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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  November 12, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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justin moore/studen: "it's just kind of frightening to realize anybody would kind of walk around and try to kill people e cause of skin n lor." students at ovov 20 campuses are planning solidarity protests this week. tim: fresh off tuesday's republican presidential debate... carly fiorina is back in iowa... making 5 stops in western iowa today. tim: e former hewletetpackard c-e-o started her day at the onawa public library in front of a group of about 100 people. for the first time in western iowa, fiorina's husband "frank" isoining her on the campaign trail. she talked about her plans for a zero based budget and holding politicians accountable. as to this week's protest by fastfood workers looking for a 15 dollars minimum wage, fiorina thinks they are missing the point. "that doesnt solve a single problem, what we should be doing is putting in place the policies that put more monye inpeoples pockets,
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which means we have to reduce the size of government we have to reduce the tax burdon on hard working families, we have to get the federal government out of the student loan business," said carly fiorina. if you want to hear more of what mrs. fiorina says needs to change in washington, join me sunday morning at nine for this week in siouxland. mrs. firorina joins me foa one on one conversation,. jenna: earlier this afternn, former pennsylvania senator rand paul made a campaign stop in altoona, iowa. he held a meet and greet at the pizza ranch in town. paul made stops in winterset and ames today as well. jenna: new jersey governor chris christie was in cedar rapids today. christie continues to campaign in the hawkeye state. the gop presidential hohoful has been ininowa since tuesday night's republican debate in milwaukee. and when asked for his best impression of gop rival donald trump christie lightheartedly delivered. "everyone in washington is a loser. i'm a winner i'll win in washington. everyone else is a loser."
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after his christie added the disclaimer that hehe been friends years and a nice guy." and speaking of donald trump, he's set to hold a campaign rally in fort dodge tonight, iowa central college. that'll be at 6 p-m. and democratic candidate bernie sanders will be holding a couple events in iowa this sunday. inlcuding a stop in des moines as well as one in indianola for a town meeting at simpson college. that event starts at 6'oclock on sunday. my generation still has hope that there is another way of doing things, that we can power our economy and create resilient communities, all while creating good paying jobs that build wealth for our people instead of exploiting our precious resources. "food paying a mortage payingng utility bills, tting kids throughcollege, that's the pepeonal financial gain that this project will bring to thousands of folks in iowa"
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tim: hundreds of concerned people converged in boone, iowa today to voice their opinions on the dakota access pipeline would travel over a thousand miles through parts of iowa and souou dakota. jenna: the ioio utility board is hearing scores of testimony fr citizens both for and against the pipeline. tim: good afternoon and thanks for joining us. i'm tim seaman. jenna: and i'm jenna rehnstrom. people were rallying outside of that pipeline hearing to show their disdain for the project. but there are also many supporters. tim: more than 200 people on both sides of the issue got the chance to tell the iowa what they think. and even with a strict two minute an all-day process for the board to hear all comments. jenna: dave franzman has more. "cedar rapids is probably no closer than 80 or 90 miles to the bakken pipeline route. but in this part of central iowa, it's
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opponents were visible in their opposition. sot/nat cheer at the hearing site one cocor and those piline wore another. man used his two minutes for a protest song " but those project were singing a different tune in front of the they saw the potential for an estimated two thousand to four thousand jobs during construction. 31:35 company officials say they've gotten agreements from almost 75 percent of landowners to bury the pipeline on their property. but they may not be able to complete the route without using eminent domain to force a lease which is something the board could order.
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campaign. the money raised will be used to make several key capital improvements at camp high hopes. their current goal is to raise 4- point-4-million dollars. jenna: still to come... there was a moose on the loose in nebraska this morning details of the majestic animal's journey when we return. fred: (fred) the wind will lighten up tonight, and we have plenty of sunshine ahead as we head into the weekend. but there are rain chances next week. details ahead! " "
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fred: (fred) yesterday's tornrno being pressed
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in iowa, one in illinois) where there was either a reported or confirmed tornado. so far, most of the damage appears to be ef0 and ef1. there were multiple reports around the des moines metro. wind gusts have held steady around 30 mph during the afternoon, but we are starting to see those lighten a bit.
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current local gusts are from the northwest at 15 to 35 mph. a wind advisory will be in effect for northern and eastern siouxland until 6 pm. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows the scene from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. 53 was
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our high today and 36 the low. here's the king's pointe skycam hd in storm lake. the allergy report tod shows low overall pollen levels. 52 is the sioux city temperature. local temperatures are in the 40s and lower 50s. the satellite and radar shows yesterday's storm system moving east. the stormcast hd shows clear skies tonight and sunny skies tomorrow. the big change for the weekend will be a warmup to above- normal highs in the 60s. your forecast for tonight is for clear skies and a low of 26. tomorrow's
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high will be 55 5 der sunny skies. the 7- day forecast shows a warmup to the 60s saturday and sunday. a great weekend! next week, we'll see scattered showers, espeically on tuesday, when it will also be windy. temperatures will be sliding steadily next week. so get youou yard work donenehis weekend! fred: tim: jenna: (jenna) thanan, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna:jen a slushy slew of severe weather hit parts of the midwest including in nebraska and right here in iowa. in dubuque iowa, yesterday's weather ripped through parts of the city. quite literally. blowing half the roof of of eisenhower elementary there. "from our pto group we have a number of people who are here
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helping clean through closets and storage areas that were wet and have damaged things. right now we're just trying to sort everything. " jenna: but despite the damages it didn't mean kids got out of class. it was business as usualy for the school aside from the damage repairs. tim: a moose was spotted this morning in orchard nebraska these images were captured by steve and lynae stelling who were able to get within 10 yards of the moose that was strolling though their property. steve stelling said t t moose's back was taller than he was. stelling stands about 5-9. when we return, a new study says more and more peole are "kicking it" when it comes to one bad habit. but are we clear out of the smoke?
