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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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community members are paving the way for a siouxland man's long journey back to health "helicopter nats over go pro aerials " it's care at the highest level ..... why mercy air care continues to offer safe assisstance when its needed most. "now's a great time to get [the] flu vaccine" not thinking about the flu just yet? if you're hesitant, we take a look at one common misconception. tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight, im tim seaman,
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im tim seaman, jenna rehnstrom has the night off. after nearly being killed when a fellow biker collided with him during this year's sturgis motorcycle rally... a sioux rapids man is slowly making progress on the road to recovery. and as abc9's rachael krause shows us..... just like when they learned of the tragedy.... folks in arden kuene's (koo-knee's) hometown are still working for his safe return. "it's awesome seeing my dad, you know he's been improving so much," said kenzie keune, arden's daughter. kenzie keune.... says life has been turned upside down for her in the few months since her father, ardie keune, was hit.. and nearly killed on his motorcycle by a suspect fleeing police at the sturgis motorcycle rally. "i got a call saying your dad has been in a really bad motorcycle accident. i was like is he okay? and they said, you know kenz, we really don't know," she said. "real hard, it's a tragedy because he wasn't doing anything wrong," said kerby todd, arden keune's friend and neighbor. kerby todd, ardie's friend and neighbor waited with the
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recovery. he's out of the coma, on the slow road to recovery in lincoln. but much of sioux rapids is pulling for keune to get better... and back home by throwing a benefit for the family. "we're going to have an omelette breakfast with biscuits and gravy and pancakes. it's from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. on sunday," todd "while the benefit on october 18 is technically a fundraiser for the keune family, community members here in sioux rapids say it's going to feel much more like a celebration, knowing ardie is going to be okay." rachael krause, abc9 news. "he's a wonderful person and he cares and he helps everybody that he can. and that's why we expect such a terrific turnout for him. he would be here for each and everyone of us, there's just absolutely no doubt in that," said charlie gilmore, arden keune's friend. kenzie says things like school and sports are getting back to normal slowly.... and that's all thanks to the immense support she and her family are seeing from the community. she says it's not only helping her, but motivating her dad's recovery, too. "he's going to be coming back home. it's going to be a while but he's coming back," keune said. in sioux rapids, iowa... rachael krause, abc9 news. tim:
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breakfast at sunday's benefit, there will also be a live and silent auction, bake sale and more. for more information on the benefit, visit this story on our website at siouxland matters dot com. tim: an ida grove business was evacuated this morning after a fire broke there. employees in the powder coating line at midwest industries were forced to leave the building ... but no one was injured. the extent of damages still isn't fully known but smoke reportedly filled the building. midwest says it's working to review damage and has already started to plan repairs. all production areas will begin thursday shifts at 8am. company officials say additional information on the situation will be handled at an employee meeting tomorrow.
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flights, are known for thier quick transport of patients in extreme circumstances. just as important as the patients health is the saftey of everyone on board. as bria bell explains.... that's something mercy air care in sioux city is taking to new heights. bria: tim. regular training, testing and inspection are required of every air care provider. saftey protocols and guidelines for mercy, "air care"... are now set to an even higher standards, following the operations recent approval by the commision on accreditation of medical transport systems. " mercy air care crew members dedicate themselves to providing top tier service to patients in sioux city and surrounding areas by training all crew members under the camts program, the highest ranking accreditation available." "it allows the program the opportunity to set standards that are recognized by all organizations in the country for how you manage the quality in your program, how you manage the education in your program, aviation management in the program. it sets a lot of reoccuring education that has to take place for
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the crews, at the same time the crews make an extra commitment to their education," said sauser. "the accreditation is renewed every three years, though crew members say that training makes a beneficial difference." "we did business well before and we've always been about patient care, that's never been a factor. but, if we can improve patient care, if we can improve the safety, if we can imrove the process in which we do so that its streamline and it's the same thing everytime than ultimately we are a safer program, said hunter. "sauser stated that research is how crews are able to perfect their craft as he has personally seen improvements within the last 10 years." bria: mercy air care is now accredited through 2018. founded almost 30 now accredited through 2018. founded almost 30 years ago, mercy
