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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  July 16, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PDT

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. in oakland community group targeted by vandals during a protest. who they think was behind it. >> who took 21 month old daphne webb, and what her family has to say and why they need your help now more than ever. we have excellent video of the defendant in a very calculated way. >> we have details about a brutal attack. authorities now say one of the victims could have made it out alive. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich. >> and i'm ken bastida. from the violent crowds to cleanup crews, oakland crews are trying to pick up the pieces tonight. kristen ayers shows us the costly aftermath of protests, but kristen, is protests really
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the right word tonight or is it mayhem? >> ken, the mayhem usually starts after the people protest. that's what these police officers are waiting for right now. and if you look over here, you can see how that usually winds up. vandalism and it's not just targeting banks and other corporations. the vandals that set their sights on nonprofits and computer organizations. >> she was there. >> he is putting the finishes touches on a story about trayvon martin and oscar grant. >> the greatest take away from the martin case is not everyone looks at young black men as human beings. >> youth radio is where kershaw grew up. >> it's about amplifying the youth voice and making sure voices are heard. >> there's always a story to tell. there's always a story to tell in downtown oakland. >> the place that taught him how to be a journalist became
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the story. someone smashed the windows of youth radio, in the aftermath of the trayvon martin protest. a storm, executive director says that turned against youth radio last night at the hands of a vandal. >> more than likely, he was not from oakland. if you're from oakland, you're aware of the community institution that youth radio is. >> that may be the problem. of nine people arrested during last night's protest, oakland police say a majority did not have oakland addresses and perhaps, no way of knowing that youth radio exists to tell the stories of young people of color. >> youth radio does so much for community. the people in the community fighting for justice know. >> despite the vandalism, summer classes started. cleaned up the mess themselves. >> only thing we can do is to put boards over our win dose at this point. >> and get back to telling their story. >> for youth radio.
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>> and tonight, we have a slow gathering of protests continuing out here at franco gowa plaza. police and protesters getting together. not clear what will happen, but what could happen is more broken windows. looking at a $15,000 bill to catch theirs, ken. >> youth radio is supported by a lot, but how are they going to come up with the money to replace those windows? >> reporter: they haven't kicked off a way to raise money, but people have been encouraging others to reach out and donate on their website. they raised a couple thousand dollars so far. >> let's hope for the best on that. kristen ayers in oakland, thank you very much. l.a. police geared up for another night of protesting there, but so far, we are hear things are peaceful tonight. any demonstrations tonight would mark the 4th night of what has become violent protests since george zimmerman was acquitted. l.a.'s top cop is promising a
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much tougher response. >> those of you that were here last night and came for the wrong reasons, if you come here again tonight, you will go to jail. >> chief beck vowed to keep the streets clear and by late this afternoon, hundreds of officers were being sent to south l.a. >> and we are hearing more from a juror in the zimmerman trial. juror b37. tonight, she tells cnn's anderson cooper, the jury thought zimmerman had no choice. >> 101% that he was -- that he should have done what he did except for the things that he did before. >> you mean, he shouldn't have gotten out of the car? he shouldn't have pursued trayvon martin, but in a final analysis. in the final struggle. >> when the end came to end, he was justified in shooting trayvon martin. >> four other jurors are speaking out about juror b37. in a statement, they said she
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does not speak on their behalf. >> as we confirmed last spring, the justice department has an open investigation into it. now -- [ applause ] while that inquiry is on going, i can pre e department of justice will consider all available information before determining what action to take. >> u.s. attorney general, eric holder, speaking to the naacp convention in orlando earlier today. the white house says president obama will play no part in the justice department's decision. tonight, the san francisco naacp is pushing for a civil lawsuit to bring zimmerman back to court. >> this is our criminal justice system is crooked. >> yeah. >> it needs to be straightened out. >> naacp calling for the rally outside of san francisco city hall in a response to saturday's not guilty verdict.
