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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  October 16, 2015 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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seaman, jenna has the night off. it's an old issue..... what to do with an ageing woodbury county work release facility. but now one county supervisor is pushing the discussion again.... with hopes of
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finding a solution sooner than later. abc9 reporter allison n rren met with supervisis jeremy taylor today and she has more his plan. allison: other than for a once a month, weekend program for non-violent offenders. the prairie hills work release facility hasn't been used in weeks. jeremy taylor tells me that having the facility is a waste of taxpayer dollars and he thinks he has a better solution. allison warren, abc9 news a long term facility study of the prairie hills work release facility is again getting the building some attention. "this building is in need of w electrical system, new boilers, a domestic hot water system and a variety of upgrades to the point wherer structurally and for the long term we're questioning whether it's really worth keepepg this facility in use." " allison warren, abc9 news and before those repairs are made, taxpayers are already spending a pretty penny on prairie hills. jeremy taylor, "it'll cost us over 1.2 million dollars over the next ten years and that's just on utilities and ongoing maintenance. that doesn't seem to be a very good investment for taxpayers and so we need to look at the long-term life of this building." allison warren, abc9 news while the facility house over-flow prisoners who are non-violent offenders, and the jail's kitchen... the only time inmates have been housed here lately, is for
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the weekender programs. "it's always been a staffing issue. for the 15 years that it's been in existence we've never really had the employees to come here and work. so what we did was, we took f fm the existing jail, moved them here and that shorted the existing jail staffing, which lead problems." news using this unused space at the law enforcement center downtown as an expansion to the jail. estimates roughly 50 more inmates could be housed here lot of problems. however, until an drew has his concerns about the possibility of losing prairie hill. but both agree something needs to be done. . would we put our low-risk offenders, and where would we hold our weekender program? we have people booked out 6 months, so there's a waititg list. it's kind of sad there's awaitininlist to get into jail, but that's where we're at because we don't have the space." taylor, "if we can repurpose the money that otherwise would've been spent here over the next 10 years on an expansion tht would be much longer term and be more efficient for tax payers. allison: taylor will present the study's findings to the board at next week's meeting and hopes they will be persuaded to at least move forward with a study to see if the lec can be expanded. reporting in studio, allison warren, abc9 news. tim:
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pork is a hot topic with iowa sen. chuck grassley even when he's not on the farm. this week the senator sent a letter to the federal bureau of prisionsnsirector, charles samuels, expressing concern about the lack of trsparency used ia recent decision to remove pork from prison menus. the decision to remove the meat from menus was sparked by low ratings from prisoners during product surveys. but after grassley questioned the decission with bureau of prisons staffers, pork is
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returning to menus at u-s federal prisons. in a statement today, grassley says the decision by the bureau of prisons to completely remove pork from its menus was "ham-handed" at t best. pork producici farmers alsoraised concerns over the menu dispute. iowa produces 20 million hogs a year. tim: be sure to join me sunday for another edition of "this week in siouxland" i'll be sitting down with senator grassley for a one on one discussion on several topics including gun control and his decision to run for a 7th term in the u-s seante.. that's sunday morning at 9 right here on abc9. tim: a water warning for people in cushing tongiht. until further notice, the city is recommending folks use an alternate source of drinking water or make sure to boil the water before using it. a spike in nitrate levelsn the cushg water supply sparked the warning. don't give tap water to infants under 6 months old or use it to make infant formula. folks in cushing are asked to conserve water until further notice. tim: one man died this
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afternoon in a fatal accident near bridgewater south dakota a 1997 ford pickup was heading west on south dakota highway 42 when it crossed the center line colliding with a truck pulling a semi-trailer loaded with a combine. the f the pickup died while ththdriver of the mi rig was uninjured. the name of those involved have not yet been released. the accident is curreny under investigation tim: a sioux city man is guilty osexual exploitation by a school employee. the verdict against 30 year old erick deleon came back today, after evidence showed deleon started an innappropriate relationship with a 16 year old female student at north high school. deleion was the educatioiol specialist who ran a school program and was also an assistant boys' soccer coach at west high school. phone nunuers of the studenen and the program director werer exchanged as part of the program. sentencing is set for december 1st tim: meanwhile a storm take man gets 15 years behind bs for forcing s
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wife to terminate two pregnancies. 55 year old tony lee was found guilty of two counts of forced consent to termination of human pregnancy and two counts of assault. according to court documents, lee forced his wife to take pills that ended her pregnancy on two separate occasions he a ao sexually assaululd his wife aftetethreatening her with a machete. tim: it's usually around this time of year...when drivers get some temporary relief from the i-29 construction in downtown sioux city. but that won't be the case this winter. that's because the project is behind schedule, due to logistical set backs last year. the portion of i-29 that runs through downtown sioux city is being expanded from 4 lanes into 6. during the winter, the dot usually ends the one-lane traffic..but this year that won't be the case. "there expectation is to switch traffic thth year so move that interstate traffic into those new southbouou lanes and theyeyill close those northboundndanes over winter," saiddakin schultz, iowa dot transportation planner. the ten year project to
