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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 11, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CST

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tell about it. well, good wednesday morning. in milwaukee. the candidates clashing on isis. >> and there were some heated moments but gone were the pot shots, personal attacks and gotcha questions, instead it was heavy on substance and the smaller field stuck to the issues. it is "your voice, your vote." abc's stephanie ramos has a look at some of the best moments of the night. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, kendis and reena. the debate stage was a little less crowded but that didn't stop some notable fireworks between the candidates. the top eight polling republicans in milwaukee debating for the fourth time. >> i got about four minutes last debate. i'll get my question right now. >> reporter: honing in on jobs, tacks, international issues and the economy.
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>> there are more words in the irs code than in the bible and not one of them is as good. >> reporter: candidates addressing the minimum wage. donald trump says no to raising it. ben carson changing his mind after supporting the raise at an earlier debate. >> every time we raise the minimum wage, the number of jobless people increases. >> reporter: carson making light of this past week of scrutiny over his life story. >> thank you for not asking what i said in the tenth grade. i appreciate that. >> reporter: the exchanges though heating up over immigration. jeb bush and john kasich challenging trump's plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across -- back across the border. >> reporter: trump unleashing on carly fiorina when she interrupted senator rand paul. >> ron nailed reagan walked away at reykjavik, he quit talking -- >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> yeah. >> why? >> reporter: each candidate
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air time to prove how they would make america better. the moderators for the most part sticking to policy which has some analysts saying that shift led to a boring debate. kendis, reena, back to you. >> but there were some heated moments no doubt, stephanie. what about that under card debate that took place earlier. who would you say came out on top of that one. >> reporter: yes, the debate was preceded by the under card debate. now, bobby jindal actually leading the searches on google out of the four. now, this was, of course, for the bottom four polling republicans and chris christie who was bumped from the prime time debate trying to prove that he can take on democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton if he were to get the party's nomination. >> okay, stephanie, the clock is ticking. got to whittle it down soon. stephanie ramos live in washington, thanks, steph, for that report. >> the debate was seen as do or die for jeb bush struggling to re-energize his campaign as he languishes in single digit poll numbers.
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to gain more ground on the front-runners. abc political analyst matthew dowd tells us who came out on top. >> it is showing we're probably down to four candidate, this race is, which is ben carson, donald trump, ted cruz and marco rubio. i think the winners tonight were probably marco rubio and ted cruz that are going to come away better from this debate. i think donald trump and ben carson probably aren't going to drop in support but didn't do anything and i think jeb who had to do a lot in this debate is probably the big loser tonight. >> and there will be. more from that on "good morning america." another note, secret service protection is expected to kick in today for donald trump and ben carson. sources say mogul has been appropriately selected as trump's code name. carson's code name is eli, a biblical reference plus name for students at yale his alma mater. people wanted to learn more about eli. >> according to google trends,
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candidate followed by trump, cruz, rubio and kasich. here's hillary clinton's reaction to the debate. the democratic front-runner tweeting out this looped video from the benghazi hearing showing a discharged clinton showing #gopdebate. >> stay with us for the latest on the debate. later on "good morning america" a live report from milwaukee and fact checking the candidates' comments at the debate. we want to get to this morning's other big story. federal aviation officials are starting their investigation at the site of a deadly jet crash in akron, ohio, crashing into a home and bursting into flaming lipss. the owner of that plane saying it went down with nine people on board. authorities have only said there were at least two deaths and they don't expect any survivors. the plane's impact was so severe residents say several blocks away they felt their furniture shake. >> all of a sudden this plane just dropped out of the sky.
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just sounded like gunfire going off. >> there were no injuries involving those on the ground. sources tell us it appears the plane had a mechanical problem. the bodies of the victims are expected to be recovered today. on this veterans day severe weather is a threat for some 30 million people. there's snow in the cascades and northern rockies right now and that system is moving eastward to the midwest and accuweather's justin povick has the forecast. good morning to you, justin. >> reena and kendis, thanks and good morning to you. very concerning with a strong storm system igniting severe weather over the central plains, later on today, all the ingredients coming together, moist air, cold air and a lot of jet stream dynamics and we're looking at a high in severe threat which could include tornado, damaging winds, large hail and flooding downpours covering a lot of real estate from iowa all the way into louisiana. reena and kendis, back to you. >> allright, justin, thanks. it has been a tense night with increased security in place
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of missouri. protests over how racial incidents are dealt with brought about the resignation of the school's president. well now campus police beefed up their presence after threats of violence against black students were posted on social media. police say there's no immediate threat to the campus. well, encouraging news for jimmy carter three months after telling the world he has cancer a spokeswoman for the form he president says he's responding well to treatment and doctors found no evidence of new tumors. he is 91 being treated with radiation and a newly approved drug. new york comedy week kicked off last night with the ninth annual stand-up for heroes event, but it wasn't just comedy. comedy. you're like a little girl >> the stand up part included jon stewart, ray romano and seth meyers. even the boss got in a few quips. >> it raises money for the
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woodruff foundation named for our colleague injured in iraq and provides resources for wounded veterans. >> can't say enough about this. bob devotes a lot of time and energy to it. >> we'll have a special story later from bob. still ahead, another state cracking down on fantasy sports. >> the wife of a mcdonald's millionaire found dead in their home. caught on camera.
