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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 18, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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>> the wild race to the end zone. that big block. fans in shock. social media blowing up this morning.
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dan has the weekend off. it's great to have tom beside me once again. you said you were coming back. >> i did. i showed up and d ad i'm here for yoy. i know it was a very rough night for you last night as a michigan fan. >> it's a rough night and morning. everyone is talking about the crazy moment on the college football field that nobody saw coming but that's what makes games like this so -- i guess you could say exciting. but heartbreaking for the michigan fans. we'll have more on that. you played 59:50 seconds and it comes down to the last 10 seconds of the game. a lesson here, it's not how you start. it's how you finish. >> a 60 minute game paula. >> i know. thank you. >> paula -- >> got to play to the whistle. >> all right. sticking with football, take a look at this, another moment o o a football fieie. snsn in gaylord, michigan. it's only october as we start with the eastern half of the
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nation in a freeze this morning seeing the first solid snowfall this season. rob out shivering in central park. rob, how cold is it out there? >> reporter: well, you can see my breath. i haven't been able to do that since february or march of last ar. certainly grgrt football weather yesterday. the leaves are changing in central park. the first real shot of cold air is always a bit of a shock to the system. it's more than just the leaves changing. it looks like winter especially the northern tier. look at the stuff out of michigan. a couple incheheof snow. that's the earliest they have seen snow since 2001. grand rapids, michigan seeing 6 inches of snow and northern parts of maine seeing a pileup. lake placid, yes, i do believe in miracles and the play in michigan state last night, they saw some snow. here's the cold blast. temperatures, we have got t ost and freeze advisories from maine all the way down to mississippi. this is the end of the growiwi season for a lot of folks. a lot of vegetable gardens and lawns and it's going to be
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chilly today. 20s and 30s to start. look at temperatures across the northeast. they don't rise very much. struggling to get to 50 degrees. might not even do that today. there's a bit of good news, a bit of a warmup. we'll talk more later on when i get to come back inside. >> rob, we all love that fall look, too. you're kicking that scarf perfectly and that jacket. you are fall this morning, all right. thanks so much. now, hot on the trail. you remember the notorious el chapo making his daring prison escape in july. now the manhunt tracking him to the mountains oforth mexico. authorities say he was almost kpap churched and injured making his get-away. abc's mara schiavocampo has the latest. >> good morning. el chapo tracked to a mountain region where he and his associates engaged in a violent shootout with law enforcement. is as new videos emerges
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showowg that brazen escape. this morning mexican officials confirming they are closing in on notorious druglord joaquin el chapo guzman. revealing military operation in a mountain region of north mexico. e mexican governmentntaying the drug king pin was baly able to make a escape but not without suffering injuring. security officials deny those wounds came from a confrontation with police but residents in this rural region describe an all-out siege when they say the cops and mexico's marines stormed in. this woman showing where she hid as bullets ripped through her home during a fire fight. it's the closest law enforcement says they have come to recapturing el chapo since his brazen prison break in july. >> there had to be complicity within the penitentiary.
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a shock when we found out hee had been able to engineer his escapap from that prison. >> this video released this week for the first time witaudio. revealing guzman was anything but subtle as he entered this narrow tunnel to a home nearly one mile away. his engineering and escape pr prowess well knownwnfamously using this secret trapped door beneath a bathtub to elude capture in 2014. el chapo's inner circle have been key. to closing in on him. in their search officials have closed off more than a dozen communities in the area. one thing that's important, this is someone with a lot of experience evading capture. one of the world's wealthiest men. he can pay for a lot o o loyalties. so the search is still on. new development that's he's possibly injured. >> very big developments and we'll wait to see what happens. one of the world's most wanted men. >> now to the wild scene at zombie-con.
