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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  October 23, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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orange city, ia at 5:49, another 1 mile northeast of hospers at 6:01 pm, and another 2 miles north of larrabee, ia at 6:39 pm. local temperatures shows the front that pushed through--50s and 60s east and 40s west. your planner tonight shows mostly cloudy and 52 at 2 am, clear and 49 at 6 am, and sunny and 48 at 10 am. i'll be back with a look at a nice weekend in just a few minutes. it's time for local news that matters! tim: he says he's a bully... and he's
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jenna: a sioux city west high graduate is pushing back against donald trump... as the campaign gets ready to use his high school for a campaign stop next week. tim: abc9's bria bell tells us how that movement is gaining momentum. bria: franciso valadez started a petition against trump's visit to west high on wednesday that already has over 11-hundred signatures. but it's not just about the republican presidental candidate, but, they say, the opportunity to get people involved in national politics.
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bria bell donald trump is no stranger to controversy. but when it was announced that the republican candidate for president was coming to sioux city... where he would be speaking didn't sit well with francisco valadaz "he's influencing a lot of people to hate certain groups, certain groups of people," said valadez. trump is scheduled for a campaign stop tuesday at west high school. francisco and his family are concerned as to what kind of message that sends to students. they say trump is a bully and incites violence on the latino community. that's why they started this petition. "for every signature, it sends an email to the superintendent," said valadez. but, sioux city schools superintenden dr. paul gausman says any candidate is welcome to rent school facilities for this purpose... as has been done in the past. "we recognize that there may be some you oppose or support any specific candidate, but this is a real opportunity to allow the educational process about the democratic process to continue," said gausman. gausman does support the free speech francisco is exercising... and the west high grad says he'll be at his alma
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mater next week... to organize a silent protest against trump's visit. bria: the valadez family says that they plan on holding a silent protest during the donald trump event to excerise their freedom of speech and anyone is welcomed to join them. right now the toal number of signatures stands near eleven hundrend and the petition states that they are currently shooting for two thousand total. live in the studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: another republican presidential candidate was in iowa today. former texas senator ted cruz stopped for a meet and greet in clarinda this morning. cruz also made stops in atlantic as well as council bluffs. he plans to hit marshalltown and waterloo tomorrow to finish his two day stint in the state. tim: jeb bush's faltering presidential campaign is scaling back on staff, salaries, travel and other costs. the bush camp says it will invest more cash in securing wins in early voting states. right now, the focus appears to
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staffers will reportedly face payroll cuts up to 40-percent. the move comes as bush finds himself lagging in polls and in fundraising presidential candidates donald trump and ben carson. bush, who is already visiting each of the four about twice a month, is planning to make more frequent and longer trips to despite the budget cuts, the campaign says bush is in the race for the long run. jenna: with the new year approaching... you could pay a hefty penalty if you don't purchase health insurance. under the affordable care act... fines for not being covered will double next year. not being covered will double next year. if you need help - there are resources in town. if you choose not to get health insurance by the start of the new year... you could face a penalty of almost 700 dollars or two and a half percent of your yearly income... which ever is greater. that's double the current penalty, which is about 300 dollars or two percent. sioux city's mercy medical center has a team of staff members who help connect
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people with a financial advisor to get them enrolled. counselors here that can help people with their enrollments. they're can call in and schedule with them. that's pretty much our involvment with tureaud from mercy medical center. help enrolling... but still have questions, you can also contact mercy for help. tim: what place does in schools? well, one iowa district says the popular app snapchat has no place. dubuque schools are now blocking it from their network. the school district says that snapchat holds no educational value while some other social media sites do... snapchat allows users to take photos and then delete them though some say its never really deleted. that to me and i could take a look at phone of the image, so it's not really deleted. "> the schools feel distraction is the
