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processed anan red meats on cancer has been studied since the 1980s. however,r,he beef industry has come back and said that cancer is comple and shouldn't ve attributed to any one food. "there are so many studies that prove that the ten essential nutrients that red meat provides are far superior to any risk that there may be" says chris freland, executive director of the iowa beef meat is a great source of iron and protein... a good reason doctors say, it should be eaten in moderation. reporting live in studio, elisa raffa, abc9 news. tim: police from both davenport and bettendorf are investigating shots fired calls that left one man n dead. shortly before 2:00 this afternn officers were first called for a report of shots fired. officers say the shots came from inside an office building housing a number of organizations and businesses. the armed forces recruiting center in the building was not involved. two people in the office building suffered
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superficial injuries during the shshting. shortly after officers were called to a second scene in bettendorf, where they say the alleged shooter was spotted in a parking lot holding a gun. when the suspect saw responding officers he turned the gun on himself. he died at the scene. jenna: a judge has set bond at one- million dollars... for the driveraccused of raraing her car into a parade at oklahoma state university's homecoming in stillwater on saturday. police say adacia chambers was behind the wheel and killed four people, including a two year old boy. dozens of other people were also hurt -- four are critical. chambers is facing four counts of second-degree murder and one o o driving under r e influence. the district attorney says officials are worried about a fifth victim who is in grave condition. questions have been raised about chambers' mental state and whether or not she was intoxicated at the time. both her father and boyfriend revealed today that chambers does have a history of mental illness.
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tim: a state lawmaker from sioux city says he won't be seeking re- election after the 2016 session ends. representative ron jorgenson made the announcment just today. jorgensen, who's a three term representative, is serving in iowa house district six which covers the morningside sergeant bluff, bronson and salix areas. last year jorgensen served as chairman of the house education committee. jorgensen says he felt it was time to step aside and give an opportunity to others. "you know i never had a desire to be a career politician, so i was going to term limit myself out and like i said i just felt that now was as good a time as any to do that." tim: representative jorgensen plans to continue his current position asashe vice president for business and finance at morningside college as well as spend more time with his family and participate in more community events. jenna: as jorgensen steps down jacob bossman announced he is willing to step up. the sioux city man shared his intent to seek the republican nomination for
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iowa house of in district 6 today. been working for senator chuck grassley since had the learn about public service bossman is planning on announcement next month. republican trump is spending before the next gop debate, in iowa including a it comes west high school. coverage at 5 and d 6 from the event. . the doors open at 4 and the event tomorrow evening. for more details and how to register for the head to our website dot-com jenna: as trump prepares for his event in tomorrow one west high grad has a petition circulating against the republican's visit. . francisosoaladaz, a west high graduate, started the petition because they felt that truup is influencing people to hate cetrain groups, including latinos. valadaz also says he worries about the candidates bully tactics and what message that will send to
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students. meanwhile, sioux city schools superintenden dr. paul gausman says any candidate is welcome to r rt school facilities for this purpose... as has been done in the past. jenna: as the g-o-p debate nears, ben carson says he will not go after donald trump as they both duel for the republican presidential nomination. carson said sunday that he refuses to, quote, "get into the mud pit" with trump. the retirerebrain surgeon n so declined to respspd to trump's claims that he's "low energy" and weak. but trump told a reporter in new hampshire this (monday) morning not to believe carson's pledge. "if ben carson doesn't hit back burden of s-a-t's and applications fee's. for students at briar cliff university, applying for financial aid is an important step in their laor success. briar cliff invited future students to their campus today where they learned about the importance of applying for financial aid and for scholarships. "it was a little stressful, i'm the
