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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 25, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CDT

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act for katy perry before. >> the candidate herself feeling energized in iowa. but now, her opponent bernie sanders ramping up the attacks. hey, good morning, everybody. also coming up on the show, abc news is on the ground covering a pair of intertwining weather emergencies. >> rob is right in texas where they're dealing with massive flooding. >> meanwhile, matt gutman is further south in mexico where patricia made landfall. as the most powerful hurricane ever to hit the western hemisphere. but we'll start here with horror and deaththt what was supposed to be a day of fun, family and footbtbl. >> there's the mugshot right there of the young woman accused of running her car into a crowd of fans, many of them children, at the annual oklahoma state university homecoming game.
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injured. ryan owens on the scene. ryan, good morning. >> good morning to you, , n. we're along g e parade route this morning. this really is so sad. these people never had a chance. the car hit them from behind as they were paying attention to that parade. the sound is the sound of the car hitting the parked police motorcycle. another look, and you see no one saw it coming. everyone hit from behind as they watched the homecoming parade at oklahoma state university saturday morning. >> we're going to need a bunch of help. we got a car through the crowd out there. >> reporter: the numbers are heartbreaking. 4 dead, 47 injured. among the dead, a 65-year-old professor at o o and his wife. a 23-year-old mba from the nearby university central oklahoma and a 2-year-old toddler. police say this woman is responsible for all of the
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25-year-old adacia chambers arrested for suspicion of f driving under the influence. a slew of other charges are expected. >> one of the participants was putting it on a show -- >> abc news has learned that chambers left this fast-food restaurant, reportedly sent home early just before the crash. her boss telling a local paper she did nonoappear to be under the influence. it was just 15, 30 minutes later when her gray hyundai scarred this annual celebration. eight medical helicopters and countless ambulances needed to rush all of the wounded to seven different hospitals. >> sort of like -- a crash like a bomb. >> reporter: and despite what happened, university officials decided to go ahead with the homecoming game here, just a couple of hours later, there was a moment of silence at the game, osu winning big, but certainly a
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hollow victory for many in that heartbreaking community. >> all right, ryan, thank you. and we want to bring in larry williams, an alum of the oklahoma state university. you have been going to this parade for the better part of 40 years and you were one of the heroes in yesterday's tragedy. one eyewitness said they thought that this was part of the parade, from your perspective, en did you know something was terribly wrong? >> it hit a section of those people, it was kind of like toy army men flyinif you could get this picture, like they ran a tank through it. or a car through it. people flew in all different directions. then the car proceeded on through the intersection and hit the southwest corner of the intersection, either hit a light or a curb, and then stopped at that particular point. concentrated on the car. >> so, you knew right away that
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something was wrong. but this all happened in a matter of sections, did you know where to begin? i knkn you'reertified in cpr. >> i think it was adrenaline. my thoughts, stillwater medical management, highway patrol, things like that, were very good as far as getting everything done. but they didn't have a lot of medical people on the spot at that particular time. so what i did is, i went to several people just to make sure that thehewere conscious, breathing, still kind of alive, and then, they would ask me different things to do, though i wasn't a professional and tried to do the best i could until the true medical people like the doctors, nurses got there so they could take over. >> at what point did it hit yoyo what you just saw, larry? >> well, it hit about two hours afterwards.
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stayed with me for a little bit. then, about two hours, it kind of hit me, some of the emotions and d me of the scenes and things came ba in my mind. >> all right, larry, we want to thank you for your heroism, our thoughts and prayers go out to the oklahoma state university family this morning. thank you. >> sure. >> and again, this is a homecoming parade they billed it as america's homecoming celebration. again, oururhoughts and prayers go out to that c cmunity. >> he and a lot of other people will be reliving this event for more years to come. we're going to move on to the extraordinary new video, it purportedly takes you inside the special operations raid deep in isis territory, a daring mission that killed a decorated american officer and father of four. here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: as gun fire ring out, a string of men file out in the darkness.
