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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 28, 2015 11:05pm-12:07am CDT

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and he started building the wall onstage. what was he trying to prove? >> it was -- i kind of -- you know.. i kind of cringed when that happened. oh my god, he just lost so many supporters. i cringed. that's all i could do. >> how do you think trump l lked with bangs? was that cute? >> the bangsere cute. >> tell me whawas going through your mind when you saw his toupee slipping. >> i was like, oh, girl, he's going to fire stylists today. >> was it cool when donald trump showed his muscles and said, i have the strength too lead thi country? >> i thought that was kind of funny and cool and a little bit inspirg. >> what d did you think off donald trump p aefrs pformance during the debate lasttnight? >> rather interestingly, i think he has a lot to learn, in my opininion. >> where were you when you were watching it? >> in our hotel. >> our hotel. >> what did other peopl say in the room? >> shocked, confused about i all. >> we paused it and rewind and we're like, oh!! >> wow, did that really happe if. >> are you guys even australian? >> yeah!
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>> you're not lying about that? >> no one can do an australian accecent. >> but you a a lying about watching the debate? >> absolutely. . >> definitely. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for being honest about your dishonesty. are you ready for halloween thihis weekend? i'm not going to any halloween parties. you go to a halloween party thrown by one of yr co-workers, you still end up talking about work the whole time but you're drunk and dressed as a minion or something. i will not wear a costume on halloween night. that is my -- adultshould not be wearing cososmes halloween. i will be at home in a mets jersey and cap and baseball pants and cleats. but i will not be in a costume. [ laughter ] [ cheers andpplause ] watching the game and answering the door. and by the way i will not give out fun sized candie there's nothing fun abo that size.. i mentioned this last night. this weekend you are iited too take part i in our annual halloween candy youtubebe challenge.e. this is when n invite parents to tell their kids they a a all
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their candy. we've done this four years nning and we've received so many great videos like this. >> me and your mom ate all of your candy. >> you are not nice! >> uh-huh! >> we're really sorry. >> no you're not! wah! >> asher, we ate all y yr candy. >> oh, good d b. >> jimmy: and anoer favorite. >> we accidentally ate a lot of halloween candy. >> did you -- did youou eat -- mom, did you eat all of it? >> don't tell me you ate all of it. >> hon 93, i want to help you eat more healthy. >> you can eat your healthy stuff because you're fat. >> jim: sometimes the children fight back. your mission, should you choose
11:08 pm
tell your kids you ate all their cay, upload that video to youtube with the title hey jimmy kimmel i told my kids i ate all their lloween candy. check your youtube account for a message, we'll put the most outstanding videos on our show monday.. remember, sometimes a goodd trick is thehereatest treat of allll speaking of treats we have another beloved halloween tradition at our show. the annual canine costume parade. we invite a dog groomer cat austin to show off her funny and fancy dogs. these are some of the designs cat came up with. gsovered with sesame street characters. hello kitty. xt was the who simpsons family on a a dog. tonight we have many more wonders to behold. all new dogs in all new colors and shapes in our third annual
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>> jimmy: welcome backto the show. anna faris, musicrom bre eldredge is on the way. right now it'sime for our third annual canine requests tumor parade. hello, how are you? with us again the internationally celebrated dog groomer cat opson, owner of astrea pet grooming in san juan capistrano, cacalifornia.
11:13 pm
hill hair yus a woman names cat grooms dogs. >> it's true. >>immy: tell us what you do to these dogs and with these dogs. >> with the creative dogs i come out with a plan, stch it, begin by cutting itnto the dog then coloring. >> jimmy: shavinin it into the dog? >> yeah, scissoring. >> jimmy: you use nontoxic products? >> all nontoxic, specially made for pets, ph.d. baland, semi permanent. >> jimmy: sometimes crazyeople will write u to complain. but the pet dozen not mind it at all. >> they do not mind it at all. or they wouldn't look as good as they do. >> jimmy: so ty wouldn' sit still?l? >> right. >> jimmy: you thihi dogs like to be groomed? enjoy being groomed. >> i enjoy being groomed. some dogs like it, some dogs don't. you have to base it on the personality of the dog. >> jimmy: very good. let's meet the dogs. our first dog is a dog named be.
