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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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>> adam: four picks today for the oklahoma defense. the latest from dominique alexander. from norman, oklahoma. it looks like baker mayfield's day is gone. the former quarterback with a 211 yard passing. it's knight into the game. trevor night appearing for the 21st time in his career. over 3,000 yearsards passing didn't play against texas tech last season. return for the game against clemson. the brutal loss by oklahoma to
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he got beat out by mayfield for the preseason. final six minutes plus. ross again. close to the sticks. trevor knight the mvp. alabama got knocked out by auburn in the de facto sec west title game. so a lot of people thought they were dragging a little bit going into the ball game. if they were dragging, they took full advantage with four touchdowns and 348. >> kelly: one of the sharpest, most efficient performances i've seen out of a quarterback. trevor knight was unreal. it elevated the expectations going into 2014 at a level they weren't ready to ascend to. they fell off in 2014. >> adam: knights keeps it first down.
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times last year. texas tech had a hot start to the year and a cold finish. they go 4-8. oklahoma had won ten games or more, end up going 8-5 after they got off to a good start. there was a lot of disappointment in these two programs at the end of last season. you got the feeling they felt they could bounce back. when you talk to the coaching staffs they felt like it could be a bigger year for both. ross stacked up by jenkins. second down coming up. >> kelly: the way that 2014 ended is exactly what ushered in changes on the offensive side with bob stoops. he talked about it. he kind of took credit for the air raid stuff hitting the table with leech hired him here after he took the head job. he said, you know, it permeates college football, but i wasn't
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benefitting from that. and so he goes and finds a guy in riley who is in that lineage and says, you know what, i want to start doing this offensively again. i think right now lincoln riley is trying to find the blend between the physical run game we saw here today and also the air raid concepts that are difficult to defend in the pass game. >> adam: the offense wasn't that good against tennessee. they won the game. they got off to a slow start in that game. they were not good against texas. and bob stoops was quick to point that out. we asked him is lincoln riley doing the things you expected when you brought him in. he said let me say we got wins but we struggle. it was inconsistent. like consistency, is everything. >> kelly: what's inconsistent about it primarily was what was
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happening on the line of scrimmage with three young players. as though players are getting ramped up, i think the offense is fixing to launch. and down the stretch, i think lincoln riley will have a lot of weapons in his hands. >> adam: timeout. we'll step aside as well. with pizza hut's $6.99 any deal, i can get a meat lover's and they can get all the fresh vegetables they want. no more compromise. bring home the flavor with america's no compromise pizza deal. get any two medium pizzas with any quality toppings, any crust, any specialty, just $6.99 each.
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>> adam: back in norman, 3:43 to play in the fourthth kingsbury looks on as his red raiders have not scored 30 points yetment. oc oklahoma on defense. a first down inside the 15 yardline. you get the sense wh kliff kins kingsbury. he's got the big contract, $3 million annually going up
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he's got the pretty boy image. he's the youngest head coach in the power five a at 36 years of age. you get the sense of this guy that he's a little bit haened. there'sbeen a great article written about him how he was cut from his jv team by his dad. he's gone through a lot in his life arldlready. did not have a flourishing nfl career like many expececd him to have. ross takes it inside the 10 yardline. his mother passed away 10 years ago. he had to go back into coaching. you get a sense that he wants to more than just the money and the looks and the image. >> kelly: yeah, i think it's a quest to be successful. he was as a college player, obviously. and a lot of other things that you've documented is played out in his life.
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thinkke has the ability t tdo that. there isn't any doubt about it. he coaches with a chip on his shoulder. there isn't any question. >> adam: alex ross, first career touchdown. a season high for oklahoma. rushing touchdowns continues too ild up. >> kelly: what kliff kingsbury is trying to do is get the defense side of the ball to match what he knows he can accomplish on the offensive side of the ball. that's where david gibbs comes in. there's been a lot of defense coordinators coming and going. you vhave to settle on somebody you believe in. >> adam: first coach fortouchdhdn for the redd shirt junior.