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has decided to block the app. there is a way around the block, if the students switch off the wifi and use their own data they are able to use the app. but the schools say this way they are not providing the resources to so. jenna: hundreds of people are expected for an event this weekend honoring local members of the law enforcement community. as part of saturday's briar cliff and morningiside football game, city, , unty, state and federal officers are being honored at a free tailgate party at olsen stadium. the event begins at 10:30 in the stadium's west parking lot. officers will eat free. there is a small 5 dollar fee for others who attend. a parking shuttle will run from transit plaza to the stadium begining at 10am three officers will recieve special recognition prior to the football game.. sioux city officers jill fitch and kevin mccormick were both shot in the line of duty and are now back on duty..... meanwhile the family of
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buenting also will officer beunting died in the line of duty in 20-13. tim: and organizers saturday and encourage people to take advantage service. shuttles will transit plaza corner of transit and vine avenues, every 15 minutes beginning at 10am. that shuttle through 4-30 pm . mornginside briar cliff game is one oclock jenna: this is the last weekend to hero. the iowa nebraska football teams their rivalry in game. that's coming up november 27th at memorial stadium in nebraska and although the two are rivals they are partnering with american red cross and to our community. fans are being encouraged to nominate someone they know for their extraordinary acts of heroism. a person from each state will be invited to attend the hero's game and be if you'd like to
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siouxlandmatters- dot-com and click on the hy-vee heroes game tab. tim: tomorrow the sioux city musketeers are going pink. the muskies are partnering up with susan g komen for the cure siouxland and unitypoint saint lukes to help fight breast cancer. tickets to tomorrow night's game are 12 dollars and proceeds from the game will go toward breast canncer awareness, equipment and education. tee shirts will also be on sale for 10 dollars. tim: the boys and girls home and family services were benefited from the generosity of over 400 fans and supporters at the tailgaiting for out kids event that took place on friday october 2nd. the event ended up raising over 1 the event ended dollars. this year's event theame was a full of energy sports theme complete morningside college drumline and briarcliffe university
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jenna: bracing for patricia. the historic hurricane is set to make landfall along mexico's western coast impacting millions of people. meteorologists watched as it went from tropical storm to category five hurricane in just a day, packing sustained winds of 200 miles an hour. several resorts and hotels are evacuating. polo sandoval reports. " " a view from outer space is enough to see why patricia is the largest and strongest hurricane ever recorded. meteorologists monitored the cyclone as it intensified from a tropical storm to a category five hurricane in less than 24 hours. the potential for patricia to cause massive death and destruction is prompting thousands along mexico's pacific coast to flee inland. the airport in the popular resort city of puerto vallarta is closed until further notice. while planes are being diverted around the monster storm, first lieutenant leesaand her reconnaissance crew flew right into it. (first. lt. leesa froelich, u.s. air fore reserve) "the best description i can relate it to is going on a rollercoaster. that constant dropping out of your stomach." froelich says the storm isn't
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(first. lt. leesa froelich, u.s. air fore reserve) "when we left it, it was still intensifying. we made three passes through the eye and each one we did, it kept getting stronger and stronger." meteorologists predict patricia could dump as much as 20 inches of rain in some parts of mexico -- causing flooding and triggering mudslides. what's left of the hurricane should drift north, into the southern region of the u-s where parts of the lonestar state are already under flash flood watches. im polo sandoval reporting. jenna: still to come... one runner gave up his chance at state to help a runner who wasn't going to make it (fred) rain is exiting, and winds will pick up. the weekend looks very nice! see you after the break!
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absolutely. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows that the rain has now pushed east of our coverage area. rainvision shows a broad area of rain in siouxland. totals ranged from 1.15" in coleridge to 0.55" in norfolk. here's a look at the 3 tornado reports from nw iowa. here's a time lapse of the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a stormy looking sky. 68 was
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the high today. here's the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. the rain washed some pollen out of the air today. 53 is our temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are mainly in the 50s. you can see the strong winds pushing in behind the cold front. 22 mph in sioux city and yankton. regional temperatures show the front that passed through today. here's the regional satellite and radar. you can see hurricane patricia, which has made landfall but is still a category 4 hurricane! it will weaken as it moves inland in mexico. tonight, 47 will be the low. tomorrow, 61... clouds in the morning but sunshine by the afternoon. cool and breezy. 7-day is dry and seasonal with increasing clouds on monday. rain chances return tuesday night and wednesday. (jenna) thanks, fred.
