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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 30, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. >> high deaf doppler is tracking rain. how long it's going to last. >> finally, some fresh snow in the sierra nevada, but how much more do we need to make up for our super dry season? >> the tag haves those big designer names, but you might not be getting designer quality. the new push for outlet stores to come clean to customers. >> and the red lanterns are getting ready for the lunar new year. >> we have been waiting for it. paul has a look at where it's raining right now. paul. >> two nights in a row. what's going on? we told you there would be a second area of low pressure, well that is happening right now and it's raining in parts of the bay area. everybody is going to tap into this. kpix5 right now is showing rain fall over the city of san
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francisco. south of daily city, almost to the city of san mateo. getting some showers right now and it's raining from petaluma south to nevada. mill valley, across the bridge to richmond, and some showers now in vali hoe. there's a significant amount of snowfall toward reno and truce and truckee. rumbles of thunder north of sacramento. this is all needed rain fall because we just saw an upgrade of our drought severity. from extreme to exceptional. when it comes to government forecaster, it doesn't get worse than that. that's what is going on in portions of santa clara county. likely we are coming up next. we'll talk about how much rain for tonight and there's another rain chance to talk about. we'll talk about the timing on that coming up, too. >> there's much-needed snow tonight, but we have a long way to go to get where we should be for this time of year.
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andrea is live tonight. anymore snow flakes falling tonight, andrea? >> i don't know if you can see, we are getting the lightest of flurries, we sow significant snowfall around 4:45. they are predicting more snow on the slopes and hopefully reservoirs very soon. this is the aftermath of the first winter storm in the sierra in 50 days. at 5500 feet, uba gap barely has a dusting of snow. all along interstate 80, snowplows with their blades up, not enough snow to scrape off the asphalt. the 8 inches of snow last night is historically bad. >> that wasn't nearly enough to make a dent in the drought. >> at borial ski resort, enough to raise spirits. that said, the snow making operations have been going on nonstop here since november,
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putting down as much as a foot. supplementing what mother nature hasn't provided. >> through the winters, i can't predict what is going to happen. >> like the rest of california, a cutely aware of how dry it's been. >> i don't know if you have seen folsom lake, but it looks sad. we're going be hurting for summertime. >> to answer a question, no, this storm isn't going to provide reservoir runoff, not even close. >> these first storms are just being absorbed into the dry ground. >> and the dire news keeps coming. the official snow survey happened this afternoon. the statewide snow pack is a mere 12% of normal. >> of course, if it kept snowing like this for the next 50 days, we could catch up, make up some of that deficit.
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the next is set for april. we're hoping that is not historically low. kpix5. >> an acid spill on the cal campus created a scare tonight. it happened on the sixth floor of tan hall just before 8:00 p.m. students were evacuated. berkeley fire department says it was a container of hydrochloric acid. some lawmakers are calling on congress to verify the quality of goods you get at outlet stores. there are claims of deceptive advertising. we sent kristen ayers to find out if what you see is what you're getting. >> art knew exactly what he was getting when he found these nike's on sale. >> these are $30 and a 30% sale off of that. >> but you're not going to
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expect those to last. >> he told me other shoppers, the stuff you find in an outlet store isn't sold in the main store and the quality of the merchandise doesn't stack up either. today, bay area representative, anna, and three other members of congress wrote the federal trade commission pointing out the merchandise found in outlet stores is lower quality. urging the ftc to investigate unfair marketing practices at outlet stores. >> it's not clear that consumers can't understand what's going on. >> retail expert says outlet stores started out selling goods that were over stocked or defective, but began manufacturing their own lower quality products to meet demand. >> i think they figure out what that place printed and work out as hard as they can to produce product at the price point.