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drawing 20,000 people each year to fort meyers, florida. people running for cover when gunfire rang ououon the street. abc's phillip mena has the story. >> overnight a zombie festival turned deadly leaving one person dead and four others wounded in downtown florida. organizers estimated more than 20,000 fans dressed as the walking dead descended of the festival turningngnto a real life horror show as they fled with gunshots. coordinators say they are deeply saddened by the tragedy and posting on facebook for those at the event to help police with any information regarding the incident. we are asking for your assistance. if anyone has any information regagaing the incident this evening, p ptos, video, according to police the four surviving victims were taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police on the hunt for the
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shooter. police still looking for the shooter and have yet to identify those shot but you have to imagine those costumes not making things easier. tens of thousands of peoeoe dressed up and covered in fake ood. to the 2016 election and the most popular guessing game in washgton and around the country. will joe biden run for president? lots of clues and decision about his future political plans could come in the next days. abc is all over the fast moving story. we have the latest frorothe white house. >> if joe biden ts in, he'll need to raise millions of dollars and list marriages of volunteers and lock down endorsements. word that he may have one of the nation's most powerful labor unions in his corner. over night vice president biden left his political deliberations in delaware for a gala in new york city. >> it may be the greatest honor i have ever received in my
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public life. >> accepting the human rights award as sources say his decision on the 2016 campaign is imminent. the big sticking point, that lingering grief over the death of his son beau. >> to put one foot in front of the other as my son beau used to say, j jt keep moving forwarar >> learning biden has called supporters to ready for a run. the president of the nation's largest firefighters union telling us he spoke personally with him on friday and got every indication he is running. the firefighters have backed biden in the past. >> i've got the firefighters. that's why i'm going to whip. >nd have not endorsededillary clinton for 2016. officials say it's likely they'll back biden if he gets in. the only running he's been doing is catching his grandkids on the athletic field. on his grandson's football game there was biden cheering on the sideline and playing with the family dog champ. meanwhile hillary clinton
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campaigning in alabama revealing a katy perry concert next week going head to head with bernie sanders and his big bash rockin' the bern. the vice president's office tells us joe biden has no plans to go to iowa or hold one of those rival concer he will be back here at the white house tomorrow on climate change. >> turning to the republicans donald trump said in an interview and later on twitttt that president george w. bush is partly to blame for 9/11. hoo is jeb bush handling that? >> this may be the hottest feud in politics right now. jeb bush hitting back hard at donald trump. take a look. his campaign releasing this two-minute video on social media mocking trump and questioning whether or not he has the july to become commander in chief. >> there's no love loss between those two. for more let's turn to abc's "this week" george stephanopoulos. "good morning america." the window for biden appears to be closing. hillary does not look as
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vulnerable as she once did. if he jumps in is this a clear indication that voters a a donors are still ready to back bidede >> we'll see what happens. if he makes that decision. he's been reaching out as devin said over the last week closing in on a decision. people close tbiden say that his family now if he decides to run would be behind that run and that he knows that the time for him to make a decision is here. so i would expect all l us to know one way or the other sometime this week. >> and he has the backing of the powerful firefighters union. after this week's debate so many drawing comparisons between bernie sanders and larry david. larry got in on the fun on ""snl" take a look. >> i own one pair of underwear. these billionanaes have three, four pairs. i don't have a dryer. i have to put my clothes on the radiator. so who do you want as president? one of these washington insiders
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radiator. is >> i don't even know if larry -- >> really good. >> did he have to get intoto character for that? i don't think so. e question is,is america ready to elect a democratic socialist which means more government involvement and social issues in the economy? >> there was a poll. 50% saying no. what you see bernie sanders doing is redefining. do you like medicare. that's got aspects of socialism. do you like tuition-free college. that's got social aspects to it. he's trying to specify what he means by that and it has not hurt him so far. >> can't wait to hear what bernie thinks. >> and ben carson. >> george has a great show lined up this morning on abc's "this weekgoing one on one with bernie sanders aka larry david and ben carson. >> we're turning to new rules for drones set for tomorrow. be announced after too many dangous close encounters in
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the sky. the government is cracking down and keeping close tabs on everyone who owns what's expected to be a popular christmas present this year. abc's marci gonzalez h h the story. reporter: the faa announcing strict first of its kind rules with hobbiest pilots. confirming on monday the agency will lay out regulation requiring all new buyers to register their unmanned multi-copters. part of their effort to get the popular but problematic aircraft under control, expected to be one of the hottest gifts this holiday season, as many as 750,000 will be sold by christmas. the unmanned aerial vehicles have proven to be dangerous with case after case reporting drones flying too close to aircraft endangering passengers. soso impeding fire fighthtg
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efforts like this fire in july. >> sooner or later we're going to lose an airplane to a drone due to collision. >> regulations for commercial use of drones proposed by the faa earlier this year require a written test and limit flight to below 500 feet. >> the objective is to get people to fly where they're supposed to fly. keep them from flying where they're not allowed to fly. >> reporter: we're told the new registration requirements should be in effect by christmas and get all of the specifics when the faa holds the news conference tomorrow. >> we're looking at the other stories that have been happening. good morning to you. >> good morning to you paula. >> can we -- >> w wll drop that and tom good morning. good morning everyone. we begin with brand new information on the search for the suspects who stabbed french train hero spencer stone. police in sacramento california compiled these sketches of the men they're looking for based d d surveillance video and released this new video showing the two suspects along with a female
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getting into a car after that incident. spencer stononwas stabbed four times and critically wounded outside a bar after a fight caught on camera. he was released from the hospital this past thursday. overseas and another bloody day on the streets of israel in the middle east. israeli police say paleleinian assailants carried out five stabbing attacks in the west bank over the past month. and in jerusalem. eight israelis have been killed in stabbing attacks. 40 palestinians have lost their lives in clashes with police. to texas, another high school football player has died. cameron matthews a junior from alto high school in east texas died saturday afternoon after collapsing durinina game friday night. he had to be air-lifted. according to one witness, matthews told teammates in a huddle before a kickoff that he felt dizzy.