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air care has logged more than 9.000 medical flights. live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: a group that wants to legalize casino gambeling at nebraska race tracks is set to begin gathering signatures to place the issue on the 2016 ballot. keep the money in nebraska announced today that the plan is to as voters to sign three petitions. one of them is a proposed constitutional amendment to allow games of chance. another would let folks know where casions would be placed, and how they would be regulated. the third would impose a 20% tax on gross gambling revenues. 75% of that going to the state and the remaining 25% would go to local governments where the casinos are located. former state sen. scott lautenbaugh, a spokesman for the group, says the state has lost billions of dollars in recent years to neighboring iowa and south dakota, where gambling is legal. tim: the next time shoppers in orange city visit woudstra meat market for chops or steaks.... something will be
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missing from the meat case. after 72 years cutting meat at the woudstra is retiring. al's father started the business back in 19-25 after migrating from holland. over the years al has cut back on his hours... but this time he's putting down the knife for good. "i'm going to miss the meat market very much but i'm thankful i'm still able to be around," said al woudstra. al and his brother lee...owned the business together before selling it the late 90's. al says he and his wife jane are looking forward to retiring at landsmeer ridge retirement community. tim: from the meat counter to the dairy aisle. businesses at the united center in downtown sioux city are bring awareness to the united way of siouxland's mission, and egg at a time. 3...2...1... egg smashing the business center hosted egg roulette today... several weeks ago tennant managers added extra incentive for employees making a donation to the united way of siouxland.
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four teams of employees competed in a mini office olympics earning eggs for their executives. the business leaders found out today the hard way whether the eggs are hard boiled or raw. "so doing this today was alot of fun, we raised some money for the united way and they got to throw eggs at the boss so howbad could that day be?" says branch manager of baird mark stuck. "there were some that i felt that felt hard-boiled but weren't and that i, it was really hard to tell which ones were which. anything we can do to help raise money for the united way helps improve our community." says kevin mcmanamy, president of united real estates solutions. were able to raise $1,012 for this year's united way campaign. $1,012 for this year's united way campaign. tim: a new office building is headed to bishop heelan high school. ho-chunk incorporated has sold a building they acquired, but was unable to use for just one dollar representatives from ho-chunk have basically gifted a former bank building to bishop heelan who is in need of a new administration office building. initially the building was purchased by ho chunk with plans to move it to winnebaggo
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nebraska, but due to the cost of moving the building, ho-chunk decided to sell it to the high school for a dollar tim: it's been nearly 6 years since the track ahletes at bishop heelan have had a place to call home. but that's soon to be no longer true. some final touches are being done on heelan's new outdoor track and field, crews were out painting lines ont he all weather surdface today bishop heelan was unable to host any track and field events last season and heelan activities director jason pratt says it'll be nice to be the home team for a change we've been transporting them all over tlast couple of years because the track was condemned, we physically could not run on it. so ti's exciting for the kids, they're excited for the spring so it'll be nice for the kids to get out here and have somewhat of a home" the complete renovation cost came to around 6 hundred thousand dollars and crews will be wrapping up work on the track within the next
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two weeks. home meets will be back on the schedule next spring, a big check is helping one central iowan center better serve iowans with autism. the homestead children's autism center in altoona, is holding an open house right now in celebration of their recent grant. thanks to the prairie meadows legacy grant and private donars, they have one hundred thousand dollars worth of new funds to expand their services. "started this clinic space 5 years ago with only four rooms, due to our community outreach and support we were able to expand our clinic three times the size and now we have 12 spaces to increase the ability to serve more children " stephanie: the homestead in altoona has been serving children with autism since 2010, but they quickly outgrew their space. they were originally designed to serve 12 children at a time. and that meant long wait lists for other families. but now this grant is adding space for 24 more kids. tim: still to come... its not to late to get your flu
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shots, well have details in your health matters coming up after the break (fred) breezy winds will be seen tomorrow as a cold front moves in. temperatures will cool enough for frost. but the weekend looks nice! see you after the break for details!
