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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  November 11, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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"it helps me to just relax." need to de- stress? coloring's the hot new trend... and it's not just for kids. tim: good evening andthank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna im tim seaman jenn and im jenna rehnstrom two strangers...have come together to help a sioux city family who lost their 3 year-old son in a fire last month. tim: the torres family's h he was completete destroyed. abc 9's deborah souverain joins us now with more on how this unexpected offer of help is coming together, tim and jenna the torres living every parents worst nightmare. losing their 3 year-old son...and their home. now two woman who met on facebook hoping a fundraiser will help the family in their healing process. 3 year-old nico torres...was defenseless as flames swept through his home on october 30th. his
10:01 pm reaming for help. as a mom of four kids i could not imagine having to worry about the cost o oa funeral - let alone, losing my child," sasa misty rains. misty rains..didn't know nico personally..or his parents but she did know his aunt. and after learning of the tragedy on facebook...she knew she had to hel "instantly! i mean, within minutes it just popped into my head," said rains the a silent auction. we're just here to do what we can. any little bit helps at this point., said rains. tina lopez's son is close friends with nico's older brother. "i didn't know who it was until i saw it online and that's when my heart just broke. because i knew nico, my son knew him." said tina lopez. after seeing misty's silent auction event on facebook..she jumped onboard. so far, they've recieved close to 4-4- thousand dollars in donations. "not only did they lose everything in this house but they've lost something precious to them that they can never get back, and they really need this financially. they really need this help so i urge everybody to come out there and come help, "said lopez. the auction is planned for saturday...november 14th saint michaels church in sioux city...from noon until 6 p-m. donations of household items are
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also being accepted...between 9 am and 2 p-m. the pair say the community support has been overwhelming. "it's amazing. it just pulls at your heart." cash donations can also be madede to the nico torres memorial siouxland federal credit union. if you're interested in donating to the family..or attending the silent auction visit our website for more information. that's siouxland matters dot com. reporting live in studio deborah souverain abc 9 news. jenna: rain, wind, and even snow this afternoon caused trouble for drivers, especially truck driverer downpours leftsioux city with over an inch of rain. winds gusted to 40 and are expected to continue gusting through the overnight. and as temperatures dropped, snow starting to mix in creating slick spots on the
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"it's been rough, slow going....55mph from kansas city, that's about all i could get. you just wanna go, go, go but you can't!" says dylanjer downey, truck driver. state troopers say although there were no reports of accicents earlier, they are expecting more trouble on the roads as snow ststks to already wet surfaces. theyeyay to go slow and caution trucks, especially in windy conditions. tim: the iowa state patrol is investigating three unrelated semi rollover accidents. all happen today as thunderstorm gusts of 60 miles an hour were being reported across the state. the first was on interstate 80 near avoca. the accident was reported around 2 p.m. closing the westbound lanes for a period of time forcing officials to divert traffic. a second semi rolled on interstate 29 near missouri valley and the third 18- wheeler was reported to have rolled near marne, iowa just south of i-8-8and not far from avoca. few details are available concerning injuries.
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jenna: today's storms caused problems in the mornignside area elier this afternoon after lighing struck a home. authorities say that lightning hit the chimney of this home on the 4900 block of morningside avenue around 1:30 this afternoon. two people were home at the time the incident happened however, they were able to get out of the home ok. the home did suffer minor smoke damage to the chimney and attic area of the home. tim: over 11 thousand peop in and aroundndioux city were without power briefly day after problems at a local sub station. officials s th mid american energy tell us that the outage that hit around 11am.... lasted only for about 4 minutes, but affected customers as far away as jefferson, south dakota and dakota dunes... as well as on the city's west side. tim: bin buster no longer describes the kind of harvest season iowa farmers are enjoying. iowa is set to be the nation's largest corn producer and second largest soybean producer this year. the usda is reporting even larger yields for both corn and ybeans in the
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ate than were projected just weeks ago. iowa's corn crop will tally nearly 2.5 billion bushels with the soybean crop climbing nebr 550 million bushels that's millions more than the government forecast just last month. nationally the 2015 soybean harvest looks to become the nation's largest ever. jenna: authorities have released the name of a north dakota man found dead at a pomeroy, iowa residence early tuesday morning. the iowa dci has identified the man as 41-year-old dale potter of devil's lake north dakota. authorities say that potter was found dead with a gunshot wound. authorities are ill awaiting the results of an autopsy and the investigation into the e n's death is ongoing. tim: a murder suspect from florida has surrendered himself to the sioux city police department. authorities say that 28 year old jonathan barrio turned himself in on wednesday afternoon. barrio was wanted for second degree murder in connection to a shooting that happened in florida back last month. he's currently being held in the woodbury county jail while he awaits extdition back to florida.
