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yet on stage, but we expect him to arrive shortly. we'll have a complete wrap up on this rally we'll have a complete wrap up on this rally tongiht on abc9 nes at 10. reporting live at west high school, tim seaman, abc9 news. jenna back to you. jenna: there's a group exercising their
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message that they're not happy about trump's choice of venue... or the sioux city school district's decision to let him speak at west high. this group... led by west high graduate francisco valadez... gathered outside of t t west high gym. they held signs expressing frtration about trump's bully ctics and stance on immegration. valadez says trump is creating hostility toward latitis, which has hehend others concerned. they a ao feel trump'p'message conflilis with the sioux city school district's policies against bullying. jenna: this friday, more g-g-p presidential candidates will be in the area. rick s storum, marco ruruo, in the area. rick santorum, rco rubio, carly fiorina, and chris christie... will be speaking in orange city for the nonohwest iowa republican rally. the event begins at 7 p-m a athe bultman centerer on the
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jenna: house speaker john boehner i i getting praise from his fellow republicans as he prepares to leave his job. boehner announced lastmonth that he's resigning from congress, partly because of a tutuoil in his caucus. "i want to thank the speaker. i want to thanks the speaker for his career. i want to highlight a few points. he fought and was able to be a part in a big part in winning the first majority for republicans since 1994. house republicans are scheduled to pick their nominee for next speaker tomorrow (wednesday), with the full house voting on thursday. representative paul ryan has the support of a majority of congress. jenna: a new poll shows hillary clinton with a commanding lead in the iowa democratic presidential caucus. the monmouth university poll shows 65-percent of likely democratic caucus-goers back clinton. senator bernie sanders has 24- percent. the monmouth poll is the first survey conducted
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biden announced he won't run for the white house next year... and since clinton's appearance last week before the congressional panel investigating benghazi. jenna: vermont senator patrick leahy (lay-he) cast his 15-thousand-th congressional vote on tuesday. he's only the sixth senator ever to reach that milestone. the democratic senator was first elected in 1974. leahy used the moment to tout some of his bipartisan accomplishments, like writing the organic farm bill and supporting the violence against women act. the 75-year-old senator has ground to make up if he's to set a new record. the all-time leader is the late democratic senator robert byrd of west virginia, who voted 18-thousand 689 times. jenna: the white house may be launching a new strategy in its fight against the terror group isis. the washington post reports president obama's senior national security advisers are outlining a plan to move u-s troops closer to
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the action would put american boots on the ground in syria for the first time, and position u-s advisers closer to the combat zones. the changes would also reflect an escalation of america's role in the terror fight in iraq and syria. discussions are ongoing... and any shift in strategy requires fmal approval from president obama. that approval could come as early as this week. jenna: south sioux city is implementing new regulations for people who have rental properies... but some propery owners are taking issue with the new rules. rachel ramos has more from live in studio. rachel south sioux city has passed a new ordinance for rental inspections that will take effect in 2016, but one man says they're not fair rules for every situation. south sioux city just passed an ordinance requiring inspections to all units that are leased by occupants. families who have
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members dwelling in tir property are not expt, and some s sth siouxlanders are upset. " the e mily exemption standard throughout the united states, andwhy they do not want t thave a family emption within this community like other cities. dodon't make any sense," said property ownerer arlyn n lson. cities like sioux city and ames s ve similar requirememts, but are not enforced the same way. the inspsptions will require tenants to meet minimum housing health standards in order to keep residents safe. "we're concernrn about the healththnd safety of the occupants, and we're going to go in and make sure that thererare no violations," said chairman randy meyer. using that has minor violations will be inspected in two years. housing that has major violations will be required to fix those before a license is issued and inspected again the following year. this new ordinance will affect over 40% of housing units. the south sioux city law hopes to have positive feedback from landowners and hopes create a healthier living environment for citizens. rachel: the new rental inspection law will take effect
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reporting live in studio rachel ramos abc 9 news jenna: police are trying to identify this individual in relation to an investigation involving counterfeit money. this is surveillence video from a store in sioux city anyone with information about this case is urged to contact authorities or this case is urged to contact authorities or call crime stoppers at 258- tips jenna: a donut shop in west des moines shut down five weeks ago because the owner-- lou king, broke his hip. he's the one who gets up in the middle of the night to make all the donuts. so with him sidelined, the business couldn't continue. well this morning-- it was time to get back in business! all the regulars were there, including some people who've been customers of lou's for 20- plus years. "as you're aware, i'm here and today's his
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first day, so i feel good. i hope he feels the same was i feel. we're just exuberant that it's open. they're just the friendliest people inside and we really missed him while they were closed. the customer's loyalty that i've had over the years has been tremendous. this kind of proves it. " lou kingought the store back in 1975. lou's pretty tough.... he's had a broken hip before. and he lost part of his left leg in the vietnam war. jenna: a new study finds american children are being strongly affected by the nation's high incarceration rates. the organization 'child trends' released a report tuesday that found more than five million u-s children have a parent in prison or jail.that means-- according to the organization-- one in 14-children have at least oneparent behind bars. e rate is higher for poor children d african americans. chililtrends found one in n ne black kids h he a parent i ijail... and
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three times momo likely to have a rent behind bars. ththe children-- according to the repopo-- suffer low w lf esteem and poor mental and physical health. still to come tonight.. well have tips and ticks on losing weight as you age (fred) showers can be (fred) showers can be expected at times tonight, but tomorrow's weather will be windy. how about halloween? will we stay dry? your forecast is coming up!
