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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 27, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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>> reporter: 27 people were on under. at least five british nationals are confirmed dead. another 21 people rescscd from the 55-degree water and one remains missinin > it appears the incident happened so quickly, the crew didn't have the an opportunity >> reporter: witnesses describe a mad dash of local`boats rushing to the scene pulling survivors out one by one. >> the paramedics were working with people in the boats. those who were critically injured. >> reporter: investigators with canada's safety board with now on scene. >> it's much too early to say what the causes and contributing factors of this accident might be. >> reporter: the leviathan 2, the 65-foot boat, departed from
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on a calm day, out scouting for killer whales. because of its large size, passengers were not required to wear life jackets on board. >> this vessel operated for 20 years with a perfect safety record. >> reporter: an underwater covery team is helping the coast guard with search and rescue efforts. investigators are interviewing the crew, passengers and looking at the maintenance history of that boat. >> brandi hitt reporting from los angeles. a tanker barge that sank in lake erie 78 years ago appears to be leaking oil. the argue -- argo was being towed when it capsized in a gale in 1937. when crews found the barge two months ago, they noticed tiny beads of oil bubbling up to the surface, then evevorated. nene they need to find t t source of ththleak and try to stop it. homecoming parade crash appeared before a judge for the first prosecutors say she crowd of spectators. her attorney says she suffers from mental illness and is suicidal. abc's ryan owens reports from stillwater, oklahoma. >> reporter: the driver seen plowing into a homecoming parade
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on this distributing video is tonight being held on a million dollars bond. the judge calling 25-year-old adacia chambers "a direct threat to the community." >> we're going to need a bunch of help. we got a car through a crowd up here. >> reporter: prosecutors are waiting toxicology results, but believe chambers was high on drugs when she got behind the wheel saturday morning, killing four and injuring a staggering 47 people at oklahoma state university. among the dead, a retired professor and his wife, an mba student and a 2-year-old boy. chambers family is coming to her defense. >> she wouldn't have done this purposely. i just don't believe that in my heart. >> reporter: at her first court appearance, the judge ordered a psychological evaluation. her attorney says she's mentally ill and doesn't remember the crash. prosecutors plan to charge chambers with four counts of second-degree murder. they warn the judge another victim of this crash is in very grave condition and a fifth charge may be coming. ryan owens, abc news,
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an investigation has been launched after a classroom video in south carolina went viral. it shows a school resource officer trying to remove a udent from class by y pping her desk backward till she falls on the floor. the officer then tossing her several feet across the floor and eventually handcuffs her. a sheriff's spokesman on what started it all. >> what we do know from the video is that the student that was disturbing the classroom was asked to leave, refused to leave. >> the officer has been placed on leave. the school board chairman said late last night the amount of force used appears to be unnecessary and excessive. >> wow, that is so hard to watch. the mississippi state flag is no longer flying at ole miss. university of mississippi ordered campus police to remove the flag which contains a controversial confederate babale emblem. university leaders a aeed to take it down after the student
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favor of removing it. the flag will be preserved in the university archives. a break-through in washington. white house and top lawmakers have reached a tentative budget deal to head off a government default next week. the deal could lessen the chances of a government shutdown. it would increase military and domestic spending but cut social security and medicare. a vote in the house could come as early as tomorrow. a heavy rain left over from hurricane patricia is soaking the tennessee valley this morning, and it is moving north. the weather triggereremajor flash flflding across louisiana. children had to be rescued after their bus got stuck in high water. more than inches o orain came dodo from new orleans totoaton rouge. and the water in some spots around lsu was more than three feet deep. moving, as we mentioned in slow motion towards the northeast. expect downpours across a wide region in the hours ahead. molly cochran at accuweather has
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good morning, molly. >> thanks, kendis and reena. good news for texas on tuesday. going to be seeing dry from dallas into the houston area. just south of dallas accumulating over 20 inches of rain. unfortunately more to come for the later half of the week. here we go again. dallas, houston looking at 3 to 4 adadtional inches possibly across eastete texas going to reinforce the threatator flooding problems. the southeast going to be a soggy tuesday from atlanta to nashville. expect a few travel delays. kendis and reena, back to you. >> molly, thanks so much. and halloween a huge treat for the american economy. americans are expected to spend nearly $7 billion on candy, costumes and decorations this year. that's about $74 per person. down slightly from last year. 6 million americans plan to put on costumes this weekend. profits for retailers, did you buy your costume? >> not yet. buhow much did we spent on that sound effect? >> that's priceless. >> all right. not a lot.
