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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 9, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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( cheering ) oh, yes! i got a horn-in-one. you rock at clarinet golf. can i take you out to dinner to celebrate? austin monica moon. are you asking me out on our first official date? why, yes i am. ally-- i don't know your middle name dawson. i accept. and i am never telling you my middle name. great. want to take you illusions magic cafaf the waiters are magicians, and your hunger will disappe. awesome. pick me up at 7:30. guess who's the best manager in the world. eh! time's up. it's me. i got you a meeting with the prorocers of this huge new animated movie. they want you to pitch them a song,
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trish, that's awesome. what's the movie? it's called "butch and bitey." it's about the friendship between a stray dog and the streetwise flea that lives on his butt. nice. ey sent over all thihistuff for you gugu to get inspired. it's nice that someone's making an original movie for a chan and not some cheesy mindless sequel. guys, the new "zaliens" sequel is coming out! - awesome! - sweet! "zaliens 8: my brains." get it? it's like they ate my brains, but it's the number eight. ( laughing ) man, those movies are genius. all: zalien brain suck! blubbering ) - whoo. - ( sighs ) coming soon? i can't wait that long. well, you won't have to once trish and i win tickets to the premiere. they're having a contest where fans make a video of their favoriteezaliens scene. with dez's awesome directing, and my azing acting,
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we're gonna win. did you just compliment dez? uh... what? you can't prove that. or can i? zalien brain suck! ( blubbering ) oh, ally. leave the brain sucking to the pros. ( ( eme music playing ) when the crowd wants more i bring on the thunder 'cause you've got my back and i'm not going under you're my point, you're my guard you're the perfect chord and i see our names together on every billboard we'rereeaded for the top, we've got it on lock we'll make 'em say "hey!" and we'll keep rockin' oh, there's no way i could make it without ya do it without ya, be here without ya it's no fun when you're doing it solo with you it's like, "whoa," yeah, and i know i own this drdrm 'cause i got you with me
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do it without ya, be here without ya. ( chuckles ) our first official date. ( laughs ) how cool is this place? so cool. so, how cool is this weather we've been having? cool. i mean, it's been really hot, but it's cool that it's hot. ( laughing ) ( both sighing ) so, how cool is this fork? very cool. four prongs. whoo.
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is it cool if we stop saying cool? totally-- yes. ( laughing ) i'm al the magnificent. i'll be your waiter and conjurer this evening. tonight's speciaia are the houdini liliuini and sleight of hamburger. well, i'll have the burger, and the lady will have... what do you want, ally? i can order for myself. i was just trying to be a gentleman. i appreciate it, but-- ( clears throat ) sorry. i'll have the now youuseafood salad, w you don't. great.would you care for some rolls? abracada... bread!
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bread? sorry sorry sorry. hey..... my chair isisevitating. awkward laughter ) cool. hey, ally. listen, about our date. it was weird, right? i know. it's like we couldn't even talk to each other. hohocool is this fork? very cool. even the coolest fork in the world isn't that cool. hey, how cool is this cash register? so cool. what's wrong with us? i think we're putting too much pressure on ourselves to be the perfect t uple. you're right. let's just work on the "butch and bitey" song. it's never weird when we write together. yeah. let's just focus on our music
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and everything will be fine. so, i was thinking the song should be an emotional ballad. it's gonna play during the scene where butch goes to the pound and they make him wear a flea collar. bitey almoststdoesn't make it. don't you think the song should be a little more fun and upbeat? i mean, it is about a flea who lives on a dog's butt. so you don't like my idea? no, it's great. what about mine? yours is great too. ( nervous lauguger ) i'm so happy we're writing music and it's not awkward anymore. yep. me too. so... how cool is this cash register? ( laughing ) so cool. ( forced laughter )
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ooh mirror, mirror, what does our future hold? -show me what happens when our stories unfold. - ooh welcome to my wicked world wicked world no. gross! no. ugh, that is`so last year. -that one looks nice. -nice? the saying isn't "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the nicest of them all?" ugh. those vks are getting too much attention for my taste, and i have very good taste! i don't know, audrey. i kind of had totoearn the hard wayay that it's not all about what you look like. everybody's so into their edgy vk style and dark-colored everything! i don't think they're so into their dark-colored everything.
