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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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importing fuel from south america all the up here to the united states, where we have plenty of corn ethanol production.."said day bria: currently the us is exporting corn to other countries, such as brazil, to use for ethanol purposes. valero says right now it doesn't make sense to start viewing other options. reporting live the studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: speaker john boehner announced the house will vote for a new speaker by the end of next week but the question remains: who will that be. the leading candidate for the job has just decided that he
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would accept the gavel. but wisconsin congressman paul ryan has several conditions: he wants to make sure he won't have too much time away from his family, and he wants every republican in the house to back him. ryan: we need to do this as a team and it needs to include fixes that ensure we do not experience constant leadership challenges in crises. still, members of the freedom caucus which helped to push out speaker boehner say they helped to push out speaker boehner say they have reservations about some of ryan's conditions for taking the job. vice president joe biden has made his decision...he's out president game, still grieving the loss of his son...vice president joe biden says his time to jump into the 2016 race has passed. sot: biden what i have said time again to others that it may very well be that the process by the time we get through it, closes the window on mounting a realistic campaign for president. that it might close. i have concluded it has closed. he stood with president obama and in the rose garden of the white house. but only biden spoke about his decision, just a few months
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died. sot: biden beau is our unfortunately, i time jumping into the race now would have been a major challenge for biden. our new abc news washington post poll shows the vp with16 percent support for the nomination versus hillary clinton's 54 percent. sot: rick kleinabc news political director a few weeks ago there seem to be a fever...and then the debate happened clinton tweeted shortly after the announcement, the "vp is a good friend and a great man. today and always, inspired by his optimism and commitment to change the world for the better." the vice president vowed to keep fighting on major issues. sot: biden i will not be silent, i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and where we need to go as a nation. tim: so how does the news sit with iowa democrats ? the state democratic party chair is saying she's not expecting much of an impact following the v- p's decission. " i don't think it will really change things because we have great candidates
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that are running and people are very enthusiastic, our democrats are very enthusiastic about those candidates. so, i think we'll have a great evening saturday, even though we don't have our vice president biden." v tim: vermont senator bernie sanders is included in a large group of folks reacting to the news. " he made a difficult decision based on the needs of his family and his view of his future and i respect the decision that he made. i want to thank joe biden and president obama for the work that they have done over the last 7 years in making very significant improvements to our economy. obviously we have a long way to go." tim on cam and the republican candidates keep on rolling into iowa, and that includes sioux city. tim: front runner donald trump is scheduled to visit next tuesday. according to a local trump staffer the businessman will headline a rally at
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school beginning at 6pm. doors will open at four. today, donald trump was in burlinton for a rally, one of three stops across america this week. jenna: hundreds of people are expected for an event this weekend honoring local members of the law enforcement community. as part of saturday's briar cliff and morningiside football game, city, county, state and federal officers are invited to a free tailgate party at olsen stadium. the event begins at 10:30 in the stadium's west parking lot. officers eat free, there is a small $5 fee for others who attend. three officers will recieve special recognition at halftime of the football game.. sioux city officers jill fitch and kevin mccormick were both shot in the line of duty and survived... meanwhile the family of rockwell city officer jamie buenting also will be honored. officer beunting died in the line of duty in 2013. jenna: and if you're worried about parking for the big game, there will be a shuttle service available from transit plaza. shuttles will be in service every 15 minutes from 10 am to 4:30pm game
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the iowa hawkeyes and the nebraska cornhusker football teams are re-igniting their rivalry in the 20-15 heroes game. that's coming up november 27th at memorial stadium in nebraska and although the two are rivals they are partnering with hy-vee and the american red cross and to honor heroes in our community. but before the two teams take the grid iron, fans are being encouraged to nominate someone they know for their extraordinary acts of heroism. a person from each state will be invited to attend the hero's game and be recognized, as well as have their name etched onto the game trophy. if you'd like to nominate a hero just head to siouxlandmatters- dot-com and click on the hy-vee heroes game tab. jenna: coming up after the break... new recommendations out this week could change when you start regular screening for breast cancer. but, the decision is still in your hands. more, when we come back. (fred)