11:14 pm
named after the laker? >> yes. >> jimmy: or the beef? the laker? this is kobe. how much time did it take you to do this to kobe?? >> kobebe, probablyy took about 10 to taken hours. >> jimmy: kobe looks great. i don't want to ruin your look here. but you can see kobe -- you see, turn kobe to the sid here. kobe is scooby do. >>s running away from a monster because scooby was always scared of monsters. >> he was, very cowardly as far as dogs go. so kobe is a dogressed as a dog? thth is dog "inception" is what we have here. >> doggie "inception." dog within a dog. >> jimmyhow long will this last on the animal? >> lasts a couple months until it growshen you clip them short. >> jimmy: will his friends make fun of him? >> his friends do not make fun of im. >> jimmy: guillerm come retrieve kobe. there's kobe. our next dog is -- kobe, here's a snack for you.
11:15 pm
there's a snack. yeah, give him snacks, guillermo. that's what dogs like, scooby snacks. scooby snacks, you know that guillermo? >> guillermo: yeah. >> jimmy: this is kissy. what is this? >> she is kissy scissor paws. edward scissor hands. >> jimmylook at that. oh, yeah. yeye, there it is. not the dog you want humping your leg. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: kissy doesn't look like s likes this coste, do you, or maybe -- do youike dehydred chicken? >> yes. >> jimmy: ,, got a little t of my finger too. alall right, okay shs daty. >> jimmy: does kissy know you made the cover of "groomer to groomer" magazine? >> she does. [ cheers andndpplause ] jimmy: she did know that? >> she does. >> jimmy: guillermo, come get kissy.
11:16 pm
next up we have -- let's see. we've got zeland.. this is a poodle? >> this is a standard poodle. >> jimmy: standard poodle. and zeland -- wow. zezelandrieu the short straw costume-wise. zeland -- >> kim claw-dashian. >> jimmy: she's got the big butt and the outfit likike kim kardashian wears? >> she has her tight leggings and big fur coat. >> jimmy: is she in the kanye westminster dog show as well? [ lahter ] sorry abobo this, zeland. here you go. enjoy chicicken asour reward. guillermo, come try to carry this dog off. how do you tease the hair out hike that? >> with a brush and some doggy hairspray. >> jimmy: th have hogdy hair
11:17 pm
pray? what is the name of that product? >> artero. >> jimmy: bring t the next dog. our next dog is -- >> phoebe. >> jimmy: phoebe. >> phoebe is the adorable little giraffe. >> jimmy: a giraffe, yeah. look at that. you want -- there y go. do giraffes like chicken? >> i don't think -- she might be a little cold. are youu co? >> jimmy: it's a fun-n-size giraffe is what it is. righght? without the neck. hey, do you knknow what' happening right now? noyou have no idea? will they eat candy on halloween? will you take them around? >> they get cookies, notcandy? there you go. that's a little bit -- there you go. >>. >> that's more her size. >> jimmy: guillermo, come get be. for our final animals we have a little theme.
11:18 pm
>> jimmy: bring them out. here we have a -- for the upcoming movie"star wars" we've got -- >> darth vader. >> jimmy: darth vader. and -- she hold on to darth vader? >> complete with his light saber. >> jimmy: he's got a light ser and d everythi. by the way, if that falls to the front we've got a prprlem. [ laughter ] >> darth vader. >> jimmy: it's a light stick,k, everyone, don't worry. and? >> this is soji, and he's a multitude of things. >> a multitude of charters. >> princess s leia. then a storm trooper. >> jimmy: oh, a storm trooper right here. >> then the star wars logo. >> jimmy: wow, i tell you something. is is the kind off dog t tt mae you could get j.j. abrams to adopt. >> and yoda. >> jimmy: look at that. [ cheers and applause ] >> this is yoda's light saber.
