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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  December 26, 2013 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> a new twist in the fight to keep a teenage girl on life support. what the family says it's ready to do and how the hospital is keeping them from making the move. >> up against the clock again. the latest roadblocks keeping californians for signing up for the new healthcare system. >> and catching up, how delivery companies are scrambling to make up for a prechristmas backlog. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. a family's fight to keep a 13- year-old girl on life support took a new turn tonight. jahi was declared brain dead and has been on a ventilator since something went wrong when she had tonsil surgery. today, her family said it is ready to move her out of children's hospital oakland and into another facility in the bay area. but jahi would need certain tubes inserted first. something the hospital says it won't do. >> children's hospital does
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not believe performing surgical procedures on the body of a deceased person is an appropriate medical practice. help us get us out of your hospital so we can take her somewhere elsewhere someone wants to keep her alive. >> the family attorney is promising legal action if the hospital doesn't do the necessary procedures. a judge has given children's hospital permission to remove jahi from life support next monday. firefighters rescued an injured worker from his own garbage truck. it happened before 6:00 tonight. crews work to get the guy who broken his ankle out of the truck. the man's name has not been released. >> presents were missing under the tree for families across the u.s. this christmas. major shipping companies couldn't deliver. and now, fedex and ups are playing catch up. joe vazquez is in the newsroom with why the delivery backlog was so bad this year, joe. >> a day late, a dollar short, ups and the others are still scrambling to make christmas
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deliveries. ups workers are still delivering christmas orders tonight and still behind. >> in 20 year, this is the worst i've ever seen it. >> it's the day after christmas and san francisco business owner is carting nearly two dozen boxes into the ups freight center. the boxes contain gift orders her company billed and sold through online retailers like amazon to customers all across the u.s. way too late to be stashed under anyone's tree. >> they were saying they were too full, they couldn't take our orders. >> she went home to ohio without her gift. >> you can't recapture that wow factor. >> ups in a statement earlier this week, the volume of air packages exceed our network. some shipments were delayed. we apologize. nasty weather and dramatically
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higher online shopping sales created the backlog over the last few weeks, stores continue to guarantee they could get your gifts by christmas. ups and fedex couldn't deliver on that promise. >> i have been working for fedex almost 20 years. this is the biggest i ever seen it. >> a lot of people blaming the shipping companies, but many americans tend to wait and cut the deadline close. some customers now say they learned that lesson and may get up and go to a store if their shopping is running late next year. reporting live in the newsroom, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> amazon is offering customers a refund on their shipping charges and a $20 gift card. >> let's continue this. it was back to the stores for thousands of shoppers around the bay area making returns and cashing in on the big markdowns. why the big markdowns? because retailers want to get all that stuff off the shelves and the customers are critical to doing that.
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betty explains. >> hey brian, that's right. tonight we have seen a steady stream of shoppers head into this target in san jose look for those bargains. and despite predictions that this would be a particularly weak holiday shopping season, sales actually grew from a year ago, thanks to tbiemg promotions and last minute discounts. it's their final attempt to squeeze whatever they can out of a tough holiday season. stores slashed prices, often by 70% to get customers back in their stores to buy more and hopefully with gift cards from santa. >> this was 50% off. >> shoppers seem to be responding at this target in san jose. >> it's crazy. the lines are really long. most of gifts are already gone. so good stuff like holiday wrapping paper, we got whatever is left. >> on what was likely the fifth busiest shopping day of the year. stores hope this year's post christmas sales will give them some relief.
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>> people are not buying as much and why they aren't buying as much, because their incomes are soft. >> for me, i was spending less because, you know, it's not the time for spending for all of us. >> online sales were up 10% over last year and more people did their shopping on their smart phone. visit from mobile phones made up a record of 48% for all online traffic. >> i shopped more online this year. the deals are too good to pass up. >> online shopping led this late surge in sales. of course, the season is not over. retailers are banking on customers to do another round of shopping this weekend. live in san jose, kpux5. >> i haven't started my christmas shopping yet. as far as returning christmas gunfights, costco tops the list of stores with the best return policies. no time limit and no receipt necessary. in order nordstrom also has no time limit.
