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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  October 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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operate on their own and with a recent surge in violence by the taliban and now isis., the move to keep troops in afhganistan is a correct one. president obama said this decision is not disappointing and the u-s committment to afghanistan will not wave tim for many military veterans the fight doesn't end on the battle field, especially if they are dealing with war related injuries. but a new non- profit is hoping to make the transition to civilian life smoother for some wounded remodeling their homes. deborah now with more on patriots. tim "projects for patriots" hopes they can make life more comfortable converting their homes into handicap- accesible spaces. changing inspired by the local veteran. "once they looked the home though and heard a little bit story and then they asked 'how is this hohoe working out for your family,
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your husband in particular?'" said aprel lalaen, home will be remomoled. aprel landen's husband....todd is a retired army master sergeant who spent more than two decades in service. a decorated soldier...landen survived 13 i-e-d explosions... and now suffers fromtsd...and has difficulty breathing and walking. after hearing his story...a group of contractors decided they would help remodel his home.. now that project...has blossomed into an even bigger one. "it's a great project to be a a part of this whole projects for patriots if we can pay this forward and continue to help other veterans like the landen's its one of those feel good things that really is great for our community," said breezy struthers drake, projects for patriots boardmember. construction on landen's home hasn't begun yet because the group is still working on raising enough money for the project. to start things off...a fundraiser is being held on november 5th at
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the orpheum. a war documentary featuringtodd landen in active duty...called the "hornet's nest"....will be shshn at the evenen tonit at 6 o- clocll have more on the project and hoho you can help. tim: thanks, derah the president's decision to keep troops in afghanistan is drawing comments from atleast one republican presidential candidate. carley fiorina is in iowa today. fiorina visited the fairgrounds in spencer today talking with hall meeting. says she doesn't the president's the effort to fighting terrorists abroad is something she can get behind. "the reality is that the complete withdrawal of our destabilized that is recognizing that becoming potentially a haven for isis and that the taliban is not on the wane as he has tried to convince the american people of
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strength. " fiorina is attending an event in a des moines suburb tonight at 6:30. fiorina is attending the polk county republican women's annual chili fundraiser. tim: fellow republican donald trump recieved an endorsement today from iowa sate senator. brad zaun, senator zaun was supporting governor scott walker before he dropped out of the race. zaun has been serving in the iowa state senate for 11 years. tim: some 65-million retirees on social security may not receive a cost of living adjustment or "cola" in 2016. that hasn't happened in five years. the reason being a decline in inflation caused by falling gas prices. in other words, if the price of goods doesn't increase, social security benefits stay flat. unfortunately, the way the government measures inflation may not accurately reflect how many on social security
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spend. the typical retiree's benefit is about 13- hundred-dollars a month. tim: presidential candidates on both sides of the race chimed in today on the flat line of cola benefits. democratic candidate bernie unnacceptable." the vermont senator said today quote senior poverty is going up and more than two-thirds population rely for more than income, our job must be to expand, not cut, social security." former arkansas governor and g- o-p candidate mike huckabee is also weighing in on the subject. he said quote ". while i know there are many good members of congress who oppose this, medicare premiums keep skyrocketing, and 70 million americans, nearly one-fifth of our population, will not receive a social security cost of living increase next year." tim: a sioux city nursing home worker is being accused of stealing from a resident.
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35-year-old olibia (oh-la-bee-ah) navarrette allegedly stole a credit card from the unidentified resident. authorities say navarrette used the card multiple times ringing up over 55- hundred dollars in bills. navarrette is being charged with felony theft as well as felony dependent adult abuse. tim on cam a sporting good logo associated with nebraska athetlics long before any other university could soon have new competition. but as andrew ozaki from ketv in omaha reports... buying cornhusker gear with a swoosh.... is likely years away. the nebraska board of regents approved a deal friday with former husker ndamukong suh to bring a nike sdore to the university of nebraska-lincoln's campus. the problem is that unl athletics has been under contract with rival adidas for two decades. "i'm pretty excited about it actually," unl student emma top said. "nike is one of my favorite brands." suh's company, tfl, and the university agreed to a $1.25 million deal that will put in a nike factory store where the old nebraska bookstore was. "i think it's great," unl student kiern carter said. "i love nike."
