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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 4, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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for "gma." making news in america this morning, blistering attacks. donald trump taking more shots at the new front-runner ben carson and the rest of the republican field. plus overnight, election results from across the country. the major issues including ohio's proposal to legalize pot. wild weather invading the west, the first major snowstorm of the season and southern california hit with rare floong rains. close call. a tragedy averted. a quick-thinking pilot pulling the parachute allowing his plane to drift to safety. caught on camera, a wild wreck involving a massive moose crossing the road. well, good wednesday
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morning. we begin with donald trump ready to roll out his first tv ads this week as he slips in the polls. >> yeah, not only is trump trailing ben carson in the latest national polls, he's also losing to hillary clinton and bernie sanders in possible matchups, but trump is not going down without a fight, and he's calling on some of his rivals to step aside. abc's lana zak has the latest right now from washington. lana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, reena and kendis. yes, and you know the campaign trail is leading to book sales for both donald trump and ben carson, and the titles of their books, "crippled america" for trump and "a more perfect union" for carson, really underlying the very different tones of these campaigns. republican presidential hopeful donald trump thinks it's time for republicans to coalesce around a few candidates. >> do i think it's time to have some of the other republican candidates drop out, yes. there are too many people. >> reporter: but with ben carson's popularity surging, trump is taking on his closest
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rivals saying carson lacks the experience and disposition to be president. >> you look at ben. he's very weak on immigration, and ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get rid of medicare. >> reporter: the attacks didn't seem to bother carson. >> i've had a lot of experience, for instance, doing things that have never been done before, particularly in the medical field. >> reporter: and with both trump and carson out with new books, the two will begin battling it out on the best-seller charts too while in new hampshire jeb bush is getting fired up. >> we'remericans, dammit. >> reporter: some bush supporters saying the candidate they wanted finally came out last night. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is asking voters to support her even if they don't love her. >> there is no doubt in my mind that there is no such thing as a perfect candidate because there is no such thing as a perfect person. >> reporter: and if the election were held today, according to a new poll, hillary clinton would
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republican rivals except one, ben carson. the two evenly matched at 47/47. reena, kendis. >> all right. exactly a year until the national election. lana, thank you. well, now some results from state elections around the country starting in kentucky where voters have elected a republican governor for only the second time in 40 years. >> matt bevin is a tea party favorite who's never held public office. he opposes kentucky's expansion of medicaid, which was made possible by the passage of obamacare. bevin also stood behind kim davis, the county clerk jailed for refusing to offer marriage certificates to same-sex couples. in ohio a measure that would have legalized marijuana was defeated. the proposed amendment to ohio's constitution would have made pot legal both for recreational and medicinal use. 65% of voters rejected it. and this from houston, a setback for gay rights. voters defeating an ordinance that would have secured protections for gay and transgendered people.
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opponents branded it the bathroom ordinance saying it would allow sexual predators dressed as women to use women's restrooms. houston's mayor, who is a lesbian, says the fight is not over. and heading to san francisco, it was a victory for short-term rental sites like airbnb. voters rejected a measure would have limited users of those sites to rent properties for no more than 75 days a year. airbnb alone spent more than $8 million opposing the measure. two months after the death of an illinois police officer sparked a massive manhunt, authorities are expected to announce today that it was all a suicide. fox lake lieutenant joe gliniewicz was found shot dead shortly after he radioed that he was chasing three men on foot. authorities later confirmed the 52-year-old who spent three decades on the force was shot with his own weapon. sources say police will reveal in a news conference this morning that gliniewicz took his own life.
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motive in the murder of a a-year-old boy. the death of tyshawn lee has shaken chicago. sources now say he may have been killed in gang retaliation directed at his father. the fourth grader was shot at close range in an alley near his grandmother's house. his grieving mom is now begging for anyone with information to please come forward. >> he never hurt nobody. i don't know why this happened. >> tyshawn's basketball was found next to his body. family members said he brought the ball everywhere he went. the city is reeling from recent gun violence. september was the deadliest month in 13 years. conflicting theories are swirling in the aftermath of the russian plane crash in egypt as investigators expand the search. for debris. a missile strike has been ruled out. authorities say infrared flashes picked up by a u.s. satellite may be the crash itself and could point to an explosion due
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but the egyptian president is dismissing allegations of a terror attack calling that propaganda. another crash this in the african nation of south sudan. dozens of people have likely been killed. the russian built cargo plane went down near in the international airport in the country's capital. wreckage can be seen in pictures strewn across the side of the nile river. at least two people survived including a crew member and a child, reports say. turning now to weather and what's being called the first winter storm of the season. it's hard to believe. it's too early for this. it's also brought steady rain and snow to drought-ravaged northern california. it's still not officially winter yet but more than a foot and a half of snow has already fallen over the sierras. drivers need chains or snow tires on most mountain highways around lake tahoe. meanwhile, elsewhere, other parts of california are getting some much-needed rain. downpours triggered some localizing flooding in san diego which got nearly an inch of rain.