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and wal-mart's 90 day return policy begins today, not the date of purchase. >> for a couple hours, travelers were able to snatch up extremely low air fares thanks to an online glitch. some examples include a $68 flight from boston to honolulu. and a $54 round trip ticket from tallahassee to l. a. and a flight from cincinnati to salt lake city. it will accept all tickets. >> city college of san francisco took the fight to keep its accreditation to court today. the school which has the largest junior college could lose accreditation. that would leave tens and thousands of students in limbo. multiple lawsuits. a decision made by commission earlier this year. school says that decision caused enrollment to drop by as much as 30%. >> bay area school districts are updating their facilities to accommodate transgender students in the new year. a new law requires california
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public schools to let children use sex segregated facilities and participant in gender specific activities of their choice. the law takes effect january 1. this school is already updating its locker rooms and bathrooms. >> we understand that adolescents and teens have a lot of issues and stress. trying to figure out what they want to do. as they are going through puberty and growth, they need to have outlets. especially for somebody who is a transgender student. >> first of its kind statute could get suspended if a referendum to repeal it qualifies for the november ballot. a proposed high-rise in the heart of berkeley is sparking a heated debate. if approved, a 16 story hotel would be built at the corner of center street. the building would transform the downtown landscape and not everybody is happy about it. >> developers want to pump some new blood into the hearts
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of berkeley. they're proposing to build a 16 story hotel where the bank of america is right now. at the corner of shaduck avenue and center street. >> makes downtown a more vibrant space. filling in a miss tooth within the downtown. >> developers submitted the plan last week and gave us these pictures. bank of america, a restaurant, and shops on the first floor. office space on the next three levels and above that, about 300 hotel rooms. >> we're at a moment in time where we can change downtown berkeley for the better. maintaining the good qualities, but bringing new things. >> but the proposed high-rise is drawing criticism. >> berkeley is full of beautiful spots and high-rises. >> some say bringing more people to berkeley will change its character and hurt the quality of life. >> berkeley is so congested. it will add a great deal to the congestion and the difficulty
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of getting around. >> worry about parking and the building's height. >> it will obscure the view. >> it would be one of the highest in berkeley. similar to the wells fargo and chase buildings across the street. but many people believe berkeley needs responsible growth. and say hotel could be a good start. >> it would certainly continue the revitalization of downtown berkeley. >> there's a lot of economic depression. >> kpix5. >> the developers say the hotel would bring in millions of dollars in tax revenue every year for the city of berkeley. >> we didn't have to go very far to cover this next story. in fact, it happened right outside our front door. a few of our coworkers witnessed police chase down and tackle this bank robbery suspect. the man almost got away, but he got tripped up in front of our building on battery street in san francisco. security cameras caught the whole thing. take another look as the
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suspected bank robber takes off running. you may notice the surprised faces of some of our camera guys standing next to the news van. no one was injured. despite millions of dollars in security upgrades, man was automobile to get on an airport runway in newark, new jersey. that suspect was wearing women's clothes at the time. police say he was never a threat to any of the planes, but it does bring into question an advanced security system that missed a breech at new york's jfk airptz. >> it's very disturbing because you have this system, that has been installed and tested over the last several years and there continue to be different breeches at the different airports in the jurisdiction. >> investigators are looking on how long it took for employees to respond to that incident. and check out this scene from christmas day in phoenix. a man managed to jumpt jump
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the fence and make it to a plane. the police did close in quickly. it's the second time someone breeched security in phoenix since upgrades were made. the airport does not have an electronic detection system along its fencing. i heard people screaming in the background. don't let them burn. i just sairksd said, it's now or never. >> instinct, a daring christmas day rescue. >> trapped in the ice, the mission underway to get this ship and the people on it free. and turning their bad holiday luck around in a big way. the unexpected show of support for a bay area family. friday will mean we go 5 for 5 when it comes to spare the air for the day and for the week. we're looking at unhealthy air quality and also the south bay, but, it was 70 degrees for some of you today. find out how long the bad air and the high temperatures both stick around. coming up in your forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a rescue mission is underway tonight in antartica.
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ice breaker ships are on their way to free the vessel with the first one expected to arrive tomorrow. the ship left new zealand last month and tracing the 1911 journey of an australian explorer. >> an offduty explorer is a christmas day hero after rescuing an elderly man. jim shows us the fiery scene. >> is there anybody else in the car? >> this was the scene on the 405 highway in los angeles just before 2:00 p.m. christmas afternoon. a mercedes station wagon was engulfed in flames. the driver, a 72-year-old man, was trapped inside. fortunately, don thompson was driving by. thompson, a 26 year veteran of the l.a.p.d. was offduty. like many cops, he's always on the job. i heard people screaming in the background. it's now or never. either i'm going to get him out or i'm going to see someone burn alive. >> thompson, along with two
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other good samaritans dragged the driver to safety. >> as soon as i popped that buckle, i grabbed him and i don't know if it was adrenaline, but he felt like he weighed one pound and i pulled him out. >> according to the police report, the driver lost control of the car, hitting the right lane shoulder wall before veering back across the highway and crashing into the median. he was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital. as for thompson, a member of the bomb squad, he walked away humbly with a few first-degree burns on his hands. >> i don't go a hero. i don't, as my sister says, you grasp the moment and you take advantage of it. >> at first, the california highway patrol suspected drunk driving played a role in the accident. but it is now believed the medical condition caused the driver to lose control. jim action axlerod. >> ran into a roadblock. this is the message they got