11:19 pm
>> i don't know what's going on either. thank you very much, kthy. you did unbelievable work once again. chicken for everyone. enjoy. that wasur third annual canine costume parade. thananyou, cat. totonight on the show music from bred eldredge. from "e daily show," trevor noah is h here. and we'll be right back with an faris. [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: portions of "jimmy kimmel live" are brought to you
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. tonight the new host of "the dailshow" on comedy central, trevor noah is here. then, this is his album. it's called "illinois." brett eldredge from the samsung stage. we have a big show tomorrow, harrison ford, from candal" katie lowes, our tenth annual half and half halloween costume pageant where we take one costume and jam it into another costume to form a sine double super costume. last year we had unicorn on thehe cob. papa unicorn, part corn on the cob. walter whiteout, walr white and a bote of whiteout. and george washingtoning machine. it's better than it sounds. our wardrobe department won an emmy for th.
11:22 pm
year and they want to kill us. our first guests a funny woman with a popular show, season three of "mom" pmieres a week om thursda oncbs. please say helel to anna faris! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing? you look very pretty,, thank you for coming. >> you look very handsome. >> jimmy: if i i was a woman --- and i'm actually not, , turns ou this is the kind of dress i would weaear. >> no way. >> jimmy: it is. >> why? >> jimmy: i like the collarnd i like the color. >> oh, ththanks. are you thinking about -- as a woman you'd get laid in this drs? >> jimmy: no, because i'd be a fat, hairy woman. but maybe, who knows, i don't know. guys are easy.
11:23 pm
>> i feel like this -- t this dress makes me look likee i'm a little more prprer than i am. >> jimmy: do you feel like you're sending a false message of primness? >> normally when i'm on your show, jimmy, i'm a little more drunk. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> so tonight i'm trying to behave. i hope it's reflected. >> jimmy: in a way this is like your halloween costume, you drdressing as meone -- >> it is, the chacter. >> jimmy: do you dress up for lloween? >> no. >> jimmy: you will not? >> i'm notot crazy likee yoyou. not crara about halllleen. >> jimmy: i don't love it. i like it for kids. i thk it's fun. i hate havg to find a costume and put a costume on and do all that costume stuff. >> it's the worst. as a wowoman, y lose. if you dress up as something sexy, it's inevitably uncreative. it's like you're a sexy baseball player. >> jimmy: : ything good-looking. >> you're a cat, you're a sexy
11:24 pm
you want to go other way, like sething interesting and truly creative, then you're envious of likike the sexy women. >> jimmy: oh, you are. >> of course. you're like man! i was trying to go for cool and ere's all these hot women. >> jimmy: here imressed as a potato. >> yes.. >> jimmy: the o o thing i do like, it just occurred to me, that i like about dressing up on halloween, firstst of all driving in the costume. because it's always funny to see people react. and also going into the store on the way to the party. >> yeah. >> jimmy: in the costume. >> what store? >> jimmy: like the supermarket or something like that. maybe, i don't know, get a bottle of wine somewhere. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you go in there, evyone's like, oh, hey, look at that! >> that's your halloween highlight. >> jimmy: that's right. >> ralph's. >> jimmy: your son is 3 years old? >> 3. >> jimmy: he's got to be ready for halloween.
