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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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we'll still be a rich and powerful country but not longer a special one" rubio is joining carly fiorina, governor chris christie, and former senator rick santorum in orange city tonight for nw iowa republican rally. tim: this morning the rmer governor of maryland stopped for a coffee and donuts reception in the u-p-s auditorium at morningside college. o'malley also made a stop in denison for a meet and greet early this afternoon. in between stops i had the opportunity to sit down with the democratic candidate for a one on one interview. " advanced nation on allows the murders to obtain combat assult cases no questions of online saled the unchecked sales at gun shows. we burry more of our citizens from gun violence than other developed nation, and tehres common sense thing we can do, my hope was supporting moms against violence that maybe republican candidates will talk about solutions as we are in the
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democratic party. " you can see more of my one on one interview with the democratic presidental candidate this sunday on this week in siouxland begining at 9-am jenna: the republican national committee is suspending its presidential debate with n-b-c news. r-n-c chairman reince priebus announced it in open letter today (friday). he said that's because of the way n-b-c's sister network, c-n-b-c, handled its debate on wednesday. they said that questions were offensive... were "gotcha" designed to embarrass the priebus said the r-n-c still plans to have the debate in houston on february 26-th. but at this point, only the conservative national review magazine is guaranteed to be part of it. n-b-c says it'll try to resolve the matter with the r-n-c. tim: world leaders are still trying to find a solution to the civil war in
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syria. including russia, saudi arabia and the u-s are taking part in the talks in vienna. this is also the been invited to u-s secretary of state john kerry admits there are still a lot of disagreements on the future of the current syrian regime - " " foreign minister zarif and i, and disagree. the united there is no way that president assad can unite and govern syrians deserve a different choice and our goal is to work with syrian from different factions to develop that choice." jenna: outrage in johnston, after a school bus driver is caught on camera aggresively shoving a student with special needs this week johnston middle schoolers were on the bus ride home thursday afternoon ... when police say 61 year old robert scarbrough got upset the victim wouldn't sit in his
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assigned seat. thanks to some quick thinking middle schoolers.. bus driver ... 61 year old robert scarbough of west des moines was handcuffed in the middle of the bus route. the students were able to flag down a deputy at the next stop... and showed him on their phones what they had just witnessed. " " "our drivers undergo regular behavioral training as part of our positive behavior intervention and support system, and this person made a poor choice on how to handle a behavioral issue." scarbrough is in the polk county jail charged with child endangerment and assault causing injury. extra counseling will be available to students ... and the district says there'll be extra training for all bus drivers from now on. jenna: a siouxland-based broadband company is taking a leap forward to get better and faster internet to iowans... especially those in rural areas. tim: abc9's elisa raffa tells us how they plan to do that.
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in with the new.... wiatel is planning on switching their current copper system to this fiber network to offer better service to rural iowa. the pain of slow internet... you've probably experienced it. but those in rural areas can face even more challenges when it comes to getting connected. that's why wiatel, an iowa based broadband company out of lawton, is designing and engineering a 25 million dollar project to bury fiber optic cables across the area. "our copper based network that we have now works fantastically, but it's a network that's a little bit sensative to distance, so customers who are closer to an office, may be able to get faster speeds than customers that are further away. this fiber optic project will eliminate that restriction completely, allowing all of our customers access to the same services" says heath mallory, wiatel general manager. "tons of orders that come through, and then we're trying to make updates to our website, or stream video, or a conference call with a remote location... so it's really tough on a copper set up. so fiber is going to be really big" says eric hennings, president college products and wiatel customer. the plan will impact every business, home, and farm in the company's 700 mile service area.