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in full swing g one of our favorite places. that, of course,e,s key west, florida. everyo got right into the spirit for the annual zombie bike ride. >> we love key west. some 8500 people took part. the crowd included seniors all the way down to families with children, their dogs all dressed up in their best ghoulish threads. >> nice. jamming out. the ride was part of key west's annual fantasy fest which continues through sunday. >> i wish our show was brocast live from key west. i think our -- >> i do think we have to take it on the road once in awhile. one of these days. >> should start with key west. >> yes. coming up, it is baseball history in the making at tonight's game 1 o othe world series. also ahead, i lookedd like a movie location, but it was a real bank robbery playing out in front of a los angeles film crew. the incredible scenes right out of hollywood. and later, halloween
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costumes that are all the rage for kids and adults this year. it's a scary fashion show. gametime temperature for the world series by the way is going to be 71 degrees in kansas city. >> you're into weather maps. >> i like billings. >> "world news now" weather, brought to you by delsym. [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting cough relief. delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night... or all day. >> important message for residents age 50 to 85. write down this number now. right now, people are receiving this free information kit for guaranteed acceptance
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secret outlast clear gel. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right a major challenge to the chinese from the "u.s.s. navy destroyer." it entered the south china sea near a chain of islands china aims are within its territory. the chinese were not notified about the ship's travel plans ahead of time. a defense official tells abc news, it was a routine operation in the south china sea and according to international law. the chinese called the mission illegal and a threat to china's sovereignty. >> that's one of the top foreign stories, the south china sea. >> quite a dispute there.
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had just landed in johannesburg. take a look at this. in south africa. when its left landing gear collapsed causing the plane to tilt on to its side. one the 100 people on board were injured. everyone got off safely. the runway was closed while the plane was removed. now to a bank robbery suspect tossing around handfuls of cash on an l.a. street and refusing to surrender prompting police to take him down. >> the alleged robber claiming to have explosives strapped to his body. abc's sid garcia with more. >> reporter: after police were able to talk the suspect out of the bank, it ended a few moments later in dramatic fashion. you can see the suspect reach into a bag. he'll take out handfuls of cash and throw it into the air. watch as a lapd officer fired a beanbag at the suspect who goes down completely. paul bertolli was part of a production crew working down the
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he heard and saw the police pulling up in front of the chase standing outside. he pulled out his cell phone and shot this video. >> when i saw him reach into his bag i thought for sure something bad was going to happen. i didn't want to see anything too graphic. >> they must think it's all another day in hollywood or something like that, but it was -- it was kind of crazy because we were e ry separate from t tm and they were makakg re that we will stayed inside. >> reporter: the suspect was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for treatment after being shot with the bean bag r@und. according to the lapd, the bomb squad went in to me sure the building was safe after the suspect said something after he was arrested. >> he claimed to have had an after he was taken into custody he said he may have another >> reporter: sid garcia reporting for abc news. >> bean bag bullets.
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i've heard of rubber bullets but beanbag bullets. >> i'm surprised they didn't use a taser gun. a good way to end that situation thth could have been a lot worse. coming up, we're going to a little ctume change. >> it will be quick, and here's a hint -- yee haw! >> we've got some of t hottest halloween costumes for you and your little ones. there you have it. >> wait till you see what kendis tries on. this is worth waiting through the commercial break. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. happy birthday! music music thank you dear, very much music you're welcome music thank you you make me feel so young look who's coming... you make me feel sspring has sprung and every timeme see your face i'm such a happy individual you're not fooling anybody, you know
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_h@ well, in case you couldn't tell, it's time to celebrate halloween. >> you make a good woody. >> i would. >> if you're a little behind in your planning don't worry, there's time to get your little ghouls and goblins this season in the hottest costume. here to help us lori schacht. looking fantastic. this movie is going to be coming out in 2017. what is better than this holiday when kids get to dress up as eir favorite ghost or goblin or favorite character from the games. let's start by bringing out some
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of our favorites. these are the costumes that will be so hot this year. come out. look what we have here. >> look at these guys. >> let's start with paw patrol. come a little closer to me, you guys. costume. we even have the backpack. bapack. mission. and chase. and we all love the care bears, look at our cheer bear. this costume is adorable. comes with a long dress and the headband and even has the little bear ears. adorable. >> theheshopkins is the hottest collectible for girls right now. now the girls can be one of their favorite characters. this is from series one and it's strawberry kiss and comes with the dress and the headband. >> you girls are adorable. thank you. >> happy to be wearing them. >> so what else do we have? >> it used to be frosty the snowman was my favorite.
