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tv   This Week in Iowa  ABC  October 25, 2015 9:30am-10:00am CDT

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on and werervolunteering for thehe draft biden effort, we were very disappointed and there was a, a lot of tears this last week. >>amanda: i'm sure there were. were you surprised by this? >>kevin: i was surprised at the end. you know, as, as the last few weeks went on i, i was increasing my percentages in the likelihood he would run and, and the just two days before he announced he wasn't,t,m, i talked to a lot of close friends and family and, and i was abt 99% certain that he was going to run. >>amanda: wow, you were that confident. >>kevin: mmhmm. >>amanda: we actually do have a picture of the two of you from this is the 2008 season. >>kevin: mmhmm. >>amanda: so, on a personal level what was your relationship like with joe biden? >>kevin: well, i, i've joked to people, but there's some truth in it. he kind of regresses when he's around me. (chuckling) >>kevin: the last time i saw him, well, we had lunch a couple of weeks and, and we played with his dog quite awhile and the time before that i saw him he put me in a headlock (chuckling) >>amanda: mmhmm. >>kevin: and that was in the white house. so we've just had a longstanding friendship and relationship and it goes back for over a decade so >>amanda: and why did you then
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decide to get involved with his super pac here and try to get him some support? >>kevin: well, like a lot of our fellow endorsers of the effort we, we have a good relationships with him. we trust him. and we thought that he would, look, when he gave his speech saying he wasn't gonna run >>amanda: mmhmm. >>kevin: that was probably a rough draft of what his announcement speech would've been talkin' about having a moon shot t , to cure cancer. >>amanda: mmhmm. >>kevin: and how we have to treat people with respect and work across the aisle and be optimistic and hopeful. and that, i think the campaign that he would've run would've been something that would've drawn a lot of people to it. >>amanda: what impact will this have on the other candidates now do you think? >>kevin: i don't know. we, we were not a monolith in terms of other people that were supporting joe so some will give a good look at the other three candidates that remain. >>amanda: so those of you who are left with the super pac i know you're kind of probably disbanding at this moment. >>kevin: mmhmm. >>amanda: do you have plans to support any of the other candidates? >>kevin: some of my colleagues may. right now i'm, i'm gonna remain uncommitted for awhile. >>amanda: mmhmm. >>kevin: and also just kinda take a little bit of a breather. it's been a roller coaster the
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really anxious to jump right in and, and get involved again right with some, somebody else. >>amanda: ah, i don't think they can blame you for that. what actually happens to the money that you, that you raised? >>kevin: well, there's not, i don't think there's much left. >>amanda: mmhmm. >>kevin: and there was over 30 staff in 15 states. and so i think some of them will make sure that they get paid a few more days as they transition. there was a lot ofofeople that, that gave up good jobs to come in and, and make very little money under the hope that he would run. >>amanda: mmhmm. >>kevin: and, and, you know, we're tryin' to do right by them. >>amanda: finally in the few seconds we have left, um, joe biden said that he felt he had waited too long. >>kevin: mmhmm. >>amanda: do you feel like that was the case? >>kevin: well certainly he felt that was the case and that's what (chuckling) >>kevin: that's the important calculation. >>amanda: yeah, , ght. >>keken: he's the one thatatad to make that decisioio it wowod've been a tremendous challenge to raise the kind of money even more so because as president or vice president you have to reimburse the federal government for a lot of the secret service and air force 2 travel costs and so the calculation is that much more challenging. it's not just running and, you know, 29 states occur by march 15th. >>amanda: mmhmhm mmhmm. >>kevin: 29 states. so it's
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not just running in those states and, and all that cost. it's also all the additional costs that no other candidate would've had to endure. >>amandathere's a lot to it. (chuckling) >>kevin: yes, there is. >>amanda: kevin, thanks for being on the show today. >>kevin: thank you very much. (whooshing) >>sabrina: alright, thanks amanda. and now with biden out let's take a look at the latest poll of who iowa democrats are supporting. hillary clinton with more than a 10 point l ld over bernie sandnds, 51% support in the latest quinnipc poll. sanders at 40%. martin o'malley at 4%. chafee was still included in this round of surveys, but he just got hash marks. on the republican side a surprising twist this week. ben carson trumps trump. now he came out on top of the latest iowa quinniniac poll with 28% too trump's 20. rounding out the rest of the top 5 in iowa you see here, rubio, cruz and paul. now, donald trump's campaign took a jab at iowa voters after that poll came out. his official twitter account retweeted this tweet that said quote too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain. donald trump latetedeleted the retweett
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accidentally did a retweet apologizes. hmm. w!s it really an intern? i guess we'll never know. alright, and up next (music) >>sabrina: on this week in iowa somebody who hasn't said the nicest things about donald trump even calling him an unstable narcissist. bobby jindal joins