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now... but preparations for some common cold-weather viruses have already started. are you on the fence about getting a flu shot? jenna talks about some common misconceptions in tonight's your health matters. jenna: jenna rehnstrom says, "when it's this nice out, it's hard to think about winter illnesses, but now is the ideal time to get you and your family vaccinated for the flu." maybe you've already gotten your flu shot for the year. if you're hesitating to get the vaccine, do you really know what it prevents? there are some common misconceptions
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district health dept. says, "they'll say, 'i got the flu and it [the vaccine] really didn't help me.' so, we ask questions, 'what do you mean by the flu,' and it's usually the nausea, vomiting, diarea thing which is not influenza. influenza is a pnemonia-like illness, it's an upper resperatory infection and comes on hard an fast, usually high fever, body aches and chills." jenna rehnstrom linda drey from siouxland district health says now is a great time to get your influenze vaccine. in iowa, the virus usually peaks in january or february, and getting vaccinated now gives you plenty of time to get covered. so, how does it protect you? this particular vaccine contains dead strains of two influenza "a" virus and two strains of influenza "b". the vaccines are made based on the common strains floating around last winter. linda says, "last year there was a little bit of a shift and drift that we saw a little bit more influenza b. we're hoping there's a better match with the vaccine this year, because there is the guadrivalent vaccine that covers two "a's" and two "b's"." jenna rehnstrom if you're on board for your vaccine, there's the traditional shot, of course. but, if you'd prefer a no-poke option, like our photographer, jonathan, here, most people can have the nasal mist instead, which carries its own benefits. linda says, "the benefits to flu mist
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if you're able to recieve it that because it is a weakened live vaccine, it starts to prevent antibodies pretty quickly, and you get quicker coverage and protection from the vaccine." jenna rehnstrom keep these tidbits in mind as the weather starts to chance and influenze starts to pop up. and, if you do get sick, linda says stay home from work or school, so you don't pass it along to your friends. with chief photographer jonathan mack, i'm jenna rehnstrom with your health matters. (tim) fred, i hear that you are talking about freezing temperatures? (fred) yes, thursday night and friday night. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows a few sprinkles
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trying to fall across parts of northwest iowa and southwest minnesota. dry air is likely evaporating most of this before it can hit the ground. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows clear skies from the top of the ho chunk centre. 74 has been our high today after a low of 37. if we check the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake, we can see clear skies. the allergy report today shows that overall pollen levels have slipped to low. that is good news! 53 is our temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are mainly in the 50s. checking our winds, they are pushing in from the south at an average of 5 miles per hour, but calm in some spots. the winds will pick up tomorrow, and because it's so dry, with dew points in the 30s and 40s, fires will start easily and spread quickly. central and northern siouxland will have a fire weather watch tomorrow
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afternoon and evening, so please avoid outdoor burning during that time. the regional temperature map finally shows our cold front to the north...note the 40s in aberdeen, sd and rhinelander, wi. but just like the last front a few days ago, this one will sweep through quickly. there won't be any rain, just an increase in the wind! the satellite and radar shows only a few clouds and possibly a sprinkle or two in the northeast. there will be a few clouds tonight, but mostly clear overall. tomorrow, that front will slip into siouxland, but not before we warm into the 70s. we'll be on the cool side of the front tomorrow night, and that means sub-freezing lows and frost. after a nice, if cooler day on friday, more frost will be possible friday night. a freeze watch has been put into place for western siouxland for friday morning. this includes wayne and nofolk from 3 to 9 am friday. no freeze tonight, however. the low will be 41 with mostly clear skies. tomorrow, expect mostly sunny skies and increasing winds. the high will be 69. the 7-day
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forecast shows just 30 friday morning. friday will bring highs in the upper 50s. saturday will see highs in the 60s after a 32 degree start. we'll see 70s on sunday. monday will warm to the 80s, with a chance of showers that will carry over to tuesday. cooling temperatures are expected toward midweek (tim) thanks, fred.