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student to die sincehe beginning of the season. a woman wanted in a string of jewelry heists in several states may have struck again. investigators released this photo of a woman who stormed into a jared's jewelry store this week sporting a red wig and toting a gun. she tied up the workers. and fled with the jewels. officials are trying to figure out if this is the same woman who held up stores in georgia, south carolina and florida. terrorizingg employees i imuch the sasa manner. finally, just when you think you've seen it all in new york city. this happens. a staten island man was opening his auto repair shop when she saw what he thought was a deer. which was not a deer. it's a kangaroo in a parking lot. >> on staten island. >> his name is buster and he got loose while he and his owner were visiting from upstate new york where they live on a farm. owner and the rogue roo have since been reunited.
7:16 am
in case you're wondering, it is illegal to have a marsupial in new york city. >> how do people do that? just let animals be where they're supposed to be? >> it escaped. was visiting staten island. >> it was illegal to own it or visiting staten island. >> we'll clear it up. >> and follow it. >> you can't own it in new york city. i don't know if you can bring one into new york city. >> we've seen stranger things in new york city. >> or a boxing kangaroo. or i was hoping. >> maybe a street fight of some sort. oh, geez. >> look west side story?y? >> looking for better tv. >> that's a very nice suit. >> thanks. >> we have to turn to a story that is very serious to paula. is that wild end at a college football game. michigan state stunning the wolverines in a crazy final play. everyone is talking about this this morning. it was a wild game. >> i know this is sensitive for paula right now. it's what everyone is talking about ononocial media. we've got michigan and michigan state playing.
7:17 am
let me show you the video first and then i'll tell you. go ahead and look. >> oh, trouble with the snap! the ball is free! it's picked up by michigan state's jalen watts-jackson and he scores on the last play of the game! >> the snap was flubbed and michigan state picked up the ball, ran it in. now, there were like eight seconds on the clock. >> ten. >> or ten seconds when this happened. paula was noted. >> it's a very sore subject for me. as you can tell. >> clearly like any time this is all everyone is talking about, the play. we have a disappointed fan that you saw. you guys have all seen this guy. >> yeah. >> classic. >> but we might have found his future wife. we don't know if he's married or not because she was also pretty disappointed but there was a lot of celebrating because michigan state was visiting. so that's a bigger thing. >> the fact it happened in an arbor at the big house with ten
7:18 am
seconds left. my kids said mommy why do you look sick. >> two words for those people, laces up. >> laces up. >> paula, you're wearing green today. >> nice colors. >> here, these are for you. just a reminder. all i can say if you ask any michigan fan, the expectations were lowered. we knew harbaugh was going to rn the team around b b congratulations to the spartans. i'm a michigan girl. >> there you go. >> you're going to -- >> someone having a fellow michigonian. >> it's a michigander. >> we kept it in the family. >> can you wear that for me, please. >> talk to the hand people. . >> the other way. >> oh. i always mess that up. >> i like the green. >> like we said earlier it snowed in chigan. that's my horrible transition. we're going to talk about this land spout. this is amazing out of riverside county, california. a land spout much weaker due to
7:19 am
converging winds. cool to look at. they're typically lele strong than a tornado you see in the plains developing from a supercell. this is a water spout that is over land as far as intensity goes. but an amazing picture. very turbulent weather the past couple days. we had those torrential rains outside of l.a. mudslides. flash flood watches mostly f f nevada and arizona for thbulk of the heavy ra shifting to the east. couple of inches in some spots. where they went from flood to drought again in northern texas. incredibly dry weather there. red flag warnings and fire weather watches. humididi warnings across the deep south in teens. meanwhile the cool air that's in place acrosshe eastern half of the country a geveral warmup. starting from west to east. look at the numbers. in rapid city, 83. 78 expected in denver and