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>> the outlet stores could stand to be more transparent. if not, they risk losing shoppers like this one, who is second guessing the ones she met tonight. the members of congress want her to come up with definitions. kpix5. >> there are roughly 300 outlet malls nationwide. $25billion in sales last year. >> a crockdown on internet gaming has led to a san francisco cafe shutting its doors. the city says netstop have become a magnet if r criminals and illegal gambling was taking place. the first year it was open, police responded to over 2 00 calls. >> people were coming out at 2:00 a.m., yelling, getting in
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fights. i can't tell you how many times i have seen police out here. >> agreement is leave is not an admission of guilt. the bay area airport is back to normal tonight after a plane skidded off the runway. kpix5's len ramirez reports on the mishap that could have been a lot worse. no doubt, some scorely moments for the passengers that came crashing to a stop here at san jose's airport tonight. happened at 5:00 this evening. a little bit after 5:00. the twin engine turbo program lots its breaks. it hit a perimeter catch fence along the backside. they were able to walk away from the mishap. there was a small high drollic fluid leak, but that was quickly cleaned up by
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firefighters. the airplane was eventually towed back to a hanger and not badly damaged. reid hill view is an airport and operating in san jose since the 1970s and it has resumed normal operations. kpix5. >> a man hunt came up short. more than two dozen officers went door to door searching for at least one system suspect. they shut down the neighborhood near marilyn. no word on what that suspect was wanted for, but two other people were arrested. >> dozens of people turned out for. eileen was kidnapped 25 years ago. their message, help bring eileen home. oh lean's parents are hopeful their daughter will be found. >> this is all about her and e
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knowing as far and wide, we are looking for her until we find her and we are never going to give up. >> eileen was 13 years old when she was kidnapped. there's a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> today, attorney general, eric holder, made one of the most high profile decisions of his career. cbs reporter, adriana diaz tells us he is seeking the death penalty against the boston marathon bombing suspect. >> attorney general, eric holder, says joe tsarnaev should pay for his life for last april's twin bombings. three people died in the attack. more than 26 poo others were injured. tsarnaev and his brother were sound on surveillance video carrying back shats. in the court documents are, tsarnaev knowingly created a grave risk of death in a
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heinous manner. the brothers evaded police for four days until this gun battle in watertown, massachusetts. tamer tamerlin was killed. hiding in a boat in a suburban boston backyard. an alleged confession in which the attacks were in response to utah mill care action. boston's mayor supports the decision and honored the victims of my attack. >> krystle campbell, and the brave survivors whose lives have been for ever changed by the events of april 15, 2013. >> tsarnaev pleaded not guilty. no trail date has been set. cbs news. >> now the death factor, could
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seek a plea deal for a life sentence. a amanda knox had her murder conviction reinstated in italian court. the american college student did not attend the trial. this has gotten out of hand. nooks was sentenced to $25.l years in prison. knox, along with her exboyfriend are accused of her roommate in 2007. >> the feds are weighing in on an oakland cheerleader's lawsuit. lacey recently filed a lawsuit in alameda county on behalf of 40 raiderettes. the u.s. department of hay boar is investigating her claims that the team failed to pay them.
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>> lunar new year's celebrations are kicked off this evening. lucky items to welcome in the new year. a big part of the rich tradition is passing on customs to the younger generation. >> we are old generation. we try to keep the younger generation to order and keep one going. gltdz year mark the year of the horse. the lunar new year parade is set for february 15. and new york's empire state building is lit up in red and gold tonight. this is tradition that started in 1991. the. >> pas words and user names stolen. what we need to know. >> with sneak peek at a way area toy company's super bowl
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ad. >> and a first for tradition. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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compromised user email acco. 't say how yahoo!