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kingsbury's travels starts at a high school in texas where he was a unicorn in high school. makes his way to lubbock texas. gets the shot to go look under southerlanan has johnny monan zal. there is some arrogance there at least based on what people would say about him. based on how talks, the way he carries himself. there's confidence there as well. i think that's whatt is carried ovov intoo the program two out of the last three years. people in lubbock believe they can win again. they've been winning two of the last three years. >> kelly: he's well on his way to doing that. there isn't any question i think that he can get there. it's just that now is the ceo of the program, both sides of the ball have to be married together. mike leech got it done won nine
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games his last three years in lubbock. they weren't playing great defense. today's football you can't out score everybody. you have to play defense. >> adam: shy of the 15 yardline. it's tony brown. chopped down. still the big headline today. was baker mayfield. the former texas tech walk on quarterback trying to keep his emotions in check trying to play strong today. >> kelly: his biggest opponent today was himself. making sure that he was locked and loaded. didn't get overly emotional. like i believed he did in the start. he's ann austin kid. outside of one pretty bad decision with the int he had, he's played really well. and composed is the word i would use for him today. >> adam: starting quarterbacks
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davis webb when split time with mayfield last year as a starter. he's into the game. stockton on the run. closing the book on what baker mayfield did. first six games, solid numbers, but, again, a lot of the reason for this is the fact that the rushing attack was so darn good for oklahoma today. >> kelly: that one interception at the bottom is the only thing there's a hangup on. it was efficient otherwise. he had the run game to go with it t. he doesn't need the astronomical numbers. >> adam: batson, taking it out wide. inside of two to play. >> kelly: i think that's what mayfield will have to do down the rd is realize my defense is playing pretty well. we may be able to run the ball very efficiently also. i need to be a good decision maker and distribute to the people in space thatan make plays. that's his calling card going
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>> adam: webb the junior out of prosper texas. in a game for the fifth time this year. incomplete. frustrating day for mahomes. had six interceptions all season coming in. four interceptions today alone. but this is still a guy that -- you see the flashes of what this guy can do and how effective and explosive he can be at the forefront of the offensive. >> kelly: like we talked about, a lot o o his big playsome off script. which i think kliff kingsbury is still trying to find a way to manage. make sure those plays are coming within the confines of what we're doing. the interceptions today, he madede a couple of badad decisionsnsnt it was also good coverage on probably two, if not maybe three of the interceptions as
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first down. stop the clock at 1:23 to reset the change. everything is looking ahead to november in this conference. bob stoops, when you ask him are you a playoff team right now, that's for you guys to decide. that's for everybody else in the media to talk about. certainly we will. we'll jam it down your throat forrhe next couple of weeks until the rankings come out on november 3rd. when the first rankings come out we set the barometer and then the rest of the month might belong to the big 12. because everybody plays everybody among these four teams. tcu baylor, oklahoma state, oklahoma. you said tcu baylor, oklahoma all going to still water this season. >> kelly: that is going to be entertaining. there isn't any question about it. as far as being a playoff team
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team exists yet. things changes so quickly from week to week. that's the beauty of what we do. we are going to document that. but the college football playoff picture changes literally from one week to the next. >> adam: stockton. first down. texas tech will be back in lubbock next week for halloween saturday when oklahoma stata comes to townment they've. they going to austin to play the texas longhorns on thanksgiving. oklahoma, on the road at kansas next week. then iowa state. they get the bye and that's w wn theyeyet up f f the long push. oklahoma with the sixth win to
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season high, 63 points. 400 plus rushing yards for oklahoma. seven rushing touchdowns as well. perine over 200 yards. mixon over 150. impressive effort by the sooners. texas tech falls to 2-3. oklahoma to 3-1 in big 1 1 ay. great job by our fantastic crew in norman, oklahoma. so long from memorial stadium. 8:00 eastern time on abc. number one ohio state taking on rutgers. final score here.
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picking v voutside! temperaturesesre cool, upper 50s tolow 60s, but that's seasonal for the end of october. it's a bit breezy too, especially east, closer to 20
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city. tonight, winds calm under clear skies. temperatures get a bit cold, down to 36 in the morning, , but without wind... it should be fairly pleasant. another nice day tomorrow, rain chances and a cool down in the 7- day coming up next, but first here's deborah with your local news! " " beautiful sunshine outside! temperatures are cool, upper 50s to low 60s, but that's seasonal for the end of october. it's a good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm deborah souverain. while today is a big day for democrats in iowa... republican front-runner dr. ben carson is also in the state. he's currently on his book tour.. but he took a head to
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state...alpha gamma rho. dr carsosospoke to the s sdents about the economy... education, and the state of the country. he also touched on medicare and medicaid... clarifying his statements...sayin g he wouldn't get rid of the programs...but instead...would offer an alternative... health sav accounts where recipients of the program get 2-thousand dollars a year that they use for healthcare. reporter sabrina ahmed was there to follow-up. "how do you plan to implement health savings plan, timeline as we explain health savingngcct and plp bebeme comfy, they'll see it far exceededtraditional medicare medicaid, so they will rapidly move to it on their own but i wont force anyone out of it, if they want to stay they can stay. at what opoimt will it phase in, become mandatory. once there is a carson admininand our r s irons out dedeils, within a year within a year the hsp would become available? absolutely. deborah:
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also back on the campaign trail...jeb bush. he was in south carolinanahis morning..after announcing across-the- board-pay cuts to his campaign. the jeb campaign is slashing payroll by 40 percent and cutting travel costs. the former florida governor says he wants to focus on early- primary states. bush says the budget change is not a sign that his campaign is struggling. " before the fst question comes about how my life's en in the last 24 hours, we made an
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what leaders do. i've made an adjustment to harnest the resources of our campaign which are probably more than other campaigns and we're going g be all in in n wa, new hampshire, south carolina, nevada and the sec primary states and that's where you're gonna see the team and that's where ya gonna see me. i'm gonna run with heart and i'm gonna run to win. deborah: once a front- runner....bush is falling behind in the polls... with only five percent of support among iowa caucus voters. . deborah: here in sioux city... officers and their families were invited to a tailgate event...for law enforcement appreciation day the event was held before the annual morningside and briar cliff "battle for the saddle" game. officials were able to meet with fellow community members, play mes with their children, and enjoy food donated by local businesses. "wearing the shirt...the supportive shirt with the other spouses today, you know? just getting welcomed, handshakes, smiles from the other families," said jensen.