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tomorrow! gusts could reach 40 mphph frfr hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows showers in eastern siouxland mainly. the e port neal weldinin company skycam hd showowmostly cloudy skies from the ho chunk centre. 60 wasasur high today after a low of 38. pollen levels today are low overall. highs over r western iowa were in the 50s for the
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most part. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota saw mainly 50s and 60s. in sioux city, we have 54 degrees. local temperatures are in the 40s east, and 50s elsewhere. winds are from the southeast at 5 to 10 miles per hour. lower visibility is seen in the east--only 2.5 miles in estherville. the regional satellite and radar shows most of the rain east of us, and not too much more to the west, so expect showers to wind down after midnight. the stormcast hd shows low pressure over illinois, the source of our showers. as the low lifts north tomorrow, our showers will end but strong winds will build in. winds will tame down thursday as high pressure and sunshine builds in. but friday morning, another round of sub-freezing temperatures will be seen. the forecast shows a low of 41 tonight and scattered showers. winds will become breezy after midnight. tomorrow, expect a partly cloudy sky and a high of 50. winds will gust to 40 miles per hour from the northwest. the 7-day forecast shows a chance of showers
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late friday and early saturday, but we will be drying out by the time saturday night comes around. set your clocks back an hour saturday night before you go to bed. tonight's ask fred prize will be 4 tickets to see the muskies vs. omaha on november 6. email your weather question to fhexom@kcautv.c om or enter on our facebook page. also, don't miss my winter weather forecast this thursday on abc9 news at 10! jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred)
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still to come... it's no secret losing weight gets harder as you age. we'll some tips to help stay fit as you get older jenna: as we get older, it
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to lose weight however, doctors say if you're diligent, you can win the battle. holly firfer explains how in today's health minute " " for debra matassino daily walks with her dogs used to be just for fun. but since she turned 50- that exercise is a necessity. (debra matassino/over 50) i would put on some pounds, but eventually i would .. reel it in, watch what you are eating and they would drop off like that. but, oh my gosh, it's so hard. frusating- but inevitable for most peop... it's middle age spread. according to a recent study at the national institutes of health, a primary cause of that 'spare tire' is a hormone called leptin.. which
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tells your body you're full. as you age- those signals get weak. (dr. susan tanner/southern environmental medicine center) "which increases appetite, which also increases more fat deposition into these areas of middle age spread we're talking about." and an aging body does not need as many calories as it once did, en it was more active and growing. so that means - watching what you eat-- cutting out fatty foods and eatingngess as we hit t ddle age other systememin our bodies - like the adrenal glands and the thyroid - slow down and produce fewer hormones-- ntributing to weight gain. (dr. susan tanner/southern environmental medicine center) "there is also some break down in muscle mass as well. how do you maintain muscle? exercise." for today's health minute, i'm holly firfer. coming up in sports...u-s-d is gearing up for a
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northern iowa this weekend. we'll hear from the yotes on the challenge of facing the panthers. plus...iowa comes out of its bye week undefeated. we'll head to iowa city and see how the hawkeyes plan to keep rolling against the hawkeyes plan to keep rolling against
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there. will you look out for me, future?