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we love olaf. the costume comes with the snowman part and the headgear. look how nice and warm and cozy that is. and this november, we are so excited because charlie brown, snoopy and the peanuts gang will be in the movies. here we have our wonderful snoopy. snoopy can be a grown-up or child costume. look how great you look. >> thank you. >> be clear, he stuffed himself. >> exactly. that is not like -- >> television appearance. >> not natural padding. > no, it's not. >> thank you, olaf. thank you, snoopy. >> bye, guys. that's amazing. > sometimes it's really good to be evil. so for our skylander fans, this is chaos. come here a little closer. chaos is in every one of the games. he comes with the cape and this cool mask. this is our villain.
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always a popular costume. this is our deluxe donatello. that comes with the costume and mask. kids can be any one of their heroes in the half shell. >> i like the finger holding. > we have our weapon here. those are extras and don't come with the costume. >> thank you. >> so we're getting into some super hero stuff. halo is a video game. usually for older boys, but younger siblings love to dress up like the master chief who is here to save the world. >> amazed by thahavideo games ararbecoming halloween characters. >> the best super heroes are i i think girls. we have our wonder woman. >> you got tickets for that gun show? >> comes with the dress. we have a removable cape and great headband and, of course, we have batman. next year, we're going to see batman versus superman. look out for that. this is a great costume. comes with the cape and the headgear. >> the muscles are definitely
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natural. thank you. and finally, the big excitement this year. >> my favorite. >> all about "star wars." everyone's going "star wars" crazy. we have our jedi fighter and our classic favorite villain, darth vader. they look awesome, don't they? i'm rey. this is one of the new characters in "star wars" coming out in december. that's awesome. and if everyone would come out. >> what a group we have. >> they're beautiful. come on, everyone. >> great ideas. >> i want to know how are you guys all up so late at night? do you drink coffee? >> come on over. come over and wave good-bye. >> are you going to do your homework? >> they're waiting for the candy, right? >> thank you. >> guys, so much. we want to also thank our fantastic toy insider mom, laurie you always have the best of the best. lori schacht, fantastic models,
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if you take multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a common side effect. that's why there's biotene. it comes in oral rinse, spray or gel so there's moisturizing relief for everyone. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth. okay. so obviously, we've changed out
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of our outfits from the village people to our other costume. anchors. >> we probably should throw on a baseball cap because it's the world series tonight. kansas city royals, new york mets ready to make history. here's a gal who knows a thing or two about sports. karen travers has the preview. >> reporter: two teams desperate for a championship. who will end a generation-long drought? it's been 29 years since the new york mets won the world series. 30 years for the kansas city royals. both teams are playing great baseball right now. their playoff runs electrifying. kansas city with the more experienced squad known for their defense, aggressive base running and powerful bull pen. we're going to put the ball in play. >> reporter: the royals have the same core roster that nearly won it all last year. >> last year was heartbreaking for us. to not only lose in the world series but to lose it at home. >> reporter: mets fans still can't believe their team is even in the world series. they're used to being second
4:55 am
fiddle in new york city. just five pennants to the yankees 40. >> you got to believe. you got to believe. >> reporter: but the big apple has fallen in love with this young group of ballplayers rallying behind the team nicknamed the amazings. led by mr. october, second baseman daniel murphy whose postseason stat sheet was more like something you would see in a video game. seven home runs in the playoffs including a long ball in a record six straight games. new york comes in with the better pitching rotation, young, brash and on fire. >> the x factor for us is the ability to come together as a team. >> reporter: and if baseball fans like what they see in the series, they'll be psyched for next year's opening day. the mets and royals will pick up where they leave off. squaring off in kansas city to kick off the 2016 season. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> whoo, big night tonight. >> it is. they're both teams you really want to root for.
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half hour.our. everybody has a dream. mine was to see the ocean. and with a little help...
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this morning on "world news now," dire warnings about diet. >> who is linking processed meats to cancer. and why bacon, sausage and lunch meat could be as dangerous as cigarette smoking. a worldwide respected study and the backlash. developing overnight, an officer caught on camera using force to remove a student from a classroom. the video that's going viral and what investigators are saying. republican showdown. the dispute between donald trump and ben carson before tomorrow's debate. controversial comments and new trend in the polls. and later, spying on your baby-sitter. it sounds extreme but some moms
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it is tuesday, october 27th. from abc news, this is "world news now." all right. and we do say good morning on this tuesday. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm reena ninan. do you remember that commercial that would say, "where's the beef?" >> yes, yes, she's now no longer with us. of course, we get these dire warnings coming out this morning about meat, still the centerpiece of most american diets. reviewing the data and finds troubling links to colon cancer well. abc's linsey davis with the details. >> reporter: alarming news about foods so many of us eat every day. bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat, all category as cigarettes and asbestos. they can cause cancer, according to the world health
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