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now some promising new numbers that show that more americans than ever before could be kicking the habit. dr. timothy johnson has more "cigarettes and other tobacco products? kill about 480,000 americans each year, according to the c- d-c? they also lead to more than 300 billion dollars in direct health care costs but now new numbers? suggest that more and more americans may be getting the message about the importance of calling it quits. c-d-c reses say today that cigarette smoking declined a full percentage point between 2013 and 2014. and more good news? in the past ten years, smoking
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among u.s. adult has gone down from more than one in five americans? to just one in six. it means we're on the right track? but we still have a way to go. the numbers suggest disadvantaged groups are still smoking more than others? and whle the greatest decline in smoking has been seen in those 18 to 24? young people may still be getting their nicotine fix from electronic cigarettes or hookahs. remember, no form of smoking is good for your health. so if you've been trying to quit, now is the me?.the c-d-c website has resources on taking that first step towards a healthier future. with this medical minute i'm dr. timothy johnson. " jenna: coming up an act of bravery
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rewarded. what one soldier did to earn his medal of honor. the somber ceremony from washington after
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breakthrough in the fight against isis in iraq. several thousand kurdish forces advanced on the city of sinjar from several fronts exchanging gunfire with isis forces. backed by a us- lead air campaign, they say they have taken control of a strategic section of highway in northern iraq today cutting off an isis supply line between syria and mosul. american special forces units are serving as kurdish troops. this is a specific effort to target this one supply line, this critical supply line, between raqa and mosul. that we think if it is indeed severed, would have an impact on isil and its operations, particulary in iraq. islamic state has well prepared defenses in the area. they expect
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defenses in the area. they expect a tough fight that may last two to four days. tim: president obama awarded the military's highest honor to retired army captain florent groberg who survived a deadly suicide bomb attack and saved the lives of military leaders. abc's megan hughes has more. "(nats-applause) as captain florent groberg received the medal of honor--the 32 year old who friends call "flo" had tears in his eyes. obama the fact is flo says it was the worst day of his life...that's the thing about these medal of honor ceremonies. for groberg-that day was august 8th, 2012 in kunar province afghanistan. he was leading a security detail escorting brigade commanders and an afghananeneral when he noticed a suspicious man walking backward. the former university of maryland track star acted quickly. obama flo sprinted
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toward him--and he noticed something under the man's clothing--a bomb. " groberg and another soldier shed the man away and totohe ground where the bomb detonated. the action caused another suicide bombers' weapon to detonate prematurely. groberg: "my job was simple, protect the principles. no matter the outcome" groberg's leg was severly injured..and four of his fellow solidede died- though more would have been killed if oberg had not acted. oba he showed his guts, his training, how he'd put it all on the line for his teammates, that's an americans we can be proud of. but it seemed , it was the faces in the audience?more than the president's words.. that moved him. (cover with video of families standing in the crowd and groberg near tears) grobobg--"i've got four families that don't have a father, a son, a brother, you know, a husband." groberg-abc interview "if i could give the medal back and d ve the guys back it would have been yesterday." (cover with video of families standing in the crowd and groberg near tears) after the ceremony- in appropriately gloomy weather--he
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paid tribute. (groberg) "this medal belongs to the true heroes--names them (insert video of their faces/split screen from dod)...who made the ultimate sacrifice reporter tag: groberg says he will try to be a better american for the rest of his life because of those four inviduals. he is only the tenth living recipient of this award. his leg was badly injured in the attack and while he no longer runs, he excels at crossfit . " tim:
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of our forecast.coming up tonight at six,
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facing charges in a sexual assault case in vermillion on the campus of the university of south dakota. abc9's lukas voss takes a deeper look into thth case. (fred) your forecast for tonight is for clear skies and a low of 26. tomorrow's high will be 55 under sunny skies. the 7- day forecast shows a warmup to the 60s saturday and sunday. a great weekend! next week, we'll see scattered showers, espeically on tuesday, when it will also be windy. temperatures will be sliding ststdily next
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breaking news tonight. the secret service officer at the white house under arrest. accused of trying to send inappropriate pictures of himself to a teenana girl. authoritits say alllledly trying to communicate with a minor while at the white house. also breaking at this hour, at least ten reported or the nay doles now. a major storm system in the middle of the country, and moving east, knocking out power lines, bursting into flames. 80 mile per houn winds. cars flipped. rob marciano standinin by. >> a reward tonight after a young pastor's popular wife is murdered. the manhunt right now. diane saulier is here tonight, with jennifer lawrence. the actress taking a stand. why so many men and women now are standing with her. and america strong. our interview with the army captain who did the unthinkable. and today, given the medal of honor. good evening. and we begin tonight with the breaking news.
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the secret service officer who
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