7:20 am
getting into the 80s in texas as well. much of the northeast is going to be chi >> talking a lot of football of course plus the snow. still hurricane season. we have got something percolating in the tropics. we'll talk about more about that later. nothing g be too scared. >> get scared later. >> exactly. >> coming up, a shark attack victim relives the frightening
7:21 am
fight for his life. we get word of more attacks in waii. >> plus comedian tracy morgan hosts "saturday night live" and jokes about that terrible crash more than a year ago. his s otional return to thth spotlight coming up. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowherere now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended
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it is "homomown trivia" time. today we are saluting a montana affiliate. kwyb, channel 28. ready? a famous actor turned director. oscar winning film "a river runs through it." which starred brad pitt. >> i know the movie not who directed it. >> he was in -- >> robert redford. >> robert redford. >> good job. >> i was walking off the set because i never get another one. >> good try. >> montana is second only to alaska in t t population of this animal. >> trout. >> bear! bear. >> specifically grizzly bear. but we'll give you that one
7:28 am
>> i was going to say brown good evening andndelcome to brown safari planet. i'm brian fellows.s. >> tracy morgan back on stage and great to see him healthy and great to see him cracking us up over a year after that terrible crash. more highlights juststhead. >> sara, you have got this story. so great to see you back. >> and to see him doing what he loves doing.
7:29 am
not just back and healthy. again giving back to all of us. i love me some brian fellows. >e have some other news we want t tturn to. two shark attacks in hawaii. hearing from a brave surfer speaking out how he survived. his own incident count -- encounter with a man-eater. >> one minine he was trying to catch a wave, and the next he found himself in the jawawa of a 13-foot monster. abc's aditi has more on this. >> reporter: good morning to you. some harrowing moments. three attacks in eight days. in yesterday's twin attacks the victim in one incident was seriously hurt and the other with minorornjuries. this as a 25-year-old surfer in hawawa is speaking out abobo his own bone-chilling attack by a shark nine days ago. terror on the beaches of hawaii. two shark attacks in one day on
7:30 am
two separate beaches. of oahu, hawaii. one 32-year-old male transported to a nearby hospital set to be in stable condition. the other, a 44-year-old swimmer. >> we're looking at the guy right now. >> one of three people in eight days to be maimed by a shark on the shores of oahu. a man swimming at his side telling abc news his injuries were gruesome and severe. >> my friend was badly injured and lost a lot of blood and having trouble breathing. >> one day earlier, 25-year-old collin cook speaking out about the shark which attacked him last friday. losing his left leg. >> a full -- had some seriouou power. >> cook fighting back refusing to lose his life. >> he dragged me under water. had to push him off. i lost fingers and stuff and i punched him with my other. >> the surfer recalling his will to survive. swimming to a nearby paddleboard with the 13 foot tiger shark tearing into him. >> kept coming around after us. >> i was able to deflect it a
7:31 am
>> cook making it to shore with the help of good samaritans. other bystanders on the beach using the leash as a t trniquet likelylyaving his life. >> he borrowed the ambulance driver's phone. he said, dad, don't worry. i'm okay. >> strongly advising beachgoers and surfers to stay on shore after the attacks. he could lose his right foot. authorities are not releasing the names of the two latest victims. cook says he can't wait to surf after he gets his prosthetic leg. paul pa -- paula and tom amazing attitude. >> always amazed by their resiliency. thank you. >> very brave. i would not get back in the water for a long time. >> i just don't get in the water period. >> that's another strategy. good. let's go to ron with more news. talking about el chapo. >> good morning again tom and sara, paula.
