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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  October 20, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm CDT

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us this midday. on your local election headquarters abc9 news. i'm jessica rae. now onto the latest in the race to the white house... speculation continues to grow on whether or not vice president joe biden will enter the 2016 race. abc's stephanie ramos has the details from washington. " will he or won't he ...join the 2016 presidential race??? that is still the biggest question ...looming over vice president joe biden. hohouspress secretary this is an intensely for anybody to make is weighing on this decision.....especially supporters. nats: never quit video shot of "draft 2 videos out ... lots of questions.. nats: kristin welker will you run??? biden laughs and still no decision....but how about this? subtle comebacks from biden potentially aimed at the 2 democratic frontrunners..hilla ry clinton and bernie
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"i don't consider republicans enemies. they're friends," a possible response to clinton's debate answer when asked? which enemy she is most proud of. hillary: probably the republicans. (laughter) clinton later calling her answer tongue- in-cheek." and...was this one for the self described democratic socialist bernie sanders? biden: i'm not one of these guys - you know, let's go after the rich and the powerful and they're the problem. they're not a problem. on the republican side... trump vs bush? trump suggesting president george w bush was to blame for the 9/11 stepping in to once brother. does anyone actually blame my brother for the attacks on 9/11. if they do they're totally marginalizing our society. a brand new poll out has donald trump and ben carson neck and neck at the top-- marco rubio next, but still several points behind. polling on the
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voters think clinton is a stronger leader than biden but the vp is more likable.. as the vp gets closer and closer to a news has learned he's held talks with potential supporters and early primary states. stephanie ramos abc presidential candidate jim webb will announce he plans to no longer run for president in the democratic race but rumors are still circulating, he could run as an independent. the former virginia senator complained during last week's democratic debate that he didn't get enough time to speak. he also claimed the debate was mostly focused on hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a recent c-b-s national poll puts webb far behind both clinton and sanders, with two-percent support. jessica rae: front runner hillary clinton is expanding on her lead in the democrat race. after a strong showing in the nationally televised democratic debate, clinton is enjoying a 31 per-cent lead over the field according to the latest abc news/washington post poll. separating her from senator bernie sanders who's pulling in 23 per-cent and vice president
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joe biden who has not yet announced but is polling at 12 percent. jessica rae: donald trump and ben carson have found themselves as the top two dogs in the g-o-p race a new c-n-n/o-r-c poll showed carson has gained eight points and joins trump as the only two candidates with support above 20 percent. also in the running, carly fiorina lost 11 points in the last month, declining from 15 percent jessica rae: last night was astronomy night at the white house. nasa officials and scientists together converged in washington along with teachers and talented students, including ahmed mohammed the 14 year old who made headlines after he was arrested at his texas school for making a homemade clock. jessica rae: a federal judge has denied a request by the obama administration to immediately appeal whether the house of representatives has the legal right to challenge a provision of the affordable care act. the house is challenging a
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requires the u.s. government insurance companies for lowering out-of- pocket costs. the white house wanted to appeal immediately, district court court made the allowing the case. house speaker john boehner said in a statement he is pleased with the ruling, the right to challenge what "president's with regard to obamacare." jessica rae: faith regional is boost when it some important here's paul hughes " council has approved a zoning change that will allow helena chemical to operate an agronomy facility at the corner of north 1st street and eisenhower avenue. the council unanimously approved the ordinance changing the zoning from single family residential to light industrial on all three readings. the faith regional health services foundation has an extra $50,000, to be used to help fund a new 3-d mammogram system. leaders with the norfolk-based non-profit, for the girls, presented the
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foundation. after nearly two years, officials with the animal shelter of northeast nebraska have secured the funds necessary to earn a $100,000 grant from the peter kiewit foundation. animal shelter executive director sydney hurley says a $210,000 gift from the estate of farell heckman served as a catalyst for the more than $700,000 in donations needed. hurley says the shelter, which will be located at the old norfolk hatchery will initially have 32 dog and 36 cat kennels. those and more stories can be heard on news talk wjag, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix." jessica rae: oral arguments over the keystone x-l pipeline began yesterday in a nebraska courtroom. a state judge heard oral arguments on the state law that allowed gov. dave heineman to approve the keystone xl pipeline through nebraska rather than the state commission that regulates most other pipelines. pipeline developer transcanada announced this month it will re-apply to the commission