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deborah law enforcement milies took the field moments toss.... to be acknowledged in full of mustang and charger fans. tonight at ten, mandy buenting, the wife of rockwell officer (bunting) who was fatally shot in 201313hile on duty. deborah a sioux city couple is facing charges tonight...after discharging a police were domestic disturbance according to sioux city police...a gun went off around 10:50 p-m while police were rushininto the scene.authorities say..michael johnson...and nadia into a physical altercation...when the gun was fired. johnson was shot in the hand...and police say an unnamed woman was shot in the chest. both brody and johnson are now being charged with a number ofcrcres. deborah: a tragic scene at
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university's homecoming parade today... a car crashed into a crowd...killing 3...and leaving close three dozen injured. eight of the injured are listed in critical condition. it happened this morning in the city of stillwater. witnesses described seeing people flying in the air as the car plowed into the crowd. the president of o-s-u spoke out about the tragedy. " (v. burns hargis/ osu president) "the oklahoma state homecoming parade is probably one of the most wholesome, happy events in the country. and to have it fouled like this, these victims, its a terrible tragedy. we reach out and embrace the victims and their families." deborah the crash comes just hours before the osu-kansas universityty football game atat boone pickens stadium in stillwater. police have arrested 25- year-old adacia chambers on suspicion of drunk driving. officials have not
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released the name of the three people killed. deborah: aurora theater shooter james holmes was alalgedly assaulted by an inma at the colorado prison where he is serving a life sentence. it happened earlier this month according to a spokeswoman at the colorado state penitentiary. holmes was injured in what's described as a minor passing in a hallway. it was serioio enough to warrant assault charges against the other inmate. holmes is serving twelve life sentences... plus, over three thousand years for murder and attempted the 2012 aurora theater massacre that left a dozen people dead and several others injured. deborah also going on nationally... texas is bracing for even more flooding. record rainfall is pounding the region... stranding drivers... and even train crews. at least one person may have been swept away by the water. reporter steve nannes (nan-iss)
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has the latest "(travelel): "we're safe, we're sound, that's all you can say." hurricane patricia roared ashore in mexico friday night... now downgraded to a tropical depression... the storm is the most powerful ever recorded in the western hemisphere... downing trees and damaging buildings in central mexico. the 165-mile-an-hour winds sent vacationers heading for home. (traveler): "actually, we used one of the hotel's service buses for their employees, that's the only way we got out." officials fear the system could add to existing storms already hitting parts of the u-s. corsicana, texas... about 55 miles south of dallas... received 16 and a half inces of rain overnight friday... saturday morning found emergency personnel trying to free two union pacific employees from their overturned train. the freight derailed after it was partially submerged by floodwaters... waters that t stranded driversrs too. (stranded driver): "as you can see i have
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and i didn't think i could make it. and so i stopped and like freaked out and called 911. and they were like, just stay there." houston could be particularly hard- hit. forecasters predict ththcity might receive up to 12 inches of rain over the weekend, and into monday. the mayor says localized street flooding could make things dangerous for residents. (mayor annise parker, houston, tx): "we want to make sure that once that rain starts, that we decide to stay home." that rain is coming...and officials fear elevated tides will add to the risk of severe flooding. i'm steve nannes reporting. deborah: hallloween is one e week away... but those who wanted to get their spook on early... got a chance at the norm waitt senior y-m-c-a. the "y" and sioux city parks and rec...teamed up for the second annual halloween spooktacular! thousands swarmed liked the long lines family rec center today... people came out in costumes ranging from vampires to super enjoy a number of activities including bounce
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houses, carnival games, a climbing wall, face painting, and so much more! deborah: would you take a dive into freezing water for charity? people of all ages came out to salix, brown's lake for the annual polar plunge this afternoon. 13 groups of about 100 people gathered to warm hearts by jumping into frigid waters. participants, dresesd in a variety of wacac costumes, had d swim out about 25 yards in the ice cold water and back. those who weren't daring enough to take the dive were labeled as chickens where they cheered from the sidelines. all proceeds from the polar plunge will go to iowa special olympics. deborah: are you or someone in your family pregnant... but want to stay active? well this monday on abc9 news this morning... "get going with jessica rae" jessica examines yoga for pregnant women and how exercise, specifially yoga can help an expecting mother to a happy and
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tune in at monday at five and six a-m for get "going with jessica rae" deborah: coming up... i'll introduce to a alamaba who had a pretty remarkable day. find out the two honors she received... right after the break. elisa much calmer tonight, a great sunday, and rain and cooler temperures in the 7-day. your forecast is next. " "
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