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city council member radig....along with scott....were the disapprove of the 25-thousand dollar study monday. no is because we study if you years ago and it was funded by several local entities and i'm many studies we can do before we figure out what we're supposed to do with downtown," said the study that would pay an arizona-based examine ways to promote the city and attract tourists. rhonda capron says worth the investment. "the last study was two years and sioux city has changed a lot in two years the city has now invested mororthan 125-thousand dollars in surveys during the past 5 weeks. including a 72- thoular feasibilty study for an r-v park well as, a 45-thousand dollar site assessement for the former site of the argosy casino. those studies are currently underway...and despite the opposition....the new marketing study is also a go. a week long assessment...will
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second week of april. where a consultant will conduct workshops and presentations on his findings. reporting live in studio deborah souverain abc 9 news. tim: siouxland paramedics got major support from city council today. they not only secured a five-year deal with the city but also funding for a possible relocation to a permanent home the company that provides ambulance service to sioux city and the sorrounding area is currently looking at several locations in sioux city. council members rhonda capron says the unanimous vote not only benefits the ambulance service but the city as a whole. "we approved the subsidy for the ambulance services for 75000 if they don't use it we get it back so it works out the best for all of us." said rhondada capron, city council
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member the company is currently focusing on 3300 gordon drive or mercy medical center as possible new base . tim on cam a canton, sd judge today entered a not guilty plea on behalf of a teenager accused of shooting his high school principal in september. sixteen-year-old mason buhl is charged as an adult and faces one count each of attempted murder and the commission of a felony while armed with a firearm. buhl is accused of confronting principal kevin lein in his office with a handgun. lein was hit but t seriously injured by a single shot. buhl is being held the juvenile tention center in sioux falls with no bond. jenna: gunfire this afternoon in davenport iowa ends with one person - the suspect - dead. police were called to the scene of shots fired near an armed forces recruiting center around 2 o'clock. a witness stated that he heard gunfire at a
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nearby law office, complex as the recruitment center. there was then screaming, followed by sounds of the gunm trying to reload a gun. people inside the recruiting center then ran-out. police responded to a second scene bettendorf. was there the self-inflicted gunshot wound. there are no injuries. a marine corps official says alal personnel are accounted for and safe. tim: the health spotlight is again on red and processed meats. a world health organization study says the prodcuts increase the risk for cancer. twenty-two experts from ten countries reviewed over eight hundred studies and concluded that: anandditional 100 grams of red meat per day raises risk of colorectal cancer by seventeen percent... and that an additional 50 grams of processed me daily raises risk by eighteen percent. but a doctor we talked with says the study is more complicated that that.
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"what is says in general is not even what is your risk of cancer if you consume meat. it says... your risk versus somebody who doesn't. and so you have a potentiallllslight increase in your risk" says dr. sarah bligh, unitypoint clinic gastroenterologist. tim: drbligh says moderation is key. the recommendation is 3 ounces of meat in one sitting. recommendation is 3 ounces of meat in one sitting. dr. bligh said she wasn't surprised by the new report. adding de effects of prococsed and red memes on people have been studied since the 1980s. a beef industry spokesperson told us that cancer is complex and shouldn't be attributed to any one food. "there are so many studies that prove that the ten essential nutrients that red meat provides are far superior to any risk that there may be" says chris freland, executive director of the iowa beef council. red d at is a great source of iron ananprotein. jenna: a state lawmaker from sioux city
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election after the 2016 session ends. representative ron jorgenson made the announcment just today. jorgensen, who's a three term representative, is serving in iowa house district six which covers the morningside sergeant bluff, bronson and salix areas. last year joensen served as chairman of the house education committee. jorgensen says he felt it was time to step aside and give an opportunity to others. "you know i never had a desire to be a career politician, so i was going to term limit myself out and like i said i just felt that now was as good a time as any to do that." jenna: representative jorgensen plans to continue his current position as the vice president for business and finance at morningside college. tim: a chuck grassley staffer would like to step into jorgensen's role. jacob bossman of sioux city said today he plans to run for that seat representing district six. boss man has worked for senator grassley since 2003 and says he's had the opportunity to learn about public service
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first hand. bossman is planning on holding a formal announcement next month. jenna: the more popular you are... the more dangerous life can get. that's the reality for some high profile presidential candidatat. specifically... ben gone froroan almost unknown... to a top candidate. and, as amanda krenz tells us, some extra protection. ben carson makes himself available. he shakes hands, and talks one on one, even the middle of a big crowd. scaled back. said there've been threats, and they think the secret service could provide some needed security. ryan 2:14 you have to have credible threats and you have to be in a position where you have a chance to be thehe next president of the united states, both of those have happened. ben carson's iowa campaign director ryan rhodes says dr. carson hasn't had many problems in iowa, he barely even des with protesters at his events. iowa crowds are nice. but the candidate still needs heightened security. ryan 3:56 it's important that we protect pepole that are putting themselves out there in the public to be vetted and have that chance to be the next president. according to the secret servivi - these are thth iteria a candidate has to meet beforere they'll l sign a detail:
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the candidate has to be publicly announced have some degree of prominence in the polls capaigning in at least 10 states be in a qualified party has matching funds of at least $100,000 has received contributions totalling $10 million. jenna: ben carson qualifies in all categories. an agent with the secretetervice said that it's in the secret service budget to help candidates. they expect that candidates will request their services. it was actually security that caused this weekend's jefferson jackson dinner to run about an hour past schedule. there were about seven thousand
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seven thousand people t tre. tim: attending college comes with more than just the burden of s-a-t's and applications fee's. for students at briar cliff university, applying for financial aid is an important step in their ladder for success. briar cliff invited future students to their campus today where they learned about the importance of applying for financial aid and for scholarships. "especially our stududts with a lower income level that really depend on the perkins program,e are going to, as a university step up and fill that gap ourselves," said shelby reed, director of financial aid. the need-based federal perkins loan program ended on september 30th of this year. private colleges and universities that rely on this colleges and universities that rely on this funding will have to look at other wawa to help students receive necessary funds. jenna: its a time for celebration as a siouxland soccer team announced its participation in the world's largest youth soccer tournaments this largest youth soccer tournaments this afternoon. the siouxland diablos, a soccer team out of the ymca, were invited
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to participate in two international youth tournaments that will be held in denmark in july 2016. this i ithe first team has gotten to compete in either of these the team is made up of 20 players from four different highschools in the area and they says that it is a huge honor to receive the invite. "i think that it's a great opportunity cause we're one of the only ones in our area to be able to go. and for us to be chosen it juststeeles really good." says 15 year oldldenry deleon. t feels great, it's just a huge blessing to have the opportunity to go to the biggest tournament in the world. not just one of the biggest, the absolute biggest tournament in the world." says 14 year old gildino guzman. expenses for the team to go is around 80- thousand dollars. the team is planning on doing some local fundraisers s around the area starting next month and are also looking to some potential siouxlan sponsors to raise the money. still to come... google is testing a new way to get kids to the moon...
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(fred) there is a small shower chance tomorrow, then we're looking at a freeze wednesday ninit. but the weekend already lolos super! your forecast is after the break! " "
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taking their students on to the amazon, the reef and even to the moon! reporter darsha philips explains the schools are virtual reality progogm. " " script: nats students at oak creek elementary traveled thousands of miles. mcdaniel/4th grader "we went to the amazon... high building" on a field trip across the globe... "it's a scuba diver"
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classroom sot: ou're taking the trip of a life time e d you ararright here" it's part of a pioneer program with google expeditions sot: lindsay o'brien/google expeditions "you can hear about something you can see a picture... wall of china" darsha standup "the device itself isn't complicated. an android phone with the google expeditions app downloaded onto it -encased in google cardboard with two convex lenses a simple design that takes kiki places that are simply amazing" nana the teacher controls the expedions through a tablet pausing and starting the expedition to point out elements and historical sites. sot: dan carroll/teacher "this makes learning come alive. i was blown away... virtual world" classrooms across the country are testing out the devices and students at oak creek elementary are hoping these virtual field trips will become commmmplace in the near future. sot: aasrith yuvan/4th grader "it's so cool its like real life... so fun" educators like the idea as well saying most kids learn best when they don't realize they're being taught sot: carlo grasso/principal "we try to make learning fun... as fun as it gets"
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(tim) fred, any idea yet what halloween looks like? (fred) yes, it looks great! more on that in a minute! yes, it looks grgrt! more on that in a minute! 2 line super: fhexom@kcautv.c the port neal skycam hd shows
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quiet conditions in downtown sioux city. 64 was our high today after a morning low of 36. the allergy report shows low overall pollen levels. 45 is our temperature in sioux city. winds are from the eaststoutheast at 8 les per hour. range from the middle 50s. once again, the air is dry. dew points are in the for another chilly cover will linger and hold temperatures a few degrees warmer than last night. let's zoom all the way out to the national satellite and radar. we can see two systems, one over the rocky mountains, and one over the southeastern us. neither one will have any huge effect on our weather, bubu the southern s stem will clip eastern siouxland with some showers tomorrow, the stormcast hd shows that those two systems will merge and provide a chance of showers, mainly in the eastern part of siouxland. breezy conditions arrive on wednesday behind the system, th cold air will arrive wednesday night as we dip below freezing. our neighbors to the northeast could even see some snow! but siouxland will not see any snow. the rain forecast shows s at most of us will receive little to no measurabab rain. an excepepon uld be the east, where 0.10" to 0.55" will be possible from fremont,
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for a low of 39 and mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, 59 will be our high with a slight chance of showers, especially in the south and east. the 7-day forecast shows highs in the 50s early on and then moving up to the 60s starting saturday. the low will dip to 27 wednesday night. another chance of rain will move in frfray before we eneny a terrific, sunny halloween. sunday looks even warmer! remember to set your clocks back one hour saturday night before you go to bed since daylight saving time ends at 2 am sunday morning. and, i hope everyone will tune in this thursday night at 10 pm when i present my winter forecast! find out how much snow to expect and if it will be warm or cold!