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has detected a security breech that has compromised user e- mail accounts. company won't say how many accounts have been affected, but says it is working with the feds to investigate. user names and passwords have been stolen and used to access accounts. yahoo! is advising all users to reset passwords to help block further attacks. stocks rebounded today in large part due to facebook. the record earnings report caused stock to shoot up 14%. it closed at $61.08. that's an all-time high. also helping the social network, the announcement of a new app called paper. paper combines the news feed with a section to share stories. the app is set to debut next week. not so great news for san francisco based zinga. it is laying off more than 300 employees. that's about 15% of its work force. the game maker's fourth quarter sales fell 43%. expects the cutbacks to save
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$30 million this year. bay area company whose mission is to empower girls just won a super honor. kpix5 tells us by the end of this weekend, don't be surprised if it becomes a household name. >> watch out boys, these girls are only getting louder. >> this is one of the greatest days of my entire life. >> they just scored a free ad as part of a contest hosted by into it. >> we were all hugging. it was such a huge win for girls around the world to introduce them to concepts of engineers and science and math and make it cool. >> the ad is worth $4 million. these girls are titching their toys. less than two year asking,
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today they have 15 and just added a second factory in china. >> it's always been my mission to bring this brand to the mainstream. to inspire girls around the world with a positive role model. a girl inventor. >> the company has areefed youtube after this goes battle. sunday's ad will be different. but the message will be the same. >> don't under estimate girls. >> they beat out 15,000 other small businesses across the country. they were among the top four finalists and it was 1 million online votes that helped decide the winner. on super bowl sunday, into it is throwing a big party. >> they are looking to settle. >> day one and michelle's visit
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is in the books. security was tight today at the first of two democratic fundraisers. a huge motorcade pulled up next to catonya restaurant. during tuesday's state of the union speech, the president called attention to the first lady for setting a good example. now many are drawing attention to the dress she wore. the green dress was made by aliah. she wore the same dress for a tv interview. >> wow. res. and then she's in san francisco. >> some people can go anywhere. >> you've been trying to go there for months. >> yeah. >> i got to get more is
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escorts. >> if only. no, you can't. >> here's the radar. let's get to it. look at all that stuff. some heavy showers heading toward the santa cruz mountains. concord, knocking on your door. martinez, richmond, out 80 toward hercules. you're getting some rain. look at this rain fall heading toward the santa cruz did not have a drop of rain fall. thankfully that will change tonight. all picking up showers. it's getty pump pi out there. it's so not talking about that. the light blue is a winter weather advisory until 10:00
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tomorrow morning. what's happening? well, we have a new area of low pressure moving through. different one yesterday. we got the break, it was sunny, but now another wave of pressure moving these. leave are allowed to gets here. they are coming up and over the ridge and into the bay area. we clear out friday and saturday. the river -- another area of low pressure goes up and over the bridge and slides into the bay area. maybe. showers likely overnight tonight. a .1. it will be dry, but cooler. showers back for you on sunday. highs tomorrow very close to 60 degrees. san jose 59. a couple morning showers. union city 58. con card 62. san ramon around 60 degrees. you'll be clear for much of the
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day. nevada 61. tonal 63 degrees. then sunday, monday through thursday of next week, we will be mainly dry. rain tonight, rain on sunday. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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performer, beyonce, has established herself as an last year super bowl performer, beyonce, has established herself as an influential cultural icon. >> now rutger's university is dedicating an entire course to beyonce. the course is called,
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politicizing beyonce. the course will use beyonce's career and songs to explore american race, gender, and sexual politics. >> football, primate nfl handicapper struck again today. at home, cooking extraordinary over at southern california rival. ,,,, [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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let me be your 60 second man. run the floor with the warriors. seth currie, warriors attack. confidence boosting night for harrison barnes who finished
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off strong. double digits off the bench. 19 point lead. david lee took his aggression out on l.a. 22-11 for lee. the warriors win 111-92. lindlindsey, looks like someone kicked her dog. nothing worked. at san diego, they shot 25%. terrell was at 17. 61-43. and in hockey, the sharks avoided their third straight shutout, but couldn't avoid their third loss. by alex, sharks lose 4-1 in calgary. and eli the 8th, in a salt lake city zoo chose the seahawks to win the super bowl. eli correctly picked the last six winners.
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>> wow. >> eli is pretty good. >> don't mess with eli. >> the other eli you have to watch out for. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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