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-they're so into-- -their hair. duhzies. when mal changed your hair, you went from plain jane to kind-of-plain jane. -magic me. -i don't have magic. your mom's a fairy godmother! she and maleficent are, like, the most powerful people ever. if mal has mag, you have it too! i never really thought about it that way. do you remember the spell that mal did? for me, she said "new hair," but for lonnie, she said "cool hair." i'll take both! i want something really out there. -go ahead. -i don't know... i i ally appreciate thisis you're a true friend, jane. beware, forswear, replace the old with... something really out there? whoa. whoa! -do i i ok different? -d-dinitely. is it edgy? it has edges. yes! post it!
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gorlototgive me the kanthian crystal. never, xantu. then say good-bye to your zalien spawn! ( laughing ) my babies! my locker! cut! where are all my books? oh, they're still in there. wha--? ( groans ) ahh. . books are all gooey. ( chuckles ) who keeps books in their locker? so how'd the date go? oh, it was magical. as in our waiter pulled the appetizers out of his sleeve. the date itself, kind of awkward. sometimes being a couple changes thingsgs i know. i was always afraid this would happen if we started dating. do you think we're making a mistake? i don't know. on the one hand, you guys seem
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perfect for each other. on the other hand, maybe you're feeling extra pressure now that you're boyfriend and girlfriend. on the other other hand-d- enough with the hands. sorry. what do i do? i really want to make this work with austin. don't think so much about the whole relationship thing. just go with the flow and everything will work itself out. ready to finish shooting the scene? ooh, i can't. i'm late for my cousin's wedding. you'rereoing dressed likekehat? good catch. almost forgot my bowtie. dez, i gotta talk to you. everything's been weird since ally and i started dating. what should i do?
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( screams ) whoa! oh, can i get you to scream like that again for my zalien video? i can never get a girly scream out of trish. dez, i need to talk to you. now that ally's my girlfriend, i'm afraid to tell her how i really feel about her ideas. well, you've come to the right place. if you've got a problem, go to the guy with the brains. i made it for the zalien movie. try some. mmm! good brain. it's the cinnamon. totally masks the taste of pig liver. ( spits ) anyway, what should i do about ally? it's simple. in the game ofofove, one must yield to the whims of their significant other. h? dude, ju compromise. compromise. i can do that. thanks for the advice. oh, and if you ever find yourself in trouble, you can't go wrong with a cute pet name,
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tiger pancake. don't dodohat again. so, let's give this song a shot. okay. i still think it should be a sad ballad about the challenges butch and bitey face as they escape the pound and pursue their dreams of opening a taco truck. what do you think? well, uh... one should yield to the whims of their significant other. dude, just compromise. uh... i really like your idea. let's just go with that, my little goose pickle. sorry. austin, i don't want to "just do that." we're partners. i want to hear your ideas too. well, i've been riffing on something a little more fun and rocking. butch scratches all day and itches all night 'cause bitey lives on his butt and he loves to bite
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ow! what do you think? well... just go with the flow and everything will work itself out. your idea's great too. - yes. - my little... cute nickname. ( chuckles ) sorry. why don't we use both our ideas? we could write a funny... - and sad... - but upbeat... - yet sentimental... - song about the hilarity... - and tragedy... - of living on a dog's butt. perfect. we only have o.e zalien head to blow up, so we gotta test the explosion on something else first. i filled all these up with exploding capsules, and brain goo. great! let's blow something up then finish shooting the last part of the scene. s!
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there's gotta be brains everywhere. ( scoffs ) this isn't the first time i've blown up tropical fruit. i totally ruined my cousin's wedding yesterday. you gotta shake it to activate the exploding capsules. we should be safe back here. ( ( plosion ) you think that explosion was big enough to get us into the "zaliens" premiere? both: whoo! oh, yeah. ( chuckling ) whoa. ok at all this stuff. i can't believe we're pitching a song for a movie. i'm just glad we were able to compromise and finish the song. yeah, me too. it's good, right? totally. should we listen to it one more time? yeah. i'm a dog and you are a flea
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butch scratches all day and itches all nig 'cause bitey lives on his butt and he loves to bite ahh! the song's terrible! i knkn.