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lit up by the glow of a nearby fire, isis prisoners, many of them bloodied, led out by u.s. special forces and kurdish fighters. this new video purportedly giving aew look at the daring night-time mission to rescue around 70 hostages that american officials said faced imminent execution by isis. >> this is an example of a case we could do something, we alone had the capability to do it. i'm absoly prepared to do thth. >> repepter: the video appears to come from a helmet camera, showing american delta forces and rdish fighters, storming the isis compound in northern iraq, their infamous black flag hanging on the wall. 20 isis fighters were killed and all of the hostages freed. but as the delta team fought their way through the buildidi, one member was killed. joshua wheeler, highly decorated soldier, a father of four. one month shy of his 40th birthday. his death and the mission now raising questions about the obama administration's position
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that american troops would not have a combat role in iraq. >> they'll be in harm's way, no question about it. i don't want anybody to be under any illusions about that. >> reporter: the pentagon calling this a unique circumstance, but also warning there will likely be more operations like this in the future. alex marquardt, abc news, london. >> dramatic video. now to our big weather storor parts of texas are solidly under water this morninin torrentiti rain from what used to be hurricane patricia, is adding insult to injury, causing flooding. a freight train sailing off of cars submerged in the water. these washed-out tracks, its cars submerged in the water. rob's in hard-hit houstotofor us with the very latest. hi, rob. >> reporter: goomorning, paulu. it rained really hard last ninht. multiple roads like this were
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shut down because of high water. but this is just water that's coming down from the sky and filling up these low-lying areas. we have seen cars all over town that have been submerged.. last evening, houston really got hit hard. overnight, relentless rain pounding texas. two, three inches per hour. flash flooding. roadways getting filled up with water and cars getting stuck. extreme flood washing away large parts of the state. nearly every road is impassable getting from dallas to houston requires huge detours. a mother forced to hand off her ca sunda toddler as the only road to their home is washed away. >> the current was flowing pretty hard. >> reporter: in the e me town, ergency crews rush in to rescsc an elderly man and s dog trapped his truck. the force of the water enough to bring down this freight train, two workers managing to get out
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after 46 of the 54 cars knocked over. clearly, the heaviest rain shifting from north central texas to southeast texas last night. it took us seven hours to get from dallas to houston because i-45 was closed and seemingly every road thereafter was closed. the rain continues to come down, but not as intense as last night, that's the good news. but a storm is developing. the radar showing just how full the rain shield is. as have the flash flood watches, now for southeast texas, but also southern louisiana, going all the way across to pensacola, so heavy rain expected in these areas over the next several days. could see 6 to 8 inches especially across southwest louisiana later on tonight and tomorrow as we mentioned, as this low spins up, paula and dan, in the
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increase the wind. with the rain saturating the ground, we might see some trees down on the back end of this system. >> rob, it's not over as you said. thank you for your continuing verage of this story meanwhile, further south in mexico, they're digging out after a direct hit from what was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. some truly incredible scenes playing out. abc's matt gutman is right there. >> reporter: this morning, the devastation revealed. isolatedowns marooned in a sea of shattered forests. thousands scraping their way back home. hurricane patricia smashed in as a category 5 friday night, a pilot of a h hricane hunter calling it the most intense turbulence she ever accounted. but saturday afternoon, the storm had been ripped apart by mexico's mountain ranges. at daybreak, carving open the
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this road was absolutely impassable this morning. we couldn't get through here. we had to turn bacac that debris forcing cars to thread an obstacle course of downed trees and boulders. rivers surging beyond their banks. they're cleaning up and digging out and now the pacific ocean swallowewethis entire town, the water was over my head, dragging boats with it, going all of the way up to that hillside. and what the water didn't do, the wind did, uprooting palm trees, lifting decorations, tearing down everything, even n unhinging ththchurch doors. what's incredibl how little structural damage there was, thanks to building with cinder blocks and cement. in fact, the government has said there hasn't been a single fatality.
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for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, puerto vallarta. >> images you're not used to seeiei down there in mexico. now to 2 26 and the race to the white house. now saying this is a big week for the democrats, is an understatement. bernie sanders strutting their stuff at an influential dinner at des moines. latest this morning. hihidavid. >> reporter: hi, paula, hillary y clinton's enjoying a bit of a star turn here in des moines, introduced by two rock stars as you said, katy perry and bill clinton, but this is not a coronation, it's clear that bernie sanders wants to take that crown. hillary clinton brought out the big guns, including a popostar dressed like a superhero. baby you'r% a firework >> reporter: and a former president now campaigning to be the first-ever first husband. >> i have never been the warmup act for katy perry before.
