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tv   This Week in Siouxland  ABC  October 25, 2015 9:00am-9:30am CDT

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regional importance. this year work force development is as important as just about anhing else on the chief executive's radar. with unemployment at record lows, finding skilled workers to fill jobs is a challenge they are all facing. this week's session was t t first for newlyly elected nebraska governor, pete ricketts. ricketts is turning the state's business model upside down, changing, consolidating and re-defining government. he took time to sit down with me and talk about upcoming battles over gambling as well as the death penalty. ays, bringing skilled workerto siouxland is critical. >> i think the key is getting the private sector involved. that all these solutions tailored to the local area, and having those local businesses involved and working with the schools is going to be vital.
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i use smoflt examples today with grand island where $2 million was doned to their career academy. local businesses providing internships or the high school where central valley agr working on a program for the jobs they have available. all of that involves a private sector, workininwith the community y llege or something kehat to make sure it's dual credit. make sure we get the private sector. working with the school system to be able to deliver that communication. >> because you're all out there, like a football saturday, competing for the win. how do you come together, but yet protect your own? >> what i found is reallllthat when it comes to shahanghese best practices it really is something where we all benefit from working together. certainly in the press conference earlier talked about some of the companies that were chosen to site in iowa, nebraska or south dakota. there's a variety of different
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needs for each of those companies that drives that decision. when it comes to helping the work force we a a benefit we got that great, trained, skilled work force to attract the companiek here. >> the governor acknowledged the state is still working to acquire lethal injection drugs, i asked why that's important surrounding the death penalty in nebraska. >> we are continuing to work with the dea to carry out those sentences. i don't have any information with regard to share with you. >> so should we expect a flurry of sentences being carried out between you and the election? >> well, one step at a time. we still have to secure the drdrs so, that's really the rst step in this process to be able to do that. [ indistinguishable ] >> actually, the people i talk
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to are most by and large very grateful that i helped get this through the contributions and supported it. it is just a way to allow nebraskans to have a votot on this issues that very important to them. >> while working toecome governor, ricketts ran an antigambling campaign, pledging to keep vegas casinos out of the state. groups like ho junk incorporated. >> i don't believe that bringing gambling to nebraska is a solution for how we want to h he a great quality of lifif in our state, and so i oppose that and will continue to oppose it. >> don't you still face that dilemma if people come back into the cities and have those issues? -- [ indistinguishable ] >> certainly, we see the problem gamblers that go across the border and come back to nebraska. if you were to allow it acrcrs ththentire state we would see it across the whole state.
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pipeline project. how does he balance the risk verse reward? >> it's going to help us create jobs, property taxes which will fund schools and county roads d bridges, and ultimataty help our country%2 with energy security. i think it's a good thing we should proceed with. a lot of soil right now is already moving through our state, and so through railroads and so forth, so having additional ways to do it is going to be important for us and pipelines are very, very safe. and transcanada has committed to making t ts the safest pipeline built in nebraska. we have 22,000 miles of pipeline that is cross our state. a lot of them go right around the platte river. we have risks, but we can manage those risks. >> lastly, cubs. [ cheers and applause ] >> t t mets are on their w w back. >> tough night or a great night
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happened this year that maybe weren'txpected from a young bunch of kids. >> certainly i would have liked to see us win more game, but it's very exciting to see what the organization has been able to do. we've really changed the culture there to one of accountability and excellence whwhe you're eing thereat, young players come up. it's one of the reasons we went from last in the division to getting to the nlca this year, and that's what we're trying to do is change that culture to one of accountability and excellence. one of the things the cubs did we are doing in nebraska. >> the rick kepts family does own the chicago cubs franchise. a discussion on work force development dominated much of thursday's event. the leaders gathered with the state leaders throughout the afternoon. we're talking about work force development. it was the focus that the governors did take time to speak about other issues, including
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the avian flu from the chaos that surrounds the surge for a new speaker of the house. >> first of all, i think paul ryan is great. got to know him when he was running for vice president. i think he's a great choice, but being speaker of the house is a tough job. it's like herding cats. being governor is a lot better job. >> we tried to do our best to communicate with all our growers about bio security. again, i will point to dakota layers, they had about the best bio security, yet they were still impacted and lost millions of whens. most of our barns have been re-populated. not alof them, but most have been re-populated. >> i'm proud to say that we're seeing a lot that are rebuilding and investing again, but we want to do anything we can to prevent this from happening.
