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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 2, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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this is kpix5 news on kbcw. >> critically injured while walking down the street. the latest accident between a car and a pedestrian in san francisco. >> a big win for the state's largest community college. how the embattled school will stay open at least for now. >> and heavy snow and some of the coldest temperatures they have seen in decades. the storm slamming the north eastern part of the country. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> for fourth time in three days, a pedestrian has been hit in san francisco. this evening, it was at bush and levenworth. joe, what happened? >> reporter: allen, let me show you what happened. this is bush street headed toward the financial district. this is the crosswalk, but according to witnesses, the man trying to cross bush crossed right over there by the bus stop. that's when he was hit by a car. he's now in critical condition. paramedics rushed the man to the hospital with a severe head
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injury. as for the driver, police say he was not hurt. he pulled over right away and it does not appear he was under the influence. >> nothing indicating any level of impairment at this time, but we're still very, very initial stages of this investigation. >> it happened only about six blocks from a new year's eve wreck that killed sophia. that one was at polk and ellis. today as 57-year-old of union city. he is charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. the ride share company put out a statement saying that yes, he is the driver with uber, but he wasn't carrying a passenger for uber at the time he ran over the little girl, her mother and brother as they crossed on a green light in the crosswalk. taxi drivers are saying this is the worst case scenario they have been warning about for years because the ride sharing companies aren't subject to anywhere near the strict government regulation cab byes bies are. >> we don't know mustache, all
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these -- we don't know what the qualifications are. >> it's bad and appears to be getting worse. in fact, according to officials. last year in san francisco was the worst area in six years when it comes to pedestrian fatalities. reporting live, joe vasquez, kpix5. >> we have surveillance video showing an attack in san francisco. you can see right there the front of the building ignite and engulf in flames just before 9:30 last night. andrea is outside the charred building with more on that video that really captures the crime. andrea. >> well liz, you should know that is not the only video. that video that you just saw. you can see the damage right behind me. people are trying to figure out the fbi specifically who was behind us. >> the question tonight, who is this guy? seen clear as day running away from the flames at the chinese
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consulate. >> we strongly condemn this despicable act. >> this surveillance video was shot from across leguna street. it shows a mini van pulling up just before 9:30, the man at the entrance, and then the flash. >> to the front door of the consulate. >> hours later, the damage, doors blown off hinges, bluesed glass. a scorched facade and balcony are evidence and the cleanup is on going for consulate officials. as is the investigation, which is being considered a mere criminal act and not a terrorist one by the fbi. >> we have not received any responsibility and notes by anyone at this time. >> the fire brought a swift response. >> we take this incident very seriously and the bureau of diplomatic security is working with the fbi and local authorities to investigate and apprehend the perpetrators. >> and beeped up security provided by san francisco p.d. there were workers inside the
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consulate when the fire started. they were unharmed. also working, the security cameras which have crisper pictures than these. >> now the security video has not been released at this point. but what we do know is whoever was in that video setting fire to the consulate is gong to face a charge of disruption of a foreign diplomatic building that is a serious charge and a possibility that this could be a hate crime. something fbi and sfpd are looking into. live in san francisco, kpix5. >> the consulate was attacked back in march of 2008. that time, someone set the building's back gate on fire. demonstrators were protesting the beijing olympics due to china's human rights record. >> emotions overflow tonight at a memorial for a 13-year-old boy in oakland. dozens of people gather to remember lee. he was shot to death a few blocks from home as he returned from a new year's party at the oakland boys and girls club.
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some people held candles and wept. others brought flowers. his mother had a clear message for whoever killed her son. >> you know, the people that did this, i hope you are suffering. >> lee's mother adds her son was not into the street life and this may be a case of mistaken identity. a $10,000 reward is for information leading to an arrest. >> go up in flames. kristen ayers looks at what is left of it. >> this is what is left of the memorial that was built in tribute to andy lopez. you can see the charred alter that was the center piece of this memorial and just behind that bags of debris. these all damaged in a fire that started around midnight today. firefighters are telling me it's unclear whether this could be arson. it's too early to know.
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but community members say tensions have been boiling since that shooting happened on october 22. they believe that the fire was set intentionally. >> it wasn't just a candle that fell over or lights. it was intentional. you can tell it's intentional and it's just sad that somebody would do this. >> we have to be careful on any fire investigation that we make assumptions. we have to try and gather all the facts that we can and then draw our conclusions from those facts. >> organizers of the memorial say there have been threats on social media sites to burn the memorial. that's something we have not been able to confirm. however, the organizers say they will be back here on saturday at 11:00 a.m. they want to clean this up and reestablish the memorial. they say the family of andy lopez will be here, too. in santa rosa, kristen ayers, kpix5. >> there had been lights, but the electricity has been cut off for about a month. >> a big win for san francisco's city college today.