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clinton's debut on the campaign trail for his wife. >> i want thank all of you for showing up and supporting her. >> reporter: katy perry's debut standing up for the clinton campaign. >> i stand and i march with hillary. i believe in her future and her vision. >> reporter: and lending her voice, too. reporter: at the iowa jefferson jackson dinner, hillary clinton did roar. >> we're going to build an america where a father can tell his daughter, you can be anything you want to be, including president of the united states of america! >> reporter: but she doesn't quite have the nomination locked down. sesetor, everybody's sayayg it's all over, did you not get the message? just seven points behind her in iowa, bernie sanders is still on the march.
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end up in a year when you'll join me in the white house. >> reporter: overhead at the katy perry concert, a plane with the message -- feel the bern. clearly, bernie sanders does not plan to go gently into that good ght. 99 days until the iowa caucuses and it's going t tbe a tough fight, but it's hillary clinton's to lose now, dan. >> david wright reporting from iowa. for more on the race to the white house, let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting this "this week" later this morning. let's talk about the republicans for a second. you have donald trump on the show this morning. which i imagine is always a challenge. one of the things that we have seen this weekend, he's stepping up his attacks on dr. ben carson. >> he's gone after jeb bush, now, he's going after carson in the latest iowa poll, carson has pulled ahead of donald trump even though trump leads nationally.
7:15 am
carson's religion. saying he's a press bybyterian. i don't know about that. we'll ask about donald trump about it. this morning, these are the two front-runners. at that dinner david was just talking aboututbernie sanders taking on hillary clinton as a candjdate of polls not principles. that's exactly the attack that worked for barack obama at that same dinner back in 2007. we'll talk about that this morning. >> george, thank you. and i want to remind everybody that george has a big show this morning, he'll be going one-on-one with donald trump, later this morning on "this week" right here on abc. george, thanks again. >> bernie sanders is coming to "the view" tomorrow. we want to send things over to ron. good morning to you paula, dan and good morning, everyone. we begin with a manhunt under
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way for a killer who o oned fire ininorthern california, witnesses say a man armed with a long gun fired into a car in livermore, this happened saturday evening. one person was killed, another wounded. the highway patrol spotted the car with the suspepe and the accomplice in it, they vehicle. parents and some students will be likely with president obama's proposed new exam guidelines. on saturday, the president said that schoolkids spend way too much taking unnecessary tests in school, unquote. parents notify if their child's s school exceeds that limit. llywood actress maureen o'hara has died. her career span several decades. including "the miracle of 34th street." she was known as the queen of
7:17 am
technicolor becacae of the cameme's love affair of her flaming red hair. a remarkable rescue in the aegean sea. caught on camera. they caught a 18-month-old boy floating. they initially thought that the baby had died. then t ty noticed him makingng sounds. the crew worked on clearininhis lungs and keeping him warm. this little boy's name is mohammad. he appears to be doing just fine. and finally, a spectacular finish in college football -- unless you're a florida state fan. check this out, all tied up, 16-16. seconds left, fsu trying a f fld goal attemptpthere. it's blocked by georgia tech.. he could go all the way! he does go all the way. >> oh, wow. >> 78 yards, untouched. >> he was touched. >> almost, almost. as time expires. florida state lost that -- >> whoa, whoa, look at that. >> they're now 6-1.
7:18 am
the yellow jackets of georgia tech are now 3-5. >> special teams, baby. >> amazing. all kinds of weird, fantastic endings to college football games lately. >> i always say, it always comes down to special teams. one of mantras in sports. >ike, wow. >> you're part o oour special team. >> let's get it down to rob. who's in houston with another look at the national forecast. >> hey, dan, the rainfall race not nearly as intense. but the water keeps coming up here. sosowe'll look for more flooding. take a look at how the rain is timing out here with our future radar, our computer mgdel, with this low spinning up, the winds are going to crank up as well, and the rains will intensify in southwest louisiana. we get into tomorrow, it even
7:19 am
rainfall in the area right now. a moderate cold front throughout the day. then we looked forward to a drying trend and cooler weather coming into town tonight and tomorrow, seasonably cool with temps in the mid-50s for the new york city area. socal should be on t t dry side.
