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cancer last december. she says that it is sometimes hard to face the fact that she might not win the battle, but her condition may have saved someone else's life. "when your child can put your whole entire life into persepective in a few words, that's when you know that you've done a good job as a mom," said rieckins. amanda rieckins, a veteran and single mother of two young girls was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer last december after turning ill before heading into surgery for her gallbladder. the former ammunition specialist was also a volunteer for warrior pointe, an organization ich helps those who served with any issues after coming home...the people she once lent her time and efforts to are now returning the favor. "they'll text me and if i don't check in everyday, i'll usually get a couple of texts from people saying, 'hey, are you okay? are you having a hard time, do you need to talk?' they are my family, they are my
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the battle is tough for the twenty six year old, but seeing the strength in her kids is what pushes her through. "i take care of her and help her when she needs help," said rieckins. amanda has used her new found platform to inform people of the deadly disease that she is facing and her actions have potentially saved several people in her life. "i kind of started spreading the word to my family and friends about it. a lot of my friends went and got checked, a couple of them actually had colorectal assists, so they went and had those removed," said rieckins. a gofund me page created by her military friends has been set up in order for amanda and her daughters to go on vacation at disney world, where their dreams can come true. bria: amanda wants people to know that it's okay to know you're. not. okay, but she doesn't give up. i myself got teary eyed while speaking to amanda and her daughter, if you want to contribute to her gofund me page please visit
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siouxland matters dot com. live in the studio, bria bell abc 9 news. deborah: now to the fight against isis.. newly released video takes us inside last week's raid on the terror group in northern iraq... dozens of hostages were freed, and one american soldier was killed. "gun shots the camera captures the controlled the elite u-s delta force raids an isis prison early thursday morning. it happened just hours ahead of what would have been a mass execution. it's a mission...u-s secretary of defense, ashton carter, says the special forces team was ready to face. sot - ashton carter / us secretary of defense "this is an example of a case where we alone could do something, and we alone had the capability to do that." deborah: the joint raid...was led by kurdish peshmerga special forces. this video was captured on a helmet camera. about 70
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hostages were reportedly rescued in the mission. deborah: the driver that crashed into a oklahoma state university's homecoming parade....killing 4 and injuring dozens of faces second degree murder charges. police arrested the driver adacia chambers... saying the 25 year old was undethe influence. but earlier today, her attorney disputed that, and noted she along with her family was upset upon learning what happened. tony coleman / suspect's attorney "although it was hours when i actually made it to miss chambers, there didn't appear to be alcohol smell on her body. her behavior is not consistent with someone coming off a drunken stupor. chambers will likely face more charges after the release of a toxicology report. chambers could appear in court as early asas tomorrow.
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deborah: the south dakota highway patrol is investigating a violent crash on eye-29 that left one man dead. it happened this morning...when a chevrolet silverado pick-up truck...went into a ditch while driving south on eye-29. the driver then lost control....and rolled over into oncoming traffic...hitting a motorcycle. the motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene. the names of the two drivers have not yet been released. deborah: the obama administration says kids end too much time taking "unnecessary" exams in school. yesterday president obama said in a facebook post that he wants to f f that. the administration announced nene guidelines concncning standardized tests in what they call a "testing action plan." it outlines new principles for measuring student aptitude. the white house said additional details will be released in january. deborah: now turning to the race to the white house... the three
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remaining democratic candidates appeared....togeth er at a big political dinner in iowa. front-runner hillary clinton got support from major stars this weekend... and on the right....donald trump...tears into his closest rival abc's david wright has more on the campaign trail from iowa tonight. "nats in iowa this weekend, hillary clinton's campaign rolold out the big guns? nats (katy perry) you're gonna hear me roar! ? katy perry and bill clinton? urging voters to break that glass ceiling once and for all. sot - bill clinton i am tired of the stranglehold that women have had on the job of presidential spouse. the nomination may hers to lose? sot - hillary at jj dinner sometimes you just have to let them hear you roar! but as bernie sanders reminded everyone, she has lost it before. - bernie sanders - i think we are going to prove the pundits wrong again. on the republican side, jeb bush sounded downright dejected. - bush i've got a lot of really cool things i could do other than
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sit around, being miserable, listening to people demonize me and feelingng compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that - trump in houston bush has no money. he's cutting, he's meeting today with mommy and daddy. trump is now being accused of demonizing ben carson's faith? with a snide remark. sot trump: i mean 7th day adventists, i don't know about . carson wants an apology. on this week, trump told sot trump on this week i said exactly 'i don't know about it.' so that's not an insult. 99 days to go until just 3 short months to knock these their pedestals. here in iowa, ben carson seems to be questionons: will it be katy perer didn't hillary clinton... it in gogo. the pop star took clinton's instagram account saturday and posted this photo of a gold "potus" necklace, the united states. perry added the caption..."my