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you bet. jenna/tim/chris:
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across the river, south sioux trying to break through and end its season with a win against omaha south. first play of the game for the packers....tristan anderson is gobbled up by jakob kriens for the big loss.. later that drive....makoor arop connects with iowa commit noah fant....but that drive stalls in its tracks... ensuing cardinal possession...brian fiedler takes the rock.....but i had no idea...neither did the packer defense....i heard the coaches yelling, find the ball darnit! 50 yard house call...6-0 south sioux.... a few minutes later....david torres finds some running room right up the middle....he is dragged down
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deep in the red zone...they would score on this drive to make it 12-0 and south sioux wins its first game of the season on the last friday night of the regular season...48-12 the final. alex the musketeers, looking for their third straight win tonight taking on des moines. third period...sioux city keane...behind the net and he bangs one home off the back of nick mac- nab........musketeer lead..... and then jacob wilson must have heard fightin' words....because he drops the words....because he drops the gloves.....goes at it with nikita pav- ly-chev....and wilson wins....downs goes frazier! that sparks the sioux city offense...mitch brian regali.....teemu pulkinnen finishes it off.....pretty sequence from the musketeer offense and they win it 4-1....they host tri-city tomorrow night for the pink in the rink game..... 2 line name super: chris palmquist cpalmquist@kcaut
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still to come after the break - a cross country runner sacrifices s win to help a cross country runner sacrifices his win to help another runner but he gets another chance to win
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runner. sparked outrage across social media today tonight,stephanie kim from our des moines station got the chance to talk to the runner himself and his coach about what happened. with a first place finish at thursdays 2a district meet... zach hoaglund was on top of the world. "i couldnt help but cry tears of joy" but in that moment of celebration... was something zach couldn't help but notice. "i see this kid and he's just about ready to fall. and i'm sitting here like 'isn't anyone going to help him." zach's sportsmanship kicked in... zach put his arm around so and so... helping him up. coach josh husted davison hs cross country coach: i was told oth he and the other runner were disqualified coach calls what happend next a
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miracle: two freshman runners placed... saving their dreams of state. and though for now the rules won't seem to change, zach says he wouldnt have done anything different. "coach: after the meet the boy on the ground thanked him and he said i will remember this forever." "zach: cross country is about doing the right thing. you can show good sportmanship and that's what i aim for." standup tag : zach will get his second chance to run in the state meet next saturday in fort dodge. his coach in the senior all star race as well. in bloomfield
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everybody...and alex walker chris happy friday night everybody...and welcome into the final regular season edition of the abc9 sportszone. alex we have sixteen games on tap for you tonight, including do or die games in moville and milford. we'll also head to nebraska and see if battle creek could wrap up an undefeated regular season and find out if the musketeers could win their third straight. chris but as always
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we'll start with week. both western ridge view are playoffs that begin next wednesday night. chris: for both the raptors. with a western win, the wolfpack champions for the school history. would need a win and some help to do the same, but a a home playoff game next week. the season, western heading into hull. in the first quarter...tyson kooima...taking advantage of the soggy conditions...picks up a big chunk of yardage before getting pushed out of bounds. a few plays later, they capitalize...kooima on the slant to taylor miedema...wolfpac k go up 6-0. ridge view looking for the answer on 4th down...grant anderson looking for some time, but morgan kooima, trails and gets the big time tackle. we head to the second...anderson , gets some
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tyler wingert who runs a long way...deep into wolfpack territory...raptor s can tie it with a score. but a few plays later, justin grevengoed makes a great play on the ball. he takes it out past the 25 for western. but david tiefenthaler...gob bles that up like a delicious bratwurst...the loss of yardage gets the pack behind the chains. but then they call for the ross play...kooima, buys some time and finds a wide open ben gesink for the 14-0. keep it on the running the option...he flips it out to ben gransta and he does the rest...60 yards to the promised land...and it's 20-0. the raptors respond with a promising drive, but drake
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fumble and morgan kooima recovers. that sets up a beautiful pitch and catch from tyson kooima to gesink...they win it, 33-6. chris back here in the metro, for a school record sixth straight year, sioux city east is back in the state playoffs. alex but a win tonight over johnston would keep the black raiders alive for a home playoff game and give them some revenge after the dragons beat them by 30 a year ago. the weather tonight was nasty....but ross godfrey seems to like the vicious conditions... early second quarter...taylon s off his footwork...dancin g in and out of tackles.....finally dragged down after he moves the chains... but later that drive...connor koza is picked off by drew singbush....and the dragons are in businesss... initially, east stout on this possession...keato n lewis stuffs the run and a band of raiders....swarms to finish off the
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but johnston breaks through a few minutes later....t-boy white.....sounds like a blues singer from the 70's.....touchdown.. then right before the half....zach through the drills the field goal to cut the lead to four....but those were the only east points of the night...johnston rolls 24-3. alex also in class 4a...north was on the road at des moines east and the stars still had a chance at getting into the postseason. the stars getting after it early-- first with a big tackle for the loss by scott geary then a sack off the edge by deion clayborne north gets the ball and on the toss they lose possession-- east jumps on it and they go marching-- then brandon trotter explodes through the hole no one will touch him or catch him for that matter 7 nothing east. east defense pushing it more zach havel with a sack... next possession for east jaron turner hooks up with hunter for east jaron turner hooks up
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with hunter kahler-- kahler was in in my opinion but they rule him down at the 1. so turner finishes it off to make it 14 opinion but they rule him down at the 1. so turner finishes it off to make it 14 nothing..... des moines east beats sioux city north 48-21. chris in class 3a, there was nothing on the line for heelan and le mars tonight...except, you know, they don't really like each other. early in the 1st half bulldogs get a pass out to number 25 justin allaway who runs it to crusader 20 yardline. crusaders respond with an interception by number 25 brayden bork who runs for the house call touchdown crusaders. later that half another crusader interception by number 2 mekhi bianchini. next
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