7:20 am
with rainfall l texas. the past six months. they have had drought, floods,@drought, now floods again, remarkable stuff. dan and paula, back to you. >> just trying to find a little bit of balance right there. all right, rob, thanks. coming up on "good morning america" -- the heartbreaking 911 call from a young woman whose boyfriend was killed saving her from a gang of armed robbers. the big reward now to helplpunt them down. and for the first time you'll hear and see robin thicke coming clean about the extent of his substance abuse while promoting his popular single "blurred lines." and director j.j. abrams on the question everybody's asking about the new trailer, where's luke? >> where is luke? >> where's luke, what he says up ahead in "pop news." yes. "good morning america" is brought to you by trivo.
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jones. zero, three, two, six. here to make a deposit.
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hometown trivia time. we're sating, recognizing our anchorage, alaska, affiliate kyur. channel 13 in anchorage. nice dress by the way, sara. >> thank you. >> it looks like you just escaped from a prison. >> i might have. >> that's a joke. on september 21st win sterter solstic solstice. shortest day of the year, how much daylight does anchorage get? >> four hours. >> four. >> eight. >> wrong, wrong. >> dan wins. >> i feel like i know daylight. >> okay, here's an easy one, alaska has the country's largest population of what animal -- >> dogs. >> it's a bird. it's a bird. and it's bald. >> eagle! >> you got it.
7:27 am
>> you know everybody's looking for treats on halloween, but is there a trick in the costume makeup that you just bought? is mornrng, we're shedding light on some potential halloween hazards. >> a lot of people apply it on their kids. ron will have that story coming up. also coming up, for the first time, we're seeing what robin thicke said during the deposition for the lawsuit he faced over his "blurred lines"
7:28 am
he had been very candid, personal responses. we'll show you and l l you hear thememor yourself. but first, the hunt for the killers who shot a man who was simply trying to protect his girlfriend. >> they're hoping a big reward will lead to some arrests. abc's phillip mena joins us with more. >> reporter: g gd morning. robert bosso was just coming home from dinner with his girlfriend when he was attacked. we're hearing her desperate pleas for help. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> reporter: in this newly released 911 call. >> i need an ambulance bad. >> what's your address? >> someone shot my boyfriend! >> reporter: his girlfriend heard pleading for help. as he dies in her arms. >> someone just shot my boyfriend! >> reporter: shot she says saving her life, according to police, a group of masked men
7:29 am
attacked the couple in the parking lot of their orlando apartment complex late last month. investigats say bosso managed to wrestle away a gun pointed at his girlfriend's head as she escaped and ran for help, bosso was fatally shot. >> he was doing what most people in his position would have been doing. somebody pointed a gun at the head o ohis girlfriend and he tried to protect her and got killed for it. >> reporter: now, orlando police hunting the person who killed the man th described as peaceful and intelligent. offering a $25,000 reward. and sending a message directly to the gunmen's two accomplices. >> the act of that coward you aligned yourself with has now put your life and your future on the line. >> reporter: again, there's
7:30 am
police and bosso's family hoping that someone out there who knows where these men ararwill come forward. phillip, thank you.u. we're going to turn now to an important warning as we head into halloween, you may want your costume to be scary but not dangerous. >> ron is here with some potential health dangers. especially in that painting that you apply on yourchildren's or your own face. >> that's right, a couple very spooky pre-halloween health warnings. first about the makeup and the contact lens that give you those creepy-looking eyes. parents gearing up for halloween, that face paint that turn yoyo kids into friendly ghosts could be a health hazard. new york senator chuck schumer warning parents this week,
7:31 am
their kids' face. >> we're asking the fda to do an makeup to try to curb it. >> reporter: a report tested ten of the most popular face paint brands and found that ten contained lead and 6 of them had traces of traces of toxic potentially toxic chemicals. >> theater paint is actually made of higher quality ingredients that are less likely to cause breakouts. >> reporter: many dermatologists warn these can cause breakouts or skin rashes. >> many of my patients have come to me with red, irritated skin. and even some blistering. >> reporter: and on friday the u.s. attorney's office in los angeles cracking down on another popular creepy cosmetic, contact lenses like these, designed to creep out your friends, they can actually cause serious eye damage. the u.s. attorney's office charging ten california sellers of lenses that it calls a serious danger to unsuspecting