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what you have to say this morning. get ahold of us on twitter @tim seamanabc9. the wins and losses of bringing new businesses to iowa. and vice president joe biden takes his name out of the running for vice president. we take a look at the polls when "this week in siouxland" continues.
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siouxland" with tim we're back with more this week in siouxland with tim seaman. >> thanks for staying with us this morning. it-s mission work of a different kind, though, for those marketing the state of iowa near and far economic development could easily be described as a religious experience from places like mexico to israel and everywhere in between. debi durham and h h team were crossing the globe looking to land new business for this state. tell the story locally. many incentives bringing new jobs, and debi durham has taken time to stop right here this morning. welcome. >> well, good morning. good to see you. >> thanks for being with us. >> yeah. >> i i mentioned the global appeal.
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away toet started to let folks know i wasn't blowing smoke there. in 2015, these are mission and trade trip that is the state of iowa has been represented at. dating back to february in tokyo in places like mexico and brazil. i think most people would not understand how global the search for business in iowa is today, debibi >> i i have you have too remember and start with that 95% of our customers live outside the u.s. the way that we can increase business and commerce and trade for our local businesses is to open up new markets, and to do that we need to travel the world and to create those relationships. >> let's talk about cuba, then, as long as we're going around e globe here. lots of developmpmts with a chance for new trade partners. is that something that you can dive into or are you already looking -- >> we're looking into it. we've actually been there before two years ago. i will tell you i don't think cuba's ready for a governor's visit. when you listed all of those
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trade missions, that's at various s vels of our staff that goes. when we take a governor in it's usually a little bit more mature market. we have more opportunities from both trade and investment. you're not seeing that right now in cuba. thankbut it's certainly something we're exploring. >> china may be struggling a little bit. not the big steps they've madad in recent years. isishere a conrn at all? >> china's our number four trading partner. obviously they bought a lot of our commodities. in fact they were just buying several million dollar contracts. so there are still important trading partner with us. it's more stronger on the trade side than return investment frfr china has been slow, andnde are certainly keeping an eye on what's going on with them. theyave a way of affecting our stock market, do they not? we all watch china, so this is something we are very concerned about. >> --
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annual governor's conference. work force development a key. if you don't have -- do business you don't have a a need for workers. if you have workers you better have business. cfa industries. >> we don't have the latitude of doing one or the other. we have to do they will all on parallel paths. why are you still recruiting companies companies in when you have such a tight labor marart because economieieare never static, they ebb and flow. an example, the week we learned ishes bm was doing a -- ibm was doing a large layoff. that same week at a board meeting we were bringing a new company in that would hire about 150 of those 200 employees that were let go, right? thth company we had been working with for months. okay, this company's laying off, so therefore we're going to call this company and they can pick up the slack. it doesn't work that way. economies ebb and flow and we have to always do both.
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in the discussion, facebook is one of those in central iowa. that project took months, i'm guessing. >> 18 months, to b b act. at the very endnd negotiating the contract, we negotiated every single word, so it became comical that the attorney and i would have a call once a week. when the deal was done it was like we still wanted to talk to each other. i was on my way back to sioux city. >> these projects happen in forms for many reasons. one e them i i the state investment whether tax credits or forgivable loans. maybe there's not a lot, but there is some criticism -- >> and rightly so. >> that those dollars are sometimes spent unwiesly. the pitch, do projects happen without those types of partnerships? >> first of all we live in a very competitive market. and as long as the other states are doing it we have to too. as long as we're not as competitive as we need to be on our income tax. let me give you an example of that.
