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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  October 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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a group of landowners in northwest iowa is fighting a company - dakota access - who wants to put an oil pipeline through their land. they filed a lawsuit saying the company doesn't have the right to use eminent domain to get their land... because it'll be used for private gain. but, a judge has dismissed that suit, saying these landowners don't grounds yet to take it to court. "we have to hope and rely on the utilities board, and hope that they rule against the pipeline, and against the fact that a private company can us eminent domain on a person's property" says bill luetkeman, landowner. bill luetkeman, who was listed in the suit, says the compensation he's been offered by dakota access is written vaguely and in favor of the company. it also doesn't include environmental insurance, which could lead to more lawsuits for farmers if there are leaks that damage their land. "they're going to pay us for three years of crop damage, and i think we'll see damages for longer than three years, we have no idea whether the ground will freeze and thaw under it anymore, because we don't know whether there's friction involved in the pipeline, keeping it warm... whether they got to keep the oil warm to transfer oil. it crosses every major river in iowa...the water supply, it's just a scary thing if something happens" says bill luetkeman, landowner. ecological risks and emotional heart ache, bill says it's not just about the land or next harvest season. this land runs through six generations, and will be passed down to his daughter. "we think about it every day because ultimately, the land goes to my children, and this is my wife's family farm, and it's sacred ground. i don't think people realize how near and northwest iowa landowners association who are working together to fight against private companies, including the one building the bakken pipeline. reporting live in studio, elisa
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now the company bakken pipeline... dakota access, l- l-c... has mentioned that the 3 point 7-8 investment will and 12 thousand jobs during construction... of hours of labor during the construction phase from all they also stated that the pipeline will create millions in state revenue during the construction 100-million dollars in sales and income tax. says the pipeline will generate roughly 55 million dollars annually in property tax. tim: finding a way to fill a growing gap in the siouxland skilled work force, brought governors from the three siouxland states to south sioux city today for the 14th tri-state governors conference. nebraska governor pete ricketts, who attended for the first time....said work force concerns rank as the biggest barrier keeping business from coming to siouxland. todays gathering gave governors the opportunity to share and learn about best practices not only from each
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other but also business leaders on hand. the governors say it's important that future workers understand what the best path to the work force is. "the need to educate young people about the job opportunities that are available here in siouxland and throughout our states. so they get the right kind of education and training. that doesn't always mean a 4 year degree. you see that right now with people coming from all over the country to work here in construction sites in the siouxland area because we don;t have enough people in the construction trade, and yet these are good careers. about 200 business leaders, including many from some of siouxlands largest employeers like c-f industries and saber industries joined the 3 governors. work "i think that the number of years we've seen substantive, quantitative and qualitative production from this event. and a passion that results from the tri-state community" "our employers tell us that there is a skill gap there, and i
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think having the governors all agreeing on some of the same things about the work force is going to be very important for us going forward." goverbnor branstad is scheduled to return to sioux city next week to continue the discussion on work force development. jenna: former secretary of state hillary clinton spent the morning in the hot seat -- before the special house committee investigating the deadly attacks on an american compound in benghazi. republicans insist, the hearing isn't a partisan witch hunt... but, democrats aren't buying it. clinton began her testimony with a challange to the committee investigating the benghazi attacks, to rise above politics. the panel's chairman agreed with her. democrats -- and even some republicans -- have said that the committee's real goal is to undermine clinton's presidential campaign. "so they set up this select committee with no rules, no deadline, and an unlimited budget,
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loose, madam secretary, because you're running for president."" the former secretary of state stayed away from political rhetoric... answering hours of questions about how she handled the aftermath of the benghazi -- that americans. tim: there's a new leader for the republicans in the race for the whitehouse. ben carson is taking over. according to a new quinnipiac poll of likely iowa caucus goers, carson is leading the pack with 28 percent. trump is behind him with 20 percent of the votes, followed by rubio with thirteen and ted cruz with ten percent. this is the first major poll showing trump trailing by a significant margin in an early primary or caucus state since june. amanda krenz brings us more "when i talked to the assistant director of this quinnipiac poll about ben