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a superior court judge issued an order that will keep the college open while a legal fight plays out. city college is trying to keep its accreditation. it's suing a commission that ruled the college as badly managed and should not be certified. city attorney, dennis, counters the evaluation process itself was flawed. >> our litigation, which we filed last august, alleges that the private accrediting body allowed political bias, improper procedures, and conflicts of interest to unlawfully influence the state's largest community college. >> the state was track to lose its accredit ation this coming july. the judge ordered settlement talks tomorrow between children's hospital oakland and the family of jahi mcmath. an independent doctor and doctors at children's hospital have said jahi mcmath is dead and there's no reason for
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further treatment. jahi's family is searching for another care facility to keep her hooked up to a ventilator. >> an undocumented immigrant will get to practice law here in california. john blackstone reports a ruling just cleared his path. >> sergio garcia was alone in his office today when the state supreme court issued its decision granting him a law license. >> it has been a long, long journey going on five years, you know. i graduated law school in may of 2009 and here we are 2014 and we finally have the final piece of the puzzle that will allow me to fulfill my dream and finally become an attorney. >> he was brought to the u.s. from mexico when he was just 17 months old and has been waiting for his green card since 1994. he passed the bar exam in his first try, but because he's undocumented, federal law prevented him from getting a law license. california and its governor have given more and more rights to undocumented immigrants.
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they can get driver's license and qualify for in state tuition. another law forbids police in california from turning people over to federal immigration authorities for anything other than major felonies and sex crimes. but federal law prohibiting employment of undocumented immigrants could still present a barrier for garcia. in its filing in the case, the justice department says says issueance would not -- >> i have their blessing, so there's nothing that prevents me from being a licensed attorney now in california. >> other states have been watching this closely. there are similar cases in florida and new york where undocumented immigrants are seeking licenses to practice law. california wrote legislation specifically to help garcia get his law license. john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. a major winter storm is pounding the northeast tonight. massachusetts is already gotten nearly 2 feet of snow. the blizzard conditions are
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expected from boston to parts of new york state. and as if that weren't enough, adriana diaz report, the sub zero cold moves in later. >> here it comes, the first major winter storm of the year began hitting the northeast hard thursday afternoon and won't let up until midday friday. >> strengthening overnight tonight and the heart of the storm that we'll be tracking. blizzard conditions are possible. up toward eastern massachusetts and the coast of new hampshire. >> and this blizzard is bringing heavy snow. >> over a foot in greater boston. in new york city, a half a foot. >> massachusetts governor told state workers to stay at home friday and urged private employers to do the same. >> it helps us help you if people stay off the roads as much as possible. >> new york city's new mayor on the job for just two days has prepared the city's street fleet. >> as soon as we have at least 2 inches of snow, they will
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deploy 1700 trucks equipped with snowplows. >> this storm is a real one, two punch. it's bringing not just snow, but the coldest temperatures in 20 years. >> by the time we get toward saturday morning, much of the northeast will be sub zero with windchill values approaching 30 below zero. >> enough to take some of the happy out of the new year. adriana diaz, cbs news, boston. >> airlines canceled 2300 flights because of the storm. sfo, 37 departures have been canceled. 15 arrivals mainly from the east coast and chicago are canceled. and there are delays between one to 2 1/2 hours for flights from new york, boston, newark, and chicago. the scientists trapped on the ship in the antarctic have been air lifted to sea. that's how they did it, a helicopter from a chinese ice breaker air lifted the group a dozen at a time.
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this was the fourth attempt. blizzard conditions kept forcing the rescuers to turn back. no word on the cost of the rescue attempts, but some polar explorers are questioning whether the rescue was even necessary. >> if the ship has enough fuel and there's enough food on board and of course there's plenty of food if you take less. it's not harsh conditions. >> 22 crew members will remain on the ship until the weather changes and the ice around it breaks up. cutting down the leg work for cops. the new high-tech tool to make sure you park in the right place and why it may mean more tickets. >> fallout over the security breech affecting millions of snap chat users. what the tech company is doing to try to keep it from happening again. >> and the lack of rain affecting bay area businesses. the winners and losers from these dry conditions. >> maybe that will end some day. maybe it's the tail end of next week, because there's some indications things are starting to change. though you can't tell by looking at these numbers. still the 40s and 50s in the
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bay area. we'll have the forecast coming up for you after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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parking ticket system the cy is rolling out. out with the in and out with the new.