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on the campaign n ail. >>sabrina: welcome back everyone. we're joined now by louisiana governor bobby jindal, a republican candidate for president. thank you so much for joining us. >>governor jindal: thank you for having me. >>sabrina: yeah, we're excited. f fst of all, we know that t t next republican debebe hosted by cnbc is coming u u we have some video to show of the last time you appeared in the second tier cnn debate. (crosstalk) >>sabrina: once again you didn't make the cut for the main stage, but you have been offered a spot on (national anthem singing) >>sabrina: the second tier of the first debate. do you plan to join george pataki, lindsey graham, rick santorum? >>governor jininl: absolutely. look, i've said we'll debate anybody anytime anywhere. now we ve been pushing the e c to
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look at the early state polls. i think it's a mistake if they're using the criterib of only national polls. we're doing very well here in iowa. according to an nbc poll we're up in the top 5. we would be on the main stage if they'd looked at the early states. i don't think they should ignore iowa. the first votes are cast hehe. the voters here tata that responsibility serioioly, but we'll absolutely be there at the debate. >>sabrina: so even though you had, there was somspeculation you wouldn't be, you do >>governor jindal: absolutely. like i said, anytime anywhere we're happy to debate. i don't know why they're trying to clear the field and limit debates. look, democracy's a great thing. let the voters decide. what are we afraid of? >>sabrina: okay. so speaking of polls that we've seen, i don't know if you'u' seen the recent poll l donald trump and ben carson. they% flip-flopped. now ben carson is (chuckling) >>sabrina: surging in the polls. what are your thoughts on the two of them and their kind of battling out at the top? >>governor jindal: well, a couple things. you see that trump's numbers are actually falling here in iowa. >>sabrina: mmhmm. >>governor jindal: i think he's peaked here. i think voters are rightfully frustrated. they're, they want an outsider because they're so mad at d.c. these republicics say one thing to get elected. they do another thing once they're in office. they promised us they'd gid of
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obamacare and amnesty. they didn't get it done. they told us that they can't fight planned parenthood funding. they can't stop the bad iran deal. i think voters are saying look, the left is willing to fight for obamacare and their beliefs. why won't our side fight for us? i'm somebody that's actually gotten things done. we're the only candidate that's cut government spending. we have the most pro-life state 6 years in a row. first state to take on planned parentho. my message to voters there are a lot of fancy talkers. we're the one doer in the race. i think voters are frustrated with d.c. i think they're trying to send a message to the republican leadership and establishment, pay attention to us. >>sabrina: okay. now in that same poll you were polling at 3%. are e u worried at all abobo your feasibility to last i ithis race? >>governor jindal: not at all. so there have been a number of different polls. like i said, in some we're in the top 5. in all of 'em consistently we're doing better and better in iowa. and you can see that both in polls and favorability ratings. look, we're spending the time here. we've done over 100 events. we've been at 53 counties. we'll stay till the last person gets to ask their last question. we're buildinin a movement here. the firststotes are e st the first week of february. we've already seen people go up and down. walker,
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perry, jeb and others, carly and others. we're here in, in a marathon. we're here to win it. we're seeing more and more people supporting us in iowa and the reason, the reason again not only are we spending the time here, but people are saying we want somomody who will fight f f r conservative beliefs. at a time when the idea of america is slipping away this is the most important election in our lifetimes. you've got honest socialists on the left, lying conservatives on the right. i think voters want something different and we're that alternative. >>sabrina: so you mentioned that you have spent a lot of time in iowa. um, do you think that there is any worry that you haven't spent that much time in your own state? >>governor jindal: no.o.ook, in lolosiana we're a top 10 state for job creation. we cut our state budget 26%. 30,000 fewer state workers. eight credit upgrades. after 25 years of out-migration. seven years in a row of in-migration. our state's done well. we've made big changes that were necessary to move our state forward. now it's time to apply those same conservative principles to our country. our country's in trouble. we n nd to turn america around. >>sabrina: okay. so as you say you kind of tout this smaller federal government saying that
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decisions shld be left up to the state. then you cut those 30,000 jobs from the state level. so where's the accountability? where do these programs that are working, that are state-run who makes sure that they are working if you're cutting all of the resources to them? >>governororindal: well, no. we're cuttg the bureaucracy. so what we've done is we've cut the waste. i think voters want to shrink the government economy and grow the, the real world, the american economy. that's worked in louisiana. we have the highest per capita income rankings. more people working than ever before earning a higher income than ever before. that'll work in d.c. we've gotta cut our federal budget, not slow its growth rate, but actually cut the federal spending. ght now we've got a stagnant american economy, 2% growth, stagnant middle classages, record number of americans on food stamps, record, record low participation right in the workforce. the american dream's not to have government take care of you. the american dream's to have an opportunity to get a great, to get a great education.n.hat's what we've gotta work to restore in our nation's capitol. the accountability is the voters. founding fathers trusted the american people. the left doesn't trust the american
