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president obama reacts to t death of former south afric pr this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> lost one of the most influential, courageous, and profoundly good human beings that any of us will share time with on this earth. >> president obama reacts to the death of former south african president, nelson mandela. he died today at his home after a long illness. he was 95. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. the crowd is still outside nelson mandela's house. this video was taken a few minutes ago. people have been chanting, singing, and dancing all through the night. it has not stopped. it was mandela who transformed the country into what it is today. martin luther king, jr., had a dream. some say nelson mandela dreamed it. he became one of the greatest civil rights icons of the last 50 years and it cost him almost three decades of his life in a
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jail cell. vanita on the man who earned the admiration of millions. >> and one wonders what must be passing through mr. mandela's mind at this moment. >> after 27 years in prison, nelson mandela walked into freedom. against all odds, the leader of a rebellion became the leader of national unity. mandela's decade-long rebellion turned him into a freedom fighter, an international hero. >> i fought against white domination. i have fought for every family. >> mandela was born into a privileged family. he supported nonviolence. he became a lawyer and opened the first african law firm. in 1960, mandela turned militant.
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>> there are many people who feel that it is useless for us to continue talking nonviolence. >> mandela loved up to his name, troublemaker, repeatedly challenging authority. he was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government and sentence to life in prison. he was cut off from the outside world, but mandela's message and movement endured. his wife became his unofficial ambassador. finally, in 1990, nelson mandela was freed. >> mandela became south africa's first black president and crafted a new constitution. he preached reconciliation and never spoke of retribution. mandela became a larger than life figure with rock star status, celebrity, and world leaders came calling. he won the nobel peace prize and traveled the world
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repairing south africa's image and promoting tolerance. mandela and his wife divorced in 1996. he later remarried. age slowed him down. he retired from public life, but continued to welcome dignitaries from around the world to his home. in june, he was rushed to the hospital with a lung infection and stayed for three months. family members say he fought to stay alive. he eventually went home, but remained in critical condition. nelson mandela was 95 years old. cbs news. >> and the tributes tonight are coming in many forms. atop the white house flag is flying at half staff tonight. like wise, the state capital in sacramento. california was one of the leaders in the antiappar tide movement. it discouraged people from investing in south africa. it was that support that earned the state a visit from mandela four months after he was released from prison more than 70,000 people packed the
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oakland coliseum in june of 1990 to see him. mandela thanked them for their support and the on going struggle to end segregation in south africa. >> the movement in california has strong roots in the east bay. in fact, it started there. kristen ayers spoke to a local lawmaker who was a part of it. >> a loan rose left at an oakland monument memorializing nelson mandela and a host of other humanitarian giants. >> it is you, the people of oakland, the people of the bay area, who have given me and my delegation hope to continue to struggle. >> it was no accident that nelson mandela made oakland the final stop on his 1990 u.s. freedom tour. >> the east bay was a center of a lot of the effort to try to change the south african regime and get rid of appar tide. >> then rob dellums was the
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first to introduce legislation in 1972, the city of berkeley became the first in the nation to divest from south africa. >> in the 80s, the movement on the campuses really began in force. >> assemblywoman was part of that movement. sit ins and mass arrests at uc berkeley to force the campus to cut ties with corporations linked with the appar tide regime. the board of regions voted to digress. mandela's visit was emotional for the east bay. >> i will never, ever forget it. ever. >> skinner says south africa's hard fought victory was one the east bay shared. >> it was so thrilling that we americans, that we east bay residents could have been part of something with that kind of global impact. >> in oakland, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> another bay area politician involved, willie brown. he served as the host when mandela made his bay area visit in 1990.
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>> there are some bay area services to honor nelson mandela. the group are both in the planning stages. the memorial church plans to hold its service this sunday. and you can see mandela's life in pictures and president obama's full remarks on our website, >> check out these people trying to keep warm. they are dressing in sweaters, heavy coats, hats. hugging puppies whenever possible. paul has been out there tonight. it has gone below freezing. >> it was 39 at 6:45. and my dogs are running outside doing his business, coming right back inside very quickly and efficiently. these are your current temperatures. here we go again. we are below freezing in petaluma and fair field and morgan hill. antioch one degree above freezing. widespread freeze warning, it may be a degree or two warmer, but we'll spend several hours below 32 degrees. widespread sub freezing temperatures. one of the few exceptions will
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be the city of san francisco. upper 30s, we set 13 record lows earlier today. we'll set more tomorrow morning. 28 for livermore. 28 for santa rosa. redwood city, 34. it's not just the cold, we have a low pressure area moving in and that means when you combine them with the cold air, there will be low snow levels. find out who is going to get white coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thanks, paul. at some bay area businesses, sales are sizzling because of the cold snap. this shoe repair shop, walnut creek, fixes five pairs of boots on a given day. guess what? today that number is pushing 40. a pell can rock boutique across the street is reporting a 500% jump in sweaters and jacket sales. >> when the weather gets cold, it's really busy. >> big cold winds, okay, now it's time to layer up. >> even ice cream shops are breathing along. at cream, hot chocolate sales are up 60% month to month.