11:25 pm
>> yeah, yeah. we're entering that world for sure. >> jimmy: yeah, what's he going to be? >> so he -- we let him pick his costume this year. and he's decided to become a dinosaur. a t-rex. >> jimmy: okay. >> it's adorable but it also adds sort of a layer of -- a little bit of weirdness. because, of course, my husband is chris pratt. and then jurassic. >> jimmy: "jurassic world." are this is the first year we're taking him trick-or-treating, looking forward to that a parents. i'm a little bit self-conscious. i'm hoping we don't get a lot of people beieilike, oh, self-promotion, huh? >> jimmy: now available on blu-ray. yeah. you'll be giving out dvds at the door. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you are going to get that it's going to look like chris is walking around with a prop from the movie. >> we're a bunch of jerks, yeah. we're exploiting our child. oh, god. >> jimmy: u've been posting
11:26 pm
son. this is very cute but alarming as aarentoappen upon something like this. is he cleaningt? >> i told him he needed to. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> you can see the guilty look on his face. yeah. i discovered -- i don't know what i'm doing as a part at all. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> so i'll be doing something, talking to a friend, doing laundry, whatever. my child's quiet. it took me awhile to realize when the child is quie-- >immy: 's a v very bad sign. >> it' not good. >> jimmy: he's doing something like this. you've got a little bangsy on your hands. >> yeah, yeah. he's like, mommy, that's a truck! >> jimmy: and this is -- what is this here? >> those are diaper wipe ss. >> jimmy: that could have been a lot worse by the way. >> yeah. that's trueue but you can see howowttentive i
11:27 pm
as a mother. >> jimmy: you have no experience with kids? >> i'm the youngest. and the only experience iad was i was a babysitter. you know when i was growing up, it was okay for a babysitter be 12. >> jimmy: yeah. weirdly, that's not okay anymore, yeah. >> y i was a 12-year-old babysitter. i was so bad. >> jimmy: youwe? >> yeah. was $2 an hour. but i babysat these two kids. my mom meanwhile,o put this in a bit of perspective, my mom, naturopath, allergyy thing coming >> jimmy: oh, yeah. >> when the idea of peanut allergy came around, my mom would be like, oh, nobody's allergic to peanuts. that's just impossible. so i w babysitting these kids. and the little boy told me he
11:28 pm
and of course i'd heard my mom be like, nobody's allergic to peanuts. so i had this little snickers bar mr. in my purse. this is so bad. i can't believe i'm telling this story. ananay so i said, you're not allllgic to peanunu. come on, eat this, eat this. >> jimmy: oh. >> he was looking at me like he wanted to so badly. and i was like, come on just eat it. >> jimmy: like he was face-to-face with the devil. >> and his eyes started to well up. he wanted it so badly. he w like, i can't, i can't, i'm allergic to peanuts. nobody's allergic to peanuts! was like, i can't, i can't. i was like, fine! >> j jmy: he didn't eat i i okay, good. >> he didn't eat itit >> j jmy: i thought this was going -- >> can you imagine in the trajectory of my life. >> jimmy: you'd be in prison right now. >> i would. this is why 12-year-olds shouldn't babysit.
11:29 pm
>> jmy: because of you, the reason 12-year-olds are no longer allowed to babysit. >> i know. i was forcing -- oh, d. >> jimmy: you're enjoying your time on "mom"? allison janney, costar,eems like a freht person. >> she's amazin that's notn act?t? >> i know a lot of the actors talk about how amazing their whatever -- >> jimmy: they do, they're lying. right. >> the truth is, she's one of my dearest friends. i'm so lucky i geto work with her. >> jimmy: you're hosting a podcast now.w. alison was on this podcast. >> yes. >> jimmy: what is the name of the podcast? >> the podcast is called anna faris is unqualified. >> jimmy: is it about babysitting? >> it's s an umbrella theme. >> jimmy: i see. >> it's noto great relationship advice from completely unqualifieied hollywood types. >> that sounds perfect. then do people call in? >> yeah, yeah. they submit theirquestis. then we call them. and we talk to them. it's so ridiculous. because we have no idea what we're talking about. >> jimmy: you're really selling
11:30 pm
the hell out of it. >> yeah, yeah. well, hopefully -- hopefully that's p pt of the charm, i guess. >> jimmy: it betterr be. it had better be yeah. well, it's very good to see you. i hopope halloween works out great. no nickers for thesnickers for the boy. anna faris, watch "mom" on cbs, be rightht back!
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cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back. trevor noah and music from brett eldredge is still to come. but first, when it comes to halloween, butterfinger is the only candy worth having no matter who you have to trick to get it. but don't take my word for it, ke it from my pal guillermo. >> trick or treat! >> trick. >> here's my thumb, i'm going to take it off, ready? oh. ta-da! i'm going to put it back on now. ta-da! >> that it? not good enough for a butterfinger. that trick was terrible. >> trick or treat!