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improve a ten mile stretch of i-29 was expected to be completed in 2018. but now the deadline has been pushed back to the end of 2019. and another change drivers should be aware of. on monday the southbound floyd boulevard off ramp will be temporarily closed from 9 a-m until 3 p-m. tim: the river front area.....located just off i i9 in downtown sioux city is going g be getting a a ke over of its own. for now, city leaders are looking at ways to liven the area adding new attractions at the site of the former argosy casino river boat. what's now a construction could some day be home to a recreational area for all ages... "we're looking at overlooks, trailhead, fishing piers, sports courts, water play features, splash pad...we have lots of ideas but we want to get public input and we want to get it professionally designed," said matt salvatore, sioux city parks & recreations director. the parks and
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study that will help determine what type of facility the site can best accomodate. city council could approve that plan on monday. tim: a large piece of vermillion, south dakota's economic development master plan remains on hold, thanks to a legal battle with a tech company. in 2013 minnesota company eagle creek software services announced plans to move into a new building in vermillion... but as abc 9's bria bell reports ... so far the building is only home to a handulf of economic development staffers. "unfortunately it just continued to escalate and we got to a point where we weren't able to continue that conversation and we had to just move to the legal action," said welch. the vermillion area chamber and developmt company, also known as vcdc took an initiative to boost the economic conditions of the city by building a technology center worth 4.2 million dollars and creating an incentive package with eagle creek services software in order to produce up to 200 new jobs. but that project would never take off as anticipated.
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"the initial plans for the building were to be able to build it specifically for a company. unfortunately, they decided not to be able fulfill that agreement and unfortunately we're just in a situation where we're working through that in the legal system," said welch. the vermillion technology centete was completed d may of 2014 and vcvc did not receive a ase payment from eagle creek until august of that same year. after that, payments just stopped coming.. and a lawsuit was filed 2 months later in october. nate could not go into specifics about the lawsuit because the case is still in the courts. "nate says, vcdc invested in the incentive partnership with eagle creek not only to create new jobs, but to increase the tax base and property values. now this building nearly stands empty and currently awaits a new tenant." tax payers will not have to worry as vermillion is the sole owner and responsible for the multi million dollar building. "the land that it sits on, again as well as the financial contributions for it and obligations rely solely on then on vcdc," said welch. moving forward, vcdc has other companies who have expressed serious interest in the state-of-the-art technology center. vermillion, bria bell abc 9 news. tim:to date eagle creek services
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only able to create 30 jobs f f the incentive deal. abc 9 tried reaching out for a comment and a voicemail was not immediately returned. tim: nasa is giving us a new look at a moon around saturn. the spacecraft cassini took these photographs of the planet's moon enceladus wednesday. the icy moon has thin cracks across its north pole... as well as craters. mission controllers say the spacecraft will continue transmitting images and other data from the encounter for the next several days. tim: still to come... a community surprises a teacher batteling breast cancer with and
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cold again tonight, but warmer in time for the weekend! our midweek rain chance seems to be dwindling. your forecast is right
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses,
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but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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cams hd. cold morning at freezing, many were below that, and a cool afternoon where some struggled for 50! temperatures are getting chilly already, in the upper 40s, some already in the 30s! wind mainly out of the east will be shifting south overnight, some clouds expected to clear ovovnight, and temperatures take another dive, getting down to 33. frfrze warning, nonoh of highway 20, and frost advisory, south of highway 20, are in effect tonight for eastern siouxland, protect vegetation from frost! some clouds now in siouxland, but i'm expecting them to clear overnight. stormcast hd has our high pressure system that kept us sunny today. it shifts east switching us to a south wind overnight. south wind kicks in with a breeze tomorrow and more seasonal temperatures in the mid 60s with lots of sunshine. another clear night, before winds pack a punch on sunday, which help us warm even
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more into the 70s. warm pattern with a south wind sticks around through monday. tonight, cold! patchy frost and mostly clear skies with a calm wind. low 33. tomorrow, a very fall like day.sunshine, a bit breezy, and seasonal warmth with a high of 64. 7-day has warmer temperatures kicking in for sunday with some windy conditions. getting close to 80 on monday with that south wind. rain chances look to be better tuesday night into wednesday, and are dwindling during the afternoon. looking forward to warmer temperatures! thanks, elisa!