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first person in my family to go to college, i had to apply to a lot of scholarships, it helped a lot that i got a soccer scholarship," said lolon hemiller, student at briar cliff university tim: with the recent expiration of the federal rkins grant which gave out $36 billion in aid to 30 million low-income students total, students and administrators are searching for other ways to help serve incoming freshmen. "especially our students with a lower income level that really depend on the perkins program, we are going to, as a iversity step up and fill that gap ourselves," said shelby reed, director of financial aid. jenna: the need-based federal perkins loan program ended on september 30th of this year. private colleges and universities that rely on this funding will have to look at other ways to help students receive necessary funds. jenna: itita time for celebration as a siouxland soccer teamamnnounced its participation in the world's largest youth soccer tournaments this afternoon. the siouxland diablos, a soccer team out of the ymca, were invited to participate in two international
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tournaments that sweden and 2016. this is the first time any siouxland team has gotn the opportunity to compete in events. up of 20 players from four different highschools in the area and they huge honor to receive the invite. "i think that it's a cause we're one of the only ones in our go. and for us to be chosen it just feeles really good." says 15 year old henry deleon. just a huge blessing the biggest tournament in the of the biggest, the tournament in the world." says 14 year old gildino guzman. expenses for the around 80- thousand dollars. the team is planning on doing some local fundraisers around the area starting next also looking to some potottial siouxland sponsors to raise the money. jenna: still to come tonight... tips on staying fit while youre pregnant. (fred) there is a small tomorrow, then
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we're looking at a night. but the looks super! your the break! " " tim/jenna/fred (tim) fred, any idea yet
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looks limore on that in a minute! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows mostly cloudy skies in downtown sioux city. 64 was our high today after a morning low of 36. the allergy report shows low overall pollen levels. highs over western iowa were in the upper 50s and lower 60s. eastern nebraska and d utheastenr south dakota were in the 60s for the most part. 59 is our temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are in
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the upper 50s and lower 60s. winds are from the southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. once again, the air is dry. dew points in the 30s would allow for another chilly night, but cloud cover and at least some wind will hold us up a bit. expect a low in the lower 40s. let's zoom all the way out to the national satelllle and radar. we can see two systems, one over the rocky mountains, and onover the southeastern us. neither one will have any huge effect on our weather, the stormcast hd shows that those two system will merge and provide a chance of showers, mainly in the southern and eastern part of siouxland. breezy conditions arrive on wednesday behind e system, then cold air will arrive dnesday night as we dip below freezing. the rain forecast shows that most of us will receive little to no measurable rain. a tenth of an inch is possible in the east. an exception could be the southwest, where 0.50" to 0.75" will be possible from fremont, columbus, and albion. tonight, look for a low of 41 and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, 59 will be our high with a
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in the south and east. the 7-day forecast shows highs in the 50s early on and then moving up to the 60s starting saturday. the low will dip to 27 wednesday night. another chance of rain will move in friday before we enjoy a terrific, sunny halloween. nday looks even warmer! jenna/tim/fred (jenna)
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(fred) you bet. tim: and coming up after the break well look at a workout that you can ease into even while your expecting. nna:
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tim: but, even if you don't have a fitness routine... there is one workout you can ease into if you're expecting. jenna: jessica rae has re in this week's "get going" segment. paula wright: "if you are having a normal healthy pregnancy they really do recommend that you continue to workout and exercise as you can tolerate." rae: mercy medical center physical therapist paula wright says one great exercise you can perform all throughout your pregnancy, and even post partum... is yoga. wright: "the yoga helps increase
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minutes three times beneficial." rae: wright also says if you were an befofo pregnancy, contin those workout routines, but st remember moderation, and always consult your physician. let's get going, along side photographer kekeeth kroll, i'm jessica rae, abc9 news" jenna: evolve yoga here in sioux city
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for pregnant women, for more information on how you can get involved, just visit website, at siouxland matters dot com. jenna: coming up in sports...the briar cliff women made it all the way to the final four a year ago. hear from the chargers on what it will take to make it back this season. tim: plus...iowa state has a a w starting quarterbacac..and a new offensive we'll have a report on the shake up in ames after the break. chris
