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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  October 21, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm CDT

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us this midday. i'm jessica rae. we begin with breaking news from congress overnight as joe biden feels the heat over comments he made about the raid to kill osama bin laden also a brand new poll out this morning abc's jon karl starts us off with his party - and congress - in disarray, paul ryan n says he's s w willing to r r for house speaker. ryan: "this is a very dire moment, not just for congress, not just for the republican party, but for our country. but ryan sayayhe'll only take the top job if he can keep weekends off with his young family? and if his entire party unites behind him by the end of the week. ryan: "we need to do
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this as a tete and it needs to include fixes that ensure we do not experience constant leadership challenges and while the former vp candidate says speaker? democrats are still waiting for president to make up his mind about whether he will run for president - but biden raised eyebrows tuesday by saying for the firir time that he had advised presididt obama to go forward with thehe 2011 raid that took out osama bibiladen biden: " "told him my opinion that i thought he should go but to follow his own instincts." that directly contradicts what biden has said in the past - that obama courageously went ahead despite the misgivings of his closest advisers, including biden himself. biden, jan 2012: "i said, 'we owe the man a direct answer. mr. president, my suggestion is, don't go." biden (may 2011): "ladies and gentlemen, i said 'wait another seven days for the following information.'" biden (may 2012): "i wanted him to take one more day to do one more test to see if he was there."" jessica rae: vice president joe biden made an announcement this morning concerning his candidacy for president.
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jessica rae: this morning in the rose garden of the white house alongside president obama, vice presidennt joe biden announced he's decided not to run. biden said he's going to spend the rest of the time while in office focusing on his current job and working to make america better. jessica rae: the latest abc/news washington post poll has donald trump leading the republican race for the white house. trump leads the gop not only in vote preferences but in expectationsnss well - trump has a backing from 32 percent of republicans and republican- leaning independents who are registered to vo, fellow washington outsider ben carson follows with 22 percent, also flat this month after sharp summertime gains. jessica rae: speaking of trump, he'll be in iowa today. in burlington... that'll be at 6 oclock t tight in the bubuington memorial auditotoum tonight's event is one of three stops across the nation for the donald. jessica rae: democratic candidate bernie sanders also has some campaign stops scheduled
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for this week in iowa. on friday, the vermont senator will be rocking out at the hash-tag rockin the bern concert featuring bernies all star band. that'll be at 7:30 pm on friday in davenporor on saturday, bernie will be in des moines for a campaing rally. that's at 3 o clock the day before the iowa democratic party jefferson- ckson dinner, schedulced for 7 that night. jessica rae: a school district's plan to update its sex education curriculum sparking a hot and heavy discussion with residents in omaha, nebraska. dave roberts explains why the proposed lesson changes bring so much emotion from parents. "("lots of yelling people.") so... things didn't go exactly how the district planned. (mos)"these are our children you're messing with and we don't appreciate it." (mos) "i was not surveyed. i didn't receive a phone call." this is how the meeting ended 45 minutes before it was scheduled too. the most vocal supporters of an abstinencecenly sex education. (mos) "be open and b b honest with these people and tell them
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supervisor of human growth and development, doctor karen spencer-may says the district's sex ed policy drew few critics. (dr. karen spencer- may, supervisor of human growth and development) "last few years, except when we e cided to change the curriculum, we really haven't had those calls. parents were pretty were doing. this is different.") currently the district teaches comprehensive sex education. right now... that includes lessons on safe sex and birth control. it will consider adding discussions on emergencycontraception and d abortion... as w wl as inclusive e conversations about sexual preference and gender identities. topics... the quieter portion of the crowd support being a part of sex ed. (jordan delmundo, supports comprehensive sex ed) "there's been a lot of news about increased std rates. we're seeing increased rates of hiv in young people. they are not beiei well prepared d d isn't it our responsibility a a citizens to prprare them to bebeealthy adults."." the biggest outrage surrounds
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allegations thatplanned parenthoodod influenced the proposed changes. (amber parker, supports abstinence only sex ed) "planned parenthood has came in. there is a big ring here. we are fighting this on the state level as well." (reporter) "is planned parenthood involved at all with anything the district does?" (dr. karen spencer- may, supervisor of human growth and development) they have never been involved. we made a commitment to this community 30 years ago that we would not involve planned parenthood. so we haven't. it's juststoo controversial for us." jessica rae: no matter what the school district decides about the sex ed curriculum, it stresses sex education is an elective course for students and will remain that way. jessica rae: toyota announced it's recalling six- and-a-half million cars globally to fix power window switches that can short circuit and catch fire the automaker said the driveves side switches on some models have been found to malfunction if they did not receivenough grease during the manufacturing process. it received 11 reports of burnt door trim, and one report of a customer who burned their hand. the affected cars