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badly on the job. climbed more than a mile into the air.
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the volcano's previous eruption prompted evacuations this past july. no one has been told to get out at least so far this time. three men including a u.s. citizen have been charged in one of the biggest cyberattacks ever. they'raccused of accessing the personal information of 83 million jpmorgan chase customers and then profiting on that information. prosecutors say the men also accessed information from other financial institutions. the u.s. citizen is believed to be living in moscow. daily fantasy sports sites have been thrown for a loss in new york sacked by the state attorney general. he orders the two biggest company, draftkings and fanduel to stop accepting bets from new york residents and says their games are illegal gambling. the traditional fantasy sports sites, on the other hand, rely on months of smart play and long-term strategy. to honor those who served on this veterans day, there are a number of free offers out there. veterans and active duty
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desserts to entire meals at applebee's, chili's, dunkin' donuts, olive garden, outback steak house and uber and lybt giving rides to homeless vets seeking jobs going to work, not just today but in the coming months. when we come back, under investigation, police officers suspended after video surfaces of a questionable use of force. america's newest millionaire, a man in his early 20s winning big overnight. with the pain and swelling of my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early in the inflammation process. for many, orencia provides long-term relief of ra symptoms. it's helped new ra patients
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uld be flooding in the center of the country from the gulfgreat lakes, and roads will be t in the northwest and new england. if you're flying, airport delays likeliest in denver, kansas city, dallas, minneapolis, chicago and boston. well, the death of a suburban new york socialite has shocked her quiet community. >> 83-year-old lois colley was found dead in
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her west chester estate, and police believe she was murdered. her husband eugene is one of the biggest mcdonald's franchise owners in the country. detectives say she died of blunt force trauma. no valuables were taken, and there was no sign of forced entry. much more on this mystery later on "good morning america." more than 100 people have been indicted in connection with that shoot-out at a texas restaurant in may. they were charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. nine of the bikers were killed. 20 others injured in the wild melee, which broke out at a twin peaks restaurant in waco. if convicted, they could face long prison terms. three tuscaloosa police officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay while they're being investigated for this incident on the university of alabama campus. after a noise complaint escalated, you can see one student being hit with a taser and later a police baton. the police chief said he was deeply disturbed and disappointed by what he saw on the cell phone video. overseas russian president vladimir putin huddles with his nation's top athletic officials today.
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one item on the agenda, the new doping scandal centering on russian sprorts. investigators claim russian athletes benefited from a state sponsored doping program. sanctions are being considered including the possibility of stripping russia of its medal from the 2012 london olympics. if that happens, american athletes would gain 11 medals, about half of them in track and field. well, here's a special delivery. the postal service is apologizing for. surveillance cameras capturing a mail carrier tossing a package onto the front porch of a house near seattle. the box was dented but the vacuum supplies inside weren't damaged. the postal service describes its ongoing investigation of the incident as, quote, full and robust. >> okay, so this year's world series of poker started with more than 6400 players. only one champ, though, and it's this guy, he's joe mckeehen, a 24-year-old professional poker player from
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mckeehen's winning hand was a pair of 10s with an ace. that was worth more than $7.6 million. not a bad way to make a living, you might agree there. clemson, alabama, ohio state and notre dame. they're all in the top four in the college football playoff rankings. >> okay, as for last night's nba action, let's go to the guys from espn. >> he's stan, i'm neil. this is the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. a lot of people think kevin durante might come to the lakers but the wizards fans hope that's not true. >> including his mom. she wants him to come home. the pride of maryland outside of d.c. back there with the thunder taking on the wizards and durant, he looked like he was fired up for the game. he had 10 points in the first quarter. finished with 14 rebounds, 10 assists and left with a hamstring injury and at halftime here's more from the second quarter. you see him walking a bit gingerly there. didn't return after halftime
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with that hamstring strain. they hope it's nothing series. russell westbrook with a triple-double and the thunder win it 125-101. durant can become a free agent after this. >> he's going to get an mri wednesday. that's mo williams wear a headband. cleveland against utah. utah is the team that drafted mo williams. out of alabama, 2003. i think he's had a couple of stints with utah. i know this is his second stint with cleveland. and i know this is just mo working. >> travel. >> it's movember, okay. >> he's rocking the 'stache. >> yeah, exactly. it's not as sweet as mine. >> if you do say so yourself. >> thank you. mo williams hit his first eight shots, ended up 8 for 9, 29 points on 9 shots. lebron had a lot of points too and the cavaliers won. >> let's see that thing. >> full handlebars. >> you feeling me, america? yeah, you are. >> back to you. >> no, we're not. >> i think it looks good. >> you like it? >> i think it suits him well. >> we'll see how it works out for the rest of the month.