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people. they want government to run our lives. we trust the american people. >>sabrina: okay. let's talk a little bit about the criticism that you received this week in your home state. motor vehicle debt collection notices being sent out to cover some budget holes is what the criticism's sayiyi in louisiana's state budget. are you expectctg to make any additional budget cuts? are you concerned about this negative criticism? >>governor jindal: no, look. we've had 8 ars of balanced budgets. and the reason our credit rating's are now their highest in decades, the left is always criticizing us saying under governor jindal there's never, that you're always cutting government. that's exactly ririt. i think that's whwh people want. look, our federal l vernment, our debt i i w 18 trillion dollars with no plan to pay it back. we need somebody who will stand up and say enough's enough. the government's gotten way too big. we need to shrink government. we've done that in louisiana. we've got fewer state employees than we've had in decades. but as a result we got 60 billion dollars, 90,000 jobs coming into our state. that's the kind of leadership we need in d.c. we don't need the republican party to be a second liberal party or a cheaper version of the democratic party. we need the party to stand for conservative principles. net's balance our
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to slow the, the growth rate. let's cut spending so we actually aren't, aren't just printing more money, spending money we don't have. >>sabrina: okay, now you do have a book that you are kind of talking about. it's american will. talk to me a little bit about what it is and do you think that this isisonna help maybe resonate with voters more? >>governor jindal: absolutely. so american will's a different kind of book. it's not the, normally politicians and candidates write these books all filled with generic policy proposals. this is different. it's a story about american's history, some untold stories and, and stories that show these exceptional leaders made incredible decisions. there's one e emple talk a aut how governor reagag took on presididt nixon over welfare and said the state should be running this. there should be a work requirement. save billions of dollars, thousands fewer people on welfare echoes of the debate we're having today about medicaid expansion under obamacare. so some great stories from america's history. i, i think parents and kids would love to read these stories together. some untold stories. some forgotten storiri that remimi us what a great country this is, but also remind us 2016 is one of those critical moments. the decisions we make matter. let's make the right
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decision to get america back on the right path. >>sabrina: alright, governor jindal, thank you so much for being here. thanks for taking your time to come all the way to us. >>governor jindal: well, thank you so much for having me. it's great to be here with you. thank you. (music) >>sabrina: we'll take a quick break. coming up next, iowows freshman senator joni ernst joins us. she's been holding office 10 months now. we check in with her on some important issues on her agenda straight
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(music) >>good. how are you? (crosstalk) >>amanda: a milestone for iowa's freshman senator this weekend. joni ernst following in ththfootsteps of iowa's s nior senator chuck grassley completing her first full grassley while in office this weekend. that's a trip, by the way, to all of iowa's 99 counties. and she joins us live now in the studio. senator, thanks so much for being back with us. >>senator ernst: oh it's, it's great to be back. thank you. >>sabrina: okay, so we just wanna get right into the news of the week with you, senator. >>senator erert: you bet. >>sabrina: so the house passed that bill the defunds planned parent hood and also obamacare. now it heads to the senate next week. so what are your pns for the vote? >>senator ernst: well, we will sort through that as it
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we'll have some pretty heavy discussions about that. we wanna make sure that we are still working on funding our government and moving g e government ahead b b taking into consideration lot of these really important issues as well. >>sabra: do you support the idea of defunding planned parenthood and defunding obamacare? >>senator ernst: i do. i do support that effort. i wanna look at it as part of the total package, though, and, and really decide what is the best way to move forward for iowa. but overall if you look at them individually i do support some of thoho efforts understandidi that we have to have replacement alternatives, not just >>amanda: mmhmm. >>senator ernst: completely defunding, but making sure that we are governing in a good manner. >>amanda: mmhmm. on thursday the president vetoed a 612 billion dollar defense policy >>senator r nst: mmhmm. >>amanda: he said it resorts to because while it >>senator ernst: right. >>amanda: boosts defense spending it doesn't increase domestic spending. so what's your reaction to his veto? >>senator ernst: i'm very upset about the veto and this bill passed through the senate
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in an overwhelmingly bipartisan manner. i believe that there were 70 or so senators that supported the nationalalefense authorization act. this dealal with policy for our men and women that serve in uniform and when we are engaged in multiple theaters of operation, iraq and afghanistan, with everything that's going on around the globe our men and women need to know that we are standing bebend them. this sends a v vy, very bad signal from our commander-in-chief to those young men women that are fighting to defend our freeds and the freedoms of our allies overseas. >>sabrina: well, speaking of iraq and afghanistan you recently took a trip there >>senator ernst: yes, i did. >>sabrina: to iraq, afghanistan, israel, jordan. we have a picture of you. this is a picture of youou (chuckling) >>senator ernst: oh, yes. yes. (chuckling) >>sabrina: among the iowa service members that you visited with. so upon return you were quoted saying that the situation on the ground in afghanistan poses a greater threat to our homeland, u.s. interests and our allies than the obama administration has led the