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i think there's a lot of misunderstanding of what we do. in our portfolio, maybe 25% of the projects in the marketplace, 82% of those projects are existing companies. our economic development strategies take carep of your backyard first. basically tied to supply chain management of an asset mapping of existing companies. most of the cash that weive away is to startup companies, the innovation platform. ours is tax credits, and tax credits are not cash. they are performance-based. so you have to build the project. you have to be profitable, and you only get to use it for a period of time. you can be can't transfer them or sell them. when you see these larger wards, what p pple look at, o oy 50% of it gets used, and, again, it only gets used if they're actually in here doing a project.
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i think it's a much better way to run incentives than giving cash out the door. >> let's talk about one of the programs out there. sioux city's in the middle of that right now, on the t tle, been approved,d, still tryryg to put the pieces together. a good program to help revitalize parts of the community. >> sioux city brought forth a very competitive application. it's a good application. i will tell you i think from just a diversity of tenants, a part of the package is one of the best we saw. >> t tk about the relatioiohip as we did a minute ago about jobs, employers and employee, home base iowa is something unique in the state of iowa where the economicment development wing. you need a place to come. we want you here. you have something to give back. what's the reception been so far? >> >> well, actually i can say wee have brought in over 1400 individuals, and many of that's
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tied to families. the home-based iowa program is being looked at nationally because it's so stra tee tick. we know the basis of who's going on deploying and what skill level they are, and we're on those basis not only to companies but communities they can call home. >> we appreciate the hard boric. thanks for being with us this morning. keep the good news coming, i guess. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us this morning. what do you think about economic development in the state of iowa? we would like to hear. get ahold of us on face k boo, twtwter or sendde an e-maiai after the break, a handful of gop hopefuls are headivg to siouxland. we'll tell you where they're headed and when when we come back.
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in siouxland" after the break. now, we're back with more "this week in siouxland." >> big changes on the presidential campaign trail this week. hillary clinton's campaign is moving pretty quick to try and win over democrats that were hoping that vice president joe biden would challenge her. but we started that the vice president announcing that there
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the presidential race leading office along side president obama. >> after much thought i've decided to end my campaign for the presesent today. thank you. >> former rhode island governor, lincoln chafee ended his bid this week as well. chafee had been struggling in polls and fundraising weeks ago. jim webb closed the chapter on his run to the democratic nod, but he may not have givenen up on t t presidency yet. he still is considering a run as an independent candidate. here's the latest caucus numbers on the democratic side, 48-41. hillary clinton still out in front of bernie sanders, at least in iowa. everyone else with just single digigi at last check. > ere's a new leaear in the republicans, ben carson is taking over. carson is leading the pack with
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trump is behind him with 20% of the vote, followed by marco rubio with 13 and ted cruz with 10%. this is the fist major poll showing trumprailing in an early primary since june. amanda brings us more. >> when i talked to the assistant director to -- [ indistinguishable ] he said, yes, it is a huge deal that ben carson has now taken over first place. let's take a look back at the rise of ben carson of likely iowa voters. we're going to start in june. we've paired him with donald trump here. this point in the game about 10% of the vote with likely iowa caucus goers. we're going to fast forward to the poll in september. at this point trump almost at 30% of the vote. ben carson in second place there. a huge upward swing for bothh of them. with ben carson he appeals to a lot of republican women voters.
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very popular and well liked overall. >> dr. carson's favorability rating i i something almost neveve seen. > his heart i i just so good for our country, and i think that has just reflected because one of the things iowans always love is heart. >> he says he is not at all surprised what ben carson has accomplished. let's take another look at the results from today. ben carson now sitting on top with about 28%. he is now over trump, but look at this trend. definitely a huge upward trend with ben carson. and his campaign is not surprised at all to sigh him sitting on top. >> and that's because he accomplished the dual task of getting well known by almost everybody here in iowow and beinin looked at favorably by them.