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contract with nike. according to a university of nebraska spokesperson, unl being an adidas school means that people won't be able to buy any licensed husker clothing at the new store. "i think that's going to be a little awkward," unl student seth hicks said. unl's current deal with adidas ends in 2017, whwhh will rekindle an old debate. "i a aays like nike and i think it will be good regardless if they can sell husker gear or r t," hicks saidid as for what lolo huskers will be wearing in the future, that's a battle for anothth day. ti the world's largest retail store walmart, is facing a financial slump. yesterday, walmart's stock tanked, wiping out 21 billion dollars in value in a matter of hours the worst day in 27 years for the company. causing a domino effect across wall street, taking down many other major retailers with it. now that's setting the stage for deep discounts. . joe feldman, sr. managing director, telsey advisory group i think we're gonna see pretty aggressive discounts. 30-40% off is going to be standard fare. as we
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get closer to the holiday and certainly one contributing factor to walmart's slump is their fierce competition with online giant amazon, and this holiday season isn't expected to get so far, the federation expects consumer spending this seasonto increase onlythree point seven percent from last year. titi tech giant google is giving back. right here in n wa. the iowa governor's stem advisory council received a check for 20 thousand dollars from google to help support code iowa. an effort in the state to help schools focus on better education. google's first twenty thousand dollar contribution allowed the stem council to award five schools across iowa with four thousand dollars in technology awards for participating in the "hour of code" during computer science education week. tim: a local entity is also giving back. and they're giving away a cool million in special projects grants righthere in woodbury county
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the missouri river historical development incorporated or mrhd, awarded grants totaling over a million dollars today to 12 woodbury county non-profit organizations and goverment projects. it's something that leaders of those non-profits say helps an enormous amount. "as a private non- prprit you have to do that,t,ut it's even more exciting when you get funded from a local grgrting organization like mrhd. so we really could not be more estactic, excited, thrilled%you name the adjective word there. to receive $150,000 from mrhd is huge for camp high hopes." says ceo ali langseth. tim: non-profits receiving money include the boys club of sioux city, camp high hopes, the crittenton center and goodwill. several towns and citys also received benefits. for a full list of local non-profits receiving mrhd funds. just head to siouxland matters dot com and click the link on this story tim: the current
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a crimp on the state lottery. illinois lottery officials say y ey will have totossue i-o-u's s anyone nning more than 600-dollars. the lottery started issuing i- o-u's to those winnininmore than 25-thousand dollars in july, but that threshold was lowered today officials say the yments will be made onca state budget is passed. illinois' last state budget expired back in june, and it's not clear when a new one will go into law. still to come... are you ready to go to the darius rucker concert? stay tuned. we're giving away some v-i-p tickets. don't go anywhere. fred: (fred) we will see freezing temperatures tonight, but warmer wewill be coming next week--we'll see 80s monday. there is one rain chance over the next week. find out when after the break!
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(fred) in fact, a freeze warning is in effect for most of siouxland, including sioux city, from 3 to 9 am tomorrow. a frost advisory is in
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seen on the port company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. the high low of 40. the king's shows lots of levels unfortunately rererned to medium today. in sioux city, we have 66 degrees. local temperatures are in the 60s. northwest winds are pushing in at 15 to 25 miles per hour. these winds will lighten to only about 5 miles per hour this evening. look at these low dew points in the 20s and lower 30s! that
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dry enough to support cold temperatures tonight, since the air can only cool to the dew point. relative humididi values refllect these low to 30 percent range. and dry, fires will start easily and spread quickly. a red flag warning is your hint to not burn anything outdoors. the warning expires at 7 pm. regional temperatures show the cold front that has moved through the area. only a few clouds have been seen locally, and
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ormcast hd shows frost tonight, a nicic if cool, day tomorrow, and more frost tomorrow night. we'll see warming conditons by sunday. your forecast for tonight is for clear skies and our first frost. the low will
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we'll see mostly sunny skies. your 7- day forecast shows a low of 32 saturday morning, then a high of 66 saturday and 70 sunday. wel warm all the way to 85 monday, and we have a slight chance of showers tuesday before cooling back to the 60s. fred: tim: jenna: (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. tim: darius rucker is going to be at t t tyson eventscenter this saturday and abc9 is givingng away a set of v-p tickets to the concert. all you have to do is answer this question correctly. question: what year did darius rucker release his first solo album? a) 1998 b) 2007 c) 2002 d) 1995 be sure to submit you answers to contest-at-k-c-a- u-dot-com
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and a viewer who answers it correctly will be randomly selected and announced tonight at ten. coming up. are you getting enough sleep? see why you may ve something in mmon with our ancestors. after the break. tim: toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts eve single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. wake up in your first home. wake up in a home th a new address. wake up in a home th no address. your dream h he evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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get enough sleep. but new research suggests it's far from just a modern-day problem. with more, here's abc's dr. timothy johnson. "alarm clocks? smartphones? binge watching reality tv.v. our modern lives are filled with conveniences seemingly designed to keep us awake? and ruin our chances of getting as many hours of sleep as we need. but lest you believe throwing those technologies out might help? surprising new research suggests that our ancient ancestors may not have fared so well either. a team of researchers from around the country? writing in the journal current biology? suggests that the actual amount of sleep we different from the certain pre-modern and south america? thought to have ways of life similar to cultures living ago. en without electricity or clococ? they get hours a night.
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the diffffence? the authors note that the sleep weweet may be less s ntinuous? often upted by bouts of insomnia. the solution then to a better night's sleep practice is what is known as good sep hygiene? thut means no screens in the bedroom, keeping the bedroom at a comfortable teperature, and allocating enough time to get those zzzzs. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson " after the break... an exciting art event is returning to the sioux city art center. more on artilicious 2015
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erin webber- dreeszen art-ilicious is making a return. artilicious touts food and drink
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wine and beer. an art auction also is includud. signature artwork from art-splash is being auctioned off as part of the 4th annual event. staff at the art center are hoping again this year. art-ilicious will education and center art-ilicious 2015 will be held at the sioux city art october 22nd from 5 to 8pm cost is just 25
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to head on out there. tim: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast.
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a project dedicated to helping heroes. how one organization is looking to help re-design one veterans home. abc9's deborah
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tonight at six, (fred) your forecast for skies and our first be 31. tomorrow, our high will be 61 and we'll see mostly day forecast shows a low of 32 saturday morning, then a high sunday. we'll warm all the way to 85 monday, and we have a slight chance of showers tuesday before cooling back to the 60s.
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tonight, the dramatic fall from grace. the man once second in line to the presidency, tonight, his decision.
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possible prison time now after
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