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carson taking over first, he said yes, it's huge deal! lets take a look back at ben carson's rise... starting with the quinnipiac poll in june... he's red... donald trump is blue.... then fast forward to the poll that came out in september... you can definitely see an upward swing for both candidates. carson does very well among republican women voters, much better than donald trump... and also... people just really like dr. carson. peter brown 2:15 dr. carson's favoribility rating is 89%, is a phenominally high rating that is almost never seen. ryan 10:44 his heart is so big, one of the things iownas love is heart. that was the state director of carson's iowa campaign. he says he wasn't surpised at all to see carson's poll numbers increase... let's look at the quinnipiac poll results that just came out... carson's popularity defintley on the rise, clearly sitting on top. peter 2:24 he has accomplished the dual task of getting well known by almost everybody here in iowa and being looked at favorably by them. ryan 10:01 it's also a testament to who ben is, he's been on therise, you're gonna continue to see that, themore people tha tget to meet en, the more they love him. now the question is with several months left until our febuary caucuses how will the campaign keep this momentum going? carson's campaign said iowa needs to get ready to see even more ben. in the digital media center, amanda krenz, abc9 news tim: today, while speaking in oklahoma the prepublican presidental today, while
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prepublican presidental candidate was asked about the new iowa poll numbers, and what he thinks it means for a potental lead over front runner donald trump " " "well, you know, its one poll. so, when we've had several of them then i might get a little more excited. its nice to know that people are actually listening to what i'm saying as opposed to how it's being reinterpreted." jenna: the trump campaign may have tweeted away any possible win in the iowa caucus goodbye... donald trump retweeted an insult to iowa voters hours after a poll showed ben carson leading in the state. the series of tweets caught the attention of des moines register's chief political reporter, who linked to the tweet. trump eventually removed the tweet from his feed, blaming an intern. jenna: still to come toniost folks know that feeling of stress all too well, coming up we will have some way to beat the anxity and keep depression at bay
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(fred) rain is coming tonight and tomorrow. it will be a mostly sunny weekend, but more rain is possible next week. see you after the break for the forecast. " " tim/jenna/fred (tim) fred, when do we expect the rain to hit? (fred) by late this evening, rain will be moving in. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c
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(freof the port neal welding company skycam hd shows thick cloud cover all day. the almanac shows a high today of 60 after a low of 39. the king's pointe skycam hd shows a mostly cloudy sky. highs in western iowa today were in the upper 50s and lower 60s. middle 50s to middle 60s were seen in eastern
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nebraska and southeastern south dakota. sioux city has 58 degrees. siouxland temperatures are in the 50s with 60s across the southeast. winds are from the east at 5 to 15 miles per hour. local temperatures show a warm front to our south. along this front, rain is forming. more rain is located in south dakota and nebraska, closer to a low pressure center. the stormcast hd shows the warm front moving through tonight, which will yield slowly rising temperatures and increasing rain chances. the low will push a cold front through tomorrow, keeping rain chances alive--and a few thunderstorms are possible too. the rain forecast shows over an inch possibly in part of northern and western siouxland. sioux city could see 0.83". tonight's low will be 55 with rain and slowly rising temperatures. tomorrow, 68 will be the high with rain and a few thunderstorms. the 7-day shows a nice weekend but more rain chances next tuesday and wednesday. jenna/tim/fred (jenna)
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thanks, fred. (fred)
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tim: still to come... between your work lifd home life, things can get stressful. coming up in health inute, we've got some ways to bust that stress! jenna:
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internatworld is full of turmoil right now and for some, that's a lot of pressure to handle. but mental health experts say there are ways you can deal with stress so it doesn't become a serious problem. here's holly firfer with today's health minute. " " it's a tough world out there...and for some people, all this upheaval can be upsetting . many become stressed out. but psychologists say, there are ways you can deal with anxiety that can keep depression away. - exercise. doctors
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say the best thing to do is to keep busy and get the endorphins pumping, which can make anyone feel better. - watch your salt and sugar. lowering both of these in your diet helps your whole body work better, including your brain. - get more vitamin d. studies have shown that a lack of vitamin d can add to the blues. best way to the sun. so get out time and enjoy the outdoors. -hang with friends or loved ones. being like can make you a - relax. try a yoga class, or meditation. research shows that even 15 minutes of meditation can cut down on stress. and if you find things don't get better, seek professional help. depression is a serious condition, but it can be treated. for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. tim: coming up in sports...the northern sun conference released it's preseason basketball polls today. find out where wayne state checks in up ahead.