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just over the past 24 hours. the area usually gets that much for the entire month of november. latest radar picture shows a band of rain and snow showers moving eastward over the rocky mountains with winter storm warnings issued from colorado to montana. some mountains in colorado will see up to two feet of snow. okay, and this note from overseas, first lady michelle obama delighted troops stationed in doha yesterday. she visited an air base with late night talk show host conan o'brien. the base in the tiny persian gulf state of qatar is hosting troops and aircraft targeting isis in syria and iraq. the first lady today is delivering a speech at a world summit in qatar promoting her let's let girls learn initiative. well, coming up, the new shocker for air travelers. the airlines raising fees just for the holidays. and breaking overnight, a volcano erupts spewing ash high into the sky shutting down airports and stranding tourists. plus, caught on camera, a
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of the car. happening right now, a volcanic eruption is causing travel headaches for thousands of tourists in bali. the nearby volcano blasting ash and debris2,000 feet in the air. that's forced the closure of two airports, and experts say the eruptions could go on for a week or longer. an economic eruption has hit japanese auto parts supplier takata. u.s. safety regulators have slapped it with a record fine of up to $200 million over those exploding air bags that have killed at least eight people and injured more than 100. under the settlement takata admitted that it knew its air
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timely manner. well, new problems in the volkswagen emissions scandal. the company has found problems with 800,000 more vehicles. this marks the first time that emissions troubles have been mentioned with gas engines. none of the gas-powered cars investigated were sold in the u.s. it's believed it could cost vw more than $2 billion to fix these new problems. vw's stock sliding again this morning down as much as 5%. well, the e. coli outbreak linked to chipotle restaurants in the northwest is growing. at least 37 cases have been reported. scientists have now identified the microorganism responsible for the outbreak. they believe it was carried on fresh produce like tomatoes, lettuce, cilantro or onions, possibly even spices, as well. a couple of airlines have a holiday gift for travelers, higher baggage fees. merry christmas. that's some sort of gift. spirit airlines is continuing what it started last year, hiking fees for checked luggage on flights during the holidays
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and frontier airlines is following suit charging an extra $5 to $10 for checked and carry-on baggage for flights between thanksgiving week and just after new year's. >> that gets a bah humbug. >> it does. scrooge. you're welcome. when we come back, another tragedy on the field. a young football player losing his life. so what happened in this latest incident? and lucky escape, a plane crashing, but this plane had a parachute. he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b know you're getting a superior clean.
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take a look at this. it's a time-lapsed video of an early morning sky show outside of omaha, nebraska. the northern lights are not commonly seen in the lower 48. the light display should continue in the coming days over central and northern u.s. at least far away from city . >> very cool. now for a look at your morning road conditions, roads will be wet in the pacific northwest. slippery from that snow over the rocky mountains and wet across parts of the southwest into texas. drivers will also see wet roads along the eastern seaboard from washington, d.c. into florida. well, now to another death of a young football player. this one just 9 years old. >> talking about wyatt barber who collapsed at a youth football practice in ohio monday night. coaches performed cpr and even called 911, but the third grader died a short time later. officials say the kids had just finished running sprints, and they called it a light practice without any contact. the coroner has yet to determine
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the cause of his death. and an update on a story that we told you about yesterday. the one-game suspension of a high school football player in arizona, well, it has now been overturned. pedro banda was ejected from a game last friday after scoring a touchdown and doing this, pointing to the sky. he claimed he was praising god but the refs penalized him for excessively celebrating and threw him out of the game. the lifting of his suspension means banda can play in his school's playoff game on friday. a scare in the skies over fayetteville, arkansas, had many people recording the drama. all three on board managed to survive the small plane crash. the pilot, a former walmart ceo, deployed the plane's parachute to ease the descent. the plane was flying from arkansas to texas when it started developing problems. >> they suffered a very severe loss of oil pressure. they were losing engine and altitude, so they popped the emergency chute on the plane.
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>> the plane hit a pickup truck carrying a woman and her child. they're going to be all right, though. on the ground in the meantime, a dangerous collision between wildlife and an automobile. watch this. dash cam video capturing the unidentified driver rolling down a rural road -- this is in finland -- when a moose runs right into his path. the driver apparently was able to pull off to the side of the road so it could have been much worse. no word on the driver's condition or that of the moose. well, things are getting back to normal in kansas city after a victory parade and rally for the new world series champs. officials estimated a crowd of about half a million people came out to celebrate the royals first world series title in 30 years, way more than they had actually expected. >> yeah, it's incredible. those pictures, and that's more than twice the number they expected, as you mentioned. some fans who took public transportation said they waited up to three hours for their ride home. it is worth it. >> those are some loyal fans. >> they are.