11:36 pm
>> trick. hold t ts. thank you. > trick orr treat. >> trick. >> sigthe note, please. >> sorry. >> it was a trick! >>t was a trick. >> trick or treat! >> trick. but it's not even a trick. seriously? not good enough for a butterfinger. >> trick or treat! >> no, no! not my butterfingers! >> dicky: give those monsters what they want. get your fingers on some butterfingers. >> jimmy: we'll be right back with trevor noah! [ cheers and applause ] you don't have to pick up a bag ofutterfinger for halloween.
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>> jimmy: we're back. still to come, music from brett eldredge. our next guest was kindnough to travel all the way from south africa to explain our news to us. he's the newest host of "the
11:42 pm
please say hello to trevor noah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how you doing? thank you for speing debate night here with us. i know this is a maiain sacrifice. >> it's a huge sacrifice. i could be watching ben carson talking right now. could beatching carly fiorina talking about the economy. sorry aut the mets. >> it's not over, best of seven. it's not a cricket match like you have over there in south africa. >> i don't kno what was going on, watching the game, i'm learning baseball. watching the game and it goes nine, then 10, 11, 12 -- do they just play forever? someone's going to die! >> jimmy: it was almost me last ght. so it was one month ago todayay that you took over "the dly show."
11:43 pm
>> yes, it was, wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you tealing is it overwhelming? >> it is insane. it's a wonderful, wonderful experience. the best way i can describe it is i phoned my mom did tell her about the whole thing. hi mom said everything i described to her was the equivalent of having a child. like f for months and months i was pregnant and i knew i was going to havavto give birth too this thick. people would judge me how i raise it and treat it. the end would be proud of it and some days i would hate it with all my heart but at the end of the day it would be what i createdd so i he to live with it. >> jimmy: when you told me that story we were standing with jon stewart. i was like, this guy's mother is unbelievable. >> she really is. >> jimmy: my mother never tells me anything like that. i was angry at my mototr when i lked away. what inincredibledvice! imagery! well, i'm curious about the fact
11:44 pm
that you were very successful in south africa. you were a comedian, you had a talk show over there. >> yes. >> jimmy: you were an actor, you were a radio deejay -- >> radio deejay is a strong term. i was on the radio from 00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. on the weekekends. >> jimmy: okay. >> that's not like being a deejay. if you know your listenerss by name, that's not a job. like it's the same people calling ever day. >> jimmy: i've been there. >> you did that as well? >> jimmy: you want caller 97 and the first seven callers are the same guy. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you have to go through the whole process till you get to it. >> i didn't have 97, i had three ghts flashing, 12 open. three flashing. hello, bill. 'd be like, "as i was saying yesterday." we'd continue the conversation ere's nothing i could do. >> jimmymy: so youe doing pretty well. >> thank you. >> jimmy: very well. you're doing welell now, o course. and you decide i'm going to move to the united states. >> yes. >> jimmy: and do standup comedy.
11:45 pm
>> yes. >> jimmy: which seems kind of crazy to me. >> it was crazy. but south afafrica's small. and one thing americans take for granted is that america dictates entertainment to the rest of the world. i made it sound bad. america informs the world. it s snds like america says, "this is entertainmeme!" when you're from a small place u wa to go to america and tell jokes. i realized i couldn't just visit america. it's so g. came outndnd i wasas like, i'm going to go to every single city i can. all in all i didid 40 states going to little tinybs everywhere. >> jimmy: 40 states? >> yeah. el paso, texas, to erie, pennsylvanan, and justike random -- yeah. >> jimmy: i've beenn to both thosose e aces i spent a week in erie, pennsylvania, once. most people don't see -- most americans don't go to more than like, i don't know, maybe a dozen, two dozen states in their life. >> i thought that was normal. i thought that's what you're supposed to do. >> jimmy: nothing's normal here. [ laughter ] >> i was in el paso and i almost
11:46 pm
got deported. >> jimmy: you did, why? >> what happened was --ou know google does at thing sometimes wheree it's likee you're g gng ththis way, you're going that way. google was taking me t a mall but there waso mall, the mall was a border. i'm going to the mal to buy sneakers. next thing i'm in a group of people. oh, this mall must be really pula we're all together. the next thing you know, "welcome to mexico." is there a mall named mexixico? then i see the border. oh, i'm at the border. i try to turn around because i don't want to go to mexico because i've left my passpor at the hotel. the guy'y' like, hey, keep moving? no, no, i i not g gng to mexico. he's like, keep ing! the border patrol guy gets to me. where's your passport? i said, funny story, i left the passport. i'm totally supposed to be here but my passport's at the motel. he's like, good story. go to mexico. i'm like, i'm not from mexico. the guy was going to deport me.