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you bet. tim: fred: its time to reveal the winner for the vip ticket giveaway to the darius rucker concert the question was... in 1986, darius rucker formed the band hootie & the blowfish. what was the inspiration for the unusual band
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the answer is d) two college friends of rucker. scott fiedler remsen, ia coming up in sports...pierce and norfolk catholic renew their rivalry on the gridiron tomorrow night. we'll hear from the blue jays and knights up ahead. tim plus morningside has made two straight trips to the n-a-i-a national tournament. after the break we'll check in with the stangs as they shoot for a third.
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a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time, room to grow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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have been a program on the rise for the last couple of years. today, we got our first look at the 2015-16 squad who hopes to end the year in branson. over the last three years, the mustangs have seen their win totals increase from 18 to 25 to 28. to keep that trend alive though, morningside will have to have some new contributors step up. seven seniors are gone from last year's squad that won the gpac and a game at the naia national tournament. but the mustangs plan on reloading and not rebuilding. ryan tegtmeier--"i don't think our goals have changed any. we want to win the gpac, get to the national tournament. obviously our good and that's tough. we have a long ways to go but haven't changed jim sykes--"every year our goal's the same. we want to conference championship and if we put ourselves in that position, you know, anything can happen. we've gotta get better from october to november, from november to december, and moving on down. but for right now, we're possession to to practice getting better. we've got a before we hit the road and go to william penn and formal challenge
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and hopefully we're ready for it." as you just heard coach say, the stangs open the year with a trip to central iowa, those games are on october 29 and 30. across town, briar cliff hosting dakota wesleyan in volleyball action tonight. a wild play here in the first...the tigers, with an attempt from the back row...but abby blanchard digs it out, then brianna nogelmeier keeps it alive...and that ends up as a kill...chargers up 11-9. then it's katelin a thunderbolt from the hand of zeus...but the lead down to one. later on...bcu looking for the point but taylor spence comes up with the block and eventually michelle van epps capitalizes on the free's 16 a side. after the tigers take the lead, melissa ditter gets a kill to cut into it. dwu would take the first, but battle on...bcu takes it in 4. chris: there are some chris: there are some great rivalries in siouxland, but only one...pierce norfolk catholic,
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the blue jays and top ranked knights square off tomorrow night in norfolk. last year was a rare blowout in norfolk catholic but of course part of that from the blue jays rallying in the fourth and winning it by a single point the season before. whatever the playing in this circled on their calendars for a while. david engelhaupt--"it's a really fun game. i love it. it's something i look year because pierce miles away--and it's drive, but they come ready to go." taggart bailey--"there's nothing better than that atmosphere, playing against norfolk catholic. whether it's here, whether it's there, just everything. that's probably one of the biggest rivalries in nebraska, just, there's nothing better than playing in that game." austin freeman--"it's something else. i think it's like the championship game. if i'd ever play in it, i don't think that would beat it. i mean, pierce and norfolk catholic, that's a big game for us. it's one that i'll never forget." aidan burroughs--"it's everything, you know. every senior class, if they can't have a state championship, they'd take a win over pierce. it's probably one of the--besides the state championship, it's the biggest thing to strive for is a win over pierce your senior year." i will be live in norfolk tomorrow at 6:20 with coaches jeff bellar and mark brahmer to preview this game.
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chris: both american league division series went to game fives today. toronto toronto earlier this royals and astros blue jays. kauffman stadium, the site for game five tonight. in the second, one toronto earlier this afternoon and tonight, the royals and astros battled for the right to play the blue jays. kauffman stadium, the site for game five tonight. in the second, one man on...and luis valbuena...hitting a buck 43, but you can't predict ball...two run jack gives the stros the lead. but after that johnny cueto settled down. he gets george springer of his 8 strikeouts in 8 innings of work. in the fourth now...eric hosmer, with a little base knock to center, but lorenzo cain...hustling all the way from first...that's what speed do...royals on the board. then in the fifth, alex rios...rips it down the line...two come home easily...royals take the lead and they cruise from there 7-2 the final.
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