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the protesters set out along market street. they wanted to call attention to the second anniversary of a lis shooting that left a 19- year-old man dead. kenneth was 19 years old on parole and a person of interest in a murder when he ran from muni and inspectors pulled a gun and started firing at officers. police shot and killed him. it has been a week since toddler, daphne webb was reported missing. we heard from her family today, but one important person was not there. >> they prayed and then daphne's family asked the public to help her. >> these two days have been a nightmare for any parent, and for me as calfny's grandfather. >> grandfather said no one in the family would be answering questions. noticeably absent, the child's father, john webb, who told
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police someone kidnapped daphne. the family expressed their doubts about webb through the class kids foundation. asking for anyone who has seen the father with daphne in the past two weeks to come forward. >> it implies that you suspect the father of having something to do with her disappearance. >> it implies we need to find people that have soon seen the child over the course of the last few weeks. that's what it means. i i that there are a lot of suspicions out there and they need to be confirmed or alleviated. >> he is not a suspect in her disappearance. but nothing has been ruled out. in oakland, kpix5. >> family set up a website, find baby daphne. family and friends will gather tonight for a vigil at 6:30 p.m. outside the store where daphne
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reportedly went missing. kpix describes the evidence prosecutors say they now have. >> just him? okay. >> seen the coverage on television of shootings of the jewelry mard and heard two women were killed. >> so, described the family's loss after 23-year-old, barry white of antioch appeared in court, charged with two counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. >> we actually have excellent video of the defendant and a very calculated way. worried about stabbing and killing people. >> d.a. says surveillance video shows a cold, calculated murder. >> you can see him going behind into the back room.
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of course, the police later on finds one female dead and the man critically wounded. they are being shot, they are being stabbed. >> the other woman had a chance to flee for her life. >> she hears the shot, turns, look, and in her confusion and panic, actually runs a few feet spue the store eninstead of the store and walks coldly up to her. >> with his own? >> we can see her down to the ground and you can actually see her dying. >> in san francisco, kpix5. >> barry white is being held without bail. he'll be back in court july 24. all right, do you know what is in your yogurt? why some consumer watchdogs are calling on one company to keep it hard. >> it's hard to find any type of work, period. >> if you're looking for a job, gets a little bit larger.
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>> and we now know cory monteith died after using too much heroin and drinking too much alcohol. what we may never know because police won't ask. >> one of the coldest afternoons since mid may. martinez at 75 a. big-time warmup is coming. find out how toasty we'll get, next. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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our food supply has a new moving to keep genetically modified organisms from our food supply has a new strategy tonight. >> besides trying to ban them outright, they are now trying to get you think differently about certain popular products. >> the latest company to feel the heat is greek yogurt. gmo opponents are targeting the company's use of the word, natural and real. here's chobani's ceo. >> it's real. you don't have to say much about it. >> a billion dollar company and the country's number one yogurt says it cannot guarantee the grain fed to the cows is not genetically modified. so, gmo inside has launched a
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campaign asking how natural is that? and is calling on chabani to stop using natural and real in its marketing. >> i can label it natural and it can kill somebody. >> they are safe. in november, voters did not pass prop 37. a bill that would have required corporations to label gmo foods. watchdog groups are taking a bottom up approach. >> it can fight them all. so i don't think it's a battle they will win. >> issued a statement saying, we do not claim to be gmo free. according to some, doing so would require us to ensure the feed to 78,000 cows across 875 farms is 100% gmo free. we know that this is important to our consumers and promise to take great care in exploring all options. >> little things like this add up. all the chemicals add up. >> until then, customer will think twice about buying
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chobani. >> you can't post on your package that it's all natural because you don't know. >> kpix5. >> chobani says ingredients are more expensive and working with suppliers to come up with the best solution. tomorrow morning, city of san jose will start setting traps for the guava fruit fly. fruit stand owner found the swarm of flies in front of his yard. it is not native to california and the city wants to kill them off before they do serious damage to california agriculture. >> the fly can't fly here from india or pakistan. but it can be transported in the fruit. the eggs would hatch and they are like maggots. >> and the traps they will set out contain a sticky substance that attracts the flies. >> amazon is building a megashipping center in tracy.