7:32 am
be contaminated with pathogens. >> widely available through the internet. even though they're available means the lenses themselves are fda approved. >> and the u.s. attorney's office in l.a. warning specifically about lenses marketed under red rose. and wonder look. don't use them. >> and when you're painting your children's face, you can always test it on a small spot on their hand to see if there's any sort of reaction. if they have sensitive skin. great advice. >> thank you, ron. let's get it down to houston and rob marciano who's dressed up as captain ahab in a waterlogged city. hey there, sir. >> yeah, maybe aquaman. >> noah? >> not bad, either, paula. hey, guys, the rain keeps coming down. couple of cars down there that were swamped, had the hazards
7:33 am
going early, the electrical system has since shut down because this water keeps coming up and coming up. the bayous around this city have rose rapidly. they're kind of steady right now but, with this rain coming down very hard, we're looking for that maybe to keep on rising. this low continues to want to intensify. a piece of moisture, a piece of energy from patricia, coupled with a front getting into the gulf of mexico, really throwing more rain into this area. getting into louisiana, mississippi. we got a cold front sliding across the northeast as well. and a pacific northwest storm system to keep things active that way. perfect weather for football today with seasonably cool temperatures.
7:34 am
here's your local forecast. >> this weather report is brought to you by wayfair. maybe a submarine captain could be a good outfit, too. >> i like that. >> i'm hoping things will dry out by halloween. >> we hope so, too. aquaman, thank you for your coverage. get inside, get dry. we appreciate it. coming up on "good morning america" -- new video just released. we'll see what robin thicke had to say about his state of mind while he was promoting his big "blurred lines" single. he had some very candid answers. meanwhile, sara. what's popping on periscope. paula needs a book recommendation. we're looking for people to tweet us or chat on periscope about what was the last great book. >> last read "the girl on the train."
7:35 am
>> i actually go with scratch or sniff or coloring books. >> the one you can pet the animals in the book. music the kind of moments that really bring us together, happen here every day create your family's story at disney parks.
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i you want it
7:38 am
lines," the hit single that led to a copyright infringement trial for robin thicke. >> and for the first time we're seeing the video of that deposition he made ahead of the trial. abc's mara schiavocampo >> reporter: a federal judge recently unsealed that video showing signs of robin thicke and superproducer pharrell williams that public have rarely see. pharrell getting t when questioned by a lawyer. it was one of the hottest songs of 2013, spending ten weeks at number one on the charts. selling more than 7 million copies, according to nielsen soundscan. and with all that success came a whole lot controversy. overnight, newly unsealed tapes released showing the embattled pop star, robin thicke, admitting in a deposition that he was drunk and high when he recorded the 2013 hit song "blurred lines."
7:39 am
>> i was high and drunk every time i did an interview last year. >> reporter: in the new footage thicke also admits that, when he said he was high and drunk, he really meant every interview. >> we really wrote the song in a half-hour. >> when you did the interview we just played from vh-1, were you drunk and on vicodin? >> i didn't do a single interview last year without being high on both. >> reporter: his co-writer williams also deposed, looking angry, firing back at lawyers when asked to identify musical notations. >> i'm not a teacher. >> reporter: the duo was ordered
7:40 am
icon marvin gaye's estate. now, the original amount awarded to gaye's family was more than $7 million, but that was later reduced. in a statement, the attorney for thicke and williams said this is "old news." saying the songs are different. we look for individual case on appeal. they're pursuing an appeal here. they're different songs. so, we'll see how this unfolds. >> interesting look behind the scenes with those videotapes. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much, mara. coming up on "good morning america" -- director j.j. abrams on the newest "star wars" movie. "the force awakeens." his latest comments straight ahead. >> the question is, where is luke? >> where is luke? where's waldo? that's what i'm still trying to figure out. this is tecfidera. tecfidera is not an injection.