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hillary clinton turns 68 tomoow. deborah: this friday, g-o-p presidential candidates...rick santorum, marco rubio, carly fiorina, and chris christie...will be speaking in orange city for the north-west iowa republican rally. the event begins at 7 p-m at the bultman center. now that illinois lottery officials are handing out i-o-u's to some winners.....neighbo ring states are cashing in gas stations, smoke shops, andnd convenience stores...near borders in iowa, kentucky, and missouri are seeing in increase in lottery sales. in kentucky's mc- cracken county.....along illinois' southern border....there was a 13-percent jump in scratch- offs from july first through oct. 9th. earlier this month... the illinois lottery announced that it would hand out i-o-u's for jackpots over 600 dollars...until the state works out
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deborah: hundreds of people in des moines fought against breast cancer by enjoying a special hay-ride. ,the "ride for a cucu" was at "water works" park this weekend. the hay-ride w w pulled by an antique tractor with specially made pink tires. this is the first year of the event and they raised more than two thousand dollars. "it's amazing when we started this project the people that come up to you and how cancer has touched their lives you can't talk to anybody that hasn't been in contact with it it's been a great project." deborah: donations collected from the ride will go to the john stoddard cancer center in des moines. deborah: many costumed characters came out to a spooktacular event today in bettendorf. the "scare-crow shenanigans" event was s ld at the family museum.... where kids enjoyed acacvities like dissecting
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kids came out in avariety of different costumes...from princesses to witches and wizards... coordinators say the event is a great way to mix learning and lloween fun. the family museum's haunted house is open for scares until halloween. deborah who says you can't have bacon flavored pastries? kellogg's pop- tarts just announced they will be releasing five new funky flavors to their collection. flavors range from a maple and frosted three flavors are said to hit shelves this december.... while the other two will make their debut early next yearar p-tarts started flavors: since then, kellogg's has than two dozen flavors. deborah: when we come
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hurricane has rocked the country of mexico. we'll take a look at the damage there after the break. elisa momo clouds for your monday, dwindldlg rain chances, but a midweek cool s sp! details next. " "
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgdgs, balanced. and d x cuts every single year. right to rise usa
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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that epic hurricane that slammed into mexico.. is feeding into the rain in texas. hurricane patricia...was the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. and now.. the clean-up begins.. abc's matt gutman is in mexico.. in the wake of the storm. " hurricane patrica pounded mexico's coast - the rising pacific swamping towns, the winds contorting these palm trees?lopping off others. as the storm swept inland overnight friday we traveled to the devastation zone ? plowing through knee high water? nats - its pretty treacherous driving in the morning an endless convoy of ucks carving open
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the roads. matt gutman stand- up they are cleaning up and digging out you know the pacific ocean swallowed this entire town the water was over my head. still the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere caused significantly less damage than anticipated. mexican authorities reporter not a single fatality. sliding right in between the giant port city of manzanillo and the tourist mecca of puerto vallarta? category 5 winds extending only 15 miles across plus, it zoomed across the landscape at 20 mph - too fat to damage solidly built structures of cinderblock and cement. but the storm triggered a massive exodus from resort cities like puerto vallarta - 10,0000 americans evacuauad? on friday weweound david and ly lloyd sticking it out. and now?? nats - what a difference a day makes mg abc news puerto vallarta " allison/elisa nice, cool fall day today!
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elisa elisa raffa m clear skies on the port neal welding company sky cam hd. warmer than normal today, and warmer than yesterday! 67 after we hit the freezing mark this morning! temperatures are in the mid 50s west,
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still about 5 to 10 mph. tonight, clear skies and getting chillyly40 by 6am with increasing c cuds for tomorrow see the clouds starting to get going on satellite. high pressure is well east but still southerly flow. increasing those clouds by daybreak. tomorrow, more clouds than we've seen this weekend, mostly cloudy but dry. we almost get moisture flow from the rockies and the gulf. rain chances come into play on tuesday, although they are looking to be pretty isolated with most of the moisture staying south and east. wednesday, we dry out but a cool snap kicks in with some canadian air. report card: slight decrease in our grade as we increase cloud cover, but not too bad for our monday. chilly at the bust stop, but more clouds by recess. temps hover 60 by dismissal. tonight, 40, clear, quiet, and a bit cold! tomorrow, more clouds, breezy with seasonal tempmpatures. 61 for your high. 7-day has that slight t in chance on tuesday, pretty breezy with gusts up to 40mph possible on wednesday y hering in cooler air, staying in the low 50s! cool air stays through
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halloween is looking dry for now. fall foliage: we are in our peak in iowa! so we should be seeing some beautiful color, but gusty winds has many of the leaves that i'm seeing on the ground! our director zach hicks did find some beautiful color in salix and sent it to me on twitter. if you have neat pictures send them to m mon facebook or twitter! allison/elisa i like sweater weather! thanks, elisa! allison:
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back...we had a heart-warming ending to saturday's pink in the rink game.