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for state approval, but landowners who oppose the project say they still want the law declared invalid because it's dangerous and unconstitutional. " and if were right the statute was invalid, then the goveners apoval was not an approval because he was not authorised to give it. well they told the united states congress and the president that they were going to do it this way, and then they reversed their field. so if they can lie to the president, and they can lie to the congress why can't they lie to the president." the court is expected to continue hearing today. jessica rae: is getting a big familiar name gehlen catholic announced 35 hundred dollar from the staples program" and adult english learners the grant will be used to assist the needs of latino students with tuition. jessica rae: years of back and a more than century old sioux city home will down. sioux city, city guaranteed the demolition on a
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three to two vote the rose hill mansion at 15-29 grandview was red tagged months ago... but one-time owner james gengler managed to keep the home from the wrecking ball with multiple legal maneuvers. council members keith radig and pete groetken voted against the demolition... but hebert construction of sioux city now has the green light to clear the home site. jessica rae: a week long effort to keep kids away from drugs and alcohol got underway in sioux city. red ribbon week kicked off last night at long lines... which gave the chance to educate young people about the dangers of drugs and drinking... and show them the fun things you can do without it. sioux city police officers and sheriff's deputies were shooting hoops with the kids... and there were lots of other games and things to do. red ribbon week runs this friday through halloween. jessica rae: still to come... fans are going absolutely nuts over the new star wars trailer. we'll have a look at the latest from a galaxy far far away. after the break. scott:
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" "
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we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off
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the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. scott: good morning. let's n the port neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city and the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. pollen levels are
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high at the moment with weeds in the high range along with grasses and trees which are both low. currently it's in the 60s and 70s we have a light wind with clouds to the north and west. here's a check of the stormcast hd where a weak boundary is going to be stationed nearby today. that may act as a focal point for the development of a handful of sprinkles and showers. it'll be warm today with highs near 80 degrees, but big changes sweep in tomorrow when highs will be sliced down by 10 degrees. we'll then watch as a system lifts out of the south and delivers our first really good shot at measurable precipitation in about a month. that will affect us thursday night and
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at least through the first half of friday. today, we're expecting a high temperature of 77 with partly cloudy skies and a few sprinkles. your overnight low will be 52. tomorrow, it'll be more seasonal with a mix of sun and clouds as we make it to a high in the upper 60s. here's your 7 day forecast where we'll have high temperatures staying at or above normal, but slowly sliding downward as we move forward. we have a very good chance of rain thursday night and friday.
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scott: jessica rae: millions watched the premier of the new star wars trailer during half time of espn's football 13 million more and counting viewed it on you tube and facebook overnight abc's nick watt is in l-a with all the buzz on this coming block- buster "here it is? a taste? upsound: something dramatic. han and leia hug? but why's she crying? and why no luke? or is that... his arm? (01:40) upsound: kylo ren (see darth's helmet) 00:51 nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. he has vadar's helmet? we now know kylo ren comes face to face with poe? and finn who is in existential crisis. upsound: finn 00:38 i was raised to do one thing. but i've got nothing to fight
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for. han: older, wiser. upsound han: it's true. all of it. this movie doesn't open until december 18. but tickets went on sale last night, crashing ticket websites around our planet. they're already for resale on ebay for hundredupsound: something dramatic. many questions, this trailer leaves. what is that? (red, retro looking upsound calling to you. lupita? the force has awakened. 58 days until opening night . "
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after the break... if you've got a sweet tooth, we've got a recipe for a special autumn treat. when we return.