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rain is coming. we have a chance tomorrow, and it's likely friday. the weekend will be dry, but more rain is possible next tuesday. your forecast is next! " " dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to
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but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030. so, what are we waiting for? (fred) there is a chance tomorrow, but friday will be our main event for rain. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows that any showers earlier today have long since dissipated. we actually picked up 0.01" of rain in sioux city today--that's notable not because it's a lot of rain, but because it's the first measurable rain since september 29! the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city shows mostly cloudy skies. 66 was our high today after a low of 53. pollen levels are once again high today. weed pollen is medium. highs across siouxland were in the 60s today. 63 is our sioux city temperature. siouxland temperatures range
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from the 50s in the northwest to 60s elsewhere. the regional temperature map shows the cold front that passed through earlier today. we have 80s to the southeast and only 50s west of us. the satellite and radar shows the few showers we had earlier today, but let me direct your attention to the more widespread rain across southern nebraska. on the stormcast hd, we can see that front stalling out tonight. then, tomorrow, low pressure will begin to move along the front, which will give birth to a warm front that will push through siouxland on friday. this will give us a chance of rain tomorrow, but a better chance friday, when we could actually hear a few thunderstorms. then, a second cold front will sweep through as we go into saturday, bringing a cooldown as we start the weekend. how much rain to expect? the rain forecast is for around a half inch in the east, and a half inch to an inch elsewhere. sioux city could see about 0.79". tonight's forecast is for a low of 50 and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, skies will be mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. 64 will be the high. the 7-day forecast shows 68 friday with showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm. behind the cold front, saturday's high will only be 59. we'll return to the 60s for several days
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of showers and thunderstorms tuesday. jenna/tim/fred (tim)
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you bet. jenna: still to come... if you've heard about the new recommendations for mammograms... but are a little confused... we talk to abc's senior doctor, coming up next. jenna: new recommendations toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. society this week are again raising questions about the best age for women to start breast cancer screenings. the new guidelines the test five years later than
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the group's earlier recommendation. jenna: i talked to abc senior medical editor dr. richard besser to get his take on the news. dr. richard besser says, "there are at least four different groups that put out recommendations on mammography. the obgyn's the radiologists, the government tast force and the american cancer society. and this is the first set up updated recommendations from the am. cancer society in 12 years. they used to recommend that all women start getting annual mammograms at age 40 and now they're saying you should wait. that you should start with an annual mammogram at age 45 and then at age 55, switch to every other year. for women who are 40-44, it's your choice and talk to your doctor and decide if you want to have a mammogram, but the recommendation is age 45." jenna says, "what would you recommend for the women in your life? dr. besser says, "i think women have choices, i love when my patients take charge of their own health and try to understand how these recommendations affect them. the reason for the shift [with the american cancer society's] recommendations is a growing recognition that screening, whether you're talking about screening for cervical cancer or breast cancer or prostate cancer, they all have
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positive things, but they all have negative sides, and the negative side of mammography is seeing a shadow you're not sure of and a woman having to go through a biopsy. and most biopsies go find, but some have problems. some women being diagnosed with cancer where the cancer never would've caused a problem. those are all consequences or downsides of a program that's designed to save lives. so, the goal to moving to age 45 is to still save lives, but hopefully not have as many downsides for as many women." jenna: these new
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put an even bigger spotlight on women's health issues during breast cancer awareness month. here in siouxland, an annual awareness event is ramping up. it's pink in the rink - and the sioux city musketeers are practicing for this saturday's big game. tonight at 10, i'll talk to one player who's mother is battling breast cancer at a young age. we'll also hear from a local doctor about the intent behind pink in the rink... to start a conversation about women taking charge of their own health. again, that's at 10 on your health matters. jenna: coming up in sports...the briar cliff men were picked as the team to beat in the gpac. we'll check in with the chargers after the break. tim: plus...nebraska got a much needed win over the weekend. hear from the huskers on how it
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mquist@kcaut chris: after back to back last second losses, nebraska finally got back in the win column with a convincing 48-25 road win