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ice cream sales surprisingly, have not dipped much. >> it's a murder case that haunted bay area investigators for nearly 20 years. tonight, they announced a game changing break in the case. easing dna and this mold of a woman only known as jane, santa cruz police finally positively confirmed her identity. they say she is corey joann lamaster of pacifica. she was 17 when she disappeared. her body was found by hikers near the uc santa cruz campus in 1994. tonight, joe vasquez learned more about the girl who disappeared so many years ago. >> it was horrible to hear what ended up happening to her, that she has been dead for that long. >> robert hanson was shocked to learn corey, the teenage neighbor who used it babysit his children were identified as the girl whose decades were found two decades ago.
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corey lived in this home in pacifica with her parents. they had adopted corey from a relative. she was a chronic run away. >> it was quite a traumatic ordeal as corey would leave home for a few days, often spending the night in homeless shelters, come back, only to run away yet again. >> you know how some kids go through teenage years have difficult times and corey was one of those teenagers who just didn't adjust or fit in real well. >> corey's body was found in santa cruz in january of 1994. police can't quite explain why her parents didn't report her missing until 2007. >> they had reported her missing a number of times. i don't know, like i said, i know she ran away enough that maybe the last time she ran away, they didn't report it. i know they had reported her before. >> still the big question, who killed corey twenty years ago? police say a father and son named greg and wayne white are
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persons of interest. the father is dead. the son is still alive in tennessee. live in the newsroom, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> this case was originally investigated by then officer, lauren butch baker. baker was one of two santa cruz officers gunned down on the job in february of this year. he had been the lead investigator on the case in the 90s, santa cruz police say today's announcement is a big win for the department and also for their fallen friend. brazen burglar that was caught on camera rummaging through a fremont home is now behind bars. police arrested this guy, 28- year-old, richard andre, almost immediately after releasing the following video. in it, you can clearly see in digging through personal belongings, not one, but two home security cameras caught him in the act over the weekend. police say they received dozens of tips after these videos got out, which ultimately led them to their suspect. a teacher who reportedly
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has ties to the bay area was gunned down today in libya. ronald smith jogging when he was shot. he worked as a chemistry teacher at an international school. he is where terrorists attacked the u.s. consulate last year, killing the ambassador, christopher stevens, and three others. we are hearing smith has a sister. >> still ahead, why one of the nation's biggest retailers is at the center of a battle. >> and is cal selling out? the new name for its new stadium and why students say not so bad. ,,,, a subaru...
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the sears department store oakland hasn't re many are calling it an eyesore. the serious department store hasn't replaced windows smashed five months ago during a protest. spoke with neighbors who say something needs to be done. >> it looks closed. >> no store wants to give a negative impression. >> it doesn't look festive at all. it's brown and ugly. >> that's exactly the impression people are walking away with. >> it is an eyesore. >> building inspectors in
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october signed up for blight. >> invites graffiti. >> it's because of the boarded up windows on telegraph avenue and 20th street. protesters broke them back in july. but five months later, sears hasn't replaced them. neighbors and business owners say it's not the better way, but a bad way to do business. >> like they could care less about the city of oakland. we just want you to come and spend your money, but we don't care. >> tina johnson runs a fast food place nearby, like many here, she is sympathetic to what sears experienced. violent protesters smashed windows every time, some suspect a large retailer simply gave up on replacing them. >> they shld make a decision as to whether they want to continue to do business in oakland and if so, then they need to clean it up. >> sears doesn't have any immediate plans to replace them. the company released a statement saying the custom
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windows date back to the 1930s and replacing them is more complicated than those in a typical building. neighbors aren't satisfied. >> there was something in the windows, more people would come down to shop downtown and with them all boarded up, it looks like downtown is boarded up. >> if sears doesn't clean it up, they'll charge with inspection and violation fees. kpix5. >> the city has given sears one month to come up with a plan. cal's memorial stadium getting a new name. that's thanks to deep pocketed investors who so happen to be former students there. andrea on what is now being called kabam field at california me marl stadium. >> what does $18 million buy you at cal these days? a 100 yard long path of dirt and grass. welcome to what is now known as kabam field at california memorial stadium. >> i can't imagine a closer
