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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  October 23, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm CDT

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occured after an argument during a dice game, broke out, prompting a suspect to open fire. hitting a 19 year old, who was not a student at t-s-u. but three students who were walking by the incident were wounded by stray bullets. police believe this shooting to be an isolated incident and poses no threat to any other students at the university. this appears to have been confined to these actions that were occurring, the fight, the dice game, in this outdoor courtyard and involved no other part of campus. no other students as far as we believe are or were at risk. this running through isolated to this one specific area. of the three students who were caught up in only one remains receiving treatments for her wowods. the other two were released minor injuries. jessica rae: after a mararaon day testifying on capitol hill, hillary clinton is back on the
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campaign trail. lawmakers grled clinton for the 11 hours with questions about the terrorist attack that killed 4 americans in benghazi. abc's kenneth moton has more from washington hillary clinton...back on the campaign trail. nat from forum the democratic front ruer speaking this morning speaking at a dnc women's washington. little sleep for the former secretary of state who wrapped up 11 hours on capitol hill late last about the 2012 attacks on a us diplomatic post in benghazi. 4 americans ambassador chris rep. susan "libya, benghazi, chris stevens, the staff there, they seem to fall off your radar in 2012, and the situation's getting much worse in 2012." hillary clinton, presidential candidate: "i lost more sleep than all of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done."clinton under attack by republicans, defended by housselect
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elijah cummings, d- "we're better r an that! ! chairman trey gowdy...under r pressure to uneaeah new details in this 8th committee review...costing taxpayers 4.8 million dollars so far...admitted there was little learned by the end of the sotrey gowdy that she testified differently today previous times that seen as another who kept her cool. this morning, the work of that meanwhile hillary campaign stops important jefferson tomorrow...she'll be bill clinton. news washington. jessica rae: hillary clinton wasnt the only democratic democratic national annual women's leadership forum in washington... vermont senator
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bernie sanders got a warm greeting from the crowd this morning president obama along with all of the democrats in the current presidential race are also addressing the crowd today. including, lincoln chafee, who announced he's dropping out of the presesential race. (lincoln chafee/(d) former rhode island goveveor) "but after much thought, i havedecided to end m m campaign for the president today. (aww's heard from the auauence). thank you." former rhode island governor lincoln chafee ended his long- shot bid for the democratic president nomination. chafee haseen strugglingn polls and fundraising since announcing his bid for president. jessica rae: ben carson is now ahead of donald trump in a second iowa poll. a des moines register bloomberg politics poll of iowa republicans shows 28 percent of those surveyed back carson as the g- o-p presidential candidate. that's compared to just 19-percent for trump. the retired neurosurgeon also leads trump by eight percentage points in a quinnipiac survey of g-o-p iowans released just yesterday. jessica rae:
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celebrating their 25th anniversary this weekend just a quarter of a century ago, u-s congress agreed to renew recognition to the ponca tribe. tomorrow a pow-wow is scheduled to be held in norfolk nebraska to honor the anniversary. jessica rae: south dakota drivers will have a news license plate to don on their cars next year. here's the n n 2016 design the state decided to re-issue e is new plate inorr to replace any old plates that may be suffering normal wear and tear which could reduce read- ability. the new plate design will not be available until january first of 2016 you can pick one up from the state's motor vehicle department. jessica rae: norfolk is welcoming two new police officers to town. here's paul hughes with more "the lower elkhorn natural resources district board of directors voted thursday night to table action on requiring flow meters on all irrigation systems in the 15-county district. the decision to table came after about 90-minute of discussion, first from audience members and then among the 14 board
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members present. the norfolk city council has approved the capital improvement plan for the city for the current fiscal year. city risk manager lyle lutt said the city is in the process of acquiring semi tractors and trailers to haul its own solid waste to clarkson. he says that service is currently contracted, but the city will save money by doing the hauling itself. a badge ceremony will be held tonightht for norfrfk's two neweststolice officers. mitchellbruening and austin heheott will receive their badges and take the oath of office, administered judge michael long. the ceremony will begin at 7 tonight in the norfolk city council chambers. those and more stories can be heard on news talk wjag, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix. " jessica rae: nutrition superstore g-n-c is now facing a huge lawsuit accusing the retailer of selling supplements synthetic drugs. abc's tj holmes has more. "back now with that
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superstore gnc -- accused of selling supplements spiked with synthetic drugs. abc's tj holmes is here with the details script: this morning, g-n-c hit with a major lawsuit -- accused of knowingly selling fitness supplements advertised as "all- natural" -- that were actually spiked with synthetic drugs. the oregon attorney general, ellen rosenblum (gfx) going after gnc for allegedly misrepresenting twenty two workout and fat-burner supplements, (pg1) stating some contained two sysyhetic drugs: "p"pamilon "?a presesiption drug in ssia used to treata variriy of neurological conditions." (pg5) and bmpea -- "?a chemical similar to amphetamine"? associated with certain types of strokes. (pg8) the attorney general, also claiming g-n-c knew both considered unlawful dietary ingredients. scrutiny before. in march, the company agreed to stricter supplements after a general investigation revealed some of contain any of the sot - eric schneiderman, ny attorney general but this time, the largest retailer in the industry is fighting back ... (gfx) telling abc news overnight ... the oregon
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attorney general's accusations are "without merit"?and "in response to fda statements regarding the regulatory status of bmpea and picamilon, gnc promptly took tion to remove from sale all products containing those e gredients." " ssica rae: a local l hool got a big g day check from a tech store here in sioux city administrators from holy cross saint michaels school received a check for 10 thousand dollars today from best buy and intel to use for new school technology. employees from intel voted to award this prize as part of their intel retail edge program. it's something school administrators say they're happy they were chosen for. michael sweeney -- principal holy cross school "you know first of all it's like christmas in
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october, obviously you know in our catholic schools funding does not come from tax payer money, so we have to generate all of our funds, so to get this ten thousand dollar gift its going to help our students tremendously with technology and education." with the big boost in funds, faculty and administrators at holy cross will come together to decide how best to use the tengrand ifor ededational purposes. jejeica rae: stay tuned for details on how to nominate your hero for the upcoming heroes game. details ahead.