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the high-tech parking ticket system the city is rolling out. >> you won't be seeing this around downtown anymore. instead, this new technology will see your license plate. the same parking vehicle you're used to seeing around town is now equipped with cameras on the top and in the back. gps technology and a laptop. the $75,000 system called autoview takes pictures of cars to determine how long you've been parked in a spot. >> it's more accurate. it's more efficient. it will hopefully get people to move their vehicles. >> much faster, much more efficient, it's all weather. people can't cheat on you. >> officer rich will go through a parking lot once. then make another sweep hours later. the system is in its two-week test phase. >> take me an hour to walk all the lots. we have six lots in town, now i can do them in 15 minutes. >> hunting for spaces, others
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say it means more tickets. >> it's creating a bigger hardship on employees because now we have to religiously get out there and move cars every three hours because we don't know if they are marked or not marked. >> the department has been handing out fliers. they will begin issuing tickets based on the new system on monday. in downtown, betty, kpix5. >> looking into other ways to improve the parking situation downtown. it's considering to make some side streets one way and building a parking structure. >> well tonight's snap chat says it has a plan to address a security breech affecting millions of users. the tech company says it will put out a more secure version of its application. that's after hackers revealed the account information for more than 4.5 million users on new year's eve. some say using the app just isn't worth the risk. >> what are you going to do? >> i'm going to delete my
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account and probably never have snap chat again. >> security experts say at the very least, victims should change their user names and passwords, especially if thigh they use them on other sites. >> the toy company, goldy blocks is one of four finalists in the competition that gives one small business a commercial during the big game. goldy blocks encourages girls to pursue careers in math and science. this is a recent ad that brought on some legal challenges. a different commercial will be shown if the company wins. our dry weather means good news and bad news for a bay area construction worker. sunny days mean, well, apartment complexes like this one in marin, they get built quicker. the driest year helping contractors get ahead of schedule. the lack of rain, not so great for people in the roofing business. >> if it's not raining outside, they have a leak in the house, they don't do the work. >> we have been flying on this
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thing with the weather. it's been cold out here in the morning. but that's about it. i mean, as far as wetness goes, it's been great. >> that roofing business will come when the rain starts. the sunshine, carpenters bringing home the bacon. roofers waiting for mother nature to change their luck. >> good news and bad news. it's been beautiful outside, but boy we need the rain. >> we do. finally for the first time as we look ahead on the extended models, there's a suggestion, i'm not saying rain is coming, but at least things look like they are changing in the big picture by the end of next week. it's still a long ways off. in the meantime, we have sunshine. here's how it looks. the new england area shows snow up to 12 inches in boston and hartford has 6 to 10 inches on the way. the low pressure continues to spin over the lower great lakes region, it's bringing all that
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moist air off of the gulf stream and collides with the cold air down from canada. result, a will the of snow and cool temperatures for the midwest. as they get cold and snow, we get warm, warm readings out for this time of the year in january with most of the numbers being in the 60s and continue in the 60s through the early part of next week. because the high pressure is collecting the particlats. overnight lows tonight 36 to 44 degrees. another warm day for friday and cooling, but dry for next week. dry we are. a fifth of average rain fall in the city. santa rosa 14% of average. pinpoint forecast if you're heading out of the bay area. 69 for fresno. overnight lows tonight, on the chilly side. high clouds are keeping things mild. 41 degrees at oakland. 46 in san francisco and 35 degrees in santa rosa. 41 for san jose. the numbers are as much as 15 degrees above average for this time of the year.
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one example, for livermore. we'll look at 65 degrees at mountain view. out in the east bay, mid 60s will do it. 66 up in napa. and for the north bay, 65 for petaluma. and 65 for mill valley. and funnelly, santa rosa hits 67 degrees. extended forecast will finally begin to cool down, ever so gently. plenty warm for this time of the year. but wednesday and thursday next week, we're back towards seasonal averages with readings in the 50s. it will finally cool down in terms of the wet stuff. have to wait for that. we'll see. >> hopefully change brings more change. >> hope so. >> how about below freezing? i mean way below. that's what they expect at lambeau field on sunday when the niners play the packers. how they are getting the turf and the fans ready. ,,,,,,
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a company in canada wanted to prove that its car batteries could stand up to the cold. so it created this. a truck made partly of ice. some workers stripped the cab from a gmc silver ray silverado. just like frosty the snowman, it's not around numb. it melted. packers fans are used to it, but 49ers fans will have to remember the heavy coats for sunday's game at lambeau field. they are expecting sub zero temperatures that day. tarps and portable heaters are keeping the turf from freezing solid. fans are being told to dress in
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layers, cover their faces as much as possible, and know when to get out of the cold and get a warm drink. >> dennis, did you get that? conference play opened up for pack 12 mens hoops locally at maple pavilion. and the association, what kind of a chance will the red hot warriors have on the road at miami with lebron waiting? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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league's elite... we run itn like all right, after six straight wince, wins, it was time to see how the warriors matched up against the league elite. we run it down like this. rarely lose at home. 14 of 17 games. tonight, it was warriors
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attack. david lee, a wrecking crew. they shot lights out. complete control. david lee over lebron. he had 30, warriors won it 123- 114. seven in a row for golden state. pack 12 play, bears went in and took their lunch money. justin cobb at 18. they win it 69-62 to improve to 10-4. st. mary's plan, forget about it. kevin at 15 points. drained a 3 ball here. the bulldogs win 73-51. sharks open up a little can of whoop tail on the oilers tonight. joe scores in the third. they win it 5-1. sugar bowl, oklahoma in white. 17 point underdogs beat the c
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rirks mson tide. a shocker. they are calling that the biggest upset in college football. >> wow. all right buddy, thanks. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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