7:32 am
robert, the whole crew here. mexican drug kingpin el chapo guzman remains on the run. mexican officials say he was so injured that he was barely able to make an escape to nab him in northern m mico. this is ththclosest officials have come to recapapring him since his prison break back in july. now to the search for the missing cargo ship el faro. the navy is going to use the high tech equipment for the 33 crew members sank after encounter r rricane joaquin. and lamar odem appears to be getting better and a thumbs up from his hospital day just days after he was found in a critical condition. kim kardashian tweeting so happy kendall and i could makakyou smile.
7:33 am
to a thrilling comeback. a victory over the blue jays. final score, royals 6, blue jays, 3. here in new yorkrkity in queens exactly the mets taking game one of nlcs against the chicago cubs. paula with4the final score of 4-2. paula, game two tonight. >> you should have just brought a big plate of crow for me so i could eat it all day. >> it's a seven game series. only game one. >> they loststhe first game. >> thecan win the next four in a row get that billy goat off their backs. >> that's right. >> a very big chunk of america rooting for the cubs. >> that's right. the cubbies. >> i'm neutral. >> you're switzerland. >> you're never neutral ron. >> our season is oveve >> even you're cheering for the cubs. >> there's a down side to playing in october and november.% it's cold. >> really cold. >> my goodness. it must have been freezing. temperatures getting close to
7:34 am
the freezing mark. temple university, thank you for this shot of brotherly love in philadelphia. it is chilly around the freezing mark. but the sunshine will help. it is relatively strong of this time of year. that's our saving grace of the cool shot of arctic air. the warmup starting in the plains today and moving towards the eastern corridor where it's the chilliest. mid 40s for boston for high today. probably won't get to 50 in new york city but up into the lower 70s by wednesday. october is a wonderful time of year and if it's really cold it doesn't stay that cold at least for long. november is a different story. a fall like pattern. systems growing into the pacific northwest. you will take it. if el nino pans out you may not get as much rain as you do during the winter months. so bring on that rain and snow. here's our area of dturbed weather. west rn caribbean, a 20% chance of developing something. gulf of mexico, developing nexex
7:35 am
week, it looks like it's bringing rain to texas andnd louisiana and d ey will take it in a bit of a drought there. dry weather across parts of florida. 83 degrees. no humidity in orlando. here's what's shaking locally for you. >> this weather report brought to you by pronamel toothpaste. >> zing! smile. >> sparkle? >> the smile is great. we saw it. >e needed a sound effect. >> it's great stuff. >> i need to bleach them. >> no you don't, you're fine. >> honestly. >> you're teeth are beautiful and white. >> coming up, tracy morgan's triumphant return hosting
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>> i have left my seat. >> come on guys. we're talking periscope. >> do you want to dance, rob? c'mon, rob do it. c'mon rob. >> with your sparkly smile. >> yes! >> woo! >> uh-ho. >> yeah. >> whoa. >> the teeth. the camera never gets that close. see. so whenever you guys want to see more come on periscope. we'll do a little more behind the scene and we'll be right back.ght back. i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt t ur teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teethth allows me to continin to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy
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it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? great to see tracy morgan back in the spotlight and making jokes again. of course, you remember he was critically injured in a car wreck last year, and he was unclear whether he would ever perform again. he is proving he is tough as is funny and sara has more. >> what better stage to make your comeback than "saturday night live." looking healthy and funnier than returning to the saturday night stage. >> people wondering, can he speak, does he have 100% mental capacity? the truth is i never did.
7:41 am
that launched him to startup and rushed by a a group hug from his ""30 rock"" costars including tina fey and alec baldwin. >> good god, tracy! >> hello, it's me. astronaut jones. >> to a night filled with his most famous over the top characters. >> i'm brian fellows. >> a heart-felt and hilarious comeback for the 46-year-old critically injured in a 2014 crash. >> in a terrible accident. the car flipped. it's on its side. >> the collision with a speeding walmart tractor-trailer injuring the star and two others and killing a fellow comedian. morgan spending five weeks in the hospital taking a long road to recovery. > how are you doing tracy? >> hey man. >> you look good. >> until you can returu to your home we are willing to help you. give you food and water. in return we ask for prayer and peace. help us make contact and understand their strange way. >> but it was on the stage that
7:42 am
made his famous where morgan himself said it best. >> i'm black and better than ever. couldn't have said d at better. they said that he reached out to lauren michaels and said when i'm ready to go, will you please have me back? lauren michaels followed up and the rest is -- >> it wasn't just the opening monologue. he was so involved everywhere. shows you his resilience. >> and comedic stamina. that he did ththwhole show. >> so mama characters. >> coming up, joe jona new video directed by his girlfriemd straight ahead. >> more sara haines. >> yes.