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that means amazon will need lots of people to work there. trey son manager says there will be at least 1,000 workers. some people are looking at this as a great opportunity. >> we do need lr person and accounting staff to support these jobs. >> right now, it's hard to find any type of work, period. >> amazon hopes to open october 1, just in time for the holiday shopping season. looking to upgrate that iphone? a new cell phone more often for a small fee. gives customers a new phone every year if they pay an additional monthly charge instead of paying for the device upfront. tonight, early toxicology tests are back on actor, cory monteith. duncan tells us that monteith's demons came back to haunt him. ♪ [ music ]
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canadian medical examiners say they now know what killed 31- year-old "glee" star, cory monteith. >> that cause of death was a mixed drug toxicity, it involved heroin and alcohol. >> the coroner's office did not reveal how much heroin was in his system or how it got there. the actor was found dead over the weekend. the staff discovered his body after he missed his checkout time. monteith became a breakout star playing finn hudson on fox's "glee," but his real life demons caught up with him. first, receiving treatment at age 19. monteith returned to rehab earlier this year. police have con clirmed their investigation. they have no plans to look into who providedman teeth with the heroin. >> there was no foul play. this was a an overdose. >> coroner's office is continuing its investigation and will issue a full report.
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cbs news. the production on fox is musical show is supposed to resume. no word on how the network will handle the absence of one of its main characters. >> after one of the mast naughts reported this problem. >> i feel a lot of water on the back of my head. >> apparently, his space shoot sprung a water leak. it happened in the first hour of the six-hour trip at the international space station. >> a suit is the only keep from keeping you in the space. danger in your helmet, you worry about the crew mean f not being able to breathe. >> the as in and out was able to make it back safely. today's space walk has not been reskeed yuled. >> swung a leak. not good.
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>> when you're in space -- >> yeah, it works when you're 21 miles above earth. >> there you go. >> we were in one of the coolest spots. that marine layer went inland. a look behind. it's already cloudy and concord and already collude di in livermore. lots of cloud cover moving in. big heat wave baas east. 96 in d.c. 93 for boston. apparently, it's so hot, people are losing their mind. let me show you video. this one gentleman here caught wrestling a shark. why not? you're going fishing at the beach, he saw a shark, he decided to wrestle the shark and let it go. i don't suggest doing that at home, but that gentleman did it and of course somewhere was there to record it. look at sacramento. one of the coolest spots in the country and that would be
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warmer than any place. tomorrow things begin to change. more thanking clouds again tomorrow, but the sun will come out earlier. high of 84. 91 in pleasant hill coming up on thursday. so we add this strong, thick marine layer. strong low pressure offshore, shoving that marine influence inland and giving us a lot of high pressure. that means inland areas will warm up and be in the 90s for several days, starting thursday. it's lots of clouds, but sunnier finish, and that warming trend almost last through the weekend. we are still below normal. average is 44. heyward 70. 85 for walnut creek. 75 for mill valley. 65 for san francisco and right around 90 for lake port. extended forecast, we hit our stride on thursday and through the weekend, mid 70s near the
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bay. mid 90s inland. note to self, don't wrestle sharks. >> business booming for the bay area wedding stria. how much the entire state is supposed to gain from same-sex marriage ceremonies? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ast month.. and a number of applications for marriage licenses has doubled in the past month.
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that has lots of businesses ready to pop up the bubbly. >> oh yeah, ucla study found over the next three years, california could gain about $500 million in new business from same-sex couples across the state and elsewhere. >> we have been getting calls from couples in alabama, utah, arizona, all these places where same-sex marriage is not legal yet. >> there's no question it's going to have a positive impact on california's economy and san francisco, very specifically. >> 780,000 same-sex couples living together would walk down the aisle. forbes estimates the wedding industry would walk away with an additional $10 billion with a b. billion dollars in revenue. >> i'm dennis o'donnell, why he may be sleeping a little better tonight and a sendoff in new york. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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star games and tonight was s last. and in a very classy move, rivera was given a pr send off at rivera has been to 13 all- star games. and a very classy move. rivera was given 5% off. give us the clock. national league squad, a feeling he knows too well. he walked a runner, but struck out andrew to preserve a 2-0 lead. indian's second baseman was the only player to drive in a run
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with a base hit. 3-0 american league in the 8th inning. and then came the moment. rivera was summoned from the bullpen in the 8th inning. he was the only player on the field when he warmed up. and his final all-star appearance, he pitched a perfect inning. he also got the game's mvp and a cor corvette to go with it. 20 players expected to be suspended after the all-star break. but, according to major league's leader. both won't happen until next year. that is great news for calone. >> for the world cup next year, u.s. playing costa rica. the only goal, u.s. advances, where they will now play. i am trying to produce, don't believe this will happen. i'm going to convince the news director to send me to brazil for the world cup. >> i think it can.
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>> could not. >> i was just going to say that. >> it could. have a good night. look at 'em.
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