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the pass defense struggled, allowing mitch leidner to pass for a career best 301 yards, but the front seven was dominant, holding the gophers to just 65 yards on the ground. offensively, tommy armstrong had a strong game, throwing for 261 and 3 touchdowns while terrell newby added two more scores on the ground. for the huskers, it was a team win that came at a crucial time. jack gangwish--"the win felt good. you know, things obviously haven't been going exactly the way we had hoped this season, so, for these new coaches and for the guys on this team especially, you know, going up to minnesota and playing well and executing the way we wanted to, making the progress that we wanted to, is that was big. that was big for us." josh banderas--"i mean it just shows that finally you know, maybe we corrected the little things that might have gone wrong in those close wins and you know it allowed us to put together a full game, and you know, actually show what we're capable of so we've kind of got a sense of what we need to do and how we need to do it. i think it's gonna help us kind of jump-start for the rest of, for the last half of the season." nebraska hosts
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northwestern this weekend. that game is at 11 am on espn 2. that game is at 11 am on espn 2. chris: last season, the briar cliff men might have snuck up on some teams on their way to the naia national tournament. this year, the chargers won't have that advantage. briar cliff was picked as the team to beat in the gpac today in the preseason coaches poll. the chargers return four starters from last year's 22-11 squad that dropped a two point decision to davenport in the opening round in branson. bcu has a trio of playmakers returning in all- conference guards shane graves, austin lefler and bryan forbes, but even with that talent, the chargers know they have a lot of work left to do. nic nelson--"number one i think it makes me question the judgement of the other coaches in the league, but you
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know i think it's just a reflection that we've got a lot of guys back from a national tournament team a year ago. we've got good experience, we've got good experience in the back court. i think our guys understand that after today that preseason poll doesn't really mean anything." shane graves--"i don't think any of us are looking at that and saying that makes us feel expected to win games or win a conference championship or anything like that. every year the gpac's good and there's tons of good teams out there, but right now it's just about getting better every day." austin lefler--"i definitely think it's an honor, you know that other teams are thinking of us like that, but the team that we have this year is a totally different team than the one we had last year. i don't think this team has really proven anything yet and i think that we can't think of ourselves as the top team in the gpac. we have to still go out, we have to prove it. we're a whole new team." the chargers open up their season in 8 days with a trip to central iowa. here's a glance at the rest of the gpac mens preseason poll. the chargers edged out dordt at the top of the conference...the defenders finished 9 and 11 last year in conference play. northwestern returns all 5 starters from a year ago, they were picked fifth and defending conference champs morningside, slotted 8th to start the year
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after losing 7 seniors from last year's team. on the women's side, coaches are unable to vote for their own on the women's side, coaches are unable to vote for their own team so morningside the unanimous choice at the top as they look to defend their national title. briar cliff, coming off a final four appearance last year was picked third, just one point out of second. northwestern returns 3 starters, they're picked fifth and dordt rounds out the area teams, selected 10th in the preseason poll. royals, looking for their second straight world series trip, taking on the blue jays this afternoon. bottom of the second...chris the power alley...solo homer puts the blue jays up 1-0. that's the score into the 6th...when edinson volquez runs into trouble...edwin encarnacion draws the bases loaded walk...the lead doubled up to two. later in the inning...troy tulowitzki breaks
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the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music. i can't wait to meet you. it's time for our
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today's picture comes from winnebago breast cancer awareness health fair. a lot of events going on this month to promote breast cancer awareness. this is angie butters from the winnebago hospital on hand to schedule mammograms. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) tonight's forecast is for a low of 50 and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, skies will be mostly cloudy with a chance of showers. 64 will be the high. the 7-day forecast shows 68 friday with showers likely and possibly a thunderstorm. behind the cold front, saturday's high will only be 59.
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next week, but we have another chance of showers and thunderstorms
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hey, is that it? i think that's it. what's up tiana? thank you for everything you do. wow! you're a wonderful mom. thank you so much! it's just shocking that someone cares.
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hey pilot, wait for me! the passenger who arrived too late and tried to get a plane to wait for him, just so key get to his high school reunion. >> it's insane what he did. then, jimmy kimmel goes after donald trump. >> donald trump was supposed to be here tonight. and lamar odom, new photos. >> and will his alleged drug abuse prevent him from getting a kidney transplant if. >> is plus, back to the future day. >> wednesday, october 21st, 20 15. >> what the iconic film got right and wrong. and look who stopped by "inside edition." >> welcome back. >> welcome back to the future. and the house that inspired the movie.
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