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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  October 29, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm CDT

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doesn't know how to do the job. trump unleashing... -trump "this was the man that was a managing general partner at lehman brothers when it went down the tubes and almost took every one of us with us post debate trump giving me his take on the debate tvu 8 boulder spin room -llamas-trump sot: was it tough not to be the star? trump: i don't know llamas: like the questions weren't at you. trump: well i think it was very unfair. i mean it's become very unfair. i think that i did very well according to all of got 80 percent as a win some support on huckabee "i love donald trump. he is a good man. i'm wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one." "is it made in china or mexico?" "such a nasty question, but thank you governor." other candidates also critical of the questions...christie exploding when bush was asked about fantasy football. christie we have isis and al- qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? (cheers)" and christie tangling with one of the moderators cnbc's john harwood christie "because i got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude." senator ted cruz winning cheers with this debate critique cruz "this is not a cage match. and if you look at the questions: donald trump, are you a comic book villain? ben carson, can you
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and even with all eyes on dr ben carson - the frontrunner in some of the latest polls - he ended up being one of the candidates who had the least amount of time to speak. tvu 8 boulder spin room carson intv "what was your greatest moment of the debate?" "um (thinks) when it was over." jessica rae: one of the republican candidates who took the stage in boulder last night, will be in sioux city this weekend. carly fiorina will be stopping in siouxland. she'll be at the stony creek conference center here in sioux city for a town hall meeting. that's all set to take place on saturday at 10 in the morning. jessica rae: this morning the house of representatives voted to replace
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out-going house speaker john boehner. the new speaker elected, paul ryan, the representative from wisconsin was sworn in this morning. he's the 54th person ever voted to the position. and on the first day picking up the gavel, ryan was adimant about fixing the way the house of representatives works the house is broken... the 45-year-old wisconsin republican first worked on capitol hill as a legislative aide in 1992 and won his house seat in 19-98 when he was 28. jessica rae: the house of representatives passed a budget deal wednesday... despite many republicans voting against it. the two-year fiscal proposal would increase federal spending and extend the debt limit. house speaker john boehner calls the bill fiscally responsible... but many
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republicans criticized it for easing spending caps and expanding the debt limit. the deal passed despite 167- republicans voting against it. the bill now moves to the senate... where it is expected to pass. the proposal lessens the chances of another government shutdown in december. jessica rae: one person was injured after a truck collided with another car this morning officials say rescue crews were deployed to war eagle drive in sioux city after reports of a head on collision between a car and a pick up truck causing the driver of the smaller vehilce to be trapped. rescuers had to free the driver from the vehicle dan cougill -- assistant fire chief " an elderly female patient that had some trauma type injuries that was some what trapped in her vehicle, so some minor extrication techniques. she was removed from the vehicle, the other patient was minor injuries that was transported by private vehicle." no word yet on the conditions of either driver. authorities are continuing to investigate this accident. jessica rae: iowa and nebraska
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are included in a group of 21 states to receive new ethanol fuel pumps. the u-s-d-a is spending 100 million dollars to help install nearly five- thousand additional pumps. matching grants bring the total public-private investment to 210 million dollars to increase the availability of the corn-based fuel according to the u-s-d-a. iowa, the nation's top corn- producing state, picks up 5 million for 187 pumps, and nebraska gets two-point-three million for 80 additional pumps. jessica rae: imagine going thousands of and paying dollars in just so you can braid someone's hair for money? institute has be suing the iowa cosmotology on behalf of two hair-braiders. claim the state's current licensing to finish more thousand hours school to run an african hair braiding the problem is they don't even teach this kind of hair braiding at these schools. these women say been passed down