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, we've never written a song this bad. how did this happen? i should have told you i never liked your idea, but i didn't say anything 'cause i didn't want to hurt your feelings. what, you think i'm too weak to handle criticism? my best friend is trish. well, why didn't you say anything to me? i thought if i ialled your ideas childish, it would hurt your feelings. so you think m childish? like some kid who laughs at butt jokes
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and plays with toys? ( passes gas ) ( laughing ) no way! this thing's made fart noises the whole time? i gotta show dez! 'cause he is childish. all right, kids. you've got five minutes to convince me to use your song. ( timer beeps ) wow me. before we get to the song idea, i just want to say that i personally responded to the bitey character. she can totally take criticism. when butch told bitey he didn't like her tacos, bitey didn't cry. that flea created the secret salsa that saved the orphanage! and when salsa gave all the orphans bad gas, butch didn't laugh like most normal people would when hundreds of babies are farting. he helped ke care of them 'cause he's not a childish dog. woof.
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wow. you kids are real cute. you've got three minutes and 45 seconds left. can i hear the song? whoo! that scece was amazing! we're totally gonna win the zalien contest. i know! i've never seen so much brain goo. wa to see more brain goo? we never blew up all this other stuff. let's start with the butch doll. he had the most exploding capsules. let's do it! uh, wherers butch? you don't think austin and ally took him to the pitch, do you? as long as they don't shake him, everything's gonna be fine. not only is butch mature, he's smart too. he can fetch, sit, roll over. and drive a taco truck. bitey doest do any tricks.
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'cause she's tough. butch can try to shake her off his back, but she's unshakable. what does any of this have to do with you two writing a song for my movie? butch is starting to think that running a tacactruck was way easier before he and bitey started dating. maybe they shouldn't date because it's making everything weird and affecting their songwriting. maybe butch and bitey should just go back to being friends. give me that dog! you know, in all of my years in the cartoon business, i have never been involved in such a ridiculous-- ( explosion ) austin, don't shake the-- ah, never mind. so...
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did you see his face? i couldn't. it was c cered in zalien brbrns. and butch goo. ( laughing ) i'm really sorry, austin. i don't like how things have been different between us since we've been dating. i know. i'm sorry too. it seems like now that we're a couple, we're just too afraid to hurt each other's feelin. you're rightht you know i don't'tthink you're weak. and i don't think you're childis you don't have to say that. i'm totally childish. ( laughing ) i really wanted this to work. me too. more than anything. i just think being together is gettingngn the way of us being us. things were grgrt the way they were.
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friends? and partners. always. uh... this is just as friends, right? yeah. just as friends. okay, but don't let go just yet. i wasn't going to. dinner is served. whoa. ( ( ughing )
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i think that's everything. oh, can we get some ketchup? it's in my other hat. this place is way more fun when you're not on a date. and totally not awkward. okay, still a little awkward. guys, we have great news. oh, araryou guys on a date? no. we decided we're not gonna do that for now. we're back to just us being us. and we're really happy. as long as you guys are happy and paying for our dinner, i'm happy too. well, i'm not happy about it. it's gonna take me forever to get over this. tell them about the contest! oh, yeah! we wowo we're going to the "zaliens" prpriere.
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whoo! - that's so cool. - congratulations. - show them the video. ( evil laughter ) gorlot, give me the kanthian crystal. never, xantu! then say good-bye to your zalien spawn! - ( laughing ) my babies! zalien bra suck! ( blubbering ) ( screams ) no one eats my babies but me! ( evil laughtete) ( laughter continues ) ready to finish shooting the scene? ooh, i can't. i'm late for my cousin's wedding. ( laughing ) i hope you put enough brain-- one more time.
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that was amaz-- oops. one more time. sorry. austin, don't shake the-- my hand's stuck on the door. austin, whatever you do, don't-- i'm sorry, could we do that one more time? [alarm blaring] captain barnacles: octonauts, to your stations.
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