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when they tried to log in. covered california says a glitch forced the website to be taken down for several hours for maintenance. those who want coverage by the beginning of next month have until the end of the day tomorrow to complete the enrollment process. that deadline extended after the website became overloaded back on monday. a family was left with no gifts under the tree after burglars got inside their house. but tonight, kristen ayers shows us how their luck has turned around. >> the tree was lit. the stockings were hung. but when jonathan and his sister got up early christmas morning. >> i came to the christmas tree and i didn't find anything under the christmas tree. >> i noticed that all the presents were gone. >> thieves had jimmied the door, thrown open a window and packed up the family's presents, leaving only christmas tree needles where his bicycle was. >> i started crying a little bit, because the only thing i
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wanted for christmas was that bike. >> i was really sad for my kids. >> a story so heartbreaking that officers at the police department pooled $200. >> oh my god, it was awesome. >> the bigger surprise came the day after christmas. police sent this bouquet of flowers and invited the family to the police station. overnight, their story had spread and the community dropped off a host of gifts for the family. toys, cash, and all of these gift cards. >> i never expect that from nobody. >> and that was just the beginning. just a few hours after the police department presented the family with gifts, the fire department came calling. >> when we heard on the news this morning sitting here at the station that a family had been burglarized, oh my goodness, there's something we can do for this family. >> firefighters collected more toys for the kids. >> i feel happy that all those people came to donate presents
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for us. >> so far, nobody has been arrested. police are investigating to see if other burglaries in the area might be connected. >> nice to see a community come together and support a family in need. you know, it's such a tragic story. >> kind of had a happy ending. >> had a happy ending. >> it's too bad -- the good outweighs the bad. we have another clear night outside. we have another forecast that will be dry and we have temperatures that will get close to 70 degrees as we wrap up. right in the mild of our rainy season. where is the rain? san francisco 53. look at the temperature spread. santa rosa 15 degrees cooler than san francisco. you're already down to 38. you'll likely flirt with the freezing mark tomorrow morning. livermore 43. nothing on the radar this evening. kpix5, high deaf doppler is dry. a lot of you may be heading to the beach because the weather has been so beautiful there. if you are, i have video to show you of the beach.
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watch out for sneaker waves. those waves will be rough at times, and it will catch you by surprise. please exercise extreme caution if you're heading to the beach. 83 degrees in santa cruz today. 83. here's another number for you. 22. that's the snow pack right now. 22% of normal. that's way down and 80% lower than last year. that will be a problem if we don't get snow. there is none in the forecast for the next several days. let's look on the positive side. a whole lot of sunshine, mild weather, good stuff for you and the kids to get outside. sunny, mild, and pleasant. 65. sun sunny skies on saturday. all of this, the lack of rain fall, the bad air quality, the sunshine and the mild weather because of this big ridge of high pressure. it has been with us and i talk about the forecast t will be with us for the next several days. we're stuck in park when it comes to the atmosphere. this is parked off to our west, it doesn't mover. the forecast doesn't change. seven days or longer.
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seven durable days of shine and mild weather. what to expect. things remaining in place. mornings remain chilly, afternoons remain mild. our weather remains dry. 66 tomorrow for livermore and san jose. morgan hill 70. heyward 64. widespread mid 60s from vanicia. daily city, you'll hit 62. and st. halena65 degrees in wine country. extended forecast, even warmer. sunshine close to 70. temperatures trail off by about 5 degrees next week. we will stay above normal and ring in 2014 on guess what, dry note. we're gong to be dry for a while, including the top of the next year. >> can you believe it? >> it is unprecedented how dry we've been. >> it's great for tourists. >> why not get out and enjoy it. >> no better alternative. capturing a bird's eye view of the city. you'll want to stay tuned.
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we'll explain. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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plastic flying machine. a bay area photographer's wishes came true on christmas eve with plastic flying machine. >> lopez captured these night shots of san francisco floating through places that few have seen before giving us a very unique perspective of the city. and it only took a drone and a small little contraption called a gimbal that stabilizes the camera. >> it's art. i have a vision that i'm doing that i always wanted to do, you
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know, you dream, you wake up, like i wish i could do that. now i can. >> all these images were shot in one wonderful night. if you would like to watch the complete video, visit our website and search holiday lights. >> football. i got a minute to talk about it. packer fans are going to get what they want while one of the best corners from the past decade hanging it up. the minute is next. ,,,,
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and female athletes of the ye we are just going to skip the reddic and get right to it. football, football, football, roll it up. his career with the 49ers span only three games. but an awesome shutdown corner
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before he was cut by the 49ers for eight seasons as a raider. he was the man. and tomorrow he will announce his retirement after 11 seasons. mr. kerry washington will do it as a raider and at a press conference. good news for the packer fans. quarterback, aaron rogers is back just in time for the winner take all game against the bears. rogers missed seven games with a broken collarbone. winner sunday gets to the playoffs. loser goes home. little cesars bowl, goes for the front, and weaves through traffic, 54 yards to the house. pit beat bowling green 30-27. finishes the night. there he goes. >> atlanta beats cleveland 128- 125. oh, you got to love that. very quickly, in the pin
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poinsetta bowl. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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