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were produced between 2005 and 2010, and include toyota's'saris, corolla, matrix, camry and several other models. jessica rae: scammers are now going after people who are waiting to receive the new chip- embedded credit cards. banks have switched to the cards because they're supposed to be more secure. but a september survey showed almost 60-percent of users have not gotten a new card. the un-even distribution is leaving a window open for scammers. they send d ke emails tellili users they n nd to update their credit card account by confirming personal information. of course, it's just a way to get your information. if you get an email and you're not sure if it's legit... call the phone number on the back of your card. jessica rae: norfolk's tree advisory committee is handing out a couple of awards. here's paul hughes with the details. "an erroroin the publicatioioprocess for tuesday morning's meeting of the norfolk planning commission meant that no official action could be taken. the meeting was incorrectly listed by the city for october 21st. several actions were continued until a special meeting on tuesday, october 27th.
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the city of norfolk tree advisory committee has presented two green leaf awards for landscaping excellence. at monday night's meeting of the norfolk city council, chairman jim lange announced that bobobnd nancy boe were the first ever recipieies of the green leaf award for a private home. northeast community college was named as the recipient for a business or organization. you've heard of a jack-o-lantern; how about a sherlock holmes-o-lantern? the norfolk public library invites you to take part in its literary pumpkin decorating contest, by using a pumpkin or gourd to create your favorite literary character. entries will be accepted throughout the day wednesday, october 28th, with the winners announced october 31st. those and more stories can be heard on news talk w wg, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix. " jessica rae: this morning some young muskies fans got a chance to meet players from their favorite team fans got a chance to meet players from their favorite team players from the sioux city musketeers stopped by unity point health saint luke's
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sign autographs and talk to the youngsters at the hospital. it's something players says is more rewarding than scoring on the ice. "i mean it's more than just a hockey game. we're trying to make people feel important, and give back to the community as much as we can." organizers that have a hand in bringing the musketeers and the young patients together say it's something they look forward to each year. "i run my days really positive, but this is a nice thing. i just got out of having a test and getting ready to have breakfast then these young men come in and they're making right decisions, and it was quite enjoyable and it was fun. i've never had this experience before." the sioux city musketeers take on the bloomington thunder this friday in bloomington illinois. jessica rae: the iowa hawkeyes and the nebraska cornhusker football teams are re-igniting their rivalry in the 20-15 heroes game. that's coming up
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november 27th at memorial stadium in nebraska and although the two are rivals they are partnering with hy-vee and the american red cross and to honor heroes in our community. but before the two teams take the grid iron, fans are being encouraged to nominate someone they know for their extraordinary acts of heroism. a person from each state will be invited to attend the hero's game and be recognized, as well as have their name etched onto the game trophy. if you'd like to nominate a hero just head to siouxlandmatters- dot-com and click on the hy-vee heroes game tab. jessica rae: still to come... back to the future fans rejoice... the delorean time machine has been made... well sort of, i'll explain coming up! scott:
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jessica rae scott: neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city and the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake, iowa. the allergy report displays high levels of pollen content. right now, it's warm with temperatures residing in the 50s
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the satellite and radar displays some scattered showers and isolated storms. your stormcast hd where today we may have a few showers during the morning with increasing cloud cover. we'll have high temperatures today in the upper 60s. mostly cloudy skies and rain will come into the forecast primarily during the 2nd half of the day toward evening. we'll see the rain last through friday, but it should clear out in time for a great autumn weekend. today, your high temperature is 68 with some isolated showers. tonight's low temperature is 41 with a few clouds. tomorrow, clouds will increase and rain chances do too by the second half
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look at your 7 day forecast now which reveals temperatures hovering in the 60s and an extended stretch of dry weather following friday. jessica rae
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jessica rae:
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fans of "back to the future... today is the date marty mcfly and doc brown landed in the future in part two of the trilogy. now, there's a man in tokyo who is working on a car inspired by the delorean time machine. it matches point by point. sleek exterior design... speedometer.... of course the flux capacitor. the only difference is the car can't go 88 miles an hour street legal. cost more than 40-thousand dollars just to ship it. " (michihiko iwamoto, ceo, jeplan) "i saw the movie 30 years ago when i was 21. i totally believed that in 30 years, there would be a car that runs on garbage. but years went by and that didn't happen. so i thought i'd develop it. that's jessica rae: cost more than dollars just to ship the car. jessica rae: after the break... perfect recipe up that boring old french toast breakfast
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stay tuned for more jessica rae: breakfast is known as the who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes.