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i mean, they waited 30 years. >> i don't know if i would have waited three hours. >> 30 years, it's worth it. >> i might have watched on television, good for them. the second year of the college football playoffs is officially under way. >> okay, so the season's first rankings are out, and some fans aren't going to like them. i'll tell you. details now from our guys at espn. >> stan and i are discussing the rankings in college football. >> yeah, the initial college football rankings came out on tuesday. toledo in that mix, they're number 24 in the initial rankings. they're out of the mix now. dreaming bick dreams but taking on northern illinois who beat them five in a row. the quarterback, ryan graham, a freshman to kenny golladay. look at the catch to golladay. northern illinois trailed in this game. they're down by two after missing the two-point conversion. a buck 54 left in the game. toledo down five and phillip ely throws it away. intercepted. northern illinois wins 32-27. tough news out of edmonton
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for the oilers in the nhl. connor mcdavid, the number one overall pick in the last nhl a broken collarbone according to help with situation right there. tripped up. headed to the boards. he left the game, was later in a sling and then after the oilers victory, the coach confirmed that the player who leads all rookies with 12 points this season will be out for a significant period of time. we mentioned those college football playoff rankings. clemson, lsu, ohio state, alabama in the all important top four. that's it for us. back to you. >> go, s.e.c. >> ohio state and michigan state did not. controversy. >> everyone has something to say about the picks. >> they do. >>ll, up next in "the pulse," moving on from "the daily show," jon stewart's new gig.
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well, topping the wednesday "pulse," a new gig for funnyman jon stewart. a lot were hoping this would happen and just months after leaving "the daily show" he's back. >> yeah, short retirement, you can say. the former talk show host has signed a deal withhbo to produce short form digital content for the network's hbo now and go platform. stewart saying appearing on television 22 minutes a night clearly broke me. i'm pretty sure i can produce a few minutes of content every now and again. >> i think a lot want to know what is this short form digital content mean? will we see him every night? >> that would be nice. >> a lot would like him back on their tube. >> he went off the air august
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a new excuse for not raking the leaves before the snowfalls. >> the national wildlife federation is encouraging people to leave the leaves. scientists say those dead leaves are a habitat for all kinds of critters from chipmunks and toads to bugs which use the leaves for food and also to lay eggs. >> okay, so the caveat, however, allowing those leaves to sit and rot over the winter will almost certainly ruin your lawn, promote mold and encourage moles and groundhogs to burrow underground damaging pipes and wiring so we're basically saying keep doing what you're doing. >> i'm wondering if they'll pitch in to fix people's lawns who don't rake. a piece of rock 'n' roll history going for sale. we're talking about a sweater which was once worn by kurt cobain. >> the former nirvana frontman wore it during the band's unplugged appearance on mtv 22 years ago. we're old.
4:52 am
missing a button and has a burn hole and some discoloration. >> he was a rock 'n' roller. kind of makes sense. all that doesn't seem to matter. this sweater is expected to fetch up to $60,000 and a lock of cobain's hair opens on saturday. >> that last part is a little weird. the hair. the hair part. okay, speaking of hair, donald trump and hillary clinton are getting some new competition from a small town politician. >> we want you to meet lucy lou not spelled like the act stress. the mayor after seven years on the job the border collie has now set her sights on higher office. she wants to break that glass ceiling. she wants to become the first dog president of the united states. >> hey, why not. lucy lou stands for smaller government, lower tax and same-sex marriage as long as it's within your own species. but she has yet to file formal paperwork to enter the race as yet.
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checking our top stories, ohio voters have defeed a measure to legalize marijuana. 65% of voters rejected it. a big development in the case of an illinois police officer whose death triggered a massive manhunt. authorities are expected to announce that this morning that lieutenant joe gliniewicz actually committed suicide. >> parts of california getting some much needed rain. san diego not nearly an inch of rain in just the last 24 hours. almost as much as it usually gets for the entire month of november. and looking at today's weather, mountain snow over the rockies could dump up to two feet over parts of colorado. the gulf coast drying out while more rain is in store for parts of the east coast down to florida. okay, well, finally this morning, the countdown is on for country music's biggest night. >> organizers are putting the final touches on the cma awarding airing tonight right
4:56 am
and our entertainment guru george pennacchio has the latest from nashville. >> reporter: when you get to music city, live music greets you at the airport before you ever reach baggage claim. >> reporter: when you reach the heart of flashville there's music everywhere. and wednesday night here at the bridgestone arena, the oscars of music, if you will, the cma awards. country's biggest stars are busy rehearsing for country music's biggest night. and putting on this show is no easy task. >> 15 years ago, 20 years ago you did an award show like this and everyone played on the same set. now if we have 19 performances we're doing 19 different looks, 19 different setup, 19 different lighting look, set design. >> reporter: all that production as you can see requires a lot of equipment. a lot and plenty of instruments for all the numbers. this year the audience is being
4:57 am
>> one of the opening numbers of the show is john cougar mellencamp with keith urban so that's a perfect matchup. america you and i >> i think everybody has a heart for nashville. this is a buck list thing. this is something you got to do. it's just -- you got to do it. >> growing up in the central valley of california, country music was our roots and so, you know, having an opportunity to come to nashville where the heart of country music is is something we've always dreamed of. >> how this many talented all in one venue, we can't wait to see it. it's our 35th wedding anniversary so decided to come for it. >> reporter: the cna awards take over the entire wednesday night priechl time lineup on abc. in nashville, tennessee, george pennacchio for abc news. >> tonight is definitely even if you'u' not a country music fanan the night to watch because you see the best of the best 8 p.m. eastern, 7 p.m.
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