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thanks, fred! (fred) you bet. comingngp in sports...the road to cedar rapids began totoght for big scscols in iowa. we'll head to s-b-l and find out if the warriors could avoid an upset against moc-floyd valley. tim plus the abc9 top plays of the week takes us to the ice and the gridiron. stay tuned for the countdown
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jenna/tim/chplayoff coverage. luckily tonight's should be good enough to hold you over for a couple of weeks. as always, these
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are made by local athletes forewers. we begin with a clip sent into us, this is third grader blake campbell and he runs like earl campbell. on fourth down he breaks a tackle atathe line of scrimmage and then n one, not two, but three kids have a chance at him, but no dice. i count six missed tackles overall...and i can't wait to see what blake does in the future. we stay on the gridiron for play four but to the high school ranks. western christian won their ever district title friday night, and outstanding plays like this are a big reason why. drake granstra...comes free up the gut and forces the fumble and in comes morgan kooima to pounce on the loose ball. also, bonus points to granstra for nearly pulling off the flawless headstand after the hit. teemu pulkkinen of the musketeers has only played nine games with the team, but he's already becoming a regular here on the countdn. last friday night against des moines, the guys
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in green run the power play to perfection. mitchell fossier to brian rigali to pulkkinen who uncorks one. coach jay varady, certainly onto something with this finnish pipeline he has tablished...more om this game coming up. for play number two let's he out to a very wet wynoe devils hosting lyons decatur northeast. montana riecken...playing defense for the cougars, and check out the play he makes on this deflection. he's some how able to get his hands under the ll and keep it f the turf even when it's soaking wet. blue devils though would get the last laugh with a win and district title. our top play takes us back to the tyson. over his two plus seasons here, i've heard coach varady of the musketeers stress two things, shoot the puck and get to the crease...well jackson keane is a quick learner. from the end boards he flips it off the goalies
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should this be on not top ten? maybe, but i prefer to look at it as a great move by keane...that's why jackson keane locks up the top spot in our abc9 top plays of the week. chris: over the past two weeks, sergeant bluff luton has been one of the hottest volleyball teams in the area. the warriors have won 10 of their last 11 matches, including 6 over ranked teams. tonight they opened regional play against moc- floyd valley, a team that's had plenty of success. the dutch, just a year removedfrom back to bac state championships looking for the upset tonight. this will help that cause...jadeyn serve too hot to handle...and they take the early then the next serve, she does it again, finding the up 3-0. but back comes sb-l...brittni olson finds the back corner...that knots things up at 4. later in the set, olson, comes around on the smashes it
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me...warriors up 19-13. but the dutch would rally...olson gets the block, but schutt--just a freshman--pushes it across to make it a one point game late. but on set point...hannah weber ends it for sb-l. they take the first 25-22 and they advance with a 3-3-sweep. finally tonight, a shake up in ames. iowa state not only will have a new quarterback saturday, but a new offensive coordinator as well. paul rhoads announced today mangino, who was his second season with the cyclones, has his duties. rhoads--"unfortunat t ely i had to make a coordinator this get on the same page items. we tried to an effort to get us moving in a different l call the shots who takes over
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showers, especially in the south and east. the 7-day forecast shows highs in the 50s early on and then moving up to the 60s startingngaturday. the low will dip to 27 wednesday night. another chance of rain will move in friday before we enjoy a terrific, sunday looks even warmer!
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sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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