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tie that a ceo can have. >> the name isn't an infomercial joke. kabam is king, founded by cal grad, now dipping their toes from the web to the gridiron. cal joins a club of 15 schools with corporate naming rights for sports. like the university of maryland's comcast center and fresno state's savemart center. cal is the first uc to join the loft. in an era, the reason for the deal are obvious. >> certainly the financial elements are important to the financial model of the stadium. but finally this partnership and this partner have deep roots at this great university. >> but has the home of independent free thinkers gone corporate? >> i don't think people would go around calling it kabam. >> kabam, i don't know how i feel about that. >> the blow of a corporate naming rights deal is softened because the san francisco based
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company is the brain child of cal grad. so if it was wal-mart -- >> that would be a different story. >> and here's to hoping when the golden bears taking into a season, they take the hard- hitting name to heart. >> the deal also includes kabam sponsored academic scholarship for cal students and a program to bring 500 military veterans a year to cal football games. >> a big chill sweeping across fresno is threatening crops. citrus farmers are doing whatever they are to protect their crops. creating heat that fans dispurse over the trees. this method saves half a million dollars in crops. and the winter chill forced this saturday's beacon ceremony down from the mountain summit. organizers are concerned about ice and the comfort of attendeis. the annual celebration is to honor those who served at pearl
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harbor. the ceremony will take place in the oak room at the cal state east bacon bay concord campus. >> still going to light a beacon, but going to have party below. it's cold. >> it is cold. you'll be looking up on saturday afternoon and you won't see the beacon, but you'll see snow. also mount hamilton, and a slight chance may get some white stuff. it's cold enough when we get moisture coming in. we'll have low snow levels. it will be snowing in santa rosa. napa 28. vacvillevacville. it's freezing rain in dallas. they are right at 28 degrees. beautiful bryce canyon. and wyoming, it is 60 degrees
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colder than it is in san francisco right now. san rafael 34. another night in the 20s and isolated teens away from the big cities. napa 28. fair field 27. livermore, 28 degrees. so, tomorrow evening, moisture moves in. snow is likely in the higher elevations. winter weather advisory there. watch out for snow. in the santa cruz mountains as well and lots of snow in the sierra. a foot to 2 feet of new snowfall up and near the ski resort. bad driving, but good skiing. microclimate forecast, we will take you to walnut creek. showers late tomorrow. 51 degrees for a high. be a chilly one, only 49 degrees. let's take you to walnut creek. we had a tree lighting earlier tonight. a lot of activity. lots of kids having a good time at the holiday festival and tree lighting in walnut creek earlier tonight.
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saw santa claus as well. low pressure working its way in from the north. here comes the low pressure area early saturday. we'll get rain showers, but higher elevation snowfall is likely. future cast for you. we get cloudy tomorrow morning, showers move through tomorrow evening. here it comes by 7:00 or 8:00. the shower move in and we will see some higher elevation snowfall. highs in the low 50s. saturday and sunday chilly. highs around 50 degrees. we will finally moderate, get back to normal. wednesday it's going to feel balmy. bust out the tank top and shorts. so, it is chilly. it has been chilly. it will stay chilly through the weekend. >> sounds good. seasonal. >> tis the season. >> thanks, paul. >> also new hope for a pod of whales stranded in shallow water. why experts believe they can now be saved. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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national park in florida, a a group of whales stranded in the everglades national park in florida are now mysteriously heading back out to sea tonight. that raises hope that they can be saved. volunteers found another dead whale today bringing the total dead to 11. 30 whales are being followed by the u.s. coast guard, making sure they head out in the right direction. >> they are heading to deeper water, so that gives us confidence. but i would say it's a very cautious optimism. >> the whales are traveling in about 18 feet of water. that's better than the 4 feet they were in last night. it's unclear why the whales stranded themselves. >> ford rolled out the 50th anniversary mustang today and there are a few new features.
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the sports car evolved through the years, but it packs quite a punch. there's more power under the hood, but the mustang is supposed to have better fuel efficiency and for the first time since the 1980s, buyers can get a mustang with a four cylinder engine. >> giants will see a lot of old friend this season. i'm dennis o'donnell and the sharks try to make it seven straight on ice. the minute is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i know it's early, but it was a potential stanley cup preview in pittsburgh. the penguins, give me the clock. penguins put the game away in the first seven minutes
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deflection and then the goal. the sharks six-game winning streak comes to an end. they lose to the penguins 5-1. thursday night football, jags, they aren't that bad. third play. the touchdown. the jags beat the texasans 27- 20. houston has lost 11 straight. florida state quarterback, jamis s winston. so florida state is the top ranked team in the country, winston is the heavy favorite to win the heisman. wilson will remain in dodger blue. the beard signed a one-year deal with $10 million. he isn't going to be the closer. he will be the setup man. we'll see a lot of that man in the coming year. that was the steal for the dodgers last year. 18 appearances. 0.6 e.r.a. you knew he was not going to be in orange and black. >> that's for sure.
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>> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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