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mallory says their company has always been progressive, first deploying broadband in the late 90s. now, they're excited to surpass goals set by iowa's governor terry branstad. "well, our current broadband network actually satisfies many of the goals of the govenor's latest broadband iniative. so, this current build out really is above and beyond what his goals are for" says heath mallory, wiatel general manager. wiatel plans on burying the cables by the summer, with hopes of having all customers with full service within 24 to 30 months. don't be surprised if you see crew burying these pretty soon... again construction is expected to start by the summer. reporting live in abc9 news tim: haven't decided yet if you want to be a vampire or a problem. halloween store scare central has plenty of options haven't decided yet if you want to
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zombie? no problem. halloween store scare central has plenty of options for your friday and saturday night. action heroes and scary monsters remain popular but there is one distinct trend this year. this year. " definitely couples costumes because those are a lot of fun. everbody wants to be like the fireman or the firewomen or the priest and the nun." last minute is i think how everybody shops. they come in a couple of weeks earlier to kind of get a feel what's in here and then they go, now what can i scare central employee said. done your halloween shopping yet, scare central is open until eight find that scary outfit. jenna: these little super take a look at heroes. they're all neonatal intensive care unit at blank children's moines. two nurses made
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these costumes for the tiny patients so parents could celebrate their first halloween with their new babies. the babies are all sporting wonder woman, batman, bat girl, robin, thor, superman or captain america outfits-- all in sizes you wouldn't be able to find at a store. tim: still to come tonight well take a look at how the younger generation is being effected by diabetes (fred) it's going to be a rainy night ahead, but halloween looks super! after that, a
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but halloween looks super! after that, a warm start to november will be enjoyed. see you after the break for your forecast! " " tim/jenna/fred (jenna) fred, will halloween be wet? (fred) we'll get our rain out of the way tonight. tomorrow looks dry. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows light rain now moving through a large portion of siouxland. relative humidity values are moving up, with areas of 70%+ relative humidity dicating where it is
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currently raining. the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre shows a rainy scene. 53 was our high today after a low of 28. the king's pointe skycam hd shows plenty of clouds. the allergy report shows low overall pollen levels. highs over western iowa were in the 50s. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota were in the 40s and 50s. in sioux city, we have light rain and 46 degrees. local temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. local winds are from the soutat 5 to 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows widespread light rain. the stormcast hd shows rain tonight, but skies will quickly clear tomorrow. trick or treat tomorrow night looks great! sunday also looks great, and so does monday! the rain forecast shows between 0.1" and 0.4" of rain tonight. tonight, expect rain and a low of 42 and steady light rain. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and breezy. the high will be 63. the 7-day shows 70s sunday through tuesday, then cooler weather late next week with a chance of showers friday. jenna/tim/fred (tim)
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(fred) you bet. jenna: still to come... not just for coming up in health minute, we'll look at its effects on the younger generation.
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middle aged the but not anymore. a growing number of young people are being diagnosed with the illness. jennifer whalen has the details in today's health minute. " "15 year old hadassah lewis loves to sing and draw. she also has type 2 diabetes. she was diagnosed when she was just 11 years old. (dr. andrew muir/children's healthcare of atlanta) there are more children being diagnosed with adult onset or type 2 diabetes and more adults that are being diagnosed with type 1 or pediatric onset diabetes. a study published in the journal of the american medical association found
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that between 2001 and 2009, the cases of type 2 diabetes cases jumped by over 30 percent in children aged 10 to 19. (dr. dana dabelea/university of colorado, denver) "the obesity epidemic is resulting in what we are seeing today as adult onset type two diabetes happpping in children." according to the american diabetes association: approximately 30 million children and adults have diabetes in the united states. out of that number, nearly 95-percent have type 2 diabetes . and doctor muir says controlling type two diabetes in kids isn't as successful as it is in adults. (dr. andrew muir/children's healthcare of atlanta) "about half 2 diabetes need years which is a lot in adults. " jennifer whalen, cnn, atlanta. tim: coming up in sports...we sit down with hawkeyes