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jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. most important meal of the day... but it can be hard to make a dish that everybody loves. howard is here to change that! he has a recipe that will have your kids running to the table! "over the years we have made french toast every which way. we've stuffed it, stacked it and even made it casserole style so it's easy to serve. but no matter how many ways we serve it up, you just can't seem to get enough of it. so let me show you a new recipe that i think you're really going to love. in a shallow dish we beat together a few eggs with some milk, a good amount of maple syrup, a splash of vanilla, powdered sugar and a little cinnamon. if you want you could make this a bit richer by using half and half instead of milk, or a little lighter by using refrigerated egg substitutes instead of whole eggs. now get this, we dip some hot dog rolls that we've cut in half into the egg mixture and onto a hot buttered skillet, or griddle they go. once one side is golden, flip them and in another minute or so, they're done. the nice thing about these is you can make them ahead of time and keep them in the fridge or freezer and just warm them up when you need a quick breakfast. and although they're amazing, what makes them extra convenient is, you don't need to top them with any syrup since it's shall i say, "built in". i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for
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our, "maple french toast sticks," so you'll have a new idea for breakfast that's perfect right through the holidays and well beyond. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where every day we're looking for a "shortcut of a way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" " jessica rae: coming up we have a special guest live in studio to discuss
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guest live in studio to discuss an annual campaign and how you can support united way of siouxland! stick around we'll be back in two jessica rae:
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from the united way of siouxland on siouxland annual early bird deadline eate(s) & time(s): early bird deadline is 5:00pm on nov. 4th beneficiary united way of siouxland website or contact phone number to air on tv: unitedwaysiouxla and 712.255.3551 name of person to with....mandy mayo from the united way of siouxland on united way of siouxland annual
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campaign and early bird deadline eate(s) & time(s): early bird deadline is 5:00pm on nov. 4th united way of website or number to air on tv: unitedwaysiouxla and 712.255.3551 name of person to campaign update - nearly $1 million of the $3.35 million goal raised still plenty of time to run a campaign last year over 400 siouxland businesses and more than 13,000 individuals contributed to the campaign early bird deadline november 4th is the early bird deadline all campaigns completed and turned in by 5:00pm this day will be featured in a full page ad about the campaign 2015-16 campaign chairs: chic and janet wolfe - office systems the campaign officially began with the kickoff on august 13th campaign theme continues to encourage people to "be the one" o "be the one" person to change one life o "be the one" to make a difference - small gifts make a big impact - examples: $5/week can provide nearly 1,000 snacks to intellectually disabled children in summer camp or 10 safe nights of shelter for an abuse victim what does united way do? funding for 31 local programs
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aimed at improving the education,
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stay right here inwith some isolated showers. tonight's low temperature is 41 with a few clouds. tomorrow, clouds will increase and rain chances do too by the second half of the day with a high of 64. let's get a look at your 7 day forecast now which reveals temperatures hovering in the 60s and an extended stretch of dry weather following the chance of rain friday.
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>> announcer: can you keep a secret? well, we can't. today, we're spilling the beans. and revealing simple recipe secrets you've got to see to believe. mario's got the 4-1-1 on an easy appetizer that'll get any party started in an instant. then, what's carla's secret to getting a whole meal on the table without using every pot in the kitchen? spoiler alert! wait until you see what's in this skillet! plus, michael's whipping up a quick and delicious dish with a surprising twist. get ready. get set. it's "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon, and welcome to "the chew!" you know, guys, i don't know about you but fall is tiring me out. i mean from the pumpkin picking to the costume making to the cider spiking. do you agree? [ cheers and applause ] i'm doing a lot. >> you're doing a lot. >> i'm doing a lot, so you know what we're going to do today?
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