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tim: on this veterans day, one of our local colleges is honoring the past and present students and faculty who have serveded jenna: western iowa tech and the 185th air refueling hosted a program, with the presentation of colors major kenneth tidwell from the 1-85th air refueling wing is also the dean of arts and science at western iowa tech. he spoke at today's veteran's day program. there was a presentation of colors and the singing of the national anthem. major tidwell talked about the sacrifices that veterans and their families make because they love our country. "well first i felt privelaged to represent the 185th here in sioux city and also to represent western iowa tech because i'm employeed d re, but to be a part of such a great just a voice and to the business of our days ," said major kenneth tidwell. a slideshow was played to showcase wit's military personnel. fromorld war two... to vietnam... siouxland veterans
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represent a wide range of service. but, some say the korean war is the forgotten conflict. jenna: and in new york a veteran's group organized a special tribute for service members who died an address at the national veterans day observance ceremony in virginia. services honoring alalwho have servededn the united s stes armed forces took place at t arlington national cemetery. the presididt encouragedamericans to lute the service of the nation's military all-year round. " ""if tomorrow after the parades and the ceremonies we roll up the banners and sweep the veterans halls and go back to our daily lives forgetting the bond between the service of our veterans and our obligations as citizens then we will be doing a profound disservice to our veterans and to the very cause for which they served. earlier the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. jenna: need to relax? have you ever thought about coloring? it may seem like something just for kids, but more
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adults are picking up their colored pencils and crayons, to de- stress. more tonight in your health matters. allie kirby, sioux city, says, "the really big decision are, 'hmm, what color am i going to use next." for allie kirby of sioux city, unwinding after a long day is as easy as picking up her colored pencils. allie says, "it helps me take time to just relax." allie's been using coloring as a way to de-stress for a couple months on the suggestiti of a friend. she likes how focusing on putting colored pepeils on paper directs her attention awaw from the questions of "what should i be getting done now?" allie says, "i always have to be doing something, so this kind of helps me sit down [and relax] but at the same time i'm still doing somelhing." adult coloring is a trend that's soaring in popularity. right now five of amazon's top 10 best sellers are adult coloring books. and, crayola, the company that makes your favorite crayons, is launching its own line of coloring books for grown- ups. the coloring craze isn't that surpising to licensed therapist amy hecht. she and her partner, jen, use coloring as a form of therapy in their sioux city practice, therapeutic reflections. amy hecht, therapist, says, "it's a really simple thing and it
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our busy day-to-o-y [lives] we get overly stressed out with our schedules and families and work and those kinds of things. to sit down and do something that's so simple takes us into that nt of 'okay, this is all i have to do right now.'" but, these aren't your preschooler's animals and airplanes. most adult coloring books, like "color me calm" are filled with intricate scenes and geometric tterns. filling in those little spaces is much like meditation, and amy says, can be especially beneficially for people who have a hard time focusing. amy says, "a lot of it is just being mindful and kind of connecting with yourself and finding out out ability to just focus on one thing." allie says, "that's why this is good, because you just focus on this and really everything else just 'goes'." de-stressing while getting creative may be the perfect recipe for relaxation. jenna: so, , ere do you
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coloring books? amazon h a bunch, as i mentioned. but i've seen them at target, walmart, walgreens, barnes & nobles... and, if you'd rather relax using technology, amy says there are some pretty good coloring apps for your phone or ipad that have the same affect. jenna: still to come... tech companies are changing the face of corprate culture by giving a little extra time for new moms and dads (fred) rain and snow are ending, but the wind wiwi not. at least the weekend looks nicece your forecast is next!
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lelee policy for new moms or dads. that's changing the corporate culture. mary moloney has a look in today's consumer watch. " " many tech companies are giving new moms and dads one big perk -- paid time off. microsoft -- apple -- amazon-- and netflix are just some of the companies catering to new families. especially considering the united states is the only industrialized nation that doesn't mandate paid time off for working mothers. but calculating the stats can get tricky. the o-e-c-d -- the organization for economic co- operation and development -- tracks the total number of weeks given to new working mothths. with maternity leave and parental leave combined -- norwegian mothers get 87 weeks paid leave japan 58 weeks. croatia 56 weeks. canada 52 weeks. united kingdom 39 weeks mexico 12 weeks and the u-s nada. fathers aren't left out.
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japan offers 52 weeks of paid paternity leave. norway 14 weeks croatia nearly 9 wes the united kingdom 2 eks mexico 1 week the u-s mandates nothing. the catch -- parents don't always get their full salary when they're home with baby. some nations -- require only a fraction of a full check. for consumer watch -- i'm mary moloney. (jenna) fred, a busy weather day. (fred) that is for sure! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) we'll start with a couple of snow pictures from eastern nebraska. the first is courtesy pictures from eastern nebraska. . the first is cououesy of mike johnson in norfolk., where e e ground got a dusting on this veteran's day. the second is from
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concord, ne, where a dusting was also documented by joe reklaitis. the warm ground didn't allow for any lasting accmulations in siouxland, however. i had thought that perhaps the snowfall rate would be temporarily intense enough to bring a little more accumulation before the warm ground melted the snow, but i guess we'll have to wait for a cooler system for that to happen. the hd radar shows the rain/snow mix moving through eastern siouxland. the rest of us have dried out. sioux city has seen 1.65" of rain today. this shatters the previous record for this date, 0.91" from 1982. winds are gusting to 30-50 mph across the map. that's why a high wind warning is in effect until 3 am. tomorrow, a wind advisory will be in effect, so w wwon't really get relief from the wind until friday. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. 47 was the high today and 34 the low so far. here's the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. in sioux city, we have 40 degrees. wind is northwest at 28 miles per hour. local temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. wind chills are in the 20s for the most part. visibility is less than 5 miles in the east due to rain and snow. we can see the system moving east on the satellite and radar, but earlier today, the storms were strong. there were 9 tornado reports across the southern half of iowa today, but also 82 reports of wind damage, 36 reports of severe wind gusts, and 4 reports of large hail. the stormcast hd shows that as the low moves northeast, we will dry out overnight. we won't lose the wind, through. it will remain strong overnight and tomorrow. friday
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will be less windy but cool, and finally, nice weather will return on saturday. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 33 and strong winds. winds will gust to 50 mph. tomorrow, the high will be 49 with winds gusting to 40 mph. the 7-day forecast shows a warmup for the weekend. monday, expect scattered showers. (tim) fred, thank you. (fred) you are welcome!