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he's been on the rise, and i think you're going to continue to see that. more people get to meet ben, the more people get to see ben, the more they love him. >> with several months left, the question is can ben carson maintain t ts sort of of moaa momentum? they say, iowa, you need to get ready to see even more ben. reporting in the digital media center, amanda, abc9 news. republicans will be the focus on the siouxland political beat this week. northwest iowa will rally with marco rubio and rick santorum and carly fiorina. it's friday, that's the 30th in orange city from 6:00 until 9:00. it's a fundraising event. tickets are $100. well, for now we want to take a look at what's up next. we'll toss things to our friends
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in des moines, a preview of this week in iowa. >> big news this week, joe biden will not be running for president. we're going to talk to some of his team to see what they think. we'll talk to bobby jindal. that's all coming up on this week in iowa. before we let you go. want to show off another list of nine things to know. mark t(ese down for the coming week. if you're a sports fan, the mus ca tiers will be home to face off against lincoln friday night, 7:05 faceoff. we're headed towards another world series. back on october 27th, 2004. the boston red sox won the world series for the first time in 86 years. yes, fans, there really is hope. northwestern college faculty with a big event coming up on friday at 7:00 in christ chapel, the event is free and open to
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the big orange party, in fact, wednesday of this week. 6:00 at morningside assembly of god. it's a community event for the entire family, food, games, plenty of activities, and you're encouraged to dress in orange because they're handing out prizes for theest dressed but only if you're in orange. ig event coming up as well if you're into activities. zumba party in pink, october 29th here in sioux@ city. it begins at 6:00. halloween-themed events in moaville, iowa. main street mayhem at 5:30 in the afternoon. the haunted tunnels happening all this week. starts monday tomorrow at 6:00 until 10:00 each night this week. bcu's underground tunnels which have been turned into hauntsville with obstacles, scary creaturur and who knows what else.
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it's october for usn, well of course -- [ indistinguishable ] both hosting october fest activities, arts, crafts, royalty dinner, polka music. get t ady to dance. d the top of our nine things to know this week, the political event in northwest iowa. all headed to the boltman center? orange city from friday from 7:00 to 9:00. republican rally there, sponsored by the folks from cherokok, osceola, sioux county, tickets are just --,$20. at's going to dot more week's list. before we say good-bye a reminder that the goal of this week in siouxland is not only to bring news makers to the table but also to spark a discussion on the issues important to you.
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platforms and makeure you watch today!s show or online. go to and find each episode listed right there. thanks for being with us. we hope you can join us again for this week in siouxlala. captioning provided by captionon solutions, llc (music) >>sabrina: it's a no-go for joe. what it means for the iowans who pledged their loyalty to him. then we talk to gop candidate bobby jindal. he's looking to jumpstart his campaign. >>amanda: plus we'll hear from senator jojo ernst about her thoughts on the republican field and show you why donald trump won't be driving across iowa in his campaign any time soon. thanks for joining us on this week in iowa. i'm amanda krenz. >>sabrina: and i'm sabrina ahmed. the biggest democratic event in iowa of the year was this weekend, but man, (chuckling) >>sabrina: the invited guest list, well they kept dropping like flies this week. we are down two democratiticandidates
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this week. lincoln chafee called off his run on friday. he struggled to raise money or gain any traction in the polls. and earlier in the week jim webb also withdrew from the democratic primary saying the system no longer served the interest of the majority. but he did leave open the possibility of an independent run. now of course the big news that was long-awaited this week. joe biden won't run. in a news conference in the white house rose garden wednesday, the vice president telling reporters that even though hifamily could've been ready he believed the window to mount a successful campaign had closed. >>amanda: a lot of iowans, a lot of iowans were lined up to support biden in case he did decide to run including the rmer iowa house majority leader kevininccarthy. he's the co-chair of the draft biden super pac. maybe we need to say was co-chair >>kevin: that's correct. former. >>amanda: we can speak in past tense now. >>amanda: thanks for being here with us in the studio. >>kevin: thank you. >>amanda: so do you think biden was right in his decision not to run? >>kevin: um, he's right in the sense that he has to do what's best for him and his family. >>amanda: sure. >>kevin: we support that. obviously those that hadadigned
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on and werervolunteering for thehe
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