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" " jessica rae scott: good morning. your the high today is 62. let's look neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city and the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. right now, it's in the 60s and there's clouds and showers moving through. a wind is coming in from the east and southeast between 5 and 15 miles per hour. here's the stormcast hd where occasional shohors d thunderstorms are expected to pass throh the area as we go through our friday with low pressure moving
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get into thevening hours. then for the weekend we'll watch as the skies clear out with sunshine returning. through the weekend will be in the 60s. here's the forecast for today which includes rain and a high of 68. expect totals to be near 1 inch. during the evening,e'll have some showers the night will be dry and windy with a low of 46. tomorrow, expect sunshine after a few morning clouds. the high temperature is expected to be 61. here's your 7 day forecast w wre rain will r rurn on tuesday with temperatures remaining in the 60s through most of the upcoming period. jessica rae scott:
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the iowa hawkeyes and the cornhusker are re-igniting their rivalry in game. november 27th at memorial stadium in nebraska and although the they are partnering with hy-vee and the american red cross and to honor heroes in our community. but before the two teams take the grid iron, fans are being
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encouraged to nominate someone they know for their extraordinary acts of heroism. a person from each state will be invited to attend ththhero's game and be recognized, as well as have their name etched onto the game trophy. if you'd like to nominate a hero just head to siouxlandmatters- dot-com and click on the hy-vee heroes game tab. jessica rae: when we return. steak is on the dinner menu tonight. stay tuned for that delicious recipe when we return. jessica rae: how does steak
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tonightonight? well if it sounds appetizing... howard has the recipe for you. he's in the mister food test kitchen... with a dish that will only take you 15 minutes! want to do after a long day is spend a lot of time making stir frying is such a great idea. it's great because all we have to do is toss everything in one pan, add a few seasonings and dinner is done. and
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realal hot. that way and cookokquickly steaming. here i'm searing some strips of bottom round. in the meat case, you might find it labeled "pepper steak" or "beef for stir fry." we add some minced mushrooms, of red pepper. make sure everything is cut about the same size so it cooks evenly. now we give that a good stir and are doing their thing, we throw together our sauce. all that is . is some beef broth, soy sauce, ginger and a bit of cornstarch. after we whisk that together, we pour it into the skillet and once it thickens up, it's done. maybe serve it over a package of quick- cooking rice. and just because this is quick, don't think it's anything less than azing. go online and gegethe recipe for what we call "after work k pper steak" because you can come home from a long day and still be a dinner hero in no time. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where every day we're looking for an easier (and faster) way for you to say . ooh it's so
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good!! " jessica rae: if you would like a copy of that recipe you can send us a self addressed stamped envelope here to a-b-c 9 news. our address is 625 douglas street. the zip...51101. be sure to write "after work pepper steak" on your request. or you can visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com. and click on the mr. food logo.... jessica rae:coming up after the break... tails on how you can adopt this litttt pumpkin. st in time for
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with.... jessica rae:
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of our forecast. stay with us.
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what's coming up on the show today. "today, the women you love are here! the pioneer woman, ree drummond, shares cooking secrets from her ranch, and her healthy twist on classic comfort food. plus, you loved her best- selling book, "eat, pray, love". now, elizabeth gilbert shows you how to t rid of the fear that's holding you back from livingnghe life you've alwawa dreamed of. and, it is easier than you think." jessica rae: again that's coming up today on dr. oz at 4 o'clock right here on abc9. also tune in tonight will be a very special sportszone. we'll be broadcasting a behind the scenes look at the show on periscope and alex and i will answer any questions you might have during commercial breaks. be sure to check out our twitter accounts for
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that link tomorrow night and tune into sportszone a brand new way. for today which includes rain and a high of 68. expect totals to be near 1 inch. during the evening, we'll have some showers but then the rest of the night will be dry and windy th a low of
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46. tomorrow, expect sunshine after a few morning clouds. the high temperature is expected to be 61. here's your 7 day forecast where rain will return on tuesday with temperatures remaining in the 60s through most of the upcoming period.
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>> announcer: think you need to be a chef to cook like one? think again.
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class is in session, and michael's teaching one lucky audience member a delicious recipe so easy, you can make it at home tonight. then, he's the hottest dish in this place, robin thicke is here with a performance that'll warm you up in nonoime. plus, see what happens whehe mario hangs out with superstar bradley cooper. get ready to go pro right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> hey guys, welcome to "the chew." i've got a question for you, does dinner time in your house ever feel like amateur hour? does it feel a bit like bad community theater? well, i've got some good newew because all hour long, we're teaching you how to make dinner like a pro. how are my favorite pros doing over there? >> great. >> i always like to think that after five seasons of "the chew," they're getting to be
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pros already. >> oh, yeah.
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