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heart-warming ending to saturday's pink in the rink game. alex has the details when we come back.
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cancer affects just about all of us. last night, the musketeers hosted pininin the rink night and for sioux city's connor susuquist, the disesee hits close to home. connor's mother, mellisa, is battling breast cancer and before last night's game, she dropped the ceremonial first puck. melissa was able to watch her son city and to top it scored the winning goal, earning first star
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post- game....connor gave melissa his jersey....wrapping up a special night between a mother and her son. "i am speechless. i don't know what to the first goal of my career here is mom to be here, its hear she was coming, would be perfect to score for her, and i wasnt sure it was i fofod my chance just felt great." "you are a family who is battling cancer. its pink in the rink night, its kinda scripted. it is really special for their family, really special for connor, its really special for his s ther and i am just happy i could be a part of it." such an awesome story. best wishes to melissa and her family as she continues to battle breast cancer. alex under bo pelini, the huskers never lost five games...when tom osborne was in lincoln, he never lost more than three games in a season. that brings us to mike his first year, five losses in eight
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games. yesterday, afteroon, nebraska lost to northwestern 30-28.....falling to 3-5 this seasoso the huskers also lost a f frth quarter lead foror the fourth time this season....under pepeni, nebraska lost just three times when leading in the final frame....not looking good in lincoln. " that's a really disappointing game for us. all those things that we talked about and thought were making some strides in some ways, like balance, run/pass ratio, all that stuff didn't look too good today." nebraska visits purdue next saturday. taking a look at the new ap top 25 poll...iowa jumps two spots on its bye week to number 10. the hawkeyes host maryland next weekekd. ohio state, baylor and clemson stananat the top as w winch closer to november. alex last nightht winnavegas casino hosted king of the cage: harvest of
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champions. the main event featured danny "pretty boy" black and charles "krazy horse" bennett... both fighters predicted fireworks at friday's weigh- ins....setting the stage for an instant classic. "i am going to always give you something to talk about. you will never find another bad guy like me." "its going to be a slugfest. that is what i am going for anyways. it's going to end in fireworks." lets see if the fight could live up to the hype. krazy horse hasn't fought in three years.....he's amped up.....danny black 5-1 in his last six fights.... krazy horse said he will always give you something to talk about this.....1:41 into the first round....down goes frazier! black dropped with the left hook......and he is down for the count......befefe started, it t ended....and bennet was going nuts! lets take a look at left hook.....fierce....ha nd good as it to see that dude fight again..... earlier in the night, chris galinsky sqaured
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off with curtis johnson in the heavyweight bout....both fighters from sioux city.... things started off well for galinsky....landing his punches...but johnson scored the reversal and it was lights out from therer....the fight called in the first round due to strikes...another awesome night of fights at winnavavas cashino. in case you missedit, some commitment news for you. kingsley-pierson senior kiana phelps is one of the top discus rowers in the untry and she will continue her career at oregon next year... phelps was down to the ducks, texas and kentucky before committing to the top track program in the country. "it's track town usa. you are just not going to get anything better than that. it was kinda like here;s oregon, here are all the other schools...they were all great, but nothing compared to oregon the way that i saw it." congrats again to kiana from all of us here at abc9. elisa tonight, 40, clear, quiet, and a bit cold! tomorrow, more clouds, breezy with
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dear future, life is good. no, great. i'm like, a man. only better. but even though i know everything, i still feel like you could surprise me. like that skateboard incident with the squirrel. but life is sweet now. hey, what could go wrongng it's you and me all the way, future.
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temperatures. 61 for your high. 7-day has that slight rain chance on tuesday, pretty breezy with gusts up to 40mph possible on wednesday ushering in cooler air, staying in the low 50s! cool air stays through thursday, warming up fororhe weekend. halloween is looking dry for now.
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wakekep in your first homeme wake up in a h he with a new addddss. wake up in a home with no address. your dream home evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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he following is a production of learfield sports. music >> hi, everybody, and welcome to the paul rhoads show powered by iowa corn. iowa state falls to baylor 45-27. really hard-fought football game, coach. not the start you wanted, but, man, once you guys got going you
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made a football game of it where they had to kick a field goal to make it a three-possession game with about eight minutes to go because you were right there. >> true football game of it.. we had an opportunity to c c that thing to a one-score game, and then play frfr there, and really proud of the tenacici of our kids, the perseverance to bring the energy back there in the second quarter because baylor looked like baylor for about the first 25 minutes of the football game. and our kids just hung around and never lost true doubt that they could play, and we started playing and performing and made a game of it. >> thought your defense played a great second half, and i thought joel lanning gave the whole team a spark. not maybe just the offense but maybe the whole team. >> i don't disagree with that. joel's performance was outstanding, and the drive that he certainly led...
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