alive and cbs reporter, jerica duncan shows us he's getting stronger every day. >> doctors say a six-year-old boy buried under 11 feet of sand is doing remarkably well. nathan has sand in his lungs and is sedated, but moving his arms and legs. >> he is improving every single day. we hope to have the breathing tube out by the end of the week. >> nathan was walking on a sand dune when he disappeared. the sand swallowed him up. the boy's father and family friend tried to rescue him. >> they frantically began to dig to get him out. and as they dug, he went deeper and deeper. >> friends called for help. >> 911. >> my friend got stuck in a sand dune and he's under the
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sand and we can't get him out. >> rescuers used their hands, shovels, and excavating equipment. more than three hours later, they found nathan. >> i was talking to him like i talk to my owson. everybody started breaking down and emotions were high. >> rescuers think the boy survived in an air pocket. he was still in the standing position. nathan's grandfather says the six-year-old is a typical boy who loves to be outside. >> we believe god spared him for a reason and so we are very confident that god will give us back nathan whole. >> doctors don't think nathan has any brain damage, but he might have long-term breathing problems. kpix5. >> wow, doctors think nathan could be out of the hospital in ten to 14 days. i rolled over, i woke up this morning and i said yeah, that really happened yesterday. >> one musician's misfortune
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turned into a big fan's dream come true. how a broken bike brought the two together. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bay area commuters will soon have a new two wheeled option for getting around. memberships are now on sale for the bay area bike share program. starting next month, members will have access to hundreds of bicycles at docking stations in
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five bay area cities. the cost is $9 for a day pass or $88 for a whole year. one stranded cyclist was at the right place at the right time over the weekend. >> so, we saw them on the other side of the road and we pulled my car in here and he picks his bike up and throws it up here. >> a dave matthews fan was on her way to a concert in pennsylvania. when she and her boyfriend spotted the star on the side of the road. apparently the back tire of his bike had popped and he didn't have a cell phone to call for help. so they happily gave him a lift. >> we didn't know how to make conversation with him. so we were talking about his tour and stuff and where he had come from and they had been in cincinnati and he said, i'm taking a short break after this one because i have to drop my daughters off at camp and you know, he is just a very humbled guy. >> >> matthews invited them to
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dinner and backstage. the singer signed their tickets saying, thanks for the ride. >> i'd rather that happen with barry manilow or something. >> a thrilling last round of the derby. next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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he "was" invited to the homn derby, and he stole the the clock!!! a's slugger did not make the all-star team, but he was invited to the home run derby and he stole the show.
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no cuban player captured the home run derby. he was facing young bryce harper. he hit a home run 502 feet when he was 16 years old. this one, 541 feet and he would launch number 8 in the final round. he comes to the plate. each player had eight home runs and here's what happened. >> oh, and he wins it. back, back, back. has won the home run derby. >> cuban missile launched nine out. 23 home runs total to beat bryce harper. he dedicated the victory to his four-year-old son. the queens native agreed to a two-year deal with over $3 million. the lakers owe him $7 million
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next year. but the story, the second half. >> absolutely. >> thanks for watching. i'll see you at 11:00 on kpix5. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here are our final actual costs for this year. okay. as you can see, we did pretty well. yes, yes, i can see... you can see clearly on this page that we have a surplus of $4,300. mm-hmm, okay. but we have to spend that by the end of the day or it will be deducted from next year's budget. why don't you explain this to me like i'm five.


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