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through generations and it allows them to keep that heritage alive. now they want the chance to own and operate their own business without having to follow what they consider to be outrageous licensing laws. " " being a hair braider and not being licensed is terrifying. i just want a right to make a living and not feel like i'm a cirminal. jessica rae: there are some serious penalties for violating these licensing laws. criminal penalties, that include being fined a thousand infraction. the iowa board of which is under the iowa department of public health, they won't comment on pending litigation. looked at this but didn't make any changes. jessica rae: a new economic development is siouxland w-j-a-g's pual hughes has more on the texas based company coming to norofolk nebraska. work begins in november on a new that will bring 180 new jobs to the norfolk area. oct
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pipe of rockwall, texas announced yesterday, that it will build a one- million-square-foot facility to manufacture steel pipe for its customers all over the united states. the plant will be located on the southwest corner of victory road and eisenhower ave. the norfolk planning commission has given the okay for helena chemical to operate a retail fertilizer business on the corner of 1st street and eisenhower avenue. at a special meeting of the commission earlier this week, city prevention manger trent howard assured those concerned about safety issues that that many of the items in the cup were emergency- management related. downtown norfolk will be buzzing tonight as local businesses invite young ghosts and goblins to their stores for downtown trick-or- treating from 4:30 to 6:30. then you're invited to grab your blankets and lawn chairs for the third annual zombie walk, from 7 to 9 on norfolk avenue between 5th and 1st streets. zombies a asked to gather on the corner of 5th and norfolk ave. beginning at 6:30. those and more stories can be heard on news talk wjag, lite rock 97.5 and 106 kix " jessica rae: still to come... we'll have a look
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adorable photobombs details on what pics this pup was "ruining" when we return. scott:
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scott:good morning siouxland. let's look outside on the port neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city and the
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currently near 40 degrees in sioux city with a breezy wind and some clouds. temperatures are sitting in the 30s across most of the area. we have strong winds still continuing at this time sustained between 10 and 20 miles per hour. wind chillss a result of us saw our first snowflakes of the season yesterday. that system has moved to the shouldn't see a repeat of that on our thursday. we'll pace through your stormcast hd where
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clearing this tomorrow, we expect some sunshine early before increasing clds and a chance of showers by the afternoon. rain will end by sunrise on halloween and we'll have some warmer temperatures through the weekend. our rain forecast model indicates we'll see between a quarter and half an inch of rain through most of the abc9 viewing area...not a heavy rain, but a decent shot of moisture. today, your high temperature is 50
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have partly cloudy skies with a light breeze. the low tonight is 30 under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, the high is 56 with rain during the afternoon. here's your 7 day forecast where we'll have high temperatures gradually rise into the 60s and 70s. jessica rae scott: jessica rae:
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a couple's wiener dog stole the show after photobombing their engagement shoot. take a look at these adorable pictures. louie the dachshund, working the camera and blocking t lovely couple--chris and megan. apparently, louis just loves the fall leaves jessica rae: it's time for this year's pumpkin contest here on the morning show! we want you to show us your pumpkin! send us your best decorated, carved, or painted pumpkins! you have from now until october 29th to submit a photo of your best pumpkin creation. on october 30th, tune into the abc9 news morning show to see if you won! the winner will receive four muskies tickets! ... to submit your photo you must friend me on facebook... and post your
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pumpkin picture directly to my wall... or send me a private message with a picture of your pumpkin. if you don't have facebook- don't worry, you can email your pumpkin picture to me, at start decorating and get those submissions in soon! we can't wait to see siouxland's creativity! jessica rae: after the break... those golden delicious s eddar biscuits go out to eat? stay tuned for this amazing
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biscuits just got a whole lot easier. howard has a cheesy spin on the popular side dish... just in time for halloween. "if you love biscuits, i mean fresh out of the oven hot biscuits, but don't make them because they seem like too much work, then let me introduce you to something called the "drop biscuit". one bite of these slathered with butter and you're going to fall in love. come on, let me show you how easy. all we do is mix