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i forget, what are we doing now? >> oh, ron has been waiting the whole show for this. >> it all leads up to this. >> thank you, ron. that's an intro. halloween is less than a week away and costume mania is in high gear, supermodel heidi klum who takes her costume very seriously, sharing this hint about what she'll wear to her annual blowout shindig this year. it's quite the full-figured look. earlier, she shared this gloppy instagram photo. there's also some kind of face mask in the works. now, last year -- >> is gloppy a word? >> of course it is. if it isn't, it's going to be used in "pop news." last year she pulled this off, a stunning butterfly. i have no idea. i can't even put in a good
7:44 am
guess. >> i would say, maybe somebody from the 15th century. maybe kim kardashian. >> how did you go from the 15th century to kim kardashian? >> i thought cinderella's evil stepmother and then i thought kardashian -- >> how about howloween costumes. a park in new york city gone to dogs for an annual costume parade. "back to the future" and actually the pope being the most popular. the parade celebrating its 25th anniversary. >> there you go. >> it's been called the largest of its kind in the world. it's evident a lot of time and love went into these doggie dress-ups. the pooches happy to cooperate for the most part. now, this year's best in show, i didn't pick this, two chihuahuas and a yorkie. and their owners for the day of the dead look.
7:45 am
how about elaborate is that and amazing? >> i can barely see them. >> oh, they're so cute. >> are you going to talk like that to your baby? >> yeah, i already do. >> the premiere of the new "star wars" movie is less than two months away. j.j. abrams is dropping hints on the trailer. lots of fans noticing the glaring absence of mark hamill's luke skywalker. now, when asked about it, abrams played it coy saying quote, those are good questions to be asking. and i can't wait for you to find out the answers. he was happy to gush about his casts. >> it's a lot of pressure on one hand. the amazing work on this movie i just feel like i -- i'm in incredible hands because i see what remarkable work harrison ford and others -- the cast is extraordinary. >> believe it or not, they're
7:46 am
touches on the editing process. >> it's out december 18th. >> is it the 18th? >> i think it is. >> i plan on going on christmas day. it sounds very festive, don't you? you're so geeking out. i can't wait. now, get ready for a time warp, "the rocky horror picture show" recently turned the big 4-0 and now the cult favorite is being reimagined as a two-hour tv special. i'm just a sweet trans transvestite >> now, tim was unforgettable. and laverne cox has been tapped for the role. as the mad scientist. she's so excited to be a part of the rocky horror legacy. look for that light over the frankenstein play on fox some time next year.
7:47 am
"orange is the new black." >> it's so good. >> i want to quickly say something here. tomorrow is a big day in the history of mankind. paula faris turns 40 years old. >> no, no, no! >> happy birthday to one of our favorite human beings in the world. >> thank you, thank you. i'm spending my last morning in my 30s with you guys. we'll be right back with
7:48 am
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7:52 am
kevin connors, jay harris. another thrilling day in college football on saturday. two more teams, jay, knocked from the ranks of the unbeaten. >> and what an ending in at least one of these games. i have it right here. if you missed it, oh, my goodness. roberto aguayo, and florida state visiting georgia tech, his 56-yard field goal is blocked. he picks it up and he said, you know, i think i can score. across the field, up the sideline, picks up a caravan of blockers. avoids aguayo, goes in for the 78-yard game-winning touchdown. georgia tech. run, run, run. that's your chance. oh, my goodness. blockers, help from his
7:53 am
georgia tech upsets florida state in dramatic fashion, 22-16. carries the yellow jacket. that's beautiful. meantime, number three utah, the utes taking on usc, big game for cameron smith, second quarter, travis wilson's pass intercepted by smith, the freshman linebacker, who breaks a tackle and he's gone. 54 yards for the touchdown. smith had not one, not two, but three interceptions in the game and usc knocks off utah, 42-24. >> wow. that's all we got. he's kevin. i'm jay. have a great sunday. got. he's kevin.
7:54 am
have great sunday. her by name.
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