11:47 pm
and that was the first time i was like, google. google got me into it but also got me out of it. >> google led you astray and saved you. >> jimmy: do you find that, talking about politics and policians in the united ates, is more funhanalking about politics in south africa? >> i don't know, i think it's the same. we have the same -- like we have crazy, you g guys have crazy. this is fun. america has crazy politicns. you know what i think is nice, in america the peoeoe take t t craze politicians seriously. that's more fun. south africa we're like, that guy is crazy, w we'll vote for him anyway. in america people are like, that guy seems seris, we should build a wall. >> jmy: relatively recent. for no other rope than to keep you out of the mall. we should build a mall at the border. >> at the border, yeah. it's fun, it's crazy. >> jimmy you're doing a great job. welcome to --n behalf of amica, welcome. >> thank you v vy much. [ cheers and applause ]
11:48 pm
>> jimmy: trevor know yeah, everybody. he daily show" as weeknights at 11:00 on comedy centntral. we'll be right back with brett eldredge
11:49 pm
presenented by ssung. >> dicky: : e "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: d like to thank anna faris, trevor noah and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. he'll be rescheduled. "nightline" is next but first, this is his album "illinois." here with the song "drunk on ur love" brett eldredge! the second she walked through the door i caught a buzz one taste from your lips knocked me out just like a drug the rest of the night's kind of blurry now the sun's peeking through the shes i can't help but laugh cause i kind of like
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feeling this way i woke up up still drunk drunk on your love l le on your love love now i know why- i'm feeling so high high cause e i'm stildrunk drunk on your love on your love oh yeah it't'not in t whiskey tequila or the winin it's all about the touch and the fire in your eyes it gets me fumbling always stumbling through a haze i got plenty to do just layin here with you all day woke up up still drunk drunk on your love love on your love love
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i'm feeling so high high 'cause i'm still drunk drunk on your love on your love wish h could bottle you up and drink you in all day long every day singing this song i woke up up still drunk drunk on your love love on your love love love now i know why-y i'm m ing so high high 'cause i'm still drunk drunk on youlove on your love woke up still drunk on your love on your love
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w woke up sll drunk on your r love on your love woke up still drunk on your love on your love oke up still drunk on your love woke up still drunk on your love on your love woke up still drunk on your love i'm so drunk > this is "nightline." >> tonight -- >> you should be showing up to work.
11:53 pm
>> fig n night in the dpop. >> someone is convinced he's attackg me iss going toelp mill. >> the third d debate full of surprising twists and attacks. >> this stuff is fantasy. >> his poll numbers tanked. he's on the end. >> with former front-runner trump in a slump, would he goo after the man who's now beating him in some polls? who won and who lt tonight? the high stakes in the highly unpredictable republican primary race. plus,rofessional pranksters. we're behind the scenes with the impractical jokers. the lifelong best friends now a global cult phenomenenon. carryinghe secrets to their stunts and their success. how they turned their obsession -- >> who has three nipples but onlyly uses one? >> -- into a h series w with millions of fans. guess who's coming to "black-ish." our own michael strahan making a cameme for a specici halloween epepode. wewee there as he gets into
11:54 pm
pesky rumor. >> aot of people think you and i are t the same people. enough pressure for you? >> i'm going to take mucinex. >> too late, we're about to take off. > it workfast in liquid gels. >>els dissolve fast to release max ststngth medidine. let's end this. find your fall favorites. get an extra $10 when you spend $2or more with coupon. save on door busters. guys and juniors arizonana denim. women's boots. jcpenney.