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pumpkin is all the rage this time of year. and howard has another treat to add to your list! he's in the mister food test kitchen with a recipe that's filled with pumpkin, spice and everything nice every week here in the test kitchen we talk about what types of recipes we should make based on your input. so today, i figured i would ask merly, our awesome website editor what's trending. hi howard. right now a lot of people are
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seen a big trend in dump cakes. so the cake you're making today is right on the mark since it combines both of these trends. thanks merly. for the cake, all we do is add some evaporated milk, a few eggs, some brown sugar and a few spices to a can of solid pack pumpkin. once that's mixed, we spread it in a 9" x 13" dish and sprinkle on a box of white cake mix. yup, right from the box, not made according to the package directions. ok, we top that with some butter and top that with some chopped pecans and a few cinnamon baking chips. after this bakes and it passes the toothpick test, we let it cool. and the nice thing about dump cakes is that they're so easy to make. i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for what we call, "autumn pumpkin dump cake," so you can be armed with a dessert that is not only
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it's perfect this time of year. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "simpler way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" jessica rae: if you would like a copy of that recipe you can send us a self addressed stamped envelope here to a-b-c 9 news. our address is 625 douglas street. the zip...51101. be sure to write "autumn pumpkin dump cake" on your request. or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. and click on the mr. food logo.... jessica rae: coming up we're just a day away from back to the future day. see what they got right about the future in the 19-85 classic.
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food
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the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? apparently there are apps for that... well, at least there used to be... the problem was discovered over the weekend.... leading apple to remove 256-apps from the i-tunes app store. apple officials are now working with developers to fix these apps to make sure they're safe-- in the meantime, they're banned from being downloaded. jessica rae: around the world,
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fans of "back to the future" are counting down-- this wednesday -- october 21th, 2015 is the day that marty mcfly and doc brown landed in the future in the second film. so where are all of the hover boards and jaws 19? todd leopold shows us what the original film got right in its depiction of 2015. " doc: we are descending towards hill valley, california, at 4.29pm, on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. marty: 2015? you mean we're in the future? jennifer: future, marty? what do you mean? how can we be in the future? marty: uh jennifer, i don't know how to tell you this,'re in a time machine. jennifer: and this is the year 2015? doc: october 21st 2015. yes, october twenty first, twenty fifteen has arrived. but where are all the flying cars? a lot of the stuff marty mcfly saw in his future is reality today. the headsets being worn at the dinner table, well we have
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google glass. they also look strikingly similar to samsung's gear vr and the oculus rift. and yes video conferencing, as when marty has a fight with his boss, is also real. and it's another prediction of the future that "back to the future" nailed. marty also had self-lacing shoes, in 2011 nike auctioned off one-thousand, five-hundred replicas but it was missing an important feature. "i'm hoping a future release will solve my shoe tying problems for good.' speaking of waiting - in the movie, the movie the cubs win the world series, ending a more than 100-year drought that still exists today. and and with the cubs in the playoffs there's still a chance this one could come true. of course, the one invention everyone wants is the hoverboard. several companies have tried to make this childhood favorite, lexus concept must stay on track. a company called hendo is developing one that works on a particular type of surface. if you want to buy one now, you're stuck with wheels. then there are the items that only exist today because of "back to the future part ii." pepsi, for example, has put out limited edition pepsi perfect bottle, just like the one marty orders in the movie. and universal has just released a fake trailer for "jaws 19." all in all, twenty fifteen has lived up to most of the promise in "back to the future" part ii. but you know, i'd still like a flying car . "
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when we return, our "great" scott will have a final check of the forecast.
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temperatures staying at or above normal, but slowly sliding downward as we move forward. we have a very good chance of rain thursday night and friday.
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>> announcer: you're tired. you're stressed. and now you have to cook? relax. we're about to reveal the secrets to getting good food on the table in a snap. michael's got a spicy "5 in five" dish that will leave everyone begging for seconds. then, getting ready for halloween doesn't have to be scary. one home viewer is showing clinton her tips to make your halloween a scream. plus, she's pretty in pink and she's here. molly ringwald stops by to cook up an incredible chicken dish with mario. it's all good and it's all about to go down, right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] hey, everybody. and welcome to "the chew." thank you very much.
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