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with a bit of shredded cheddar cheese. ok, now we sort of make a well in the center of this, and we slowly pour the milk into it. then we stir this until it comes together, forming a nice soft dough. you want to make sure you don't over mix it, want to that'll make your biscuits tough. now we drop spoonfuls of this onto a baking sheet and pop them into the oven. while they bake, we mix some melted butter with a few seasonings like garlic powder and chopped parsley. once these come out of the oven, we'll brush them with our butterixture and done. and if you want, you can even lighten these up by using a low-fat baking mix, a lighter cheese and even a lighter milk and they'll still be amazing. with halloween just a few days away, why not make a batch of these to serve with that big pot of chili that you're thinking about making? i do hope you'll go online and get the recipe for our easy "cheddar drop biscuits," so you'll never be more than 15 minutes away from a hot batch coming out of the oven. i'm howard in the mr. food test kitchen, where every day
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(bite) oh my gosh . "ooh it's so good!!" " jessica rae: in today's gardening segment... melinda meyers raise your comfortable here she is now with more. bad knees or an from gardening. try bed to a comfortable height. we made r raised beds from naturally long-lasting cedar. plastic lumber, boulders or treated titiers will also rk. just make sure the preservatives used are safe for plants and people. our beds are 4 x 8 feet for easy access and 16 inches deep, allowing plenty of space for the plant roots. you may want to make yours higher for easier access. or get creative and do something fun like this star bed. set the bed in place - you may want corner stakes to help anchor it in place. level the bed checking all sides. next fill with a quality topsoil. add compost or garden amendment if needed. mix this and fertilizer into the topsoil, rake smooth and allow to settle. now your garden is ready for planting. i'm melinda myers, check out our website for this and other gardening tips. jessica rae:
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a couple of siouxland entrepreneurs are bringing smart t-v's to siouxland. details on what their new
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of this world was created by two young entrepreneurs. abc9 news reporter rachel ramos spoke with the creators of galactic stream... and has their story. running a business takes years of wisdom and experience, but that isn't stopping two young entrepreneurs from building a corporation of their own. "age is just a number. i think that if anyone says they're too young or too old, it's just an excuse," said seth tonner, developer of galactic stream. seth and austin tonner are both in their early twenties and have started galactic stream all on their own. galactic stream is a service that provides consumers
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with a small box that turns any tv into a smart television. it gives customers access to some of the latest televsion series and feature films, but it is different from competitors like netflix or hulu. " you have hundreds and hundreds of thousands of options, and you're never paying a monthly fee again, there's no competition. there's no oth company out there that's doing what we're doing," said seth tonner. and this isn't where these brothers plan on stopping with expansion. the co- owners of galactic stream hope to... "take it to the moon, that's our plan for expansion" said seth tonner. galactic stream has about 1300 customers right now, but these brothers hope to get distributers all throughout the nation. and they're learned a few things along their journey. "i've started a few businesses. some of them have failed and some of them are still successful today," said austin tonner. they've learned the importance of customer service when it comes to providing the ultimate stellar experience. galactic stream is unique because customers can call in to have their
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problems fixed immediately. "customer support is the number one thing," said austin tonner. their company places an emphasis on customer support and plans on having a fully staffed call center by january of 2016. jessica rae: the duo's business is based here in siouxland. their prelaunch sale is on from now until november 15th. customers can go online at galatic- stream-dot-com for more details. jessica rae: scott's up next with a final check of our forecast.
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jessica rae:what's coming up on the show today. "today, new ways to beat your belly bloat by tomorrow. i'm going to show you the 5 things you can do, starting today. the latest science and the hidden reasons your pants feel too tight and why your belly won't budge. then, more and more women are microwaving their armpits. yes, their armpits. i'm going to reveal the surprising reason why." jessica rae: again that's coming up today on dr. oz at 4 o'clock right here on abc9. jessica rae scott: today, your high temperature is 50 and we're going to
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have partly cloudy skies with a light breeze. the low tonight is 30 under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, the high is 56 with rain during the afternoon. here's your 7 day forecast where we'll have high temperatures gradually rise into the 60s and 70s.
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