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seconds. good evening. the left side unpredictable republican primary took another twist tonight. political watchers thought the third gop debate would be all
11:56 pm
regain his lead in the polls by attacking the surgingr. ben rson. but instead tonight t t attacks came from surprising sources and were sometimes directed at surprising targets. donald trump, who has dominated this race for months, came into tonight's debate in boulder, colorado, trailing in some polls to dr. ben carson. but to the surprise o of many it wasn't carson with whom trump tangled but instead the normally genial governor of ohio. >> folks, we g g to wakeup.. we cannot elect somebody that don't know how to do the job. >> thiis the man that was a managing general partner at lehman brothers when it went down the tubes and almost took every one of us with us including ben and myself. heas such a nice guy and he said, i'm never going to attack. then his poll numbersrs tanked. that's w he's on the end. and he got nasty. so you know what? you can have him. >> it was classic trump.
11:57 pm
was florida senator marco rubio, who has risen to third place in some recent polls, who seemed to be getting much of the atteion. >> i thought the biggest momoment in this, the most intense, jeb had to take a stand and confront marco rubio and he did it on missed votes. >> a french work week, you getet three days you have tohow up? you can cacaaign or just resign and let someone else t take the job. >> marco rubio's response was stronger than jebs, he basically accused hihim of doing this for potical purposes and simultaneously attacked the media. marco rubio cameaway much exchange. >> the only reason why y you're doing it now is because we're running for the same position and someone has cvinced you >> reporter: bush struggling in the polls, reducing his campapaign payroll by 40%, and competing with rubub for the p pition of strongest establishment candidate, has been hitting his one-time mentee hard for not showing up for votes. in fact today sh's super pac
11:58 pm
launched a twitter account account @ismarcoworking and the first tweet was ferris bubueller gag. >> mr. rubio, m mr. rubio, mr. rubio? bueller? >> reporter: at one popot he was asked about ananditorial out this morning from a homestate newspaper callingn him to resign for skipping votes in the senate while out runnining for president. >>hen they say y act like you hate your job, do you? >> i read that editorial with great amusement. >> in 2008 barack oba missed 60% t 70% of his vote and the same newspaper endorsed him. this is anotherr examplef the double standard that exists between e mainstream media and the cocoervative media. >> reporter: it seemed the storyry was the fact that the front-runners, carson and trump, were making the least news. >> ben carson and donald trump seemed to disappear from the stage. especially donald trump. he seemed to not really be much involved in the debate. and his answers sort of were the same things everything's heard before. so i think it'sing from where the folks that hold 50% of the vote basically disappeared from
11:59 pm
>> reporter: then carson drew applause with this diatribe against political correctness. >> they shouldn't automatically assume that because you believe marriage is between one man and one woman that you are a homophphobe. and this is one of the myths that the left perpetrates o on o society. it's those people who are trying to divide us who are the enemies. we need to make that very cle to everybody. >> repter: goingng into this evening the chattering classes had assumed that the primary dynamic would b bonald trump, who has dominated this race for months, going after ben carson, who's now starting to beat him in some polls. >> iowa, will you get your numbs up, pleasese? i promise you i will do such a good job. by the way, carson is -- i don't want the whole deal, ion't know what's g going on. carson is lower energy than bush. >> reporter: on the stump t tmp haha seemed to raise queueions about carson's face.
12:00 am
>> mean, seven day adventist i don'know about. >> reporter:r: carson did not appear to be worried about potential attack in the debate. >> anyny nerves at all? >> not yet. >> maybe soon?? >> maybe if aiger comes out on the stage, maybe. >> reporter: apparently he was right not to be nervous. overall tonight trump wasas more kitten than tiger. >> i've created tensf thousands of jobs. in all due respect, actually some of these folks i really like a lot, about i'm t only one that can say that. >> reporter: the most ardent attacks were on the moderato. >> daily fanta sports has become a phenomenon in this country. >> reporter:r: who ask questions about such issues as fantasy football. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. have isis and laictioion aal qaeda attacking us. and we're talking about fantasy football? >> reporter: i in the la debate, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina made waves. >> if we will n not stand up and force president obama to veto
12:01 am
this bill, shame on us.
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