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placekicker marshall koehn. hear from the senior after the break. jenna: norfolk catholic began its playoff run this afternoon....alex has the highlights from veterans memorial field
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regular season with a perfect 9-0 record. the knights won those games by an average of nearly 33 points per game, cruising into the 1st round of the c-1 playoffs.... norfolk catholic kicking off its playoff run against falls city 7-0 knigigs in the cowtz....on the end around..he goes 75 yards down the sideline, untouched..thats some pure speed right there....13-0 norfolk catholic in the knights start to ...pour it on...david englehaupt,..runni
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ng like a man posssessed...5 yards out 21-0... another short field for the top-ranked knights......myles verbka with a pretty throw on e slant....22 yards.....28-0... the knights defense on fire as well...paul-uhlir with the sack on third down...leads to another short field... engelhaupt again....35-0...that kid is playing colllle balll at wyoming...knights .starting to run away with it... then a shoutout to the special teams! paul uhlir.....block on the punt the knights recover...... and its cowtz up the middle....42-0 at the half....and they win by that final;....norfolk catholic rolls into the second round. "i think we played very good defensively today. in the first half, i don't know if we gave up a first down. so i thought our front eight played well. they didnt throw much against us. a great effort, and we did good things offensively too. we scored a lot of points, but a couple breakdowns on some things we need to
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work on offensively, but overall we played well. " "it feels really good to get the first round out of the way and start prepaing for next week. either ogallla or bishop neumann next week. which should be a good game tonight, later. we just prepare, the same way we always do, for the next team." as david mentioiod, norfolk catholic will host the bishop neumann/ogallala winner next friday night. alex iowa remains unbebeen with a 7-0 record. one of the reasons why? the golden leg of marshall koehn. our hawkeyes headquarters reporter alex giaimo sat down with koehn.....and even learned how to kick a field goal... they might not be the center of attention, but the role of a kicker on a football team is very important. "a good kicker is someone the team can rely on week in and week out. wether its kicking a kickoff through the endzone or placing it where it needs to be, making pats, making field goals, " how much as a little kid growing up did you dream about kicking that big kick? koehn-"you watch it growing up and you see those guys making them all the time and you just think its so crazy. and you dont think
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guess its always been something i have dreamed of doing ever since i became a hawkeye." i have always wanted to kick a football. althought i never have, think you can show me how? lets do it. before i make a fool out of myself, show me how i is done. alright, so i have a couple basic things, so you are going to kick the ball with the big bone in your right toe. thats where you want to make contact. take three steps back and if you are right footed, go two to the left, square up, find your target and hit the uprights. giaimo: one,
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today's picture comes from... c- n-o-s. this is some of their staffed dressed up for halloween like characters from saturday night live. if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred)
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h@c >> residence rose family drama. exclusive.
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she gave birth to rosy's adopted daughter. the inside story of how her daughter ended up with rosy. >> i did not give her up. >> rosy says the adoption was perfectly legal. 18 years later how the biological mom says it all went down. >> rosy wasn't a nice person at all. >> and tv's wildest halloween ever. all the behind the scene action. >> one day every year i'm a woman. >> then exorcism on live tv in the same house that inspired the exorcist. >> we're going to drive out the demons. >> and in our defense. >> the embattled debate moderators fire back. >> and "inside edition's" house of shame. wall-to-wall, cameras everywhere. >> he ripped the photo cell out of the wall. >> what some repair help do
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>> the wires weren't loose you riched off -- ripped off the sensor. >> and justin bieber fed up. >> i'm not doing the show. >> now "inside edition" with deborah norville. >> deborah: hello, everybody. thank you for joining us. our big exclusive interview with the birth mother of rosie o'donnell's adopted daughter chelsea. she has harsh things to say about rosy. you will be hearing from her later in the broadcast. up first today, when you tuned into your favorite television shows you may not have recognized the hosts because they were all dressed up for halloween and they had the costume departments working overtime. >> it's halloween and our favorite tv people are getting all dressed up. the gang is all here at the today show, the peanuts gang that is. al roker was charlie brown. matt lauer in a black wig was lucy. >> you blockhead, charlie brown. >> hoda was snoopy and kathie
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lee dressed as woodstock.
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