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut t tes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. big story would be a quarterback lanning taking over for sam but instead, that took a back seat as rhoads
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annouced offensive mangino was duties. more from ames. paul rhoads--"unfortunat ely i hahato make a change at offensive ordinator this morning. mark and i couldn't get on the same page items. we tried to talk that through an effort to get us direction, in the end mark was not interested in that, i case." jordan furbee--"with that offensive mangino has been duties. paul rhoads named qb coach todd sturdy as the new o-c. when asked the reason for the change, rhoads said this wasn't a new issue.e. paul rhoads--"itit been ongoioi for several weeks and we'd been trying to work that out. in the end we couldn't come to a conclussion together and he's decided not to accept the direction we want to go." jordan furbee--"the move also caught the players off guard. rhoads hadn't addressed the team before the change was announced." joel lanning--"i didn't even know about it until i just got here, so it was kind of shocking, but nothing's going to change really, it's going to be the same plays anyways, so nothings going to change." jordan furbee--"before the mangino o announcement, the big news of the day was the switch at qb. joel lanning has been named the starter of sam richardson. a move rhoads said gives them the best shot to winow." paul rhoads--"i think the biggest pie that came out of saturday's performance was
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the energy level of our football team, not just our offense, but our football team when he took over. but right now coming out of that game with joel's performance and the energy of our team, we think joel gives us the best opportunity." chris: last season, not many people outside the nenean flanagan ceer--and maybe not many inside--thought that the briar cliff women would end the year in the final many people outside the newman flanagan center--and maybe not manyny inside--thought that the briar clififwomen would end the year in the final four. this winter though, the chargers hope to improve on that finish.
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the chargers have to replace point guard chante williams and first team all-gpac performer slone masters, who led the team in rebounding, steals, and blocks and was second in scoring. but bcu returns three key pieces in guards jessi corrick and lexi henschke and center kaylee blake. corrick led the team in scoring last year and was a second team all conference selection while blake was honorable mention. with those three cornerstones, the chargers have high expectations for the season. jessi corrick--"last year i guess, we probably didn't even expect that with ourselves. and this year we return a lot and so i think it really helps with our confidence, that we can actually do it. and we can make it there and we can make it farther which is the ultimate goal." lexi henschke--"i know the goal for our team is to get to the national tournament. that's the first goal. the second goal is get to the final four and then finally, let's get a national championship this year." mike power--"i know it's a coach's cliche, but i really, truly, one of the things we want to get is just make sure that every game, like we did last year, i felt like we made a good step-ladder approach as far as getting better each game and peaked at the right time. and if they can just peak at the right time, which is winning time at the end of february going into march, that's what we're shooting f f." the chargersrs open the season n on thursday at william penn.
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the home opener is november 13.
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tomorrow, 59 will be
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slight chance of in the south and
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[ music ] whale watching disaster. they w we out for the experienen of lifetime. what we've learned about the doomed ship. then, the real anderson cooper . his double. >> this first question is for everyone. >> why he's so upset. >> the only thing he knew about me is that i'm gay. >> and the esidential candidate who got kicked off e quiet car. >here is absolutely no talking on your cell phone. >> plus, oops.
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hand. >> then, why they're calling this the most dangerous halloween costume ever. >> it is extremely dangerous. >> invnvible to drivers. imagine if your kid wears this on halloween. he disappeared in the dark. and -- >> hi. robin thicke. >> singer robin thicke. was he high and drunk on oprah? >> i didn't do a single interview without being high. >> plus the college student with the longest legs in america. [ music ] w "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> diane: hello everybody, and thanks for joining us. i'm diane mcinerney in today for deborah norville. we are learning more about that whale watching trip that turned into a deadly disaster. five people are dead, and several others injuries after the boat ey were on capsized. les trtrt tells us what went wrong. >> these are the final moments
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of a doomed whale watching ship.
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