7:43 am
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>> maybe your bum. nice cake.
7:46 am
>> your back to backside. >> yeah. >> little cake party right now. >> she's making -- >> morning tv. okay. >> we are so out of touch. >> i know. >> i feel old. "dancing with the stars" bindi win and derek hough h ok set to nail l with the next performance taking insration from "dirty dancing" for their upcoming routine. >> one, two, three. >> now who can forget the scene where papaick swayze launching jennifer grey out of the lake high above hisisead. derrick sending this out on instagram, the pose. writing what an honor to this iconic dance routine. nobody puts bindi in the corner. you can catch the couple and other contestants tomorrow night at 8:00 right here on abc. this is going to sound funny but i used to make my brother try to practice that t th me in the pool. >> didn't work??
7:47 am
i guess that w w a fat joke. >> no. >> i never dated a guy that would humor me like him. he's only a year younger. we used to do this i mean last summer. sorry. i wasn't clear on my explanation. and there's word the lego batman movie just found its batgirl. reporter reporter, the police commissioner's daughter who becomes a caped crime fighter taking on the role of gayle in "sin city" and clair temple in "dare devil". will arnett will reprice his role in the original movie as the voice of batman. michael sarah as his sidekick. lolo for the movie in fefeuary 2017. finally this morning, more evidence that men and women think so differently. it's from a study that found -- i don't know w we do studies on this. we know it. males do have sex on the brain with extra cells that make them pick getting it on, that's -- i'm reading the prompter -- over food.
7:48 am
women aren't hardwired the same way. think food now. an little nooky later. >> right. >> it's from a study on worms because they have so many brain cells but i'm told their biology is similar to ours. that's scary. past studies show men think about sex 19 times, i think that's an hour although they say a day. for women it's ten. daydreaming about chocolate cake. cutting that n nber way down. >> not t t other. >> not the other cakes. i don't believe that number is right though. not high enough. >> for women? >> for men. >> oh, no. >> this is based on worms. >> worms. >> which are like humans. >> which are like amebas. >> a lot going on in there. >> a lot of worms. >> isn't that the most disturbing part of the whole thing? that we're being compared to worms? >> it's science and somebody got paid for the study. >> are you guys not hungry. have you not eaten well? >> read this. i'm thinking about something right now. >> we're going to be back everyone. >> that's what you were
7:49 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by lumber liquidators. hardwood floors for less. >> thanks for watching. on this sunday morning. george has a big show. we are going to leave you on this parting thought. a little cake by the ocean. this is how our mornings are. this is how we feel at 4:00 in the morning. >> this is what it's like during commercial break around here. >> perfect. >> have a good day. >i would say that t
7:52 am
>> good morning. i would say that the finish in ann arbor was was on the craziest college finishes in history. >> you think you seen everything then you see what happened on saturday in the big house. in ann arbor. more than 100,000 fans watching the in state battle. michigan/michigan state. they're up 2. ten seconds to go. but t ake o'neill can't hahandle the snap. jalen watts-jackson turns it for the game ending touchdown. watch jackson actually suffer an injury on the play. may have broken his hip but that will go down as one of the incredible moments in the history of college football. period. 27-23. winning a thriller. >> couple of lcs games as well. game one of the national league championship series. matt harvey. had some stuff on this night night. tommy listella. one of nine for harvey. the mets take game one.
7:53 am
game two later on tonight. >> david price. the blue jays taking on the royals in the alcs. 18 batters in a rowt one point. a five-run seven inning was his undoing. the royals win it 6-3. they leave the best of seven alcs, 6-3. bills/bengals the big game sunday. >> your bills at home.
7:54 am
>> go buffalo. starting right now on abc "this week," a new front-runner. made the most money this quarter and in a dead heat with donald trump. will he pull into first? dr. ben carson joioi us onlyy on "this week." plus, democrats big week. bernie sanders and hillary clinton both claim victory after the party's first debate.
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