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stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . well, time now to check "the pulse" starting with the show stealer. last night's gop debate. did you catch it? >> yeah, hard to not catch it. take a look here. we're talking about maria bartiromo's eye-catching brooch. the large pin worn by the fox news moderator was trending all night with memes popping up on social media. one man's tweet compared it to a glowing object identified by nasa and the brooch was also likened to donald trump's unrulymane on a windy day. >> others thought it looked like the mockingjay pins from "the hunger games" and one woman joked it was so big bartiromo could survive getting stabbed by ben carson. ooh.
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>> ouch. >> that's kind of ouch. >> okay, so no more trying to figure out the tip at joe's crab shack. the beach themed restaurant becomes the first major chain to try a no tipping service policy. >> instead the wait staff will get a higher wage, up to $15 an hour and prices on the menu will also be slightly higher to make up for the difference. last month, danny meyer, the owner of high-end restaurant ss in new york also announced a no tipping policy. >> i like the idea. >> you do? >> yeah. well, next up in iowa a fourth grader who came up with an answer to a homework math problem. it was a logic problem involving eight boys and eight girls and who would go on a series of dates. >> we're talking about maddie douglas who was asked to figure out a final dating combination. here's what she came up with. take a look. i can't answer this problem because my mom says according to girl code, you shouldn't date a friend's ex-boyfriend. good going, maddie. >> see, she remembered the most important code, the
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do boys have that same code? most women would not want their photo taken while giving birth, but someone forgot to tell an american guy, that guy, living in london. he snapped that photo while his wife was in labor. he doesn't seem to have a care in the world while his wife doesn't look that happy. >> not only did he take the photo, he also post eded on reddit and he sent it to her brothers. you know what commentators called him? an insensitive oh af. he said his wife asked for the photo that captured their expressions during labor and this one, this one he claims actually cracked her up. so apparently she'll let him live to cuddle his new daughter. >> but that's actually compared to so many of the other photos i've seen of childbirth, that's actually not that bad of a photo. >> it's because you weren't in the physical process of pushing out the baby. >> true. i'll take -- >> never try this at home, kendis or in the delivery room
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especially. more news after this. pc does what!? pc does 360 rotations.
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tropicana. we put the good in morning. checking our top story, republicans face off their most substantive debate yet. the eight candidates clashed on immigration and other key topics but found common ground in attacking hillary clinton. the fiery crash of a jet into a home in akron. nine people were on board. offs are only con firing two deaths. the badger pass ski slopes should open on schedule next month. that's thanks to erday's snowfall. it was the first of the season at the park. on the weather, veterans day starting with rain in new england, violent storms in the midwest and blizzard-like conditions further west. and it's a chilly morning in california, as well as the southwest. enjoy this day. well, on this veterans day a story about an incredible young
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and went on to become a champion snowboarder. >> her powerful spirit and refusal to give in serving really as a reminder of the sacrifice veterans make to protect all of us. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: united states marine corps veteran is tracking a thousand miles across britain along with five other vets to honor the sacrifice of fellow vets that can't walk with them anymore placing dog tags along the route. >> i lost 25 brothers whether killed in action or came home and lost their fight to ptsd. >> reporter: kirstie nearly lost her own life in june of 2012 serving as an aerial gunner in afghanistan when her helicopter went down. doctors told her she would never walk again. but she did more than walk. after 38 surgeries to repair her body, it was healing powerer of snowboarding that gave her life
4:56 am
in the 2018 paralympics but kirstie still has another trial to overcome. when she finishes her trip doctors will amputate the lower leg that causes her so much pain. kirstie makes her way to london, the last stretch of her trip. >> are you finished? >> yes. >> presenting her final dog tag to prince harry remembering another marine who didn't survive when his helicopter kept down. >> please welcome, ladies and gentlemen, sergeant kirstie ennis. >> reporter: at the stand up for heroes event in new york, kirstie is recognized for her bravery. >> like everyone else in the front rows tonight, i do not want anyone's pity. we want people to push and challenge us to be better in order to grasp a new sense of purpose and direction. [ applause ] >> reporter: bob woodruff, abc news. >> our bob woodruff does such a great job helping family member, service members and that organization really incredible. >> yeah, we do have to remember our veterans not just today on november 11th but every day, thank a veteran.
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have a fantastic wednesday.impact on our weather today. it's currently gathering strength in the southern plains and looks to deliver showers by the mid morning with t- storms also possible! current temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. there's a wind blowing in from the northwest between 5 and 15 miles per hour which will intensify as we move into the second half of the day. here's the dayplanner where we'll make it to a high near 50 at noon before the bottom drops out with showers and thunderstorms transitioning into a snow mix later this evening and tonight. your complete forecast is coming up - your news starts now. " "
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