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sports...five siouxland teams
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volleyball tournament in cedar rapids. we'll have all the highlights after the break.
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state volleyball tournament, but siouxland at the state volleyball tournament, but it's safe to say we saved the best for last. gehlen and
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central lyon in the night cap...this finished just about 20 minutes ago in cedar rapids. opening set.....hailey iwen kicks things off with a big kill.....central lyon takes the early 3-0 lead..... four points later....hope rasmussen jumps into the action for the lions....lead now 7-0.... central lyon began the match on a 10-0 run....but becca konz snaps one for gehlen...jays down 11-4......and the lions win set one 25-13. gehlen won the second and in e third.....its mattie knoloch smacking a kill for the number one team.....25-22 lions up 2-1... but in the fourth...the jays roar back and take it 25-22...becca konz finishing it off for gehlen catholic.... decisive fifth set....14-12 lions and the hit goes wide....central lyon wins a thriller 3-2. alex walker now has more from the rest of the action today. has more from the rest of the action today. alex walker--"chris, western christian and unity christian call northwest iowa their home, but may i suggest renting a seasonal apartment here in cedar rapids. it may just cut down on the cost. these teams are back at state for a combined 50th time, but it's a
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different story for sergeant bluff the warriors are just their third time, since 1985. the warriors opening tournament play ranked kuemper catholic. second set, knights won the christensen lays down the hammer. warriors lead it 13-9 in set two. later in the set brittni olson comes up huge with a kill, warriors take it 25-23 to even the match at one. kuemper won the third but in the fourth, olson with the perfect placement, set tied at 23 a piece. she had 12 kills. but on match point amy adams finishes it off 3-1 the final. sb-l ends its season with a 28-4 record. brittni olson--"i think it's a great thing. it's baby steps and next year hopefully they'll be here again representing sergeant bluff again." renee winkel--"this group of girls is really special. they put in so much hard work. it's been a great first season and it's been a great ride." alex walker--"in class 2a, top ranked western christian starting its quest for a state title, against st. albert. second set wolfpack up 1-0. erica feenstra elevates and executes, but wc still down 8-3. later in the set, kaira moss with a monster swing. nobody's stopping that. a match high 15 kills for her. third set now, wolfpack looking for a sweep, feenstra making some big plays for that wc attack, 15-9 western christian. and on match point it's emily van ginkel
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wolfpack to the 2a semis with a 3-0 win western keeps on rolling. kaira moss--"i love the intensity, it's so much fun as our team. we're a family and we came here to do well and we did good today." tammi veerbeek--"you could tell the experience of being at the state tournament started to pay off in game two and we just kept plugging away and we were able to get the win." alex walker--"the wolfpack could be on a collision course with unity christian in friday's title match. the knights opening the tournament against sumner- fredericksburg. in the second set, unity down 1-0. we're used to anna kiel's power, but how bout the touch? the tap puts the knights up 14-10. later in the set it's kiel again this time on the block. unity takes set 2 27-25 to tie up the match. but they lose the third and struggle in the fourth. kiel a 23 kill performance to keep the knights within striking distance, itjust wasn't enough. jaden seehaus finishes it off the cougars shock unity christian, the knights go home early. patty timmermans--"we fought. we gave it everything we had. things didn't seem to roll our way quite as much as you'd hope to and i've gotta give credit to sumner- fredericksburg, they played an awesome match." alex walker--"unity christian ends its season with a 36-5 record. from cedar rapids, alex walker, abc9 sports.
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nebraska state volleyball tournament gets underway. crofton and stanton faceoff at 330 in class c2 and on the other side of the bracket, top seed gacc takes on arcadia loup city at 5:30 in d-1, emern hubbard is back at state for the second straight year. the pirates face dundy county at 1:30
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couple of hours. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 33 and strong winds. winds will gust to 50 mph. tomorrow, the high wi be 49 with winds gusting to 40 mph. the 7-day forecast shows a warmup for the weekend. monday, expect scattered showers.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, rob lowe. from "marvel's agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.," adrianne palicki. and music from "dave gahan & soulsavers" with "cleto and the cletones. and are and now, having said all
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