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2 line name super: chris palmquist cpalmquist@kcaut alex heelan could clinch a home playoff game with palmquist cpalmquist@kcaut alex heelan could clinch a home ayoff game with a win over storm lake t tight...the tornrnoes 2-5 on the season. opening drive for storm lake...michael da- mars rolls to his right....and fires a
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storm mars rolls to his right....and fires a lange.....for the 44 yard touchdown.....tor nadoes take the 7-0 lead.... first drive for the crusaders....saybe nadoes take the 7-0 lead.... first drive for the crusaders....saybe in clark breaks a cut....and breezez by that storm m move thehehains... but on third and goal....nathan carlson strips clark.....and brayden hoops recovers in the crum. for the tornadoes...storm lake ready for battle.... that drive would stall....and its mekhi bianchini connecting with branden the one came down to sloniker kicked a give the win. chris in nebraska, south sioux battling yet omaha central.
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hall up the gut,t, dives into the end zone for a 6-yard tdtdun 14-0 eagles s ying high and speaking of flying... how about the cardinals ssc - ensuing drive, hand off to the fullback tanner koeppe, looks like the flying v! od for 20 yards, but they'd be forced to punt q2, 14-0 central: ceral - james jackson on the handoff, 31-yard td run still to come after the break - still to come ter the break - students and faculty ban togther for one of thier own tim: breast cancer awareness month
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. incredible s sries of survival... and heartwarming
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signs of support for those in the fight of their life. liz strzepa reports from plattsburgh, new york. " " a whole lot of pink greeted cv-tec health teacher kathy billings during a fake fire drill friday morning. (kathy billings/teacher) " today is one of the best days, i'll tell ya." the teacher, fondly known as mrs. b, is battling stage-2 breast cancer, a diagnosis she received last winter. so far, she's undergone chemotherapy and on monday - she'll begin her first week of radiation. (kathy billings/teacher) "if i can get through chemo, i can get through radiation." but on friday morning - it wasn't about the battle - it was about the support. the firetrucks, the flowers, and the hats were all the guardians of the ribbon. (nats clapping) the non-profof is a nationalalaw enfofoement and firereepartment- based organization. . its mission is t t spread cancer awareness and make new, happy memories r patients, survivors, and the families. (jim garrant/volunteer) " if they need financial help, we try to help with that. if we have, they need a wig or whatever aistance we can provide to 'em that they need." new york's only chapter of the non-profit is based in west chazy. the volunteers drive the pink firetrucks, named after cancer survivors, anywhere they're called. (jim garrant/volunteer) "we've gone as far as buffalo to visit a woman. drive out to buffalo, give her some flowers and just make her day and drive back to plattsburgh."