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jenna: plus...a home playoff game is on the line tomorrow night in hull. after the break we'll hear from ridge view and western christian
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again. from the rising price of food to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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action in the high school football regular season, and there's a ton on the line in hull, iowa, for our woodhouse game of the week between western christian and ridge view. both teams are in the playoffs next wednesday night, but the seeding, and in turn home field advantage are up for grabs. if the wolfpack win, they will be rict champs for the first time in their 12 year history. ridge view needs a win and help to finish at the top, but a win would give the raptors a home playoff game in the first round. with so much on the line, both
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sides are ready for a big game friday night. travis kooima--"this being our 12th year, having a chance to win the district for the first time ever; having different news stations doing the game; its a huge--just having that spotlight on our program is good. i think it just brings a lot of the attention to the guys, which that's what it's all about." taylor miedema--"we've had a lot of success lately. we've found out who we are as a team, so i'm feeling pretty confident and i'm pretty sure everybody else on the team feels the same way. we've just gotta believe and have faith. no fear, no doubt, trust the guy next to you, do it for the guy next to you." garret lamp--"it's huge. if we win we get home field--first round, homefield in the playoffs, so that's one thing we really want is a playoff game at russ kraai. so that's definitely a goal." jeff de haan--"we know what's on the line and i asked the kids--you know, especially for the seniors to get another home game would be big for us. but i think we're excited. our prep's been really good for the last three weeks and we hope to carry that into week nine." i'll be live in hull tomorrow at 6:15 to preview the game. so if you're a supporter of either team, get out to the field early. also tomorrow
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will be a very special sportszone. we'll be broadcasting a behind the scenes look at the show on periscope and alex and i will answer any questions you might have during commercial breaks. be sure to check out our twitter accounts for that link tomorrow night and tune into sportszone a brand new way. time now to check out our abc9 rising star... our winner this week is sebastian macgregor of le mars. he's 8 years old and loves baseball--in fact, he can play almost any position on the diamond. sebastian will receive a t-shirt, a framed photo, and two passes to kings pointe, courtesy of the education station and sign pro. with football winding down, basketball is heating up and over the past two days the northern sun conference has released its preseason coaches polls. for wayne state, it's a mixed bag when it comes to the mens and womens teams. the wildcat women were picked to finish second in the conference, right behind winona state. wsc earned 5 first place votes after their 28-6 season a year ago which saw them win the nsic for the second straight season. the wildcat men on the other hand, were picked
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fifteenth in the sixteen team conference after their 7-22 campaign last season. augustana is the favorite in the men's race...they're led by former moc- floyd valley star daniel jansen was named the preseason south division player of the year. chris: the dream season came to a crashing halt last night for the cubs, as the northsiders were swept out of the playoffs by the red hot mets. it was lucas duda playing the role of heel last night, driving in five runs and daniel murphy hit a homer in his sixth straight game for new york. while it didn't end the way cubs fans hoped, skipper joe maddon says it's still a year to remember. joe maddon--"to get within four games of the world series in your freshman year is not a bad thing. so of course we wanted to go further, and of course it's highly disappointing, however, you've gotta look at positives that are involved and that's what i want them to really focus on." and cubs fans don't worry...only 120 days til pitchers and catchers report
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" " we need to disrupt the old order in washington, dc. we can do a lot better by applying conservative principles we should lower rates and simplify the code to allow people to freely decide how they want to spend their money. what we need is leadership to fix a few big things... so that this country takes off and soars where people can dream the biggest possible dreams... and pursue them with a vengeance. sfx: applause jeb. proven conservative. real results.
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facebook fan photo of the day. today's picture comes from... if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebo page. comes from... if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) tonight's low will be 55 with rain and slowly rising temperatures. tomorrow, 68 will be the high with rain and a few thunderstorms. the 7-day shows a nice weekend but more rain chances next tuesday and
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>> she has reportedly been deported and the baby stays here in the u.s. then, he shot my dog. the shocked owners. >> why did you shoot my dog? and as hillary clinton is grilled, how this movie could impact her run for the presidency. then, they took a wrong turn and ended up stranded for two weeks. this is all they had to eat, banana cream pie and oranges. >> i'm going to die. i didn't want to believe it. >> deborah: her incredible story of survival and heart break. plus the infant found alone inside a closed day care center. >> oh, baby. >> here she is. and sexiest halloween costumes ever, ripped from the headlines.
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