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american people to believe. so why is that? >>senator ernst: what we see in those countries is that isis continues to g gw and expand. what we are seeing in afghanistan is now a new isis presence. we had hoped that it wouldn't spread into afghanistan, but it has. it's there. it is growing. and the taliban is exerting even more pressure against the afghan national security forces as well as our ameririn troops there. so we really do need to develop a strategy in the middle east and make sure that we're executing that strategy. we haven't seen that from the administration. >>sabrina: do you have a strategy that you would like to see put forth? >>senator ernst: well, i think we need to put a greater emphasis on our special teams. we have special operators that actual target the bad guys and will go after those bad guys. so i think we need to see more of that engagement, that specialized engagement as well as continuing to train, advise
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and assist the iraqis and the afghan security forces. so there e some things that we can do. we n nd to do them better.r.e need a commander-in-chief that will clearly,communicate what our strategy is to those world leaders. >>amanda: we also wanted to ask you about the benghazi committee hearing where hillary clinton spent more than 8 hours thursday testifying ahe attack on the u.s. consulate. did you get a chance to watch any of that? senator ernst: i did not. i did not. i had 4 committees yesterday simultaneously (chuckling) >>sabrina: oh, no. >>senator ernst: so, um, so i was not able to personally watch any of it as it was occurring. however, um, just bottom line the house is, is in an oversight capacity. they are looking into this. but what i wanna make sure is that when we have state departme personnel overseas in dangerous areas making sure that we as representatives of the american government are taking care of them and making sure that there are adequate protections in place. so what we need to find out is why this
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occurred. how could it happen that 4 americans were killed? what can we do different g gng ahead in the future to make sure our men and women are protected. i had the great honor, not only did i meet with service men and women from iowa on my trip, but also some of tse state department personnel that are working overseas that are from right here in the des moines metro area. >>amanda: mmhmm. >>sabrina: before we wrap i just wawaa quickly ask do you have a candidate who you planano suppt? >>senator ernst: i, i am not (chuckling) >>senator ernst: going to endorse. i always start off by saying that, but i would say that we have some of the most brilliant candidates out there. they bring so many different skills, tas and abilities to the table and i think we're very fortunate to have such a great selection. >>sabrina: thank you so much. senator ernst: thanknkou. >>amandadahuge selection. (chuckling) >>senator ernst: huge selection. >>sabrina: huge! >>senator ernst: thank you very much. >>amanda: thank you. we appreciate you being here >>senator ernst: thanks. thank you. good to be here. >>amanda: and spending some time with us today. (music) >>sabrina: up next, donald
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>>amda: welcome back everyone. here was a different kind of political story that i got to cover this week. what was once a donald trump campaign bus is being completely transformed into an anti-trump work of art. check this out. a team of artists parked it outside of a chris christie event earlier this week in newton. the bus now has some new banners hanging on both sides. (chuckling) >>amandadaone side reads t. rump. the other side reads t. rutt. and t. rutt is the anonymous artist who's in charge of this whole concept. >>david: and the notion really is is just let's imagine this bus as something that could really help cross the divide and politics can be such a, as we're all experiencing, and particularly e en within the republican party, , ere's a great, kind of a divisive moment that's a challenge so >>amanda: he's actually a member of the artist team that's doing this and they're inviting anyone who wants to toss a red cup of juice onto the banners there. well, they can just step right up. and they say that this is a metaphor for some of trump's comments about women. >>sabrina: hmm. >>amanda: the artist, t. r rt, bought this old bus, by the way,
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off of craig's list for 14 thousand bucks. >>sabra: i'm not really sure that's exactly what the trump campaign would've wanted to happen with that bus. >>amanda: don't think so. >>sabrina: no. but free speech, right? >>amanda: true. >>sabrina: okay. (chuckling) >>sabrina: we'll take a quick
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this >>sabrina: okay, before we go, if you're still looking (chuckling) >>sabrina: for a last minute halloween costume for your baby (chuckling) >>sabrina: consider this. babies for bernie taking the internet by storm. an instagram account popped up and moms and dads and grandparents acrcrs the country (chuckling) >>amanda: oh, geez. . >>sabrina: just couldn't help but post pictures of their babies. it may not be as good of an impression as larry david and bernie sanders for snl, busome of these are pretty good. >>amanda: those are pretty good. (music) >>sabrina: you think that this little bun in the oven will want one? (chuckling) >>amanda: little bump here maybe, maybe next halloween we can (chuckling) >>amanda: we can work on that halloween costume. >>sabrina: makin' ' bernie. >>amamda: thanks for joining us everyone on this week in iowa. we hope to see you again next sunday.
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