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and for the chapter's president, jim garrant, the visits are personal. (jim garrant/volunteer) "my wife is a cancer survivor, my mom is a cancer survivor so it touches home with us." he says it's just one way he, and the roughly one dozen volunteers, can give back. (jim garrant/volunteer) "for years, the women have been taking care of the men, and as firemen, it's time for the men to step up and take e care of the womeme" kathy billings says having the supportrt frfr her work family and some new friendndfrom the guardians of the ribbon - -s what keeps her fighting. (kathy billings/teacher) "my work family has supported me - and my students - i don't know what i would do without them." and her students say they'll keep supporting - until mrs. b wins her battle. (nats students) "we love her. i want her for my teacher next year!" (laughter) and those smiles, the 'happy tears' (nats) "hugs are free - we love to hug!" and the big bear hugs - are what garrant says make driving across the empire state...all worth it. tonight, cold! patchy frost and mostly clear skies with a calm wind. low 33. tomorrow, a very
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to creree new businessss and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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sporzone. in just 12 days it will be jim mora's favorite time of year--the playoffs--and tonight there were some big games on the schedule alex lawton bronson and akron- westfield battled with a home playoff game on the line... sb-l could clinch it's first ever 3a district title... and out in nebraska, crofton and hartington cedar catholic met in a must win to keep their playoff hopes alive... but as always, we start with our game of the week. chris the playoff rara in class 2a's s district one is still incrediblyly complicated, but here's what i think we know to this point. chris: spirit lake is in as the district championnd sheldon is eliminated from the playoffs anything else--makes my head hurt. sioux center and central lyon george little rock aren't in must-win situations for our game of the week, but a victory would certainly make life much easier heading into next week's regular season finale. let's head up to
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beautiful open space park for the fifth meeting in the last two seasons between thons and warriors. first drive of the game for cl- glr...and cjcjoths, finds a seam and he's gonna run a a long way. 50 plus yards for the lions, he eventually gets dragged down, but they're deep in warrior territy. then you have to reward the big guy...he punches it in...6-0 after the missed extra point. but back come the warriors...dalton schreiner...with a nice spin move and a 12 yard gain. then later on the possession ko kieft connects with devin mouw who makes a great adjustment...but they would miss a field goal on the drive lions take over and brendan zeutenhorst...loo k at this...a 20 yard sack! not many plays in thehe playbook for 3rd and 30. warriors take over in the second...but a bad mesh on the toption and stin denoble pounces on it, but again
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that drive would stall. foth down for sioux center, and riley van wyhe tips it away. offenses pick up in the second half and the lions win it 32-20. chris stay tuned throughout the weekend...alex will announce our nominees for our final game of the week. back to the action though, after a week one loss to lewis central, sergeant bluff- luton has won 6 straight games and is on the verge of schoooo history. alex if the warriors could take down 0-7 denison schleswig tonight, they would clinch their first ever district title as a 3a football team. second quarter...already 34-0 sb-l....brayden curry fakes me out....and the entire monarch now i dont feel as bad....the warriors move the chains.... and then its drew gears......finding a hole....he shows a burst of speed and picks up yet another first down... but on first and goal....gears
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recovers.....but forced to kick the take the 37-0 monarchs back on offense.....but aaron sader makes a mans play in the backfield....huge loss... then right before the half...nhial biliew finds all kind of space against the hail mary defense...he nearly breaks it but it wouldnt matter... sb-l wraps up the district title....44-0 the final. alex heelan could clinch a home playoff game with a win over storm lake tonight...the tornadoes 2-5 on the season. opening drive for storm lake...michael d d mars rolls to his right....and fires alaser to parker lange.....for the 44 yard touchdown.....tor nadoes take the 7-0 lead.... first drive for the crusaders....saybe in clark breaks a tackle....makes a cut....and breezes by that storm lake
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goal....nathan carlson strips clark.....and brayden hoops recovers in the scrum. for the tornadoes...storm lake ready for battle.... that drive would stall....and its mekhi bianchini connecting with branden hohenstein over the middle....heelan on the move...and this one e me down to the wire...jason sloniker kicked a game-winning 30- yard field goal to give the crusaders the 10-7 win. chris down in des moines, east could all but clinch a playoff berth with over the polar bears. connor koza to dom flemister for the long, gorgeous pitch and catch. east defense on all night...i think all 11 are in on that tackle. black raiders back at it, skyler skogland touchdown. terrell hills touchdown. 63-0 east routs des moines north. touchdowow 63-0 east routs
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