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you can ride my new bike. point of the season, but the hawks come out of their bye week 7-0 and in control of their own destiny in the big ten west. this week they host a 2-5 maryland team still in search of their first conference win. alex giaimo anchors our coverage from iowa city. alex giaimo--"the iowa hawkeyes are undefeated but still have 5 important big ten confence games remaining on their schedule. even with all their success this team is not looking ahead and remains focused on playing maryland on saturday." c.j. beathard--"we can't let that stuff get to our head and coach ferentz has done a good job on making us focus on our next opponent. um we still got five games left and we can't let all that stuff get to our head." tevaun smith--"staying focused. not thinking about the
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week after and all the other weeks. just focus on this week and that's maryland and then when we get our next game we will focus on them." alex giaimo--"maryland has lost f fr games in a row but kirk ferentz isn't looking past the terrapins, a team that beat his hawkeyes last t season." kirk ferentz--"we've got 62.5 percent of our big ten gameme ft to be exact so to worry about those things is really kind of silly and yoyoget defined bubuwhat you do on the field d d the best thing we can do right now is just worried about this game. you know we've got a realal big game coming up with maryland a team that beat us last year." alex giaimo--"and although maryland is in the middle of a losing streak they lost last weekend to penn state by just one point." tevaun smith--"from film they are kind of athletic guys and if you give them confidence they can kind of destroy you. so we got to make sure we are on our stuff and make sure we can execute everything on offense." parker hesse--"they're a really explosive offense. they're the type of offense that on any given play they can take it to the house, so it's a great challenge for us." chris: also in eastern iowa this weekend, south chris: also in eastern iowa this
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dakota looks for its third straight win when they travel to northern iowa to take on the number 22 panthers. record wise, this isn't the same uni team that fans have grown accustomed to. the panthers are just 2-4 overall and near the bottom of the missouri valley conference. the yotes,n the other hand, have won two straight to improve to 4-3 and 2 and 2 in the mvc. even though usd is the favorite by record, coach joe glenn knows it won't be an easy game. joe glenn--"they have a defense that keeps everybody down around 15 points. really strong defense, that's their strong suit, and they've got a running quarterback. big, 6'2", 225 pound guy, he's fast and can execute the option to perfection. so our defense is going to have to hold up in the run, our offense is going to have to put probably 20 points on the board to win this game and hope that our defense can play tough and hold them under 20 points and come out of there with a victory." the yotes stunned the panthers in
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to the u udome. kick offffs at 1 pm saturday in cedar lls. before we hit the weekend, high school football takes center stage tomorrow night. 25 siouxland teams in iowa begin their road to the uni dome and we'll have action from 10 games for you on a special wednesday night sportszone half hour show. we'll kick things off at 6:15 in marcus when i'll be joined by mmc head coach kyle oswald and kingsley-pierson head coach brent koedam to preview their 8- man matchup. a long world series drought will end this season. the mets haven't won the crown since 1986, the royals? 1985. kc is making its second straight appearance in the fall classic and skipper ned yost says its very different this time around. ned yost--"i think this time last year we mets...first pitch
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is at 7 over on fox.
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today's picture comes from... khloe and keegan. they carved abc9 pumpkins! you can submit a picture of your jack-o-lterns by posting on our abc9 news facebook page. they'll share photos in our morning show until halloween. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) radar shows showers mainly in
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0404 frozen death chamber. >> oh, my god. help. help. help. >> she was froz, frozen solid. >> frozen inside a cryo chamber like this one. >> then, donald trump uproar. >> the demand to have trump dumped as host of saturd night live. . >> plus, taken down during algebra class. the shocking new video from a second cell phone and what we learned about the cop under fire. >> then, the actor who plays sweet charlie brown. >> good grief.
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>> i hope you drop d dd of a heart attack. >> exclusive. what his girlfriend saysyshe is like in real life. >> he went ballistic. >> i have not committed any crime. >> and, halle barry divorce shocker. inside her big breakup. >> plus, hot dog panic. >> how you can make a safer dog. >> now, "inside edition" with deborah norville. hello, thank you for joining us. i'm diane mcinerney in for deborah norville she froze to death. that's what they say happened to a woman found inside a yo chamber. it is popular with celebrities and athletes. as les trent reports it has lead to a young woman's death. >> a booming health craze, standing in a chasm ber as liquid -- chamber as liquid nitrogen rereduces the temperature to 250 degrees. now it's in the spotlight for all the wronreasons after
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this woman was found
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